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Author sukuvar (6 months)
very bad to see her pics like that...

Author drsadia23 (1 year)
I was bitterly disappointed to see how cheap Dr Shaista could be. I really
appreciated her but when I came to know she left her husband and daughter
only to gain cheap popularity, she lost all her respect. She pretends to be
a scholar while speaking but forgets that she appears foolish especially
when she quoted her 7 years old daughter saying she would like to have love
marriage. It is too much. Such cheap anchorpersons must be ostracized.

Author Falak Shair Shaikh Khudadad (1 year)
Dono thakky huwy hy

Author MrMetalhamer1 (1 year)
shaista ka husband jesa bhi hai , iski chutt daily marta tha , dono sorakh
khol deye hain.

Author SDSen (5 years)
That's what the country has been reduced to ...superficial to the core
..disliking someone because of their looks? ..How pathetic and what a cheap
low level mentality the western influence has seeped in full time
..Religion down the gutter - That man may be the most handsome in her eyes
...and thats what counts..

Author ViMiK (5 years)
oye yeh CHAMPOO kon hai ? 0_o

Author isabella marie (2 years)
look at her husband yaar

Author RAJAHFAHAD (2 years)
it means she is lesbian and got pissed in the end

Author Rajistani Heart (1 year)
Dr Shaista's Husband looks like bastard.

Author warylailo (3 years)
she should style him better. body language tells she is uncomfortable

Author papasmurfXXX (5 years)
moje ko terrah hindustani ke zabaan sumuj nee aarah :P

Author humble sun (2 years)
faisal qureshi fuck u

Author rashideverywhere (5 years)
yar aik toa mein Star Plus sey tang thaa abb yeh aik aur Aunty Wala Show
shuroo ho gaya ha !

Author Abbas Khan (3 years)
I hate this Bitch's show, so time wasting and no sense at all. And the host
Shaista Is so fucking irritating. Pls Cancel this show soon. p.s note: Dr.
shaista is not a good person in real life! doesn't respect any of her fans.

Author SpyBlogger (2 years)
yaar kya mummy daddy show ppl really watch it? :o

Author sohai mahmoo (2 years)
Really any proof

Author RAHI SHAH (2 years)
shaista ne apne is husband se talaq le kar mir shakeel u rehman se shaadi
kar lie ye geo channel ka malik hai shaista ki ye 3rd shaadi thi aur 2nd
husband se 3 bache bhi they ...

Author NinezeroPlayer (5 years)
shaistas husband looks like a paanwala from lalookhet. he talks like a
chootya tharkee and what can u say about that shirt.

Author chicksdigsme (3 years)
@samipk88 yeh suhaagraat pe kiya hota hai?

Author Syed BadShah (4 years)
abey chiiiko ki shakal wala husband hahhahaha lant hai bhai bht he bari
pakistan ki awaam hai tubaaa

Author Faisal Ahmad (2 years)
na yaar buri baat .. kise ke face ko bura nahi khty ,,,

Author asab786 (5 years)
shasta is good girl

Author A Sheikh (5 years)
After seeing shaist's husband.................that become clear to me that
how she kissed the poissoness snake without any fear. Cobra even taste lot
better to her...........!!!!!! Shaista is one of the most GORGEOUS lady.
But nadia khan is simply pethetic.

Author Sohail Qureshi (5 years)
Just like...... Chand ko girhen lag gya hai.

Author Pip Hacker (3 years)
Shaista k husband ke shakal Loool k seeray jase ha... Goor say sab dekho...
Ku k Meeray loond ka seera toh asa he ha...

Author Gandoo Mumtaz (2 years)
Randi shaista

Author farmaryam (5 years)
i think we should watch our language.

Author Jane Kell (1 year)
Shit. I've become amazingly jealous of my neighbor. He's actually been
alone forever. Having said that, he got a part-time model to inform him she
loves him in less than a month. Just how can that be achievable? He told me
he obtained the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone amazing told
me they loved me... I've never witnessed him so cheerful. Kinda makes me
feel bad.

Author M Farooq (4 years)
@firefly390 plastic ka PEHLAWAN

Author 47mrcool (2 years)
i wanna fuck her yaar...lund khara hojata hai is shasota ko dekh kar

Author Khurram Mansoor (4 years)
I wanted to comment lakin kabhi kabhar aisa bhi huta haay.

Author usman ahmad (2 years)
Yukhhhhhh dressing to Dekho cartoon k mooh wala husband

Author Abbas Khan (3 years)
Shaista you are Bloody Bitch! the reason to call you bitch, because you've
become so such a big bitch to the guys. I saw once in a mall and i said hi
to you but you ignored me on purpose, WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!!??
I don't know from where the hell you got that fucking ''Dr''. TITLE.

Author Waqar Murtaza (5 years)
yaar husband to awein hai kitna bara lgha hai shahista se

Author AKASLOVERBOY (3 years)
Bitch on da phone doent sounds educated as sala le kum ???? jahil ki bachi

Author mesumnaqvi1 (5 years)
chutiya husband hai saaallaaa

Author mooju khan (2 years)
isi video mein DIVORCE KA SIGNAL BOTH SIDES SE mil gia tha listen all
carefull mein bhi ik dare karne wala hon??????

Author Umer Ahsan (5 years)

Author Mo00nlight (4 years)
aisay miaon ko lift karani bhi nahi chahiye

Author 22waleed (4 years)
hahahahhhaha both chutiya's are together

Author moasim17 (3 years)
@shumaila616 look at your self first maddam!!! Learn to spell "illiterate"
before you open your big gob.. haha bet you feel like a rite fool now dont
ya? silly woman!!!! haha

Author megi aleksova (1 year)
I would like to learn to seduce women. My buddy has started dating a ten as
60 days ago he registered to a website called Master Attraction (Google it
if you want to know more.) I'm so envious because I want to fall in love as
well. How come it's so difficult? I'm gonna take a peek at this Jake Ayres
man's emails. Strange point is, he previously had NO results with girls.
How do you improve so fast? His girl's a fucking model!

Author Ali Ramzee (2 years)
shaista ki tu divorce ho gai hai

Author Arshia Kadri (4 years)
kya yeh personal show hay .....stupid

Author TheSagitariun (3 years)
Yar eska husband kumse kum chechora to nahi shaista wahidi or chutiye sahir
lodhi ki tarhan, lagta he en dono bhen bhaiyon ki paidaish me Mr.bean,
charlie chaplin or altaf bhai ka bhi hath he.. :)

Author simple lucky (4 years)
Geo walay sirf baghair mamoon wali larkion ko kyoun hire karte hain

Author hark898 (5 years)
joker waaali shirt pehni hai waqar nay ;)

Author faisal butt (3 years)
saista ka hawand kitna koja ha oa.....

Author Wasay Khan (4 years)
hahahhah iskay husband ki shirt dekho behanchod ki .. dressing sence nahe
ha jhaparay ko chuter admei

Author Sohail Qureshi (5 years)
You are right.......

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