Sofia Shibabaw Wodaje Neh (Amazing Song)

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Author Alador Shewaye ( ago)

Author Bg Hhd ( ago)
ሶፊ ተባረክ

Author Himanot yimer (1065 years ago)

Author Tigist Kinfe ( ago)
GBU Sofi

Author Tigist Kinfe ( ago)
sofi geta eyesus yibarkish

Author bereket defa ( ago)
Oh sofiy god bless u

Author Norito Mino ( ago)

Author Edemealem Desalegn ( ago)
be blessed sofi

Author sami samsom ( ago)
praise the lord god bless you sis

Author Moulou Teshome ( ago)
Selemayenegerewe semek tebarek

Author sarah kamara ( ago)
Thank you my brother God bless you for your help.

Author sarah kamara ( ago)
Can someone explain to me the meaning of this song?i love it I don't hear
what she is saying but my sprite move 

Author Maharat Markos (1224 years ago)

Author Norito Mino ( ago)
Uufffffffff zemeneshi yebariki

Author Sintayehu Gaga ( ago)
I always blessed in song .sofi Jesus abundantly bless you

Author Daniel Goshime ( ago)
Best song

Author Mashaal Ail ( ago)
GOD bless you 

Author Abinet KenoreGetachew ( ago)
Blessing song..


Author Tesfaye Yohannes ( ago)
Hulu Bersu Hone

Author Helina Demeke ( ago)
Zemensh yibarek

Author Hadish Betsuamlak ( ago)
Sofia Shibabaw Wodaje Neh (Amazing Song):

Author Tedagne Seifu ( ago)
Great!! God bless U!

Author Martha Ghezzehai ( ago)

Author Isaias Brhane ( ago)
God bless u sofi 

Author aregash yohannes ( ago)
god bless u

Author bruck zerihun ( ago)
amazing !!

Author Susana Queiroz ( ago)
Beautiful song and beautiful voice. God bless you and Etiopia.

Author Deginet Gichamo ( ago)
God bless you for ever

Author pancrazio fedele ( ago)

Author emuy Gaberameskal ( ago)
Yasuse wadehalew......

Author Ben Freedom ( ago)

Author dale A ( ago)
may the lord almighty bless you my sister 

Author Silas Bekele (1361 year ago)
Ayinen Kante Mansat Awo Geta Hoy Akitognal. May GOD bless u Sofi.

Author Lam rof ( ago)
ቅላፄው ኣንድ ኣይነት ስለሆነ ወደ መጨረሻ ላይ ያደክማል። ስንኞቹ ግን ድንቅ ናቸው። 

Author Fiker Abate ( ago)

Author Yosan Tesfu ( ago)

Author Salam Mary ( ago)
haleluya. ameeeeen. tebareki

Author Marta Alemayehu (701 year ago)
betam des yemil zemare new be blessed!

Author Lucky Frank ( ago)
God bless you more

Author Teramaj Abreham ( ago)
It's GOD!

Author 314julius ( ago)
What a lovely sounding song this is, thank you Lord !!!

Author Leul Fekadu ( ago)

Author ayele burka ( ago)
geta yibarksh

Author Kirubel Hailu ( ago)
sofi geta yibarkish

Author kiyamelese abebe ( ago)
God bless you sofi

Author Dejene bersisa ( ago)
Sofi God bless you.

Author Betty Tezar ( ago)

Author Zion Mebrate ( ago)
i couldn't get enough of this song,,, i wish every one get a chance to
listen and understand this song.. may God bless you sofi.

Author Turkato Turto ( ago)
ohhhh God beless u...

Author wasihun bekele ( ago)
god beless u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author mirehet Ku ( ago)

Author mirehet Ku ( ago)

Author Zion Awoke ( ago)
Sofia The Almighty God Bless You Abundantly!!!

Author Mengistu Gebere ( ago)
egiziabeher yibarekishi sofi

Author Yodit Mar ( ago)
Sofia God Bellss you

Author Adane Shimelis ( ago)
May God Bless u........................

Author kassliebe ( ago)
This song by Sofia to the Lord is so filled with the spirit, I can sense
his presence while listening to it. You are indeed being used by God
mightily dear sister. 

Author Selamu Teketel ( ago)
praise God, really geta selamachin new

Author Demitu Desta ( ago)
Oh, May God Bless You!!!

Author Talek Andrew ( ago)
Glory to the Lord!!

Author etaferahu yimer ( ago)
ሶፊ ጌታ ኢየሱስ ይባርክሽ! ያብዛልሽ!የሚባርክ መዝሙር ነው!

Author Yohannes Tseggay Berhe ( ago)
Sofia: Des' yemiasegn', menfesn yemiyaresers mezmur new -- Geta Eyesus
kanchi Ga yihum.

Author Bery Otoro ( ago)
Tebarkelnge sis nice song I like it

Author Fatima Ali ( ago)
Kongo dent alseh mezemrum tesfan yesetlen

Author Lily haji ( ago)
Tebarkelnge sis nice song I like it

Author ganet umer ( ago)
sofi batam naw miwadish mazmurochish hulu batam dasi yelalu

Author ganet umer ( ago)
god bless you 

Author Helen Tsehaye ( ago)
Tebareki sofi

Author Jesus is Lord ( ago)
yes it is amazing song sofi God B U

Author seble keleme ( ago)
Sofiye Bless u More and more

Author talekttlo ( ago)
Hidden?......She need not have to be at MTV's eyes. right? "Random Beauty"
...funny MTVguy!!!

Author tsebaot aloneab ( ago)
አይኔን ከንቱ ማንሳት እኔስ አቅቶኛል አምላኬ ሆይ ዛሬም ብርቅ ሆነህብኛል የፍቅር ዝማሬ ዘምርልሀለሁ ወዳጄ ነህና እኔም
ወድሀለው ጌታ አንተን ነው የማመልከው/2/ ለጥያቄዬ መልስ የሆንከው አምላኬ አንተን ነው የማመልከው/2/ መረጋጋቴ ባንተ
እኮ ነው

Author taye hareru ( ago)
Jesus bless your service

Author sintayehu guta bedhadha ( ago)

Author 93lid51 ( ago)
what a great song, it is such blessing

Author martha solomon ( ago)
....u are a spiritual being, u are woman off God.

Author mita sisay ( ago)

Author Biniam Tekleab ( ago)
God bless you

Author Gizachew Melaku ( ago)
Ehetachen gita abelto yebarkesh tegawen yafeselesh bemezemursh betam new

Author mwendapoleee ( ago)
GloriuOsly blessed to be a source of blessin to others.!!!!

Author gedeon falk ( ago)
God belass sofi

Author gedeon falk ( ago)
Belass god sofiaAMD Radon 7700 4095 GB Intel i7 3770 Windows 8 1 TB +16GB
SSD Chage Predator G3620

Author leane rodas george ( ago)
nice mezmur GBY sofia

Author mehari berhe ( ago)
i love this leady may god bless u ihope u will be wonder full gril

Author Tsega Ermias ( ago)
My God bless u

Author Art Seiders ( ago)
Wonderful song ..

Author talekttlo ( ago)
It is because the Lord loved all of us!

Author Abraham Gebremariam ( ago)
Thank you

Author Zeleke T ( ago)
Yes Lord, you are my peace! GBU sister Sofia.

Author George Plante ( ago)
Very beautiful song, beautiful singer.

Author ejigu1 ( ago)
Thank you, Lord! I set aside all other things for a couple of minutes and
listened. Then, prayed. Felt that God listened. I believed! Amen.

Author Martha Alemu ( ago)

Author Abnet Abayneh ( ago)
stay in abundant blessing!!!!!!!!!11

Author addisu halo ( ago)
You are blessed!!!!

Author jogabagalaka azbeliyos ( ago)
amen geta hoy aynen kante alanesam. tebarekigh sofi.

Author Yeshihareg Belayneh ( ago)

Author Abe Abesha ( ago)
Wow sofey GBU more and more !!! so lovely! so amizing song!!!

Author Henock Alemu ( ago)
I never going down,when I heard this song!!! I Love you Jesus!!! God bless
you sofi!

Author Dag the potato (1 year ago)
Terrible piece of music always annoys me and is stuck in my head!! A
disgrace to music!!!!

Author Azahel Asaf ( ago)
Bless you Sofi

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