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Author guaea (4 years)
มวยจีนป่ะเนี่ย มีหมัดงู หมัดเสือ

Author tduong24 (5 years)
@acherouchi123 It's black. However, black belt in Vovinam is equivalent to
green belt in Karate or TKD. Vovinam Yellow Belt is equivalent to Brown,
First and Second Dans (black), while its Red belt is consider high black (4
degree and up) of Karate or TKD.

Author kenvin376 (3 years)
luyện quyền thế này đánh đấm gì, đi quyền ko có chút tí lực, cũng k chắc
quyền, thân pháp ẻo lả như đàn bà

Author AsianxSprit1 (3 years)
My friends say There is no Xa Form. :O?

Author antonietta1995 (6 years)
nice video!

Author Dung Phanduy (3 years)
Ban la nguoi luyen vo? Mot bai quyen dep bao gio cung co than phap dep. uy
luc phat ra tu nhung diem dung va su lien hoan cua tan phap. Bai bieu dien
nay co ve nguoi bieu dien chua thanh thao va cu cho la ho dang "giau nghe"!?

Author blockmasterscott (3 years)
It's so nice so see a snake form with applications. Far too many have gone
the way of modern wushu.

Author Phuc Duong (5 years)
may anh oi, sao em xem may caj video clip qua vovinam sao may thay khi cac
anh danh quyen hinh nhu la ko co sai suc thi phai????

Author zero061192 (4 years)
Nice form and performance... Just 1 thing... His eye and his attention
should not be too much focused on HIS OWN MOVEMENTS. In every type of
martial art this should not be done... I only know one exception:
baguazhang, lian fa (PRACTICING method, but usually means very simple
actions to develop power)... Where people look at their own hand to
redirect "qi". In the video, obviously it;s a complete form, so
practitioner should focus on the "imaginative opponent".

Author Nguyen Tung Ho (3 years)
@kenvin376 Daỵ la Xa Quyen ̣tuc la vo Ran - khong Phai la Ho quyen ma can
manh̀ me - Nhu khac cuong -> ban chua bao gio nghe noi sao. Ban thay hinh
anh con Ran nhu the nao ma cho rang eo la nhu dan ba

Author DPbruh (6 years)
Wow black belt in vovinam 2!

Author quanarius (4 years)
Vovinam is kool by itself, but for Vovinam to "beat" other martial arts,
Vnmese ppl need to have more physical training and better nutrition,
because no matter how good ur techniques are, in a real fght, strength,
speed, and durability is more important.

Author Mi Horrorshow (4 years)
i guess it's ok. not enough charisma tho

Author Thinh Nt (3 years)
đm đéo hiểu bọn lên trên này có tài cán gì mà thấy ai cũng chê chúng mày
nhìn thấy con rắn bao giờ chưa bình thường nó nhẹ nhàng mềm mại thế đến lúc
nó đớp thật thì đố bố chúng mày tránh được. mà có biết rắn là 1 trong những
loài có hệ cơ khỏe nhất không ngu còn tỏ ra nguy hiểm

Author tigrebrasileiro (6 years)
very god!

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