Is This The Last Episode of Table Talk?!

Maybe. We don't know. For sure it's going on hiatus for a while. Hey everyone - maybe you should have watched it more often.

Women Want Camel Toe Now?!

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Author SarahAndSomeGuy ( ago)
screaming" like in Bobs burgers

Author Benjamin Lawrence ( ago)
stopped watching after joe left , shame to see it go but two words, vest friends

Author Table Talk With Case.c ( ago)
my channels name is table talk

Author desliedianne ( ago)

Author Xaine's World ( ago)
The Offspring - Americana, still one of my favourite albums!

Author Morgan Butler ( ago)
I liked Ross Everett.

Author Morgan Butler ( ago)
Steve's shirt is a Dexter's Lab shirt!

Author Morgan Butler ( ago)
I wish I could see behind the camera

Author Morgan Butler ( ago)
Oh my gods I just remembered Trisha is a mommy!

Author Alysha Brooks ( ago)
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I loved this show.

Author Morgan Butler ( ago)
It's been so hard to watch these videos knowing there won't be anymore. So sad now

Author Zak Foster ( ago)
I'm so sad!

Author yankeesgirl225 ( ago)
Honest question: why did they keep saying "famous comedian JD Witherspoon!" ? Is that a reference to something?

Author Neil Buerdsell ( ago)
the only dream I ever have the sun explodes

Author Darian Lemieux ( ago)
" doesn't mean it's gone forever" :(

Author MayuriKurotsuchi ( ago)
lmao, the editors were not having any of Steve's shenanigans

Author FallenAngel8742 ( ago)
it is 16:58
Ross hasn't been spotted
wish my luck guys because I'm going deeper.

Author NJacquemain ( ago)
As much as I like the new hosts, it was so nice to see Elliot, Trisha and Steve all round the table at the same time. Really reminded me of the earlier days.

Author Game Trill ( ago)
I love you candace.

Reply to me...

Author v10letwho ( ago)
I've been following sourcefed since day 1 and it's a hard pill to swallow. 😢.
The the hosts have been amazing from Joe, Lee, Elliot, and Steve ; to Suppy, Will, Candace, and Mike!! It sure is like loosing a whole family :(.

Author Martin Bergqvist ( ago)

Author hunter severson ( ago)
I miss the days of OG SourceFed

Author Bill Bonner ( ago)
This group makes me feel hope for humankind!

Author TheKaslopus ( ago)
"Wait a couple of days.. you'll never know what will happen"

*Sourcefed and SourcefedNERD get cancelled*

Author Slam Dunk Meerkat ( ago)
thanks  the last5years,thisgotmethru 4years of uni and a bitof worklifewas a massive part of mylife so thank you! eversteve!

Author Giuseppe ( ago)
Enjoyed many table talks, good luck to you guys.

Author Mark Mulford ( ago)
I wish I watched this show when the girl with the big tits was on

Author IvanGoldBit ( ago)
Nothing lasts forever huh.... well I watched you guys from the very beginning with the original crew thank you very much for everything started watching you guys as a teenager now I'm 20 haha life is funny :) Even started my own YouTube channel... Did everything go south when Phil sold part of the company? and let's hope you guys get another chance. Farewell may we meet again.

Author Kyler Schmidt ( ago)
No lee or joe or meg or Matt :( sad day. Or dj too I guess 🤔 or reina :(
Most of all lee though. I miss lee newton 😭😭😭

Author Enzo ( ago)
I'm so sad the channel is over...

Author alfstolenable ( ago)

Author ELITERgamersUK ( ago)
Now that SourceFed is over, does this mean we get Filup back at NewRockstars?

Author Rafael Jaime ( ago)
trish lookin extra spicy today

Author eric bierle ( ago)
I never realized how long I've been watching this until I got every reference from years ago

Author Showtimekid10 ( ago)
so three shows are being cancelled on channel? if they're worried about views just bring back Lee and Joe

Author duraman2010 ( ago)
What would you do with a sammy bashor~
What would you do with a sammy bashor~
Early in the morning~! Lolol

Author elzilchojd ( ago)
ill always remember all the dirty shit shish used to say

Author Marco Bucher ( ago)
I screenshotted the end with all of them singing, gonna keep it forever

Author BreB ( ago)
Elliot walked into frame and I cried

Author Mak Baker ( ago)
Get Out 2017

Author Andrew Pelley ( ago)
I feel like Whitney being hired was the down fall of sourcefed

Author Sexy Putin 69 ( ago)
If only Matt, Reina, Meg, Lee and Joe could make an appearance. Miss them all to death. Just like I'm going to miss all these channels.

Author ElJediKnight ( ago)
Best TableTalk was with Joe, Steve, and Lee

Author Anna McShea ( ago)
oh how little we knew...

Author Sexy Putin 69 ( ago)
What is that a coffee machine? 😭

Author BatJok maner ( ago)
You need Joe and Lee back.

Author Gianni Bodeutsch ( ago)
lmao Candace almost tripped

Author Joshieboii 33 ( ago)
I literally watched this show every day after middle school because I had no friends. all the original hosts really impacted my life and personality, especially steve. thank you all for being you and sharing everything with the world. to be honest, I don't think I would be who I am today with out this show. the show made me funnier and more animated than I was before. thank you so much for all you have done.

Author TheDjMasterD ( ago)
Such sad

Author Kathryn Priest ( ago)
I've watched sourcefed every day since the beginning.. i love you guys!! and ive never told youu..
Author Kathryn Priest ( ago)

Author Jakefrom _ State Farm ( ago)
It said words to describe and those are adjectives smh

Author LabenFries ( ago)
steve and mike should make a "table talk" podcast and have old sourcefed hosts and other people on as guests

Author tomt637 ( ago)
Maud got bang tidy!!!!

Author Aidan Lindsey ( ago)
This felt like the old days

Author ryudragon7 ( ago)
No Lee, Reina, or Meg? I know it's been forever and a day since I watched Sourcefed, but I don't am curious where they are. Forgive me, I skipped most of the video. So if they said why, don't bite my head off.

Author Frenchtoast Toad ( ago)
"Hopefully we'll be back someday!" 😢😢 I hope so to. I hope so to💕

Author William Huntoon ( ago)
i havent laughed so hard at a tabletalk in a while, i just missed elliott's awkward sense of humor on tabletalk, wish joe and lee could have been there. was completely shocked by Ross.

Author Brycely ( ago)
Elliot-Suptic kiss > Smaude kiss

Author HiIAmProRS ( ago)
I forgot how fine trisha was/is.

+ I am probably going to rewatch this 5 times because feels

Author REZ ( ago)
did anyone else see how the editors put up elliots name when ava sat down?

Author No Gas Green ( ago)
i am sad and thankfull, i have been here scince the original host and have seen all of them come and go over my formative years and i am goig to dearly miss this show

Author DC josema ( ago)
They should of gone back to the old clips, I mean it is the last table talk after all

Author Sammy Ariel ( ago)
Damn I am really going to miss TableTalk. I was literally just listening to an episode yesterday, kept me thoroughly entertained while I was in the ambulance on the way to a hospital appointment.

Author megoincrazy ( ago)

Author Marco Antonio Aravena ( ago)
I'm here for Maude

Author SilverPlasmaGuy ( ago)
logan has a hot mom

Author Shaun Bob ( ago)
I stopped watching cause all the host were shit and I wanted the old ones back.

Author H. W. ( ago)
Thanks to all the hosts of SourceFed for making it such a great show. Best wishes for all.

Author Tevon Ashani Khwal-singh ( ago)
this isn't what we needed but it's what we deserved

Author tylerx2f01 ( ago)
Holy fug. a baby. finally.

Author Hobbert Sharp ( ago)
I'm gonna really miss this show.

Author Philip Raymond Gripo ( ago)
suptic makes things interesting

Author MrDeathknight1 ( ago)
Nooooo..... bring back table talk .. #returntothetabletalk .... #revengeofthetabletalk and #tabletalkawakens we need more table talk

Author Zack likes Vlogs ( ago)
yes finally ross can date trishes baby

Author Esa Edvik ( ago)
Bye, peeps. Don't really recognize 90% of you, but twas fun a few years back. Hope y'all land on your feet.

Author Cleanuponaisle11 ( ago)
So this might be an unlikely source for people, but the laughter caused by TableTalk got me through college... so thanks. I miss you already.

Author Gavin Buck ( ago)
They could honestly dedicate a channel to Table Talk now that SourceFed is canceled, and I would watch it.

Author Michael D Rogers ( ago)
Best way to go out

Author SerenityReceiver ( ago)
Do bigger breasts produce more milk?

Author g56rbWwTPpDpm4F6 ( ago)
was thinking Trisha had to have had a baby, I'm not one to keep up with what all previous hosts are doing these days

Author collins mugodo ( ago)
who just felt the energy drain towards the end of the video?

Author farmerbrown692 ( ago)
what happened to Suptics pants?

Author Sethfilms ( ago)
Man I can't wait until table talk comes out from hiatus.

Author Jacen Aguilar ( ago)
I never noticed that Sam Bashor looks like a young Rick Moranis - a spaceballs skit would have been great! - @sambashor

Author Karem Hashem ( ago)
Am I the only one who saw Steven literally pee his pants??!?!?!

Author Robert Leisure ( ago)
I really wanted to see Lee and Joe with Elliot =(

Author Lola Stepp ( ago)

Author Scott Backula ( ago)
I can't wait for Bree to cheat on Steve...

Author Tarot whatever ( ago)
i'm gonna fuckin miss you guys.. :'c

Author V Voskanyan ( ago)
The coffie machine episode i accidentally stumbled got me to subscribe and unfortunately now I'm unsubbing.... greatest crew ever.

Author Axl Gonzalez ( ago)
I love all you guys! 😢❤

Author Swirly ( ago)
My name is Sam. I fell asleep watching this, and just woke up to you guys chanting "SAM SAM SAM SAM". It was terrifying. I'll miss this show.

Author Cedrik Ramos ( ago)
lmao suptic and elliot i need more goddamit

Author Warlord that Oregonian ( ago)
We needed Joe, Lee, Meg, and Reina!

Author das hasguns ( ago)
Bring Lee, Joe , and elliot back. They made the show and it was down hill since then.

Author Pocalyptic ( ago)
i hope it comes back soon :-(

Author Ismail Sultani ( ago)
@36:35 Maude was left hanging...

Author liv[dot]tang on IG ( ago)
18:10 OG

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