Sofia Shibabaw Wodaje Neh (Amazing Song)

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Author Najat Najatgta ( ago)

Author Argash Adena ( ago)
amen 🙏

Author Aby DJ ( ago)
ጌታ አብዝቶ ይባርክሽ።ሁል ጊዜ ለፀሎት ስንበረከክ ሶፊ መዝሙርሽ በጣም ይመቸኛል።

Author ሀና በረከት ( ago)

Author frehiywet abera ( ago)
God Bless You!!!

Author Daniel Chufamo ( ago)
Amen geta yibarakish

Author Tomi Zerislassie ( ago)
God bless you sis.

Author Yodit Tekle ( ago)
Tebareki sofi shukor

Author Tigist Goga ( ago)
Amen. Ameeeen

Author Memewadaro Meme ( ago)

Author Tagesech Hana ( ago)
tabarke ba bezu batasbochese

Author Aster Manke ( ago)
sof tebareki tsgaw yibzalsh geta zemenshn yibarek

Author Zed Million ( ago)

Author Jesus mekds kerestos ( ago)
sofey berk bey bek berk bey berk yewestan asab new yezemrheln gata zemenehn

Author God Saviour ( ago)
tebarek amin

Author Sara Jesus ( ago)

Author BEZi Jesus ( ago)
Amen amen blessed sofi

Author Diana Daniel Hagos VHGY ( ago)
Amen amen tebark zebnse ybarek mtegrmi ahete nese💖💖💖💖

Author Ethio telecom Credit Association ( ago)
ተባረኪ ጌታ አንተን ነው የማመልከው ጌታ ሆይ አንተ ሰላሜ ነህ አሜንንን ፀጋውን ያብዛልሽ

Author Yphana Dejen ( ago)

Author Abrha Salom ( ago)
wow and wow amazing anointed song. be blessed in Jesus mighty name amen and

Author God is lode B ( ago)
Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen god bless ♥♥♥✅✅Amen Amen Amen Amen

Author Alem Kbede ( ago)
Amen zemensh yibarek

Author Lucy Mimo ( ago)
god bless u tebarki marr

Author emmy emmy ( ago)
god bless you always jn ur life ur family my sis god is god always.

Author kena gudeta ( ago)
amen ! This is really amazing song . you are already blessed by Jesus
. As Scripture says: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has
imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love Him.”
1 Corinthians 2:9
God’s Decision

The Father could not have conceived of anything more to save the children
of men. He foreknew all that would trust in Jesus, and chose them before
the world began. He preordained that those chosen would be conformed into
the likeness of His Son.. and God took the responsibility to save us body,
soul and spirit by grace – thru faith. God Himself decided He would save us
totally – for we could not save ourselves, and every promise of God is
yours by grace – simply because you trusted His Word.

God’s Grace

He redeemed and enlightened us, and opened up to us the mystery of His
will. He took upon Himself the responsibility to change us to be just like
Christ. He even adopts us as His own children, and has scheduled a date for
our adoption. His Spirit sealed us as His purchased possession – to protect
us from all harm. He accepted us in His beloved Son – making us His church,
His body and His bride. He gave us the indwelling Sprit to guarantee His
genuineness and seal of ownership. He gave us a glorious inheritance and
made us joint-heirs with the Lord Jesus Christ,

Christ’s Righteousness

The Father could not have lavished more grace on the undeserving children
of men. We are in Christ – complete in Him – accepted in Him, and our
reward is in Him. But God desired that whosoever will may come – not one
sinner need be excluded..for all who trust in His name will be saved. He
ensured that all who trust in Him can know undeniably they’re secure in
Christ, for our security does not rely on our righteousness but the
righteousness of Christ.

Christ’s Work

Our salvation has nothing to do with our character, but rests on Christ
finished work. Our eternal security is not dependent on our good works, but
on Christ’s work alone. Every step of salvation is planned, performed and
finished by God – by His grace. Every expression of salvation is secured in
Christ’s righteousness – by His grace.

Christ’s Sufficiency

Past, present and future salvation is planned, performed and finished – by
grace. Past, present and future salvation is planned, performed and
finished – in Christ. So what do we have to do – NOTHING. Simply believe
all He says in His Word. Believe God’s Word – for what He has planned,
performed and finished is sufficient. We have nothing to contribute and no
merit belongs to us – it is all by His grace.

God’s Plan

God could not have conceived of anything more to save the children of men.
God could not improve on anything that He has provided for us in Christ.
His plan of salvation is entirely-whole / exhaustively-complete /
totally-accomplished. His purpose in Christ is devoid of any spiritual want
or need – and it is ALL grace.

Our Portion

Our identity in Christ means total identity with His person – character –
essence. All that He is we are to become – all that He has is to be ours –
and it is all grace. The sufficiency of Christ’s work is sufficient for us
– God needs nothing more. God’s satisfaction with us flows from His utter
satisfaction with His perfect Son. We are identified with Him. Our position
is secure in Him. Our union with Him is eternal, – and He is our portion
forever – Amen.

Our Completeness

Absolute fulfillment for humankind is found in Christ alone – and nothing
else. Christ is the fullest and most complete source of all God’s blessings
to us, – and this completeness in Christ provides the most meaningful joy
for our soul.

Our Blessings

The Father could not have conceived of anything more to save the children
of men. The Father could not improve on anything that He has provided for
us in Christ. The Father has given us a glimpse into all that He has
planned for those in Christ.. but No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no
mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love Him.
1 Corinthians 2:9

Author birhanu feleke ( ago)

Author Sars Tayson ( ago)
ameeeen ameeeeen
geta zemenishin yibarkew tsegaw yibezalish yabateberuk

Author Edil Mengesha ( ago)
God Bless You!!!!

Author ፊዕኖት አብሽሮ ፊዕኖት አብሽሮ ( ago)
አሜንንንንን አሜንንንንንን አሜንንንንንን አሜንንንንን ጌታ ሄይ አንተ ሰላሜ ነህ ክብር ለጌታ ይሁን ሶፊ ጸጋው ያብዛልሽ
ብርክርክ በይ

Author ዘማሪት ኤልዳና በቀለ ሶንግ Gospel Singer Eldana Bekele ( ago)
sofi birkkkkkkkk beyilignu be buzuiii sofi bertit beyilignu tegawiiii
abroshiii yhoniii

Author Workinesh Workz ( ago)
egzebeher yibarkish ye agilegilowt zemaneshi yerzimilish

Author Aster Sarman ( ago)
Amennnnnn Tsegawne Yabzaleshi Sofe

Author Kokeb Tume Tsaru ( ago)
yene marr tebareki <3

Author Hasna Demise ( ago)
Amen salamachin esu nw zamanishi hulu yibarak sofi wadishalaw

Author Hayat Jimma ( ago)

Author dase awo ( ago)
the god esraell bless u sofi love

Author እንደ ኢየሱስ ያለ ማንም የለም ! ( ago)
ተባረኪ ጌታ አንተን ነው የማመልከው ጌታ ሆይ አንተ ሰላሜ ነህ አሜንንን ፀጋውን ያብዛልሽ

Author Natsnet Abraham ( ago)

Author mesi mesi ( ago)
ተባረኪ ፀጋውን ያብዛልሽ 

Author meselu medhane ( ago)
የምትገርሚ የእግዚአብሄር ሴት ነሽ የጸጋ ስጦታሽ ለየት ይልብገኛል ደግሞም ቆንጅዬ ነሽ እስከባለቤትሽ ዘመናችሁ ይባረክ
ዝማሬሽን እንናፍቀዋለን ጨመርመር ያርግልሽ ጌታ

Author helen husien ( ago)
God bless you

Author Biiftuu Addunyaa ( ago)
Wow this is real Sprite of hole God may God give you his rest and blessed I
felt rest with this gospel song

Author Yordanos Tesfamariam ( ago)
Geyta yesus ybarkish.

Author Grand Prime ( ago)
God bless sofiya

Author ‫ساره خدامت خالتي من اثيوبيه‬‎ ( ago)
Geta e/z yibarkish tebaraki

Author Baushe Alemu ( ago)
God bless it's true

Author Janah Janah ( ago)
ተባረኪ አሜን ጌታ አንተን ነው እማመልከው እውነት ነው ሰላሜ መረጋጋቴ ባንተ ነው አባት ሆይ አመሰግንሀለሁ

Author mekuriya getachew ( ago)
sofiya betame betame libe yinkale

Author Negassi Bereke ( ago)
God bless you, Heart touch song, may God give you more.

Author Mr Kings ( ago)
Gata abzeto yebareksh Tsagane yebzeleshe

Author selam Fgfhghh ( ago)
GOD bless YOU sofi

Author Hananlovee Hananlovee ( ago)
god belsss u

Author Azenega Seifu ( ago)
GETA anchina zemenishin yibark

Author enare Kassa ( ago)
Love it

Author Mossie Abnet ( ago)

Author Nasser Ali ( ago)
i Love this worship song, the Lord bless you beautiful sister. i am a fan
Sofia shibabaw.

Author Elilta Kibret ( ago)
Love it! God bless you!

Author Mulatu Fekadu Zerihun ( ago)
Great! I like it.

Author Jhv Jjhh ( ago)
betam jemjasnana mezmur new

Author ‫تاAmen تGezahegn‬‎ ( ago)

Author elsa tadessa ( ago)
my god bless u this song is my life.

Author Berhanu Abebe ( ago)
አንተ እኮ ነህ..... አሜን።

Author Kasahun Tessema (Kasa) ( ago)
Great song. It is like you know what you are singing about, it is like you
met my Lord Jesus Christ when you write this song. May God continue to give
you more songs such as this.

Author GETAHUN EROMO ( ago)
ረዥም እድሜ ያጥግብሽ

Author GETAHUN EROMO ( ago)
zemenachu yibarek

Author Uodad Asa ( ago)

Author Bekalu Yirga (779 years ago)

Author Brook Abraham ( ago)
Amen amen tbarkilin 

Author Mulugeta Alemu ( ago)
sofiayee you are the best GOD bless u

Author Teferi Gonfa ( ago)
blles you sofia

Author Yaniv Bogala ( ago)
i love it

Author Fikre Aboye ( ago)
God bless you your song is show jesuse

Author Fikre Aboye ( ago)
God bless you your song is show jesuse

Author Alador Shewaye ( ago)

Author Bg Hhd ( ago)
ሶፊ ተባረክ

Author Himanot yimer (1066 years ago)

Author Tigist Kinfe ( ago)
sofi geta eyesus yibarkish

Author bereket defa ( ago)
Oh sofiy god bless u

Author Norito Mino ( ago)

Author Edemealem Desalegn ( ago)
be blessed sofi

Author sami samsom ( ago)
praise the lord god bless you sis

Author Moulou Teshome ( ago)
Selemayenegerewe semek tebarek

Author sarah kamara ( ago)
Thank you my brother God bless you for your help.

Author sarah kamara ( ago)
Can someone explain to me the meaning of this song?i love it I don't hear
what she is saying but my sprite move 

Author Maharat Markos (1225 years ago)

Author Norito Mino ( ago)
Uufffffffff zemeneshi yebariki

Author Sintayehu Gaga ( ago)
I always blessed in song .sofi Jesus abundantly bless you

Author Daniel Goshime ( ago)
Best song

Author Mashaal Ail ( ago)
GOD bless you 

Author Abinet KenoreGetachew ( ago)
Blessing song..


Author Tesfaye Yohannes ( ago)
Hulu Bersu Hone

Author Helina Demeke ( ago)
Zemensh yibarek

Author Tedagne Seifu ( ago)
Great!! God bless U!

Author Martha Ghezzehai ( ago)

Author Isaias Brhane ( ago)
God bless u sofi 

Author aregash yohannes ( ago)
god bless u

Author bruck zerihun ( ago)
amazing !!

Author Susana Queiroz ( ago)
Beautiful song and beautiful voice. God bless you and Etiopia.

Author Deginet Gichamo ( ago)
God bless you for ever

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