Justin Bieber sings "One Less Lonely Girl" to Selena Gomez in NYC on New Year's Eve. He was all over her and I thought it was the cutest thing ever! Both stars have admitted to having crushes on each other and I think they'd make an adorable couple!! What do you think?
Credit goes to BieberFeverTV and aznbaybebe

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Author Natasha N (10 days)
My feellsssss 😫😫😫 this makes me so sad

Author Janrey T. (5 months)
Bring back the old Bieber !

Author Lemon Gill (8 months)
Gay as voice. Hope he dies

Author M carmen toapanta (4 months)
I miss the old jb :'(

Author Earth Asylum (1 month)
One less lonely Nigger!

Author kiyomi133 (3 months)
Back when he wasn't a douchebag

Author Naomi Bieber (2 months)
:,,,,( Justin :,,,,,( <3

Author EmoBabe19luvsBVB (1 month)
you guys do see that he's lip-synching, right?

Author Kiana Alisha (17 days)
I love his songs. I hate his personality he went to jail.

Author JB Anka (3 months)
Jelena <3

Author Whee Jones (1 month)
Back when Selena couldn't dance

Author Jayse Delena (4 months)
Why come here if u dont like them-.- pathetic people:|

Author itschoechoe (2 months)
time goes by.. way.. too.. fast.

Author Alie timberlake (6 months)
I love the old justin.

Author Ruchi b (7 months)
gay ass pile of shit beaver

Author Juliette Awk (2 months)
people have been using bieber for growing selenas fame what douchebags even
adults cuz they love sel

Author Nanthini Cwit (1 month)
bieber plz be back.......plz

Author Victoria Justice (6 months)
Aww love birds

Author Shaina Rivera (6 months)
N jelena started from there

Author Spencer Steele (8 months)
he was so cute here lol, performing with a messed up leg. He used to be so
bummed when he couldn't perform because the kids wouldn't be able to hear
him. Now he has people sign a 3 million dollar contract to not tweet about
the parties he throws lol

Author Jayse Delena (4 months)
4:00 aww so cute :(miss the old times ♥️

Author Hema Bhalla (4 months)
I hate selena jb leave her and plz be this jb again love u

Author Pili Ledesma (4 months)
my favorite couple ♥ - Jelena 

Author alyssia whitton (3 months)
jb so amazing

Author Angela Coric (4 months)

Author Martuu Gomezz (6 months)
It's 2014 and i still watching this.

Author Raeleah Slone (4 months)
Well, she DOSE NOT love him? She went out in front of millons of people who
hated her for him. Okay what ever

Author Angelina Brill (4 months)
I want the new Justin

Author danait muruts (8 months)

Author Jamie Derhammer (6 months)
This. video. is. Awesome. I. Think. its. Really. kind. Of. Justin.

Author Shaneska Gonzalez (2 months)
lemon gil shut the fuck up

Author Nico Idoscope (2 days)
I'd prefer to sing to a dead tree than watch this crap.

Author Sean Tran (5 days)
this is horrible singing

Author Karienne Rios (3 days)
Aww the good old days. I wish they came back to the present. And plus the
last time i hears this song was when I was watching a clip from his latest
movie (forgot the name), and he was talking about Avalana and this was the
last song he sung to her. Awww now im crying. #RIPAvalana 

Author storm Earthwindfire (9 days)
i want the old justin bieber now he just makes me sick wht the heck!

Author Memecat203 (15 days)
hes not good

Author Chloe Payne (16 days)

Author Antonio Caneda (13 days)
Oh yeah I'm a girl but I'm in my brothers acount

Author White Tigers (7 months)
justin bieber sounds like a a cat scratching a chalk board 

Author Oleg Mantanski (1 month)
I like the dislikes c:

Author Tereza Burdová (5 months)
so,so,so,so sweet

Author NintendoGamer ShawnFrost (4 months)

Author Jose Luis Messina (18 days)
maria .........esmio llastin

Author Scape and Robler Gaming (1 month)
that end though

Author trha2222 (3 months)
Music is now officially dead.

Author cristian LOPEZ (4 months)
I loveet

Author We are One :Lydia Yang (7 months)
He has a cast on his leg!

Author MusicalTheatreButterfly (1 month)
Wish he was still like this.. He used to be a good guy and good boyfriend..

Author chelsea austin (27 days)
Good choese

Author the perfectionist (1 month)
one less lonely gay lieber

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