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Author Legit Bitxh (4 months)
Lmao who could have ever imagined. I love selena Gomez but Damn she looks
like she could be his older sister. lol that little man just needs a slap
or two and he'll be normal again. his brain went viral years ago now
there's no way back. too late

Author pretty mae (5 months)
Justin didn't even deserve selena's heart xc

Author Gaming With Summit^ (3 months)
this actually made me cry to see how it looked like he actually loved
selena ..and see how far hes gotten but he changed-.- smh

Author jarjarlove22 (2 months)
Thank god he outgrew selena a few inches

Author Nicki Minaj (1 month)
Justin. Is. Come from breaking up with Selena Gomez I think Selena Gomez is
in the new boyfriend a girlfriend that's black like because her eyes are
blue your fake name before that didn't your boyfriend I'm your biggest fan
I just mean you shouldn't be crying on stage that's to the song do not cry
for him be over with him again in your life you need it give me new
boyfriend get married have a good life have kids that's it you need just
moving on

Author Heidi Huttunen (6 days)
Five years ago watching this would made me jealous and angry.
Now it just feels embarrassing. God... :D

Author harini h (2 months)

Author Jordan Garrett (1 month)
He looks like he's 12

Author Talia Vazquez (2 months)
Aww he WAS cute. Now he is doing bad things

Author Imaan Agha (2 months)
Selena your my heart yaar love yah

Author Megan Phua (6 months)
Guys, honestly i think Justin deserves abit more Respect. Im not a Justin
fan, for sure but i know loads of other people doing wayy worse and yet
doesnt get much as hated on then Justin? Yea sure many "little" girls look
up to him and adore him and he should know that responsibility but the kid
has been in the industry for how long now? Since he was 13? 14? 15? I dont
know but i know he was definately infuanced or something but people dont
change for nothing, and he is trying to be better. Give him a chance and if
hes willing to take. Everyone makes LOADS of mistakes but who are we to
judge? Can we all atleast be alittle more decent to Justin? All you haters
are in the wrong too! He is human and have emotions too you know.

Author Dorothée Petitjean (11 days)
Trop mignon❤️

Author Nikola Petkovic (9 days)
and this guy needs to go to puberty, again

Author naruto le champion (16 days)

Author rani bieber (4 days)
love the both justin is the peerfect boy in all the worl then selena is the
perfect qween but dont think that selena eleget to justin they arent best
couple justin need another gf who elegent to him =))))

Author Lian Markerdt (2 months)
TrollwutTV fick dich😩

Author Vantrell Lewis (1 day)
Selena Gomez should had done better finding a much better guy

Author Ranita Devonr (3 months)
If u ppl dont like Justin Bieber than why da fuck r u watching dis???dis is
youtube watch somethin that amuses u! If not stfu!!!!

Author Mrs. Blanco (16 days)
Omg this video is so sweet.Always when i watch this video i cry.When they
hug each other in the end it's so romantic.They were so happy but Kendall
Jenner has ruin everything.I hate her but i love Selena.Jelena shipper till
the end.

Author Ai Binh Ho (2 months)
They love each love each other but Selena is 2 years older than JB

Author NarkTv (2 months)
Hey look a lesbian couple

Author Maya Hojeij (1 month)

Author Khalil Naeem (12 days)
I am a fucking hardass and this shit making me sad. the only girl for you
is saleena. Screw everyone else, you go get her back.

Author TruEdaBOY (3 months)
Playback is real

Author Anna Gasiaxx (21 day)
I used to be so in love with him this vid actually makes me cry.. he's so
annoying now shows just how much people can change

Author Samarah Guay (17 days)
i got a question is Justin older than Selena ?

Author Alexia As (1 month)
He's a kid

Author Silverand Moon (1 month)
Ow, fractured bones aren't nice 

Author stuart vaughan (14 days)
he looks 10 compared to that slut

Author Whispered Wings (4 days)
Aww, bless. This video is so precious :')--Nikki

Author Alice Young (16 days)
I know how it feels a boy to sing to you. My bf asked me to be his gf 4
months ago. He wrote a song and sang it to me everyone knew we like each
other,cause after school he would wait for me after class and our teachers
always were like......omg these 2 spend too much time together 

Author FantageLoverZareen Chowdhury (1 day)
Love, but Selena broke up when she was pregnant, dang 

Author Nines (2 months)
Happy 21 Justin ^_^ (Ps Ik that now is 04.03.)

Author Kenney Holmes (2 months)
I love you
Justin Bieber

Author juanmiguel planells (16 days)
Valla tío más gilipollas

Author Ülkü Somak (27 days)
Güzel söylüyomuş lan bi de sesi açıp dinlemeyi deneyeyim. 

Author Maya Hojeij (1 month)
People if you are watching this in 2015 then you should know how much has

Author Arlene Gutierrez (27 days)
why did he brake up with selena gomez

Author Yennis Tan (3 days)
what's name of this song?

Author Mario Simjanvski (1 month)
Justin beber is gay gaaàaaaaay!!!!Dont you know?!

Author Jessy Marisa (5 months)
JB was soo cute and cool,, and now he's changed alot.. Btw I WAS a fan,,.. 

Author Lucka Novotná (3 months)
Ten klip je hezkej i justin;)

Author Alhan Raizan Jazuli (2 days)
wow !!!

Author jennessa cardinal (2 months)
I do not think should be like that he should be with salena gomez beacause
sometimes I see him with niki minaj , miley cirus and a girl name yovana..

Author ladygo123 AJ (1 month)
Guys, look at one of his legs, he has a cast on it. He broke his leg, i

Author Brett Summers (2 months)
is he wearing a cast?

Author Mitzi Racine (1 month)
hes hot

Author liz90 (2 days)

Author Recaneno Cephas (17 days)
this is stuipid selena is ugly
i hate her she thinks she all this and that kk
im srry wat i said im just mad because he was singing to selena ok i just
got a little jealous srry

Author Zainab Alnasrawi (1 month)

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