Trump’s Brilliant Strategy

  • Added:  1 month ago
  • The guy who has trouble reading has us in the palm of his hand!

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    Mike Trapp
    Katie Marovitch
    Grant O'Brien

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  • Runtime: 2:28
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Comments: 2 972

  • Ali Hussain Al-Nasser

    Wow it turned out that trap is better at being trump than trump himself.

  • Ian Evans
    Ian Evans 1 day ago

    I was looking at trump and crying so hard

  • Jhony Chau
    Jhony Chau 1 day ago

    Triggered Trump Supporters on the loose.

  • Pega Lexi
    Pega Lexi 4 days ago

    Trump is literally me everyday -.-

  • Avery Games
    Avery Games 6 days ago

    My grandma said the exact same thing about Obama

  • aradawska
    aradawska 6 days ago

    I feel so sorry for trump in this video. Before the split screen ends, his face of defeat just shows that his life is going downhill. Imagine him just laying down on the floor, when suddenly Trump's wife and guards just walk in like, "Hey Trump! How is your first day going- OMG WHAT HAPPENED!?" "I want to die. My life is a complete mess, just like this room." All Trump wanted to do was get his tie tied, and eat some food. Until a huge mess happened. I feel so sorry for Trump.

  • Ride At dawn
    Ride At dawn 6 days ago

    He's eating chocolate cake

  • Collin Bong
    Collin Bong 7 days ago

    it hurts me to watch the left side

  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader 9 days ago

    Im just surprised this video isnt flagged yet. Brave move👏👏👏

  • Lunar Liam Productions

    This is the most Left sided channel on YouTube.

  • Raider768
    Raider768 11 days ago

    Val Kilmer or Pete Wentz? My favorite game.

  • vtanisstoll1321
    vtanisstoll1321 12 days ago

    very believable, actually

  • The Real Donald Trump

    I know this is comedy, but people are not seeing that I'm trying to make our country great but so many people aren't paying attention to anything that is ACTUALLY happening, STOP WATCHING FAKE NEWS and pay attention to what is actually happening...

  • Logan Johnson
    Logan Johnson 16 days ago

    that's right everyone when your viewership is doing poor just talk bad about trump

  • Preston Garvey
    Preston Garvey 16 days ago

    *Walks up to Trump*
    Another country needs our help

  • The Crocodiles
    The Crocodiles 17 days ago

    Nice to see you guys are making fun of Trunp haters a little

  • Campbell Harris
    Campbell Harris 17 days ago

    I thought I told you to not film me on school mornings

  • Billy Weed
    Billy Weed 20 days ago

    To be fair, what's more comforting: The idea that you're being led by an evil genius or the the reality that you're being led by an idiot?

  • TheMemer27 No
    TheMemer27 No 20 days ago

    Trump is like me, doesn't know how to take off a tie

  • Freakinout99
    Freakinout99 22 days ago

    I'd like to watch just the video on the right without the stuff in the left.

  • MrJustonemorevoice
    MrJustonemorevoice 22 days ago

    I don't hate Trump, but goddamn was this video funny

  • muhammad nadeem
    muhammad nadeem 23 days ago

    yeah he has a great plan doesn't he!

  • Graeme L
    Graeme L 23 days ago

    How stupid....far removed from clever humor!

  • Luffy Dragneel
    Luffy Dragneel 23 days ago

    this video was just to make us underestimate Trumps brilliance. it's all part of his master plan.

  • Will Davey
    Will Davey 23 days ago

    Why did he get the sellotape out to do his tie?

  • Đorđe Milosavljevic

    covfefe just happened

  • Luke Thomas
    Luke Thomas 25 days ago

    This is great.

  • ninjabiomech
    ninjabiomech 25 days ago

    ur right grant, the russian stuff is nothing.

  • Jai Withani
    Jai Withani 26 days ago

    Of course - It's all about the covfefe.

  • Jim Canterak
    Jim Canterak 26 days ago

    Change the name of the channel to "LiberalHumor".

  • canadmexi
    canadmexi 28 days ago

    Donald Trapp.

  • Dan Bellucci
    Dan Bellucci 28 days ago

    Remember those funny POV videos and those funny cartoons and then collage humor got political.

  • Ray medamiedo
    Ray medamiedo 28 days ago

    Yeap, that's how liberals go.

    HOLYPEPSI 29 days ago

    Funny how the democrat party was for slavery, the founders of KKK, believed in segregation but somehow its the republican party that is the Nazi's.

    Oh and fro anyone disputing these "claims" should really just do their research this isn't propaganda its very well documented, Hillary's mentor was a KKK member and did tried his best to filibuster the 1960s civil rights movement.

    But all those racist Neo-Nazi republicans am I right?

  • selohcin
    selohcin 1 month ago

    Is this making fun of Trump or Social Justice Warriors? I can't tell.

  • Nilbog
    Nilbog 1 month ago

    where is the Illuminati?

  • Jeradan
    Jeradan 1 month ago

    Holy shit, a Foundation reference in a CH video? I love Asimov so much

  • grose zero
    grose zero 1 month ago

    4 T H D I M E N S I O N A L C H E S S

  • Brendan Kendall
    Brendan Kendall 1 month ago

    Trump is currently playing 5-dimensional aeronautical chess with both arms tied behind his back, and you're a fool for playing into his hands!

  • Josh Nippleton
    Josh Nippleton 1 month ago

    3000 cuckservatives

    • Mayeur000Donz
      Mayeur000Donz 22 days ago

      Isn't it normally the conservatives who call people cucks?

  • Party Zombie
    Party Zombie 1 month ago

    Grant was reading an upside down book

  • hiyoguy
    hiyoguy 1 month ago

    this could easily have been two great sketches instead of one

  • Mr. Everything
    Mr. Everything 1 month ago

    It sound like grant is talking about the illuminati symbols in the videos not trump
    BTW on the table0:20

  • Chill n Space
    Chill n Space 1 month ago

    is that val kilmer?

  • Xingyou Li
    Xingyou Li 1 month ago

    This video is just a distraction you fucking idiots

  • Juan David Mejia Mena

    he showed his taxes, he payed more than obama and hillary, also CNN is free press? ah i forgot this is cucktard humor for libtards

  • Sof Deg
    Sof Deg 1 month ago

    Oh my lord.....
    Sorry I have major OCD.

  • Mr. Creasy
    Mr. Creasy 1 month ago

    I hope Mike didn't have to do too many takes. That looks like it would be a pain to do over

  • Klaren Voon
    Klaren Voon 1 month ago

    poor trump

  • Lemon Lord
    Lemon Lord 1 month ago


  • Daevin Dilbeck
    Daevin Dilbeck 1 month ago

    College kids really hate trump lol

  • bunnysunnymew
    bunnysunnymew 1 month ago

    trump is me

  • JFEntertainment
    JFEntertainment 1 month ago

    This is the funniest thing I've ever seen XD

  • GuardianLords
    GuardianLords 1 month ago

    Both screens are accurate in their portrayals.

  • abdou sallounie
    abdou sallounie 1 month ago

    this comment is not a destraction

    and the fact that i said that makes you think

    "why that this guy will wrote somthing like this " and that is going to make you think for minits

    and that the real ditraction couse you think of it also a lot of these doesnt mean shit

    its just for destraction

  • codymctoady
    codymctoady 1 month ago

    "Harry Seldonlike plan" I read those asimov books too xD

  • Zsurvivalist abyssary

    so the whole thing about trump working for the Russians is bullshit right?

  • Geometry Dash ToXIc
    Geometry Dash ToXIc 1 month ago

    I feel bad for the person that had to clean up all the mess that Trump made

  • Oliver Berger
    Oliver Berger 1 month ago

    Artist nail chemical forgive truly waste sauce rush indeed.

  • Robert LASTnameDENIEDhehehe

    Wow that was the most boring trump parody I've seen

  • Vigneswara Prabhu
    Vigneswara Prabhu 1 month ago

    Did she say Hari Sheldon. Oh my God Did she make a Foundation reference.A frolicking Asimov reference. I'm SO HAPPY. My Life has found meaning. Nothing else matters. Why aren't they making a foundation movie, WHY ?

  • Ken Spitze
    Ken Spitze 1 month ago

    I think the left side of the screen was just reading the comment section.
    Not surprised by the fact that trump can barely dress himself.
    Trump got way better looking in this vid huh? His hair actually looks like hair!
    into cats.

  • David Wang
    David Wang 1 month ago

    Jesus died for our sins <3

  • canpiv09
    canpiv09 1 month ago

    Nice Foundation reference.

  • roguedeath98
    roguedeath98 1 month ago

    You know it's fake because the hands are too large

  • funnyblog100
    funnyblog100 1 month ago

    Man you guys used to be funny then you made everything too political. Listen if you are going to make political jokes you should at least make fun of both sides. Your humor is becoming really biased and frankly your not as funny anymore.

  • Marko Polo
    Marko Polo 1 month ago

    So if Donald trump is Hitler then dose that mean Hillary Clinton Stalin?

  • Preston Rashk
    Preston Rashk 1 month ago

    You fools Donald Trump is just a distraction to the true ruler of the America: Jar Jar Binks

    • Cow McBeef
      Cow McBeef 1 month ago

      You fool! Jar-Jar Binks is just a distraction so that no one will notice the real leader of America;


  • Phoenixzzz
    Phoenixzzz 1 month ago

    This just named off everything wrong with Donald Trump😂😂😂 Good job College humor 👏👌😋

  • javlin
    javlin 1 month ago

    when will collegehumor start making actual humor again

  • F4c2a
    F4c2a 1 month ago

    Okay this was great. So, when are we gonna get the opposite version?

    Oh never? Okay.

  • niedude
    niedude 1 month ago

    You got my like as soon as you referenced Hari Seldon

  • Adam Papp
    Adam Papp 1 month ago

    trump did nothing wrong

    • Adam Papp
      Adam Papp 1 month ago

      i don't really want it because i'm gay. but cool story bro

    • ColdCathode
      ColdCathode 1 month ago

      You will never know a woman's touch

    • Adam Papp
      Adam Papp 1 month ago

      still better than a woman

    • ColdCathode
      ColdCathode 1 month ago

      Trump is a Russian cuck

  • Marcus Booker Jr
    Marcus Booker Jr 1 month ago

    I really don't know what to think about college humor anymore if they are being serious then they are very miss informed but they can't possibly be this self aware college humor is either a sincere anti-Trump liberal shit storm or a really funny channel that roasts Trump while also roasting liberals at the same time I don't know which they are

  • Felony פעלאָני

    I feel sorry for trump

  • A Nobody
    A Nobody 1 month ago

    It's so true 😔😢

  • Xiva Knight
    Xiva Knight 1 month ago

    That's going to suck to clean up

  • the disappointed koala

    I remember reading a Hillary support site that said she wouldn't release her Wall Street Speeches when Bernie call her out on that so that she can save them and reveal them when Trumps demands that she bring them out because that where the real battle begin. She never brought them out.

  • Thomas Cremens
    Thomas Cremens 1 month ago

    Stupid liberals

  • FireOccator
    FireOccator 1 month ago

    He was holding the book upside down.

  • Kim Mason
    Kim Mason 1 month ago

    America has never been friendly to immigrants. Irish. Chinese. Japanese. Hispanics. Why does everyone act like American racism is a new thing? It's been going on since the Mayflower farted us onto the continent.

  • Alex Choy
    Alex Choy 1 month ago

    I miss when collegehumor was just hardly working style videos, that were actually funny. Now collegehumor is just buzzfeed, political viral video crap.

  • TheCoolMaster0
    TheCoolMaster0 1 month ago

    I don't think that's Trump on the other screen, I think that's me when I'm tired

  • Mlyods _
    Mlyods _ 1 month ago

    This video is a distraction from the REAL DISTRACTION
    I cant think of a joke

  • Mlyods _
    Mlyods _ 1 month ago

    why do Americans still make fun on trump

  • Jonathan Hoover
    Jonathan Hoover 1 month ago

    I like Trump, but I found this hilarious, good work!

  • Hammy & Astro ANIMATEZ

    Poor trump

  • PlatypusDoodles
    PlatypusDoodles 1 month ago

    Trump doesn't have a strategy but the Republican Party definitely does...

  • Jaike
    Jaike 1 month ago

    Donald Trapp

  • Drgalpagos 14
    Drgalpagos 14 1 month ago


  • Stylish Yak
    Stylish Yak 1 month ago

    aaand all THOSE were distractions to distract us from the fact that Trump is a sheer idiot

  • canadmexi
    canadmexi 1 month ago

    Mike Trump.

  • Nick Monks
    Nick Monks 1 month ago

    Wait...did she just say, "Grand Harry Seldon like plan?"

    Hottest thing any woman has EVER SAID.

  • Mystery Man
    Mystery Man 1 month ago

    Everything is a distraction from everything else. There's so much to focus on, we can't focus on anything. He truly is a genius.

  • Ben K
    Ben K 1 month ago

    This was before James Comey

  • MasterLinkGames
    MasterLinkGames 1 month ago

    Who actually likes trump i dont

    • ColdCathode
      ColdCathode 1 month ago

      The Russians love him, he's their man

  • Миша Иванов

    At least he is better than Hillary... why America had this shitty choice? Hillary or Trump, two crazy clowns, like... god...

  • Lori W Bahadur
    Lori W Bahadur 1 month ago

    Mike Trapp looks like the 6th Doctor Who incaarnation.

  • Sublime Thinker
    Sublime Thinker 1 month ago

    the main question is, -harvey dent, can we trust him???

  • Ruben Smith
    Ruben Smith 1 month ago

    I wanna get top comment and then change the comment too 'if you like this comment you support trump' MUHAHAHHAHA

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