MC Hammer VS Black Eyed Peas - U Can't Touch My Humps

Video Mashup By Robin Skouteris
This is the old version of the mashup. You can find the new version that includes more songs and better quality, as a video response. It's called "Would You Like To Touch My Boom Boom Humps?" :)) Enjoy!

Original Songs:
MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This
Black Eyes Peas - My Humps

The New Updated Version Of This Remix is included in "The VS Experience vol.3" album.

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"The VS Experience vol.3"
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MC Hammer
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Runtime: 3:18
Comments: 1015

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Author Evildrofetus (1 month)
There's a chronic lack of Sir Mixalot/My Humps mashups, that's criminal.

Author Wayne Peterson (2 months)

Author lezmido (3 months)

Author Portgas D Ace (8 months)
Un bon remix

Author cnranasinghe (9 months)

Author CARLO BEN (1 year)

Author Ricardo Belmont (1 year)
STOP! Hammer time! #MashupMonday U Can't Touch My Humps #twt 

Author CorinnaAnne Farmer (1 year)

Author Adam Ski (11 months)
Why does this make me want to dance silly ?

Author Vero Kramar (3 years)
mein LieblingsRemix!

Author Søren Holgersen (2 years)
Hammer-Time! <3

Author deaygo dey (3 years)
this wrks really well :L

Author PlanlosYT (3 years)
fuck wie geil!!!

Author WalterB72 (3 years)
WTF ....oh Fergie you saved this clip as well as to Black eyed peas , you
got it

Author Bl4ckM4gic037 (3 years)
Can't touch his peas?

Author DutchHeadShotClan TheSniperNL (1 year)
dan heb je skills als je dat kan maken echt respect voor de maker hiervan
echt respect !

Author haris smakic (3 years)
the best remiix everr !!!

Author Magilios (2 years)
vive MC Hammer eu gagne

Author sclapione (2 years)

Author Tough Candy (1 year)
brilliant remix! both great songs :D

Author AlexSanderGplus (2 years)
MC HAMMER only best!

Author Amber Lynn (2 years)
@funnyguy56789 no they dont

Author dmaxhd1 (3 years)
furgie wins

Author Marc25112010Jasii (3 years)

Author EmpKazbar (1 year)
Some songs are made to be mash-ups just for the song titles they'll make, I

Author mesmoron (3 years)
sooo good

Author effinshut (2 years)
This shows how shitty the BEP are...only MC HAMMER the H to the R makes
this mix GRANDE!

Author MagicMan3K (1 year)
> U Can't Touch My Humps I... I don't think I want to...

Author katya vladimirova zaharieva (2 years)
Mc Hammer, Thumbs Up

Author SlicerJen (2 years)
Wish 'Baby Got Back' was in there too.

Author whiteDDmocca (3 years)

Author J3Tremixes (2 years)
@TheDJ4ndy Nope. Chuck Testa

Author atombindungen (3 years)
@SuperPrivate2011 yea a tune you cant touch :D

Author MrZombiescordo (3 years)
what is this? a battle of bragging? awesome song though

Author NKDGangster (3 years)
nice ^^

Author Patrycja Januszkiewicz (3 years)

Author rocketmail9999 (2 years)
Mc Hammer looks like a nerd, but he's the coolest guy I know.

Author Daftbananana (3 years)
@Shinhaquro i think you'll find it is 'dis'

Author Lora Bishop (3 years)
This shouldnt work, but it so does haha i love it!!!

Author MarvelouzTV (2 years)
the mix is Tight =]... what video software was used?

Author DJSwagBass (2 years)
anyone else notice Fergie doesn't even have an ass?

Author dmaxhd1 (3 years)
hammer is the bomb but im a guy!

Author rutofan (3 years)
@Snax0r91 No! not even Norris can touch that.

Author LAYLOWBOISE2009 (2 years)
saw hammer in boise this summer! awesome

Author hotzone00 (1 year)
ROFL.. cheered me up.. Nice.. even the dancing works...

Author HaniiPuppy (2 years)
@sclapione reply

Author SammyClp (3 years)
best remix EVER *___*

Author Nesrocks Gaming Videos (3 years)
Lmao I laughed simply at the idea of this mashup

Author cyaninternetdog (3 years)
@jdcool038 he stole it off rick james.

Author themisfitoddity (3 years)
@Shinhaquro fixed: *this* can't touch you

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