Justin Bieber sings "One Less Lonely Girl" to Selena Gomez in NYC on New Year's Eve. He was all over her and I thought it was the cutest thing ever! Both stars have admitted to having crushes on each other and I think they'd make an adorable couple!! What do you think?
Credit goes to BieberFeverTV and aznbaybebe

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Author Ashlynn Caput ( ago)
Selena: He's like my little brother
5 months later
Making out & PDAing
now thats just creepy ._.

Author Mimi Madridista ( ago)
imagine what selena feels if she is watching this

Author abie cena ( ago)
justin bieber so cool

Author Greg Snack ( ago)

Author bearbear aj ( ago)
selena looks to old for him lol

Author Martin Geci ( ago)
oh so cute and budiful

Author Vanesa 01 ( ago)
Hes so little :D

Author Michelle Gomez ( ago)
Medas asco Justin biber

Author Yousef Qurban ( ago)

Author Lulu Marliza ( ago)

Author Yousef Qurban ( ago)

Author ‫بنوتة كيوت‬‎ ( ago)
نايس كتير حلوة سلينا جومبيز

Author Pushpak Nikose (packy) ( ago)
selena gomez hairstyle look identical to taylor's hairstyle..... LOL

Author ‫أرما شروف‬‎ ( ago)
حلوه كانت الحفله بس سلينا فسديتها

Author ‫أرما شروف‬‎ ( ago)
احضرت هالحفله

Author Purity Wanzela ( ago)

Author Purity Wanzela ( ago)
dam u Justine

Author Purity Wanzela ( ago)
dam u justine

Author Vivian Monserrat Duarte ( ago)
love in life♥

Author Vivian Monserrat Duarte ( ago)
love in life♥

Author Roxana Elso ( ago)
que lindo

Author donavan buchanon ( ago)
he is so gay how did she date that monster

Author The Legend (【ツ】) ( ago)
justin bieber is a little son of the b*tch

Author Youngwolf ( ago)
What did u do to her Justin puberty screwed u up bad

Author BIEBER LOVER JUSTIN (988 years ago)

Author Brichuu Tovar ( ago)
hacen linda pareja Selena Gomez y Justin Biber :)

Author Brichuu Tovar ( ago)
hacen linda pareja Selena Gomez y Justin Biber :)

Author Brichuu Tovar ( ago)
hacen linda pareja

Author 박경민 ( ago)
와 잘부른다 good

Author Jamie Calvert ( ago)
did Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber get back together

Author Jamie Calvert ( ago)
I hate Justin needed to be able to get a girl friend

Author Ana dOran ( ago)

Author Amani Khan ( ago)
He looks about 13 here and her 19😂😂😂😂

Author Jawan Kamel ( ago)
Guys pleas love justin bieber we are in 2105 and you still not loving
justin he is a nice boy😊😊😊😊the girls love justin lot of girls love
justin bieber and little boys l9ve justin bieber way stop loving taylor
swift and shakira and ariana and and nicky and avril the girl of rock n

Author Fatma SMİLER ( ago)
5 yıl içinde bu kadar değişim normal değil :(

Author Clareth David ( ago)
Wow song

Author Shamya Hopkins (875 years ago)
Y he got that white thing on his foot ik its not broke or nun cuss he showl
is walking on it

Author foodi jasmine ( ago)
This makes me cry

Author dawid szewczyk ( ago)
syrena glomes

Author Chivuo Kape ( ago)
Justin voice is like a girl so i guess he is born wit wrong sex

Author Kiara Schep ( ago)
i love you justin biber

Author Aline. Sonhar nunca desistir. ( ago)
Vc é muito feio.
Eu ñ gosto de vc.

Author Mỹ Đinh (921 year ago)
He sings really good

Author Paytons World ( ago)
So cute

Author AngelinaMcQueenVEVO ( ago)
What a Cute Lesbian they are! :)

Author James Manalu ( ago)

Author My life is hockey ( ago)
How can he act hot when he's got a gray fat thing on his leg

Author Mahedi Bhuiyan ( ago)
#JUSTIN was so small for #Selena back then n today still!!!

Author Manu Roa ( ago)
no entiendo q carajo dicen

Author KrisIsWeird ( ago)
i really hope those people are pretending to dance and love the music...

Author Noelia ( ago)
omg justin bieber singing to selena

Author Alejandra Velez ( ago)
Que justin no te da pena eres
Un idiooooo\ que ya tienes
!a otra!!!!!!👹

Author Nikkesha Deans ( ago)
This song inspires me a lot

Author Jacky Phantom ( ago)

Author martha caba sanchez (131 year ago)

Author Noah Jann ( ago)

Author Jayla G ( ago)
Im literally crying 

Author Jayla G ( ago)
Why did Justin have to change so much I loved him when he was nice

Author Aymen Tazout ( ago)
Number 1 why is she dating him he is so gay number 2 he is ugly has fuck
that is why his last name is Bieber Cause he is one number 3 Not best song
last but not least Jusitn no one likes you be gay somewhere else you mother

Author Dayane Bridgeet ( ago)
Selena is fake af 

Author Jill Stanghellini ( ago)
He sound like a kid or a almost dead bird

Author Incredible Ducky ( ago)
hey these two can get married in the U.S. now!

Author Dan The Man ( ago)
madison Carlton i agree

Author bryanna tierney ( ago)
poor justin and his broken leg

Author aml bieber ( ago)
You both look cute

Author Rossillin Patrick ( ago)

Author ALexis mn Coeur ( ago)

Author Warda Elzoghbi (82 years ago)
Love you 💜💞💔💕💖💗💝💋💋

Author jacob garland ( ago)
i got beiver feiber

Author So Eun ( ago)
I actually loved when they had the bro-sis type relationship

Author So Eun ( ago)
she's his first love that's why he can't move on

Author Lochana Edara (1088 years ago)
justin bieber I just mad after you

Author Jarod S ( ago)
Hahahaah so auto tuned

Author Messrage Babo ( ago)
Nic music love it

Author Ciel Phantomhive (1928 years ago)
Okay, I'm saying it..

I choose 1D over JB any day.. YUCK.

Author Kiana Cintron ( ago)
Why can't Justin wouldn't stay like this?!

Author TheYoungGamers ( ago)
I wish i was JB

Author SEBLON HANYIKA ( ago)
Best one less loney girl cover ever,search Rafael-One less loney girl

Author Ahlaam Saleh ( ago)

Author Jackylen Biong ( ago)
I dont like selena.. She need someone to take away the pain.. And move

Author lukasz nakielski ( ago)

Author Claudiney kung fu ( ago)
Eu amor vcs dois

Author Alex7 ( ago)

Author carlos garcia ( ago)
it was justin bieber who fucked up selena gomez's life you dumbasses
and justin bieber fucked up his own life

Author Mateha TEURURAI ( ago)

Author Cindy Palmer ( ago)
Hbo fiee

Author Cindy Palmer ( ago)
Cindy sue palmer fieemovies

Author Cindy Palmer ( ago)
Cindy sue palmer fieemovies

Author Leticia Bug ( ago)
so cute

Author Madison Carlton ( ago)
Imagine Selena watching this and she would be crying and eating ice cream.

Author dylyn dumalag ( ago)
i envy selena when it comes to justin :-(

Author dylyn dumalag ( ago)
its been a long time since i started watching this..

Author Sara Valentina Solaque Arango ( ago)
Odio que Justin BieBer le cante a selena gomes 

Author Даша Зуева ( ago)
И эта милая пара к сожалению разошлась. Я расплакалась. Джастин мог бы
постоять за Селену и избить его фанаток которые били Селену. Мне грустно. Я
плачу. Джастин ты как сыкло. Постоял бы за неё.

Author juliana vargas jaramillo ( ago)
justin bieber es una mierda la verdad sin ofender pero enserio no me gusta
para nada pefiero ver a shinne o a teep top esos grupos son mucho mejor que

Author milliey drew gold ( ago)
This is wrong cuz i saw it on tv she got booed 

Author Drake The Type of Nighh ( ago)
I went from watching zombie Vs Aliens and How to become a unicorn to
watching Justin bieber and Selena Gomez :/

Author Mohammed Olsen ( ago)
this actually made me cry to see how it looked like to fall in love with
Selena Gomez
bc she is hot

Author zannatun nargis ( ago)
I fucken hate Selena Gomez she is so much over acting every time she
actually doesn't deserve Justin bieber because he deserves a better
girlfriend and anyways selena will be jealous of Justin having a new

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