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Author Ev Erlton (2 months)
this actually works. pretty cool.

Author Carlos Pinto (17 days)

Author Jessie Cran (5 days)
This really works. Nice mashup. :)

Author Ha Hshs (16 days)

Author Vexatron Primal (4 months)
songs that be made for each other~ thay be here! 

Author TheReaverOfDarkness (2 months)
Every time I listen to this, I hear about some stupid white dolt who's like
"OMG Fergie is such a slut talking about her breasts" and I'm like OMFG
people she's talking about her ass, GAWD you people are dumb

Author Misterpacboy (3 months)
Black eyed peas, uhh, good?

Author Beto Covi (5 months)

*MC Hammer VS Black Eyed Peas - U Can't Touch My Humps*


Author richard edwin (3 months)
hola soy richard edwin de lima peru y dejame decirte que este vide esta de
la reconchadesuputamadre esta genial mescla mi dos canciones favoritas mc
hammer y black eyes pease U Can't Touch My Humps que tal mescla me encancte
es excelente de esta comno te iba diciendo de la reconchadesuputamadre

Author ااصعيدي ابو كامل (10 days)

Author Bailey Schiffmann (2 months)
MC Hammer 

Author Maury Duran (5 months)

Author LT1HILLINGHOE (7 months)
A disgrace to Hammer.

Author Kevin Stevenson (7 months)
i'll give u my hump lol x

Author Evildrofetus (10 months)
There's a chronic lack of Sir Mixalot/My Humps mashups, that's criminal.

Author lezmido (11 months)

Author Wayne Peterson (11 months)

Author Georgina Hamilton (7 months)
fergie is flamin xox

Author CARLO BEN (1 year)

Author cnranasinghe (1 year)

Author Eikichi Onizuka (1 year)
Un bon remix

Author Adam Ski (1 year)
Why does this make me want to dance silly ?

Author Vero Kramar (3 years)
mein LieblingsRemix!

Author Søren Holgersen (3 years)
Hammer-Time! <3

Author deaygo dey (3 years)
this wrks really well :L

Author PlanlosYT (3 years)
fuck wie geil!!!

Author WalterB72 (3 years)
WTF ....oh Fergie you saved this clip as well as to Black eyed peas , you
got it

Author Bl4ckM4gic037 (3 years)
Can't touch his peas?

Author DutchHeadShotClan TheSniperNL (1 year)
dan heb je skills als je dat kan maken echt respect voor de maker hiervan
echt respect !

Author haris smakic (4 years)
the best remiix everr !!!

Author Magilios (3 years)
vive MC Hammer eu gagne

Author sclapione (3 years)

Author Tough Candy (2 years)
brilliant remix! both great songs :D

Author AlexSanderGplus (3 years)
MC HAMMER only best!

Author Amber Lynn (3 years)
@funnyguy56789 no they dont

Author dmaxhd1 (3 years)
furgie wins

Author Marc25112010Jasii (4 years)

Author EmpKazbar (2 years)
Some songs are made to be mash-ups just for the song titles they'll make, I

Author mesmoron (3 years)
sooo good

Author effinshut (3 years)
This shows how shitty the BEP are...only MC HAMMER the H to the R makes
this mix GRANDE!

Author MagicMan3K (1 year)
> U Can't Touch My Humps I... I don't think I want to...

Author katya vladimirova zaharieva (3 years)
Mc Hammer, Thumbs Up

Author SlicerJen (3 years)
Wish 'Baby Got Back' was in there too.

Author whiteDDmocca (4 years)

Author atombindungen (3 years)
@SuperPrivate2011 yea a tune you cant touch :D

Author MrZombiescordo (3 years)
what is this? a battle of bragging? awesome song though

Author Patrycja Januszkiewicz (4 years)

Author rocketmail9999 (3 years)
Mc Hammer looks like a nerd, but he's the coolest guy I know.

Author Daftbananana (4 years)
@Shinhaquro i think you'll find it is 'dis'

Author Lora Bishop (4 years)
This shouldnt work, but it so does haha i love it!!!

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