Sneaking Into Somebody's Not So Abandoned House

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  • Bubber Fuckme
    Bubber Fuckme 1 day ago

    nigga this is a big ass house

  • xArmaDeath
    xArmaDeath 1 day ago

    just realised these guys are lithuanian. ofc lithuanians would break into shit :D

  • Paulette Sopel
    Paulette Sopel 2 days ago

    bathroom with a dead DOG in the tub?

  • J.C. D.
    J.C. D. 4 days ago

    this is like that adventure Time episode with the king of thieves

  • Jourdain Doeff
    Jourdain Doeff 5 days ago

    did you just upload video evidence of you breaking into somebody's house

  • FerrariFAST
    FerrariFAST 5 days ago

    now all you need is a video game H.U.D

  • Lili Rose McKay
    Lili Rose McKay 6 days ago

    this week on: stuff only white people can do

  • Henry Oppenheimer
    Henry Oppenheimer 6 days ago

    rip pupper

  • Don't read my name
    Don't read my name 8 days ago

    One day you might find Stallllllllllllllllllllllllll yeah not gonna go there ;-;

  • Taavi Albert
    Taavi Albert 8 days ago

    I don't get that someplaces lights are left on, who is paying for it :D

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 8 days ago

    "it seemed like someone was in there"

    How terrifying.

  • telsah1
    telsah1 9 days ago

    You be careful. You don't want to end up in prison for being suspected of attempted burglary. Really interesting to see though.

  • Armis Okey
    Armis Okey 10 days ago

    Yra kažkas panašaus Lietuvoje, be fortų ir paprastų namų?

  • System 32
    System 32 11 days ago

    during the beginning I couldn't stop thinking of outlast

  • Pepper Corn
    Pepper Corn 11 days ago

    You're going to get yourself killed. I am scared just watching these videos

  • The Crasher Gaming YT

    Outlast in Real Life :/

  • Orlox Phoenix
    Orlox Phoenix 14 days ago

    basement showers?? who has that??

  • Hzap
    Hzap 15 days ago

    This looks
    like the apartment complex from the beginning of Dying Light.

  • MegaGeorgePatton
    MegaGeorgePatton 15 days ago

    breaking into someones house? try that in my house and meet my shotgun fag

  • P-o Cust
    P-o Cust 15 days ago

    You should use incandescent bulb in flashlight they eat up battery like mad but it won't blind you with red filter

  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un 15 days ago

    ahh i see the house looks like all of my hotels

  • David Šigut
    David Šigut 16 days ago

    Dalo by se dali skrytou kamerou tam. Stejně jako poplachu domu.

  • SuccMyFish
    SuccMyFish 16 days ago

    2:07 in that room right, you can see a man or something?!

  • Gagarin Gagarinovič

    wtf was that room full of chairs????

  • 33166
    33166 17 days ago

    I get worried watching this because I'm always afraid that you could get hurt like getting shot at for having people think that you are intruding and causing harm

  • Ernesto Gomez Jr
    Ernesto Gomez Jr 18 days ago

    cool but how have you not gotten in trouble yet😂😂😂👌👏🖒

  • E - Soul
    E - Soul 20 days ago

    Family Friendly

  • QualityHerp
    QualityHerp 22 days ago

    Does anyone know what settings he uses for his gopro in such low light situations. I can't seem to match the quality, either high quality but can't see anything, or can see everything but looks like a 2004 blackberry cellphone

    BLAH BLAH BLAH 24 days ago

    This is an amazing channel. Sure, the titles may seem a little clickbait-y, but no ten minute ad revenue, no gift card giveaways, and no begging for likes. Shiey is a refreshing taste of good content in the cesspool that is YouTube. Subscribed.

  • TheAnimeMan
    TheAnimeMan 24 days ago

    So you recorded yourself breaking into a house... thats real smart to put the evidence up like this.

  • Pollux
    Pollux 24 days ago

    That was sketch af when they found that concrete dog thing

  • Andrew Demarest
    Andrew Demarest 28 days ago

    I' assuming squatters, but the electricity makes that questionable.

  • vexonica 02
    vexonica 02 28 days ago

    does this consider as crime ..?

  • Jerome Musket
    Jerome Musket 28 days ago

    Then the person living in there sees the video and is like
    Oh no

  • Luciano Rimoli
    Luciano Rimoli 29 days ago

    If you see the lights on, get the fuck out of there buddy. You don't want to end up like that fox. Anyone could be behind one of those doors, and you better pray that he doesn't have a gun.

  • kulka
    kulka 1 month ago

    thank you God that I am living now in this sort of age. Where we have this 'futuristic' urban exploration. This kind of exploration is really strait out of a sci-fi movie or a futuristic manga, but on a realistic human level.

  • Zhōu yǔ Qiáo
    Zhōu yǔ Qiáo 1 month ago

    Dear God, I never want to be in a war against Russians. They are too brave an ballsy.

  • I am a Ballerina
    I am a Ballerina 1 month ago

    ha ha You had to poke it with a stick

  • sipplayz MCandmore
    sipplayz MCandmore 1 month ago

    Fuck u know our transpassing

  • SurPlus ж
    SurPlus ж 1 month ago

    i never fucking found a house whit the fucking Light on..lucky guy

  • --insert coin here--

    Resident Evil 8 looks dope

  • The End
    The End 1 month ago

    the dog an cat was next to each other before they died :(

  • JFK
    JFK 1 month ago

    It's just a matter of time before these guys end up with bullets in their heads.

  • Kingethan1OO
    Kingethan1OO 1 month ago

    somebody just found kevin wendell crumbs house

    TAMITI 1 month ago

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  • Dwarf Rehab
    Dwarf Rehab 1 month ago

    this looks like a full on video game

  • Amado'z Animz
    Amado'z Animz 1 month ago

    "A creature in pink, I thought this realm was abandon?"

  • Mcanijo
    Mcanijo 1 month ago

    Hello Neighbour

  • connmander takis
    connmander takis 1 month ago

    how many laws have you broken

  • Tyler Moore
    Tyler Moore 1 month ago

    This place seemed .... like an ordinary abandoned building. 3spoopy5me so haunted spooked

    • Tyler Moore
      Tyler Moore 1 month ago


    • Tyler Moore
      Tyler Moore 1 month ago

      did u also notice place was dark n scary? BECAUSE THAT'S THE WAAY GHOSTIES LIKE IT WAKE UP SHEEPLE

    • Tyler Moore
      Tyler Moore 1 month ago

      did u notice light was on; probably ghost turn them on?
      did u notice door was close; ghost

  • Gabriel Augusto
    Gabriel Augusto 1 month ago

    You would be an awesome ninja.

  • Agathi
    Agathi 1 month ago

    Hey guys shiey here! And today we're gonna be breaking and entering!!

  • alpha beta
    alpha beta 1 month ago

    lmao the dog hahh

  • Doot Doot
    Doot Doot 1 month ago

    This is some resident evil 7 shit

  • /gamegeek/
    /gamegeek/ 1 month ago

    The start reminded of The Last of Us. Using dumpsters to climb up onto things. Cool video dude.

  • fragile dream
    fragile dream 1 month ago

    sneak into my house and I shot you boy

  • Delahoiya
    Delahoiya 1 month ago

    Next video: Exploring abandoned United airlines officer

  • Shaun Jones
    Shaun Jones 1 month ago

    Wouldn't it be better to go at day time and wear high visibility jackets and carry around a clipboard?

  • Youngbl33zy
    Youngbl33zy 1 month ago


    • QuartzGoat
      QuartzGoat 1 month ago

      +Youngbl33zy Just like when your father said he was going out to get cigarettes.

  • Synystr7
    Synystr7 1 month ago

    BnE The Official Channel!

  • Saggy Cooper
    Saggy Cooper 1 month ago

    definitely subbing to u

  • JusstyteN
    JusstyteN 1 month ago

    bijociau as ten eit

  • César A. Jiménez Ligonio


  • Diaconu Daniel
    Diaconu Daniel 1 month ago

    i love ur vids man! Balls of steel!

  • Veranus ::SSS
    Veranus ::SSS 1 month ago

    A petrified fox, thats pretty cool

  • nighthawk mcguigan
    nighthawk mcguigan 1 month ago

    anyone know that movie where a bunch of people are squating in an abandond building and they get infected with something and get traped in the building and start trying to kill each other

  • Austrie Law
    Austrie Law 1 month ago

    *taps dead animals head vigorously with coat hanger....*

  • Time Swing
    Time Swing 1 month ago

    Holy fuck, that jumpscare got me. Nice vid tho

  • redegeldunit420
    redegeldunit420 1 month ago

    Was wondering were my dog went. Now I know r.i.p lil fella

  • Guitar Aurora
    Guitar Aurora 1 month ago

    The video is awesome and everything but you guys just act not tactical or cover up your face or your hands. that gets me every time

  • normal fags
    normal fags 1 month ago

    shiey lebouf

  • karlo mirt
    karlo mirt 1 month ago

    this is scriptet

  • Obito Uchiha
    Obito Uchiha 1 month ago

    Dishonored 3 gameplay trailer

  • Velvet Raincloud
    Velvet Raincloud 1 month ago

    does anyone know of other channels like shiey where they don't have endless, pointless commentary or music behind the video? i really like shiey's style but haven't seen anyone else have a related one.

  • Tomas Gelazis
    Tomas Gelazis 1 month ago

    Tuščia. Subscribed!

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 1 month ago

    now that is the stuff I like to see
    I've done stuff like this myself but due to lack of expiriance I got caught

    please do more

  • JefNobVenn
    JefNobVenn 1 month ago

    One day someone's gonna come out and shoot you with a shotgun and you'll be rip.

  • SquallyScribbler
    SquallyScribbler 1 month ago

    isn't this illegal? how has not been caught? I don't want him to be jailed. these videos are awesome. but how he hasn't gotten in trouble alludes me.

  • Eddys YOU
    Eddys YOU 1 month ago

    You are from Lithuania, me too 😀

  • read more
    read more 1 month ago

    Shiey the type of guy to sneak into his own house

  • traxxas1232
    traxxas1232 1 month ago

    this reminds me of the house from the movie , " split"

  • AkuExtraThicc
    AkuExtraThicc 1 month ago

    I feel like your going to get killed doing this

  • Sir Nate
    Sir Nate 1 month ago


  • ty g
    ty g 1 month ago

    Dude you really are stupid for going in places you aren't supposed to. Next thing you know you stumbled upon a cartels secret operations and they fuckin kill you. We won't even be able to see that video either which is the only bad part

  • Jacinto Talavera
    Jacinto Talavera 1 month ago

    Man wthell have ive been doing with my life for the past years on youtube???? I should of have lnown this awesome channel way before now.

  • Karn Da
    Karn Da 1 month ago

    why is this house abandoned?

  • Dank Memes
    Dank Memes 1 month ago

    Outlast II looking dope

  • SpaceEXE
    SpaceEXE 1 month ago


  • Professor Sad
    Professor Sad 1 month ago

    Why does he put everything in English? Wider audience?

  • BlackMarsh
    BlackMarsh 1 month ago

    looks like Silent Hill PT

  • V Damke
    V Damke 1 month ago

    patarima duosiu gal juokingai skambes bet uzsimauk koines ant batu ir nesigirdes tavo zinksnei net kaip beksi nu nebent lentos girgzdes :p

  • Spoolfes 123
    Spoolfes 123 1 month ago

    What I love about his videos is that he always has a small clip of the thing , he cuts right to the chase. Most people have a 30 min long clip and we have to find were happens

  • Dizzy Sparks
    Dizzy Sparks 1 month ago

    I'd blow a hole in your disrespectful ass

  • RealSoroSoro
    RealSoroSoro 1 month ago

    wtf. just a room full of chairs???

  • Jeosafat Garcia
    Jeosafat Garcia 1 month ago

    saludos desde México

  • MadJackal 95
    MadJackal 95 1 month ago

    I am not saying that this is wrong or right but this is not considered ilegal? And if yes, why do you show your face in the video?Anyway some of these
    rooms look suspicious ,maybe someday you will find some people arrested in one of these houses and you will rescue them,or maybe you will find the person that arrested them.I hope you have at least a knife with you to defend yourself in case of finding the kidnapper instead of the kidnapped .

  • CrisRobGame
    CrisRobGame 1 month ago

    Sos one crak broo.

  • Tobias Whittaker
    Tobias Whittaker 1 month ago

    Let's play outlast 3 co-op: Part 1

  • Damari Boi
    Damari Boi 1 month ago

    My nigga sneak skill on 100

  • Submersed24
    Submersed24 1 month ago

    very scary going into abandoned buildings because something can fall on you and you could just die with noone knowing

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