How to mod gta 4 with usb xbox 360 (horizon)


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Author kevin 123 ( ago)
ammo won't change

Author Nathan de Souza Silva ( ago)
link is of.

put on and i will like the video

Author Eros Mattos ( ago)
how do you open up the mod menu? please help

Author chris fangna ( ago)
thanks man! you really helped me

Author armand roodt ( ago)
awesome,thanks for the help..

Author keelo two-three ( ago)
I don't have a computer

Author messi God of futbol ( ago)
my horrizen doesn't work

Author mohamed Abdi ( ago)

Author Blizzard Sklit Blue xXx ( ago)
This is NOT real mods you need to open your Xbox for real mods iso mods

Author itzyaboyjack ( ago)

Author Dylan Mc Inerney ( ago)
Can u copy it to the USB just in case u lose everything

Author Paul Bouverette (cpbouver) ( ago)
I thought this would be modding, not changing game save values

Author Stan's mods ( ago)
SAMMIE ROBINGSON there is no mod menu because its usb mods if you have iso
mods you have a mod menu.

Author sammie roberson ( ago)
How do u pull up the mods

Author MADBL00DH0UND ( ago)
Modio is not needed for this, just plug in your USB, open up Horizon look
through your games, find Grand Theft Auto IV, double-click on it or click
on it just once. Now it should bring up all of your saved games on your
USB, click on the save that you want to mod (edit), at the top of the menu
with all your games on it, it will say "Mod", click on that and then a menu
will come up asking you on what you want to max out, ETC. After completed,
click on the save button at the top of that menu, now plug in your USB back
into your Xbox, you can move your save into your Hardrive or keep it on
your USB, it doesn't really matter. Launch Grand Theft Auto IV up, when it
has loaded up, open up your "Modded Save", and you should be done. Glad I
could help. I will be doing mod videos using only one program - "Horizon",
so check my channel out and videos out for easy mods. 

Author Fancyhjm ™ ( ago)
im a computer nerd..what you need to do is move the intel i7 multicore to
the qaud mullacular sannor saucer 

Author Joey Hebert (Foulestbird) ( ago)
it wont let me download Modio

Author Krisztian Kiss ( ago)
what is in video! My launge HUN ugy hogy magyar vagyok nem értek semmit a
video ból egy az hogy nem mutazja be az xbox 360 at!

Author Krisztian Kiss ( ago)
what in video? not show in xbox 360! not try in gta 4 erored games! plase
show in video in xbox 360! :(

Author Arnas Kiela ( ago)
how do you open horizon?

Author dylan colby ( ago)
Thanks man now i can MOD MY GAMES LIKE CRAX

Author Robloxshowz ( ago)
Oh dang, I formatted my usb flash drive and it deleted my school stuff. But
luckily the stuff i did is completed so whew!

Author William Owen ( ago)
modio is diffrent than what it looks like on ure pc coz it wont let me
extract any files

Author Just_guy_ stuff ( ago)
How do I get the realistic car mod

Author Paul Alija ( ago)
It works :D

Author Johnnie Best ( ago)
How do I get modio

Author MexiTacoz ( ago)
Finally, a good video on modding GTA IV! Thanks Bro'! 

Author Stonewolf ( ago)

Author Stonewolf ( ago)
It doesn't work horizon could you help me and tell me how you got horizon

Author Jonathan Neal ( ago)
I use horizon it does everything no transferring files . Modio isn't needed
at all

Author epickillerboy200 ( ago)
hay can you do it on a phone?

Author ThisIsNotSparta ( ago)
Hi! I tried this with an integral 2gb, but it didn't show up on the
computer( is it because you have to have modio?) thanks.

Author HappinessUnited ( ago)
no you cant it works only on single

Author neb0010 ( ago)
only modio is required

Author snapshotkiller ( ago)
No of course not because it just changes the info in your save to give you
the health and everything

Author snapshotkiller ( ago)

Author SparkiGal ( ago)
yes it works 

Author Ojkt Media ( ago)
can u use this online? 

Author 65sonichedge ( ago)
for some reason i did everything in the vid and at first it was working
then it all just stopped workig so then i had to use cheat codes now
however the money is still maxxed

Author RobbieLikesGTA4 ( ago)
Thx so much ah love in mods you just subbed

Author Jason Sam ( ago)
What did u download to be able to mod it?

Author kyehillstrom ( ago)
Can this mod multiplayer?

Author RGC1 ( ago)
Good job syndicate or in other words imposter (real name:daGlitcherHD) Good
job just wow pointless

Author Humayun Miah (iHumayun) ( ago)
Do I have to mod my Xbox ? Or will this work with any xbox? Please let me
know ASAP thanks

Author Callin Davidson ( ago)
You done it the long way you can do it in like 1 mineuet

Author xSwiftillusionx ( ago)

Author WolfyFTW ( ago)
You can mod it for free on Horizon

Author BuRgAToWn123 ( ago)
this shit got zombies ??

Author karina ramos ( ago)
Yes yo

Author KnugeN ( ago)
Do i need Xbox Live to activate mods? 

Author Adam Alcorn ( ago)
No,I didn't . :) 

Author Jake Snyder ( ago)
Do you need verizon

Author Adrin Lix ( ago)
Horizon sucks you can't do shit it's kinda worthless

Author Adrin Lix ( ago)
Dude I don't have diamond shuts a waste

Author Josh Hallifax ( ago)
Why can't I punch or use a baseball bat? Can i stop this? 

Author JT VideosHD ( ago)
Can you mod cars with this mod

Author RPGxRemiX RPG ( ago)
I am just saying that you didnt need to use modio for that you just needed
to use horizon 

Author James Peatee ( ago)
thanks alot this really helps and keep making these sick videos

Author Christian Porter ( ago)
I have previously used Horizon so I am skeptical about using it again since
I was banned last time I did.

Author HotzHD ( ago)
still work??

Author Israr Ahmad ( ago)
Thanks a million man keep making videos sick lol lol lol lol

Author Quinn Partridge ( ago)

Author Quinn Partridge ( ago)
Thanks but how do in a multiplayer game make cars fly,turn players on fire,
spawn vehicles like skylift in the ballet of gay toney and get the magnet
to work

Author TheSyndicateProject ( ago)
Lol no.

Author Joseph Rajendran ( ago)
@mwhtuek yeah i totally agree! also! dude ive been wasting my time with
this game all day have a look its tight >>>

Author harry ( ago)
This is lame i have iso add im boly

Author DinoAgeMan ( ago)
On horizon you could just explore ur device there

Author Hydro-PWN-ics Xx ( ago)

Author Declan kot ( ago)
I wanted to do this but I'm so lazy I don't want to download all of the

Author crazykid1104 ( ago)
does this work online 

Author Steven ( ago)
Horizon is legal and you will not be banned. I haven't been banned yet at

Author noah bender ( ago)
Will you get kicked off and is it legal

Author Fedora ( ago)
It's not even for online artard..

Author TheiStalker ( ago)
What if I want to install cars and such, how do I do that on my Xbox?

Author KidBlue ( ago)
I haven't been banned yet. 

Author Harry Nemeth (TheOneAndOnlyHarry) ( ago)
You no that u get banned for doing that u mother fucker

Author Mikael Jildenfors ( ago)
fucking Virus 

Author Joel Perry ( ago)
does this work on multiplayer 

Author Kaddy Boy ( ago)
fuck you! you give me viruses 

Author omgthanerd 1 ( ago)
How can i get the crown vic police car

Author HybridPrankster ( ago)
If you mod multiplayer and someone reports you for doing modding online you
get band from Xbox live but it's fine to mod on singleplayer :)

Author Will HD ( ago)
can I have a video of the mods afterwards

Author 100jays ( ago)
Can I mod cara

Author Jeff Addae ( ago)
i liked ur comment but u kinda hating bro

Author Adblock For Everyone ( ago)
how the fuck you mod the car

Author Rosalie Trevino ( ago)
Once u do that we can have every mod right

Author Rosalie Trevino ( ago)
Thanks for info

Author Danny Carling ( ago)
Does this work online?

Author I Sanchez I 26 ( ago)
Thx dude subed

Author Serg Garza ( ago)
how to dowlowd it 

Author Rafael Moura ( ago)
It's not a GTA IV mod, is a GTA IV save game mod.

Author Alwayswins123 ( ago)
You guys should just use ISO mods on gta iv. That's where all the good mods
are that work with multiplayer

Author Eternal ( ago)
i am sorry, but came for mods and for gta 4 on horizon all i see is the
basic cheats you can use but abit better, but no money cheta so no point
really unless you are getting skins and iron man shit but no, all you get
is some crappy health buff

Author Avi Vengeance ( ago)
Can you only customize your guns and money health and armor?

Author The Dylan Show ( ago)
Will you be able to mod cars

Author Jordan Southworth ( ago)
Click and hold

Author jose perez de corcho ( ago)
It doesn't work on multiplayer

Author ThatBoyTre ( ago)
do these work online 

Author Skzzi. ✌ ( ago)
I wanna get a drift mod for Xbox 360

Author Dylan Joyal ( ago)
god damn y and form at it?!?

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