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Author sarah kamara (2 months)
Can someone explain to me the meaning of this song?i love it I don't hear
what she is saying but my sprite move 

Author Hadish Betsuamlak (4 months)
Sofia Shibabaw Wodaje Neh (Amazing Song):

Author sami samsom (22 days)
praise the lord god bless you sis

Author sarah kamara (2 months)
Thank you my brother God bless you for your help.

Author Moulou Teshome (1 month)
Selemayenegerewe semek tebarek

Author Daniel Goshime (2 months)
Best song

Author Tedagne Seifu (4 months)
Great!! God bless U!

Author Abinet Getachew (3 months)
Blessing song..


Author Norito Mino (2 months)
Uufffffffff zemeneshi yebariki

Author Tesfaye Yohannes (3 months)
Hulu Bersu Hone

Author Mashaal Ail (3 months)
GOD bless you 

Author Helina Demeke (3 months)
Zemensh yibarek

Author Isaias Brhane (4 months)
God bless u sofi 

Author Martha Ghezzehai (4 months)

Author bruck zerihun (5 months)
amazing !!

Author pancrazio fedele (6 months)

Author aregash yohannes (5 months)
god bless u

Author Sintayehu Gaga (2 months)
I always blessed in song .sofi Jesus abundantly bless you

Author Silas Bekele (7 months)
Ayinen Kante Mansat Awo Geta Hoy Akitognal. May GOD bless u Sofi.

Author Deginet Gichamo (5 months)
God bless you for ever

Author Ben Freedom (6 months)

Author Kabetshe Gaberameskal (6 months)
Yasuse wadehalew......

Author Maharat Markos (2 months)

Author Lam rof (7 months)
ቅላፄው ኣንድ ኣይነት ስለሆነ ወደ መጨረሻ ላይ ያደክማል። ስንኞቹ ግን ድንቅ ናቸው። 

Author dale A (6 months)
may the lord almighty bless you my sister 

Author Yosan Tesfu (7 months)

Author Fiker Abate (7 months)

Author Lucky Frank (8 months)
God bless you more

Author Marta Alemayehu (8 months)
betam des yemil zemare new be blessed!

Author 314julius (8 months)
What a lovely sounding song this is, thank you Lord !!!

Author Salam Mary (7 months)
haleluya. ameeeeen. tebareki

Author Teramaj Abreham (8 months)
It's GOD!

Author kiyamelese abebe (9 months)
God bless you sofi

Author ayele burka (8 months)
geta yibarksh

Author mirehet Ku (11 months)

Author Dejene bersisa (11 months)
Sofi God bless you.

Author Kirubel Hailu (9 months)
sofi geta yibarkish

Author Betty Tezar (11 months)

Author Zion Mebrate (11 months)
i couldn't get enough of this song,,, i wish every one get a chance to
listen and understand this song.. may God bless you sofi.

Author Mengistu Gebere (1 year)
egiziabeher yibarekishi sofi

Author mirehet Ku (11 months)

Author Turkato Turto (11 months)
ohhhh God beless u...

Author Bery Otoro (1 year)
Tebarkelnge sis nice song I like it

Author wasihun bekele (11 months)
god beless u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Susana Queiroz (5 months)
Beautiful song and beautiful voice. God bless you and Etiopia.

Author Adane Shimelis (1 year)
May God Bless u........................

Author Yodit Mar (1 year)
Sofia God Bellss you

Author Talek Andrew (1 year)
Glory to the Lord!!

Author Zion Awoke (1 year)
Sofia The Almighty God Bless You Abundantly!!!

Author kassliebe (1 year)
This song by Sofia to the Lord is so filled with the spirit, I can sense
his presence while listening to it. You are indeed being used by God
mightily dear sister. 

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