So, What About Those Oval Office Tapes? | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann | GQ

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  • V.
    V. 15 hours ago

    I am happy to resist YOU Keith Olbermann, you need to quit dividing our Country.
    Not everyone agreed with our former Presidents either, but you are really BEYOND... & full of hate!
    I LOVE the USA. Every single bit! Try some ♥ . Peace.

  • RounPonda
    RounPonda 3 days ago

    tRUMP was told by his lawyers to NOW say "there are no tapes", which means the first statement about Comey, was a LIE...

  • Nate Trice
    Nate Trice 6 days ago

    orange crushed

  • Eric Silva
    Eric Silva 8 days ago

    I just want to sit in room and eat Swiss Cake Rolls and cry.


  • Vance R
    Vance R 17 days ago

    I'm happy to see Keith back in form as I remember him on MSNBC. I never missed a day of '##### days since Mission Accomplished'.
    Trump 'Drumpf' is a wanna-be-dictator. Another old tale besides 'Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?' comes to mind... The Emperor's New Clothes. Or Little Jack Horner. The little boy begging for attention.
    No wonder Melania is repulsed.
    Everything 'The Orange Goblin' touches turns to solid gold BS. #potusComey

  • mechanix2
    mechanix2 19 days ago

    Mind you...all of this is in the Russian Operative's playbook, as supplied by Comrade Putin...

  • Regina Maraist
    Regina Maraist 25 days ago


  • Dr Do-Little
    Dr Do-Little 25 days ago

    I laughed when I first heard of that tweet. C'mon, threatening a FBI director you just fired? How dumb can a guy be? I'm Canadian and I don't know Comey but I an assume that if he made it to head of FIB. He knows he can't just lie to the media and get away with it. He made sure he could back up anything he said.

  • Millicent Styles
    Millicent Styles 26 days ago

    Originally my thought was when #45 is impeached rather than installing the VP there should have a do over vote! Today my thought, is it constitutionally possible for the person who won the popular vote be seated as President? It's a far reach I know! Commander In Chief, President Barack Hussein Obama is a Constitutional Lawyer, perhaps he can/will break down the possiblity!

  • Dale Fearnley
    Dale Fearnley 26 days ago

    There are no tapes. Trump bluffed but he will nevar admit any mistakes he makes. Trump is a mental child who lies to cover up lies.

    • Dale Fearnley
      Dale Fearnley 26 days ago

      They need to start looking into Pence connection so they can make a deal so he won't pardon Trump.

  • Daniel Duffy
    Daniel Duffy 27 days ago

    lock him up

  • Pamela Rose PhD
    Pamela Rose PhD 27 days ago

    NOT "new"

  • Joe Cain
    Joe Cain 27 days ago

    a cargo ship that belong to Hillary Clinton's Foundation caught in Baltimore Harbor on board were found 450 Isis terrorist weapons and drugs heroin hot news YouTube 24h YouTube check it out

  • Joseph Gabay
    Joseph Gabay 28 days ago

    Keep doing your amazing job.Bravo Good Job.

  • David Williams
    David Williams 28 days ago

    you should still be on MSNBC but, you are coming off too angry. Cut it back Brother. Build your base. You are in prime position with Trump in his situation.

  • dumpthe chump
    dumpthe chump 29 days ago

    The worm has definitely turned.

  • Chris Peters
    Chris Peters 29 days ago

    Still no evidence then ? carry on then

  • justgivemethetruth
    justgivemethetruth 29 days ago

    Option - whatever happens the Republican majority in Congress refused to take any action at all.

  • Audreyjanepage Page
    Audreyjanepage Page 29 days ago

    OPTION 6!!!!!!!!

  • angellover02171
    angellover02171 1 month ago


  • vlenhoff
    vlenhoff 1 month ago

    Hulk Hogan might have been a better president.

  • Carl Scherer
    Carl Scherer 1 month ago

    keith olbermann is smugness and whininess personified. its amazing he has become even more liberal than he was at MSNBC. so funny to listen to all these leftist get exasperated and hysterical

  • factsaregrand
    factsaregrand 1 month ago

    Trump ushesr in the age of " Deviancy Down".. What has NEVER been acceptable behavior , under Trump , becomes  normal. Civility is AMERICAN , the other Fascist .  Trump and his jackals are out of control , drunk with power. ,  drunk behind the wheel. What part of Treasonous behavior do his voters not understand. When you can't afford a pizza, let alone the rent , who ya gonna blame? Blame TRUMP !

    ALAN LAWRENCE 1 month ago

    Option 2,634... Declare a state of emergency, round up all the mean reporters and comedians, send them to Guantanamo Bay. Have troops on the street and a strict curfew...El President Trump will declare that... 'Everyone has to wear their underwear as outerwear.' Opposition leaders to caddy for their Dear Leader. Bananas to replace the eagle over Trump's golden throne.

  • MrDylantms
    MrDylantms 1 month ago


  • TheBreuster
    TheBreuster 1 month ago


  • Herman Boing
    Herman Boing 1 month ago

    Keith Obermann is great! For anyone who wants more in-depth discussions concerning Trump try: Slade's Trumpcast, Sam Harris' podcast.

  • Tolba Szy
    Tolba Szy 1 month ago

    Obama's dog ate the tapes!

  • Tolba Szy
    Tolba Szy 1 month ago

    Trump will plead the Fifth Amendment for NOT releasing his tax returns.

  • Deputy Cat
    Deputy Cat 1 month ago

    NOBODY is above the LAW not even god.?? Romero, you are a classic example of this goofy resistance, wimpy, ignorant and boring. Seriously people, the Russians?

  • organic bob
    organic bob 1 month ago


  • Robert Wyness
    Robert Wyness 1 month ago

    Trump is gonna pull a Nixon with the 18 minutes of blank tape!

  • cinnamongirl3121
    cinnamongirl3121 1 month ago

    Thank you so much Keith. Resist...peace.

  • Stephen Yount
    Stephen Yount 1 month ago

    Your Kieth Olbermann and your UNEMPLOYED....

  • Bryan Taylor
    Bryan Taylor 1 month ago

    The Psychopath in Chief will be impeached,,, and then claim victory. The man lives in a fantasy world. He is, The Grand Delusionist.

  • smacksmashen
    smacksmashen 1 month ago

    Jesus Christ... give it up...

  • James Mark
    James Mark 1 month ago

    I just can't see how any intelligent open minded person can not reach the conclusion that Keith Olbermann is a mental case. There is something wrong with this guy,

    • wormraper
      wormraper 1 month ago

      he's definitely off his meds. He's at Gary Busey level

  • Myballsitchsomethingfierce

    I see why MSNBC kicked him off air, he just a little more crazy then Maddow, lol.

  • masscashstacks
    masscashstacks 1 month ago

    If you're watching this and think it's real, you're a delusional human being and I feel sorry for you.

  • lefthandedpolack
    lefthandedpolack 1 month ago

    really sad that gq has better reporting than some news outlets

  • anonneemouse mighty
    anonneemouse mighty 1 month ago


  • Matt Fedak
    Matt Fedak 1 month ago

    18 minutes of erased tape just like Watergate

  • Cryptonymicus
    Cryptonymicus 1 month ago

    If Democrats impeachment Trump they make him a martyr. Better to let the Clown-in-Chief stay in the Oval Office and bring us to the brink of destruction so that when Nov 2018 arrives the voters have no trouble remembering just how awful a president this douchebag has been.

  • galoobigboi
    galoobigboi 1 month ago

    hhheyy crazy keith seeing russians everywhere back at it yet again!
    any proof at all yet?where are those memos?we're still waiting...
    oh and who advised hillary to bash her servers with a hammer?

  • Luigi
    Luigi 1 month ago

    Keith Olbermann for the head of the FBI

  • kinggkuppa
    kinggkuppa 1 month ago


  • Daniel Powers
    Daniel Powers 1 month ago

    This is blatant propaganda based on supposition and hypothetical scenarios...all "what if?" schemes. Give us facts, Keith, not gibberish.

  • char byte
    char byte 1 month ago

    The Trump regime will shut down all media seizing control of communications and arrest American reporters and journalists who resist his authority..sad

  • Arthur Roque
    Arthur Roque 1 month ago

    Let's do it now!!!

  • Dave Jones
    Dave Jones 1 month ago

    Lol. you stupid liberal goofs... " trump is finished"... yet there he is, and not one of you stools can do anything about that, so get used to being the rock bottom scum of this world you truly are. Now go pander to islam some more.....

  • crush mode
    crush mode 1 month ago

    drops mic

  • Gribbo9999
    Gribbo9999 1 month ago

    Who records anything on tape these days? If any recordings exist they are likely to be in electronic format. The chances are then that there are already multiple, hackable and leakable copies. Hope to see them in the cloud soon. (but likely they don't exist).

  • Edgar Arvelo
    Edgar Arvelo 1 month ago

    the bots are posing as real commenters on this youtube channel. All anti-trump trash

  • Flo Florence
    Flo Florence 1 month ago

    Nutty Olbermann

  • Conker Squirrel
    Conker Squirrel 1 month ago

    *If you could reason with a Trump supporter. There wouldn't be any Trump supporters.*
    This statement can not be made about liberals.
    Liberal means being open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional ways for improvement.
    Conservative means being averse to change or innovation for the sake of tradition.

  • landyachtfan79
    landyachtfan79 1 month ago

    I am prepared for disagreement here, but what I am about to say NEEDS to be said!! We NEED TO STOP framing this in the narrow scope of simply collusion, because that makes it sound like Trump & the Russians got together for a cup of coffee or a game of golf one day & decided to hack the election, & INSTEAD START framing this in terms of TRUMP'S MENTAL STATE, & START TELLING THE TRUTH about this whole thing!!!!!!! Which is that Trump INSTIGATED Russia's meddling in our election because he is such a childish, immature, narcissistic, petty, spoiled, whiny, vindictive man-baby who just can/will not ever stand for not getting his own way at all times because he firmly believes that being a richer than God real estate mogul with more money than God entitles him to the whole world, including the Presidency of the United States of America that he teamed up with America's sworn enemies to steal the election because he knew that, because THEY are dictators just like him, they were the only country who wouldn't automatically call him a certifiable nutbag/shitbag & demand/insist that he get intensive psychological counseling/therapy/treatment & would assist him in getting his own way yet again.

  • Stephen Hill
    Stephen Hill 1 month ago

    There are no tapes or if there were they have been destroyed. Those are the two options. What are you expecting? Trump has a Machiavellian grasp of politics?

  • S Brayer
    S Brayer 1 month ago

    Trump is bluffing about the tapes...there not real....or reel or cassette. Start talking about "audio records", have him deny audio records.

  • Jim Balderrama
    Jim Balderrama 1 month ago

    I wish people would stop using the word "tapes". If there are audio recordings, they are files and can be deleted. Though if deleted, the Fed's can still read them if they have the media they were stored on.

  • Alex J Barnes
    Alex J Barnes 1 month ago

    Keith Olbermann is for the establishment please no resistance there.

  • ksol1460tv
    ksol1460tv 1 month ago

    I love when there's a new Keith comment. First thing in the morning I get to pour myself a steaming hot mug of truth.

  • Rachel K
    Rachel K 1 month ago

    Even my conservative minded sister agrees with me because she is an intellectual Republican. Drumphf is a power hungry fool or goon. and an embarrassment to this whole country.

  • Rachel K
    Rachel K 1 month ago

    Even my conservative minded sister agrees with me because she is an intellectual Republican. Drumphf is a power hungry fool or goon. and an embarrassment to this whole country.

    BIGBADWOOD 1 month ago

    Lock him up ! Articles of impeachment against Trump are being drafted, says congressman

  • zachary borodkin
    zachary borodkin 1 month ago

    Pence and the rest of the administration are the literal brains of this presidency. Trump should be impeached, but Pence and everyone else need to, not should, they NEED to go down with him.

  • thestackedhouse
    thestackedhouse 1 month ago

    keith is fake news

  • George Wallace
    George Wallace 1 month ago

    Any time, ANY time dt talks to someone (as in Comey - 'better hope there's no tapes...') he's really talking to himself.

  • lobsterg
    lobsterg 1 month ago

    What if Trump was talking about his office being "wiretapped" by Obama? There would be tapes, but not in his control.

  • She's my President
    She's my President 1 month ago

    Gq named James Alefantis as the 49th most powerful person in DC !! I LOVE GQ !! #TransequalityNow

  • Steinny Walleke
    Steinny Walleke 1 month ago

    Drump is a man who won't be content until the whole world points its finger and says "He is really somebody!". Once Drump realizes Drump is doomed to be remembered as the worst president and his fortune will be ruined, Drump will do something really awful, so Drump will be remembered forever and ever. Or at least until climate change brings us to an abrupt end.

  • Cylos42
    Cylos42 1 month ago

    Tapes? In the year 2017 it's called a phone, in the pocket.😒

  • Em Gee
    Em Gee 1 month ago

    President Trump is having one of the Greatest and effective overseas trip of any president in History. He is not only creating a climate of Peace and Goodwill across the Globe-he is ALSO bringing tremendous help to our country in terms of job creation and foreign investments. His daughter Ivanka received 100 million dollars to help with empower women. Go Trump !!!

  • Nova Smith
    Nova Smith 1 month ago

    You don't have your own show because THEY CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH!! I'll take these few moments of sanity each day please?

    • wormraper
      wormraper 1 month ago

      noooooooooo, it's more like because even MSNBC recognized that he's an unhinged goofball

  • Thomas Poslusny
    Thomas Poslusny 1 month ago

    Look !! it's dipshit.

  • Btbev Real
    Btbev Real 1 month ago

    Bravo Keith! Spot on as usual. And by the way, last time Trump admitted he was wrong? When he finally had to admit that Obama was a US Citizen. That was a great presser of the Orange Blunder eating some big time crow.

  • Ali Durand
    Ali Durand 1 month ago

    I hope Comey has Security 24/7.

  • CF J
    CF J 1 month ago

    i lost all faith of republicans impeaching him when that tape of them joking about putin paying trump got leaked. they do not care. they never cared.

  • plumlogan
    plumlogan 1 month ago

    wow ... this is fantasy land

    Comey hasn't even said anything, so he can't be wrong or vindicated

  • ozz
    ozz 1 month ago

    Olberman is the best.

  • Minnie Hopo
    Minnie Hopo 1 month ago

    Wow..that was one almighty one man investigation. I love following the fluidity of Keith's thoughts, it's like taking a ride in a really nice car through a really interesting landscape.

  • Volga Wolfhounds
    Volga Wolfhounds 1 month ago

    How this guy looks THAT pissed and can speak THAT calmly, I will never know, but it's freaking cool. He totally needs his own TV show.

  • snowbaordguru
    snowbaordguru 1 month ago

    What are the chances that if Trump is impeached he refuses to give up power? He's already on record saying that if he lost the election he would refuse the results. I have no idea what would happen if an article of impeachment is passed but the impeached refuses to relinquish his power.

  • Tech Nickel
    Tech Nickel 1 month ago

    President Pence Anyone?


    He could confess to the Pope??? Hear our NEW POST-ELECTION Bob Dylan TRUMP PROTEST song on YouTube: Search – Trump: Robbing Us Barren – Post Election

  • Patricia L
    Patricia L 1 month ago

    And still the éléphants are dancing on the deck of the sinking ship...

  • RizenLink
    RizenLink 1 month ago

    Thank you so much for leading the resistance GQ and Keith Olbermann!

  • Reece Catchpole
    Reece Catchpole 1 month ago

    This cuck is still going to be making these videos in 6 years time lol

    • wormraper
      wormraper 1 month ago

      although they might be with him in a white jacket in a padded room and broadcast only in his mind....but hey

  • Myfarm82
    Myfarm82 1 month ago

    Stop wasting paper!

  • Reece Catchpole
    Reece Catchpole 1 month ago


  • Tina Miller
    Tina Miller 1 month ago

    Awe man!! I'm both bummed and elated simultaneously - I just discovered why I haven't been seeing your videos in my feed, I had been unsubscribed! However, now I am able to catch up on the videos I've missed, which was really only a handful.

    I did want it known that the "being unsubscribed" issue YouTube was having, has indeed returned!

  • Wim V
    Wim V 1 month ago

    lock him up, with his crony's,  take away all of his money, and the money owned by his clan...

  • Henry Albrecht
    Henry Albrecht 1 month ago

    Take your country back; *_VOTE DEMOCRAT 2018_*

  • Wesley Twinomugisha
    Wesley Twinomugisha 1 month ago

    What is with the Red and Blue background? Looks creepy!

  • Tracy Buening
    Tracy Buening 1 month ago


  • wivese86
    wivese86 1 month ago

    A ton of people will defend him and republican politicians no matter what.

  • camycamo4
    camycamo4 1 month ago

    What's at stake here: whether America remains a modern democracy and beacon of light for liberty and freedom like it has been, or just another corrupt authority state where the President/dictator openly and blatantly breaks the law to attain more power and money just for himself and family. That is literally not hyperbole. Republicans seem to like the authoritarian law breaker new model, as long as he's their authoritarian who fulfills their racist and economic inequality exacerbating plans (while also making them wealthy and powerful). A dangerous moment here. Please, their needs to be just enough patriotic Republicans to save us. Is that too much to hope for or ask?

  • Ahmad Ghosheh
    Ahmad Ghosheh 1 month ago

    This is the White House, of course there are tapes., cameras, video and more. There are cameras recording every mouse movement in the whole building. Of course the meetings were recorded. This is the 21st century, everything is recorded. What I want to see is the congress get his tax returns for the past 10 years and expose his Russian Mafia ties to the world.

  • stevie68a
    stevie68a 1 month ago

    I appreciate Keith's outrage over this vulgar con man.

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