Earth Mothers and Rebellious Sons - Creation Part 3: Crash Course Mythology #4

So, we’re still talking about sex this week, but we’re talking about Earth Mothers and their children. We'll start with Gaia, and her son Kronos, who had a classic childhood rebellion, and castrated his father. We'll also get into Kronos’s son Zeus, who would go on to dethrone his father. We’ll talk about Norse mythology, too, and look at the family that created the world, and worked together to make people.

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Author Khoa Tran ( ago)
ehh cronus and chronos is 2 god right??? is cronus also a time god?

Author Dokkalfr ( ago)
Huh...never heard Tiamat pronounced like that...assuming it's a more proper pronunciation

as an aside, I ALSO love to say Hekatonchires

Author Tj Chapman ( ago)
The earth is not some god it is the third planet from the sun were 7 billion people live and die. It shares the solar system with eight other planets Pluto being the smallest and farthest away from the sun.

Author Mark Koehr ( ago)
Chronos and Kronos/cronos are two different people right?

Author dfghjk,mn jhgfgh ( ago)
what happened to the hankatoncoreas?

Author Matthew Puzzo ( ago)
Hecatoncheires' Honky-Tonk: The favorite musical genre of the gods.

Author Drilling4mana ( ago)

Author TastelessTacoTV ( ago)
hA! You know what face a mother couldn't love? Hephaestus. GET IT #holyhera #pjo

Author MIS ( ago)
This is a really great topic, but the Toth joke is as stupid as the open letter embarrassment.

Author Saurabh Banik ( ago)
What???? a video on creation through disenbowlment and dismembering of deities without even a mention of the mesoamerican religions like the aztecs or mayans???

Author TheTrueSonoxPowre ( ago)

Author oshidonimlop ( ago)
Great for avoiding Uranus by pronouncing something closer to the Greek Ouranos! 😄

Author AnimeShinigami13 ( ago)
"...who would do the work that the gods preferred not to do." and thus would be born a shitty translation via Zachariah Sitchin (sp) and from the shitty translation, a conspiracy theory was born via the mind of swiss hotel manager Erik von Danniken, and from the conspiracy theory was born a tribe of tinfoil hat wearing fearful people who believed the government was the root of all evil, and their cries of terror were heard by a movie producer who created... DUN DUN DUN! ... STARGATE! :D

Author Arianna Kamal ( ago)
Starting at 7:29 there is a tiny transcript in the bottom left corner.

Author RampantLionworks ( ago)
I'm little disappointed that the earth fathers and sky mothers aren't touched upon. Egyptian mythology being the most well known example

Author UnusualTrouble ( ago)
is it me or we are missing an episode?

Author lktv ekt ( ago)
So the Ask and Embla story is pretty similar to Adam and Eve...

Author Ganesh Datar ( ago)
Was that a Natraja Statuette back on that table?

Author Psychic Friction ( ago)
I was expecting the series to go by geographical areas

Author Kanas Tivas ( ago)
Awesome video. passion with Greek Mythology

Author Robert Rodgers ( ago)
Brilliantly done! Thank You!

Author Dianela wilson Kery ( ago)
Is this real learning

Author Shama Ruhi ( ago)
Why do it say #4 where #2 and #3

Author Rachel Evans ( ago)
does the rainbow bridge have anything to do with the rainbow road from mario kart?

Author Sabrina Simms ( ago)
I feel like it bears mentioning that the Heccatonichies (sp) were not the only titans trapped within Gaia; they all were. Forgive my bluntness, but because Ouranos feared being overthrown by one of his children, he simply never pulled out. He remained joined to Gaia leaving all of her children to grow within her because they had nowhere to go. She got very uncomfortable and tired of Ouranos's shenanigans and gifted Kronos/Saturn the adamant sickle. He castrated his father as the only means of escaping for he and his siblings.

Also, I noticed disagreement in the contents on whether the Titans and the Olympian gods are the same race or not. Take into account that Aphrodite is technically a Titan generationally, however, she is revered as one of the most popular of the twelve Olympians. Titans, primordials, etc are basically just generational delineations to minimize confusion, though the line gets very blurry at times. Mind you, typically, the older beings have powers above those of the younger. Aphrodite is a grand example because she is the reason there is desire and she's the reason Zeus can't keep it in his pants. She's basically his Aunt.

Source: several courses in the classics with particular academic focus on Greek myth.

Author Sayan Roy Chowdhury ( ago)
How about the Hindu Creation Story

Author Cili Oakenshield ( ago)
Why does this keep referencing old episodes? Theres only ` one another episode. Did i miss something?

Author NanjeofKro ( ago)
A note I hope you'll pick up on, or else it will drive me mad for the rest of the series: Old Norse names are almost always stressed on the first syllable, so its YMir, not ymIR.

Author Niyati Shah ( ago)
the only things i know about Greek mythology are from Rick Riordan.

Author bhavana samhita ( ago)
I can't stop laughing, idk why! 😂😂😂

Author Sandra Dermark ( ago)
we made it to sea monsters!!! 🐲🐲🐲🐲

Author archana patwal ( ago)
i really like that Natraj at the back

Author Lainey Graham ( ago)
A rainbow bridge. That's my favorite kind of bridge. I feel you bro.

Author Robert Cooper ( ago)
Marduk desires not the barren wasteland of your desicated viscera.

Author Boozer ( ago)
So coooooollll!!!!!

Author Boozer ( ago)

Author bnerd1 ( ago)
i love thot

Author Ian Robert ( ago)
You pronounced Thoth's name wrong

Author banzaiduck506 ( ago)
that babylonian myth could have used a family tree. i had to draw one in order to keep up.

Author Black Røse ( ago)
Actually female seahorses produce the eggs, then the father just take the eggs into his pouch and waits for them to hatch.. so yea the female is still the one giving birth there.

Author adiksaff ( ago)
Final Fantasy fan in me went "Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!! That's where they got Vanille's Eidolon... Cool!!!"

Love this series! Keep it up!

Author Javan Ashong ( ago)
If Joseph Campbell doesn't get a mention I will be extremely disappointed

Author Feynstein 100 ( ago)
It's gonna be legend...........wait for it............dary. Come on, YouTube. No how i met your mother references? You disappoint me.

Author Feynstein 100 ( ago)
Hey, didn't the Neanderthals have religion? I wonder how that would be possible in a hunter-gatherer society.

Author Akhil P ( ago)
age of mythology finally paying off

Author Vaughn, The One and Only ( ago)
*Legendary Sex*

Author Mark Zink ( ago)
Suddenly, "Hercules: the Legendary Journeys" makes total sense.

Author The Kraken Experiment ( ago)
Man, Freud must of had the biggest field day with this stuff.

Author theyakkoman ( ago)
About the "Bodies becoming the world", all I have to say is:

"Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is Alchemy's First Law of Equivalent Exchange."

Author Magnus Lehn ( ago)
Are there any examples of a "Father Earth" at all, or is the mythical consensus that earth is always interpreted as female?

Author Rachael Lefler ( ago)
Although, I was hoping for a Shinto story this time. Amaterasu and Izunagi and Izunami, when do we get to that?

Author Asetari Greenfire ( ago)
Could you please if possible partly explain some celtic myths?

Author Rachael Lefler ( ago)
I was mad about the lack of Tiamat in previous episodes yay they got to it finally!

Author Rachael Lefler ( ago)
Thoth is so adorable... I wish I could hug him...

Author juan pardo ( ago)
you should talk about the muisca mithology about the dorado

Author Stephen Gillie ( ago)
Ouranos is the true name for the planet between Saturn and Neptune. Let's end that joke.

Author proudwonk ( ago)
Within Temptation- Mother Earth
Birds and butterflies
Rivers and mountains she creates
But you'll never know
The next move she'll make
You can try
But it is useless to ask why
Cannot control her
She goes her own way
She rules until the end of time
She gives and she takes
She rules until the end of time
She goes her own way
With every breath
And all the choices that we make
We are only passing through on her way
I find my strength
Believing that your soul lives on
Until the end of time
I'll carry it with me
Once you will know my dear
You don't have to fear
A new beginning always starts at the end
Until the end of time
She goes her own way

Author Shayna B. ( ago)

Author Onodera1980 ( ago)
7:40 - I think Ask is pronounced "Ash".

Author zephsright ( ago)
I've read interesting theories, which put forth that the prevalence of the trope of male children overthrowing their parents in mythology come from the transition of more egalitarian/matriarchal hunter gatherer societies transitioning to patriarchal agricultural societies.

Fertility/Mother goddess worship comprises some of the earliest religious art known (example: Venus of Willendorf etc) and implies a greater importance/power of women in these cultures. When transitioning to agricultural societies, men were able to gain greater power over women (the reasons why are up for debate, but it is hard to deny it happened) and the myths changed to reflect this greater importance of men over women in the eyes of those who now held more power (men).

So in the example of Greek myth, Gaea was probably the primary focus of mythological importance in hunter gatherer proto Greek society, but as they became agricultural, the addition of the overthrow myth refocused emphasis to Gaea's male offspring as the more important and head deity.

Author DtWolfwood ( ago)

If you read that as E.A. create humans, i'm just as horrified.

Author P.D. S ( ago)
Hecatoncheires sound like a primitive description for "Shoggoths".

Author makouras ( ago)
It's really fun for a native Greek speaker to try and make out which names you are saying. Most of them, while transliterated with the Latin alphabet, sound nothing like the originals.

Author Diego Shipmon ( ago)
I'm unfamiliar with ecetonkaries (or however you spell it) can someone tell me different names for them

Author Diego Shipmon ( ago)
Chronos and kronos were different right (sorry for spelling) in Wikipedia and all the versions of myths I've seen them as 2 different beings

Author Skittles Miao ( ago)

Author the team sniper 62 ( ago)
please make a crash course world history on apartheid

Author Rand Huso ( ago)

Author Yoel Ben David ( ago)
Hi crash course. I wanted to let you know that videos 2 and 3 of this series are not in the mythology playlist on the channel...

Author Camilo García ( ago)
Dear Crash Course: we watch game of thrones. We don't need "incest alerts". We need consistent and uninterrupted videos. Please stop anticipating any bad reaction to things that you did not created.

Author yeroptok ( ago)
We named our dog Theia. But no one can confirm a correct pronounciation. Anyone on here capable of helping?

Author The Adventures of Russell ( ago)
Are you going to do any Australian Aboriginal myths? The rainbow serpent is a very famous creation myth. I'd hate to see myths ignored from the oldest surviving culture on earth.

Author Edward Long ( ago)
Did you decide to say "Memory" instead of "Mnemosyne" because Mnemosyne is hard to say?

Author Gustavo Campos ( ago)
Odin, as in the killing of Ymir, still had his left eye.

Author Jaylynn Davis ( ago)
He ate them whole i mean

Author Jaylynn Davis ( ago)
He ate it whole

Author grizzlyb3ard ( ago)

Author J.P. ( ago)
Mike is the best host ever! Really pleasant to listen to his voice and funny too. What else could you wish for in a host?

Author Conner Fields ( ago)
Also, wasn't deity sacrifice the subject of a song in the Rigveda?

Author Conner Fields ( ago)
Will Crash Course, and PBS Idea Channel still be running if it is defunded? If so, will episodes come out slower or with lower production value (or be shorter)?

Author Pantherx ( ago)
*Do you*-want to-_learn how to do this?_

Author L. T C. ( ago)
Athena is a bit of a misunderstanding. Athena had a mother Metis and was born a baby to Metis but at that point Metis had been eaten by Zeus to present sucseion. So Athena was born and raised inside Zeus by Metis until she emerged from Zeus's head when she was Fully Formed but she wasn't self begotten.

Author thompson lily ( ago)
Hello, do you want to reach a larger audience like those with hearing disabilities, those who are not fluent in English language? You would need to subtitle your videos. I can subtitle your videos and produce a Srt file that is well synchronized with your video or even hard sub the video so that the subtitles would never leave especially for your facebook videos. You would be pleased with the job done. Come order at for your subtitles and you would be glad you did. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

Author RangerJackWalker ( ago)
That myth about Zeus' and how his father killed all his children is extremely similar to the myth of Krishna and his uncle Kansa. Presumably, you will talk about the Indo-european religion and the vast number of similarities between the religions that came forth from that, yes?

Author Hush Whisper ( ago)
Start at the beginning. God Created everything. I can prove it. Come see what I found on Google Earth. I found the whole story of creation made out of watermarks and they cover our entire planet, please everyone come see.

Author EmethMatthew ( ago)
Tell them dern kids to stay off my lawn!

Author Renato Grigoli ( ago)
Like for the Switch's Joy-con Grip =D

Author Pasquale Noce ( ago)
I take it back. This guy's voice isn't unbearable anymore. It is like an acquired taste. I like yhis mythology series.

Author Cúnla Morris ( ago)
can't concentrate. keep on looking at the statue behind you and hearing vaporwave

Author AthenaNguyen13 ( ago)
Lol, my name is Athena

Author Diggle Digloto ( ago)
then thor was born and he joined the avengers and help defeat ultron

Author Nate Ramos ( ago)
With all the incest spoken of in this video, the name Asgard has a whole new meaning for me now.

Author LilyFlower ( ago)
please make a video on the Missouri compromise

Author 21locusts ( ago)
Chronus VORED his CHILDREN AND a STONE BABY before de-throning his FATHER and FOUGHT a WAR! that's wild

Author Annika Dome ( ago)
I like everything but the fact that Odin was depicted as one-eyed in this episode. It wasn't until later that he lost his eye, when he exchanged it for wisdom at Mimir's Well.

Author Anders Öhlund ( ago)
Those Norse god name pronunciations doe :P

Author Wyllomy Greene ( ago)
Suggestion: put up a map on the background while you are speaking highlighting what part of the world the myth you're talking about is from. You jump from myth to myth and gods to gods alot, and sometimes I lose track and can't remember which pantheon you're talking about

Author Connor Woodside ( ago)
This series is proving be one of the most interesting yet! I never would have thought that learning about castrations would be this cool...

Author Potato Carrot ( ago)
As a Smite player I'm literally just fanboying right now

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