Sofia Shibabaw Wodaje Neh (Amazing Song)

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Author kiyamelese abebe (1 month)
God bless you sofi

Author Salam Mary (16 hours)
haleluya. ameeeeen. tebareki

Author Marta Alemayehu (8 days)
betam des yemil zemare new be blessed!

Author 314julius (15 days)
What a lovely sounding song this is, thank you Lord !!!

Author Lucky Frank (12 days)
God bless you more

Author Teramaj Abreham (13 days)
It's GOD!

Author ayele burka (29 days)
geta yibarksh

Author Kirubel Hailu (1 month)
sofi geta yibarkish

Author Dejene bersisa (3 months)
Sofi God bless you.

Author Betty Tezar (3 months)

Author Zion Mebrate (3 months)
i couldn't get enough of this song,,, i wish every one get a chance to
listen and understand this song.. may God bless you sofi.

Author Turkato Turto (3 months)
ohhhh God beless u...

Author wasihun bekele (3 months)
god beless u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author mirehet Ku (3 months)

Author Zion Awoke (4 months)
Sofia The Almighty God Bless You Abundantly!!!

Author Mengistu Gebere (4 months)
egiziabeher yibarekishi sofi

Author mirehet Ku (3 months)

Author Yodit Mar (4 months)
Sofia God Bellss you

Author Leul Fekadu (29 days)

Author Adane Shimelis (5 months)
May God Bless u........................

Author kassliebe (5 months)
This song by Sofia to the Lord is so filled with the spirit, I can sense
his presence while listening to it. You are indeed being used by God
mightily dear sister. 

Author Selamu Teketel (5 months)
praise God, really geta selamachin new

Author Demitu Desta (6 months)
Oh, May God Bless You!!!

Author Talek Andrew Kelemu (6 months)
Glory to the Lord!!

Author etaferahu yimer (7 months)
ሶፊ ጌታ ኢየሱስ ይባርክሽ! ያብዛልሽ!የሚባርክ መዝሙር ነው!

Author Yohannes Tseggay Berhe (7 months)
Sofia: Des' yemiasegn', menfesn yemiyaresers mezmur new -- Geta Eyesus
kanchi Ga yihum.

Author Fitsumk (3 years)
Sofi Egzihabher yibarkish, Ebakish Betty Tezeran mikeriyat, eyugn eyugn

Author wiewayflats (3 years)
bueitful.what a praise song.I wouldnt be supprise if its sung in heaven.can
i find the english tranlations for this song.god bless ethopia even more i
pray!and the singer.

Author eyob09 (4 years)
Thank you Sofia for the beutifully composed music and message. May God
bless you and your family.

Author ThAtBlAcKNiNjA (4 years)
god bless you very good song shibabaw chiristanig last name nuber one song
decent of human bing teachings of jesus mezmuer

Author talekttlo (1 year)
Hidden?......She need not have to be at MTV's eyes. right? "Random Beauty"
...funny MTVguy!!!

Author Martha Alemu (1 year)

Author gaabshe1 (3 years)
sophia i like ur music it is realy fantastic so keep it up .

Author mita sisay (1 year)

Author jogabagalaka azbeliyos (1 year)
amen geta hoy aynen kante alanesam. tebarekigh sofi.

Author kasu304 (2 years)
thank you

Author lina5949 (3 years)
ohhh.... i love this song .

Author SuperJimad (3 years)
My dear sister sophia, May God continue blessing you! Jesus is an answer
for all of our questions and doubts!

Author Alldone777 (4 years)
Sophia love ur songs all of them u are blessed sister.God bless you even

Author taye hareru (1 year)
Jesus bless your service

Author 222liya (2 years)
sofia child of God ሶፊያ በጣም አወድሻለሁ ትክክለኛ ውሳኔ ነው ያደረግሺው ወደ አየሱስ መምጣትሽ አርሱ
መንገድም አውነትም አርሱ ነው አኔም ተከትየዋለሁ ከ ሙስልምነት ወደ አየሱስ ልጅነት so now im very happy

Author sam222ist (4 years)
I love this song! Geta selame new!

Author Abe Abesha (2 years)
Wow sofey GBU more and more !!! so lovely! so amizing song!!!

Author wondwossen a (2 years)
I love this song ever since i heard it for the first time, it just makes me
feel so peaceful

Author Mirkuze (4 years)
minew bezefenu alkena bilesh bezy demu metash kkkkk....

Author ThAtBlAcKNiNjA (3 years)
@ThAtBlAcKNiNjA god bless you sofia you seeks to impose mezmuer to put a
new spirtual life do not stop mezmuer

Author eddyazar4 (1 year)
Sopheye betam enwedshalen begeta fkr tebarek!

Author yonatan Isaak Isaak (3 years)
haleluja haleluja geta hoy ante selame neh selame neh Geta anten new
yemamelkew Amlake anten new ymamelkew Geta hoy anete selame nh Geta hoy
ante selame nh Amlake hoy anten new ymamelkew Amen haleluja yesus yesus

Author Azahel Asaf (2 years)
Bless you Sofi

Author knowmehuh (4 years)
sofiya is nice. i could have married her if she was single

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