Justin Bieber sings "One Less Lonely Girl" to Selena Gomez in NYC on New Year's Eve. He was all over her and I thought it was the cutest thing ever! Both stars have admitted to having crushes on each other and I think they'd make an adorable couple!! What do you think?
Credit goes to BieberFeverTV and aznbaybebe

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SORRY FOR THE POOR QUALITY my twitter @avonsinspire or @tropical_vibez


Author Hao Luong (1 month)
Justin Bieber is a nobody

Author killer999aable (1 month)

Author Kitty Katty (19 days)
BOOO not your video but to Justin Bieber BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He sucks he got arrested, drinks and smokes, gets drunk, doesn't care how
his life is gonna end up like and he thinks a "pitiful" song will make his
fans "ADORE" him again!!! Come on people!! We're not STEWPAD!!!!!!!!!!

Author Eamon Hyatt (1 month)
guys, maybe Justin deserves a little bit more respect than he's being
given. He sang on stage with a hurt leg, for a girl he really likes

Author sealife22 (15 days)
Please just get back together ... Such a cute couple. Two good ppl at

Author ingeem (16 days)
Damn things changed so much ..

Author selena gomez (1 month)

Author Natasha Nicole (4 months)
My feellsssss 😫😫😫 this makes me so sad

Author Earth Asylum (5 months)
One less lonely Nigger!

Author Victoria Pons (1 month)

Author FakeCake (2 months)
TROLLWUT!!!! -.-

Author Evil Idiot (2 months)
i dont like justin biebrr but im sad now this song is sad-cries-oh
man-cries-its sad

Author Samantha Santos (1 day)
He's so hot he's coming to my sweet 16 with Selena Gomez and I can not wait
for it

Author Lina SA (8 days)

Author Teamfourdylan1 (2 months)
Awww so cute.....

Author Duda Soares (3 days)
so cute

Author angie rambacckas (8 days)
Haters make me famous 

Author Mah Noor (11 days)
Selena is taller Justin is a midget

Author Natalie Ruiz (7 days)
Love ittt

Author Rylie Jade (13 days)
U are kitty katty

Author Neika Sylvain (4 days)
Love it

Author Edith Jacobo (5 days)
This is so cuteeee!!! I'm crying 😢😔

Author Amir Jasni (3 months)
You should not hate him. He and we are humans.Humans were not perfect .

Author Megan Phua (18 days)
Guys, honestly i think Justin deserves abit more Respect. Im not a Justin
fan, for sure but i know loads of other people doing wayy worse and yet
doesnt get much as hated on then Justin? Yea sure many "little" girls look
up to him and adore him and he should know that responsibility but the kid
has been in the industry for how long now? Since he was 13? 14? 15? I dont
know but i know he was definately infuanced or something but people dont
change for nothing, and he is trying to be better. Give him a chance and if
hes willing to take. Everyone makes LOADS of mistakes but who are we to
judge? Can we all atleast be alittle more decent to Justin? All you haters
are in the wrong too! He is human and have emotions too you know.

Author GorgeousNightmare (6 months)
you guys do see that he's lip-synching, right?

Author deea Andreea (15 days)

Author MAAMEEMAAA (15 days)
aww when he was good and innocent that's sad bad company really change ppl

Author katy lui (11 days)
i think some of u guys hate selena cuz u guys r jealous of her 

Author Alexsander1080 (22 days)
Fuckingg gay

Author rochelle hampton (15 days)
He can do better that b****is a thot he mine

Author Matsumoto Ringiku (17 days)

Author America Beltran Burgos (24 days)
Ii love you justin biber in selena Gomes bich 

Author dalos HD (23 days)

Author SmartCrafting (23 days)
This feels so awkward seeing this in 2014😶

Author Evalyn Watson (3 months)
GO SELENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Ryan Phoenix (3 months)
this guy is retarded -_-

Author mustafa ed (27 days)
I llllllllllllak

Author Juliana Rios (29 days)
Shas i love you and selena y justin jelena i love jelena shas i love OMG
OMG shaass

Author Isnideka Novisetra (28 days)
oh when they were friends :')

Author angie rambacckas (8 days)
Hes cute and hes mine i love him

Author espanol599 (1 month)
omg i remeber this lolll

Author Tom Maxwell (1 month)
the guy used to pull the girls

Author Khadijah Atiku (1 month)
Sweetest preformance EVER!

Author Ain balqis Abd aziz (1 month)
ohhhhh so sweet

Author fredes hernandez (1 month)
Justin Bieber I love you I am one of you're biges fan

Author Maria Dimidova (1 month)
I like it ^^ <3

Author Molakapalli Eswarchowdary (1 month)
very cute song 

Author Haniye Mk (2 months)

Author Emily Simone (2 months)
well.... they are dating again .... after breaking up like 20 something
times :P

Author Ληδα selenator (2 months)
So cute <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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