Justin Bieber sings "One Less Lonely Girl" to Selena Gomez in NYC on New Year's Eve. He was all over her and I thought it was the cutest thing ever! Both stars have admitted to having crushes on each other and I think they'd make an adorable couple!! What do you think?
Credit goes to BieberFeverTV and aznbaybebe

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Author Pamela bernal ( ago)
Justin Biever you are so sweet😘💏💕

Author emmanuelohuonu ( ago)
compared to het

Author emmanuelohuonu ( ago)
he looks so young

Author Edrich Paula ( ago)

Author Elenna Frias ( ago)
cuantos años tiene justin y cuantos años tiene selena

Author Özlem Demir ( ago)
tmm askmm uyu. . Bu arada. . 😃 hangı, işten sonra konuşalım de, bir

Author Veronica mejia ( ago)
isla beautiful

Author Prinsess Sasha ( ago)
i love you

Author Prinsess Sasha ( ago)
i love you

Author lizzy najera Najera ( ago)
que mal q selena y justin no anden asen hermosa pareja ojal

Author Eliza Piotter ( ago)
justin bieber how could you do this to me i hate salena gomez.

Author Светла Кръпчева ( ago)

Author Desiree Valente (444 years ago)
👑👑👑👑👑👑mi prince👑👑👑👑

Author Nirmal Das ( ago)
what happened to justin in his leg

Author Edrich Paula (864 years ago)

Author Irene Perta ( ago)
justin bieber love you e selena gomez love you

Author Zoya Siddique ( ago)
shut up ariana perfect couple 😘😙😘😙

Author youtube andfilm ( ago)
نشان دادن فیلم

Author Wafaa Alyousef ( ago)
selena gomeZ I hate you

Author Miranda Sings ( ago)
*__OLD but GOLD__*

Author Miranda Sings ( ago)
OmG!!! I love how Selena hugged him like his little brother.

Author Macie Downs ( ago)
Look at him know

Author Justin Drew Bieber songs ( ago)
Who''ll watch This In February 2016?????

Author Kalyn Boholst ( ago)
This is my favorite video ever ..

Author Kalyn Boholst ( ago)
Justin is really handsome

Author Kk crookshanks ( ago)
'He was so short

Author Safata Fisher ( ago)
That's nice Justin

Author ‫تٌبْآإ گمہ إآنْآإ صٍـآگهہ‬‎ ( ago)

Author Gašper Mlakar ( ago)
this is so cute

Author Simplynatalie ( ago)
Omg Selena looks way older then him he's so tiny 😂 but they were so cute
😭 I miss them together ❤️

Author Brianna Marksberry ( ago)
best. ever

Author Beatriz Squarsati ( ago)

Author Beatriz Squarsati ( ago)
Q love you

Author MARC RBV ( ago)
bas. jst. kul. jch. dajn. krüstar. fan

Author Lyncoln Luis ( ago)
só pode ser viado pra deixar uma gata dessa escapar

Author Iqra Khalique ( ago)
Who is watching in 2016 🙌

Author Youssra Akram ( ago)
10 January

Author Youssra Akram ( ago)
ilove this song very much and ilove justin

Author Sephora wow Lopez ( ago)
I can see that broken leg

Author Leo Joseph ( ago)
they are cute

Author Jacob Johnson ( ago)
what happen to his leg

Author Martina fssd ( ago)
justin and Selena:-(

Author Anaya Walker ( ago)

Author Julia Sittler ( ago)
This is the best song ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Exine Dion “XxMarkTheLegendxX” turno ( ago)
whats year its this concert

Author ChocolateGaming ( ago)
new year 2010

Author Brianna Collins ( ago)

Author Brianna Collins ( ago)

Author hakima begum ( ago)

Author Nour Almuhanna ( ago)
Justin with his mom hhhhhh 😄😄😄

Author Marta Jelena selenator,belieber, ( ago)
after all the drama,i'm still here as a Jelenator
and i'll never give up,we still have all this Jelena drama,but at the end
of the day they know they love each other and that they'll never will find
a true love like this and there will come a day,where Justin and Selena
will be back,marry,have kids and Jelenators will be the ones crying from
happiness, and smiling remembering all the cries and drama we got
through,Jelenators can do this,true love can do anything,GOD can do
anything,just stay strong and laugh about the drama and rumors,don't ever
lose your hope and faith,WE WILL WIN

Author Eva Jimenez ( ago)
Hola justin biber que bonito cantaste con selena Gómez

Author Vanessa Wheatley (144 years ago)
He is, the same age as her in this video 

Author Nicola Rossi ( ago)
Dik dik testo e canzoni

Author Dhea Imaniar Herlina ( ago)
miss old justin:( miss justin&selena:(

Author Kamille Almeida ( ago)
ai que lindos DEUS MEU 😍😍😍😍😍

Author Furman Doyle ( ago)

Author Furman Doyle ( ago)

Author sanjay mehra (767 years ago)
same selena looks 25 Justin looks 16 he is so very young ....

Author sanjay mehra (774 years ago)
same selena looks 25 Justin looks 16 he is so very young

Author sanjay mehra (780 years ago)
same selena looks 25 Justin looks 16 he is so very young 😕😡

Author sanjay mehra (787 years ago)
same selena looks 25 Justin looks 16 he is so very young 😕😡

Author Snegana Fionova ( ago)

Author Snegana Fionova ( ago)

Author Snegana Fionova ( ago)

Author Puteri Emeelie ( ago)
Cmon guys...Justin is only a year younger than Selena..
Selena didnt judge Justin on the outside,she judge Justin on the inside.
I believe Justin was really kindhearted and sweet those days.

Author Raul Luevano ( ago)
awwwwwww, someone's winnie winnie is rising isn't it justin

Author Raul Luevano ( ago)
awwwwwww, someone's winnie winnie is rising isn't justin

Author Raul Luevano ( ago)
damn 43 million americans are pretty fucked out

Author Santana Koehler ( ago)
they look like they should date

Author Angy Bensch ( ago)
einfach geil seine Lieder

Author Jennie B. ( ago)
2016 here

Author GymBug ( ago)
What happend to your foot

Author Sandra Busliuc ( ago)
va stat bine inpreuna♡♥♥♥♥♥♥

Author robert perez ( ago)
why do you have a cast on ur leg what happened? ?????😂😂

Author Molly Kraus ( ago)
And that's how Jelena started

Author Умар Ч ( ago)
Джастин лохххххххх

Author Justin Bieber ( ago)
Yo selena! if ur hearing this i just want to let u know im sorry babe
please come back to me! im a changed man and ill make it up to u so please
just come back! i miss u!

Author Mily Tube ( ago)
alguém assintindo em 2016 ?

Author baby lovemandou ( ago)
léana jestin biber iloviu

Author Craig'sCorner ( ago)
justin bieber u r the best male singer eva.......

Author Alex Herrera ( ago)
I LOVE YOU justin beber don't give up

Author Nicole Noronha ( ago)
Sinto saudade deles 😞💔

Author Matilde Palumbo ( ago)

Author josiane fagundes ( ago)
lindo ❤❤

Author Rylee Reynolds ( ago)
😭😭😭 I miss them being together

Author Andreia Filipa ( ago)
if they did this again i would bawl my eyes out

Author Brooke Lugo ( ago)
i loved justin bieber first
i have a crush on justin bieber

Author Raissa Candida ( ago)

Author Yazlene Lopez ( ago)

Author xMasterSLOx ( ago)
Who's watching this in JANUAR? SUBSCIRBE ME!!!

Author Marshay Wade (1656 years ago)
Justin looks In here like14 and selena gomez 16

Author Jhennifer da Costa Melo ( ago)

Author Maricel Lomeda (1163 years ago)

Author Maricel Lomeda (1166 years ago)

Author antonella mangano ( ago)
jelena forever

Author Magaly quiroz mejia ( ago)
owwwwww beatifull

Author Keisi87654321 Gonzanzalez ( ago)
Good Justin Bieber🎶

Author dani briones (987 years ago)
odió a. selena. Gomes

Author Juj 2003 ( ago)
Anyone watching in 2016?

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