Reading my DNA results!

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Legal MMJ patient under prop 215 in California.

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Author abby iglesias ( ago)
lmaooo when you kept zooming in on your face i could not stop laughing so funny

Author Sofia de Membiela ( ago)
eyy española!!! Pasate por aqui cuando quieras!!! JAJAJAJAJ saludos desde españa!!!

Author - waveey . ( ago)
Where did you get your phone case from? I've been searching for it for a long time 😫💓

Author Nina La Bella ( ago)
You're pretty but you don't look anything like "Nicki Minaj" cool video

Author Kikiraa ( ago)
Can anyone tell me what company she is testing her DNA with? Or product/test, I'm looking to find the same.

Author Caroline Pasillas ( ago)
"Is that my dad" 😂😂😂

Author Princess Kyla ( ago)
you so look like selena oml

Author Cruz Den ( ago)
omg the same thing happens with my hands during the winter. whenever i wash them they start to burn no matter how much i moisturize ):

Author Flakka Kahnapace ( ago)
Sameee when I smoke 😂💀 but I'm Native American I'm scared of my kokum! 💀😫😫

Author Im Trying ( ago)
How old is she?

Author Jacky Drizzy ( ago)
"I can't even speak Spanish or English fluently" Same lulu😂

Author Jacky Drizzy ( ago)
recycling the weed😂😂

Author Mech Cfgh ( ago)
Omg 😂 "what time do my parents come home" sees random car "is that my dad" 😂❤

Author Gabby De La Rosa ( ago)
girl u look like Chiquis Rivera !! 😂 you so pretty tho 😻😻

Author Brittany Deschamps ( ago)
now that you said something I can see you looking native American

Author Yolanda Romero ( ago)
wow.what a transformation with all that make-up.I would Never be able to recognize her in

Author Melissa mm ( ago)
r u choppin on ur cousins LOLLL

Author Maricela Cantu ( ago)
Girl, I got the same thing as you but of course different percentages like you mentions which is dope.

Author Dene Couture ( ago)
I KNEW U WERE NATIVE!!! what kinda native tho cuz they really range...

Author Nia Stilwell ( ago)
Definitely look like Selena ma 💕

Author CharmedAudri ( ago)
what lipstick are you wearing? it's hot as hell

Author CharmedAudri ( ago)
i don't do drugs but i feel i need some weed. lucky bitch.

Author HeyItsB ( ago)

Author HeyItsB ( ago)
"ilook like the pregnant kim kardashian" 😂😂😂😂😂💀 omgg and that Selena picture dude only YouTuber I can't skip through wtf I love you lol

Author Alondra Minor ( ago)
@sheslulu why don't you try doing sativas during the day, you won't look as high. Also a travel vape is your friend, the smoke won't linger as long for your family to smell. I'm Mexican - Canadian but my family is more Canadian than anything so everyone is a stoner from my parents to my husband. Love your video and I'm interested in getting my DNA test done too. Expensive though eh
Xoxo from Toronto

Author Chelssology ( ago)
Lmaooooo I love your videos. I found you when I stopped smoking weed for a year, so now that I'm smoking again I appreciate you so much more

Author Marissa Lynda ( ago)
Omfg i feel the same way about smoking. I have parents who are so strict and i would get so paranoid smoking and i stopped smoking for a while now. I definitely have a lot of clarity back. But i do miss smoking with my bff. (She moved) and i dont really like smoking alone

Author Bubble Gum ( ago)
Hahaha officially my favourite YouTuber *begins video* *lights bong*

Author Liliana Flores ( ago)
you can get scholarships for being 1/3 or a ౩rd native American I can't remember tbh

Author Giselle Arellano ( ago)
I'm mexican, I live with my parents and I smoke weed every fucking day 😂

Author Destini Tattiana ( ago)
"is that my dad" 😂😂😂

Author Daisy Badakshi ( ago)
I understand wat she's saying bout her parents my mom be like " ya tienes la cara de pendeja" lol my grandma is the most dramatic one she be like "Ima call the cops on y'all why y'all smoking drugs in my house that's the devil shit" we don't even smoke inside da house we be outside lol

Author Karina Martinez ( ago)
bitch I stg you're my prima, there's no way around it

Author zero zero ( ago)
You look nothing like Kim K lmfqo

Author CeeJay AK ( ago)
Yassss to Pacific Islander ... I'll be your cousin 😂😂😂

Author Briana Otero ( ago)
makeup tutorial?!!!

Author Asiya Iammuah ( ago)
Watching this as I hotbox under the blanket 😂

Author Aysia ( ago)
your intro is my favorite thing in the world

Author Jason Apodaca ( ago)
fucking ghetto, using a match to light a bowl.

Author Pearl B ( ago)
Your nails ?!!!!! What are they !!!

Author Geniza ValerioIsabeles ( ago)
"Is that my dad" 😂

Author jeniffer castillo ( ago)
I feel you girl I feel you even when you grown you still have to hide from my parents 😂

Author Ayanna .c ( ago)
Omg does anyone know lulus intro song ???

Author Citrine F ( ago)
Dont you smell like weed?

Author Mahfuz Ahmed ( ago)
youre ugly

Author Sim Sala Bim ( ago)
Burger King? I heard it's good again! :-P

Author HeyitsBiancaa ( ago)
You do look like Selena quintenilla wtf

Author Amber Goree ( ago)
Same af, hard living at home with black parents, wanting to smoke and not being able to NOR make my edibles when I want to. That's why I plan on getting out the house in August with roomies 😒👌

Author bootychain smith ( ago)
bitch did u clear that bowl even

Author Veronica Tiller-MacDonald ( ago)

Author LIA ( ago)
lmaoo when u said thalia i was like yessssssss , mostly because that's my government name hah

Author BRuggPatt ( ago)
And she's the mother!

Author CuteCupquakeBeauty ( ago)
You look like Selena af 💕😂

Author Blackisthenewxblack ( ago)
honestly all hispanics got black in them

Author War Paint ( ago)
I love how she doesn't have a lighter but she has matches 😂😩

Author stealth boyz ( ago)
Plssss link me that vine clip😂😂

Author Heather Wakefield ( ago)
Bruh your editing is so fucking funny ily

Author Heather Wakefield ( ago)
I get fucking MILEY CYRUS everyday 🙄

Author Noura ( ago)
What'a the song name in the intro?

Author Marisol Galvan ( ago)
How did she make that intro !!???????

Author Mariah Delapenia ( ago)
She cracks me up 💀😂

Author Randomqtman ( ago)
like move the fuck out. you're an adult. idiot.

Author Randomqtman ( ago)
this video is every every every every every video of hers. omg my parents. omg. I smoke weed. omg I still live with them. and they hate it. omgomg

Author Melissa Evelyn ( ago)
"I feel like I'm on tinder" 😂😂😂

Author Jetfuell Ogg ( ago)
what website did u get the dna test from ?

Author Sandy Kara ( ago)
YES girl u got some Greek in u fuck it upp

Author Xitlaly Garcia ( ago)
Hey you do look like all those artists you mention. That's funny

Author Ana Fúlia ( ago)
I'm Brazilian and Portuguese (Now that I live here PT). But my family Brazilian/ Cape Verdian/ Italian/ Portuguese/ Tribes. America don't have one only race

Author Ariastyles ( ago)
girl your video doesnt have sound!

Author Tabby Lynn ( ago)

Author Claire Brimley ( ago)
why do i love watching you smoke

Author Crystal Kelela ( ago)
Can you make videos weed related. Like rolling a blunt, smoking, and telling stories lol ❤

Author //kass//aesthetic soundd ( ago)
I love you bitch 😍😍😍

Author Kelsey Stringer ( ago)
So what happens when you're parents see your videos getting high? 😬

Author Ariana Anderson ( ago)
I loveeeee watching your videos and smoking w/ you

Author Macleata Kirkwood ( ago)
you may be my cousin try to look me up

Author E liza ( ago)
that intro, just so gooood

Author Beyond Berlin ( ago)
Ooohh girl I have Iberian peninsula too

Author Beyond Berlin ( ago)
Omg I got it done too and it took forever. I have a shit ton of cousins too and I thought I had no family haha I was shocked I'm spanish

Author Beyond Berlin ( ago)
She said omg so dramatic haha the matches

Author Alba G ( ago)
1:31 so tru tho

Author misstomboys ( ago)
I love how you said etalian lmfaoo I love you girl

Author INDEEYA ( ago)
I need more internet make up obsessed friends cuz we lit

Author Dea Georgieva ( ago)
Don't your parents know about your account? Like if they do how they still don't know you are smoking?? 🤔🙄

Author Moon ( ago)
what website did you use ?

Author Sway Winter ( ago)

Author Alida Bug ( ago)
this is why people who complain about "immigrants" specifically from S. America, are frickin ignorant pricks. #NativeAndProud

Author SparklyGlitterr ( ago)
42% Native American u know you get a lot of good benifits even if ur like 2 % native. Tribes take away adopted children when they find even if 2 % Native American blood in them to set the child up with a native american family. you might want to go look deep into that to see what kind of good can come out of this information for u. I think u might get government money or free education depending the law where u live.

Author Lizbeth Gomez ( ago)
Dude I love your intro!!

Author mariabear ( ago)
when i saw European jew 4% i got so excited WE MIGHT BE RELATED

Author stephanie carrillo ( ago)
"my makeup is expired" 😂

Author Julissa Ocampo ( ago)
a lot mexicans are indigenous. just saying. I haven't even watched the full video so don't start talking shit.

Author Digser Abreu ( ago)
I bout it on black friday too lol

Author Brittany ( ago)
tbh i dont give a fuck about her dna results. but im still watching this shit that says alot LOL

Author voornaam achternaam ( ago)
bro dont she do any videos anymore wtf?

Author Destiny Reyes ( ago)
Lulu wya????!!!! I love ur weird ass 😘😘😘😘

Author Erin M ( ago)
Bih where you at?!

Author jadielynn16 ( ago)

Author Jubee Tobbe ( ago)
This girl is a loser yo!

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