El Choclo
Violin: Katica Illenyi (Illényi Katica)
Cello: Aniko Illenyi (Illényi Anikó)
Angel G. Villoldo: El Choclo

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 3:19
Comments: 589

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Author Juan Rodriguez (1 year)
Magistral interpretación; llega hasta el alma, delita el oído; gracias,

Author Serge de Thibault (1 year)
Elle m’emporte. Elle est fascinante. Sa façon de jouer, d’être. Elle est

Author jean-Claude Guillermain (1 year)
muy linda musica...

Author Daniel Martins (1 year)
Tango con mas de 100 años... linda version muy estilizada pero linda..

Author rayanadic (1 year)

Author Noelia Quintana (2 years)

Author Ruben Burgos V. (1 year)
Una extraordinaria interpretación, muy delicada. Maravillosa

Author Rex Perlado (2 years)
Perfectly played. Bravo!

Author Jiří Buňka (2 years)
Je to rajská hudba :) Nádhera to se musí slišet.

Author MyMabels (2 years)

Author Nahuel Rojas (1 year)
Tenés razón..

Author saowaros tewan (1 year)
the most beautiful version of el choco i ever heard

Author Jeffry Golingho (1 year)

Author István Turbéky (1 year)
Ez a tangó a kedvenceim közé tartozik. Elegáns és szép!

Author buckingham1948 (1 year)
I Love this artists intrepretation. She's just fabulous,plays with so much
emotion! Beautiful to look at too!

Author Antonio García (2 years)
Esto, y leer a Saramago son de las cosas mas hermosas que he percibido.

Author ladyshkspre (1 year)
I had always heard this piece as the song "Kiss of Fire"--I did not realize
until today that it was based on another piece of music. Lovely. Thanks for

Author Lidia Miragoli (1 year)
che meraviglia!!!

Author Michael F (1 year)
Two very look-alike sisters (twins?), with obviously Hungarian names, doing
justice to supremely Argentinian music!

Author SusyGomezM (1 year)
No puedo explicarlo! Sólo sé que mi corazón y mi alma están contentísimos
de poder saborear este tango tan bello interpretado así, con esa pasión y
gusto por estas dos hermanas. ¡ qué versión tan maravillosa! <3

Author manooshak (1 year)
Very very romantic and well done. It is also a nice arrangement. Thanks for

Author Hugo Estuardo Bianchi (1 year)
Elegant and beautiful performance. You can never grow bored listening such
an allegretto piece.

Author Vi Line (1 year)

Author weareallmusicians (1 year)
Nadie como Katica... Y que bello que toque con su familia a veces...

Author CESC55able (1 year)
muito bom abracos do brasil

Author Gracy NY (1 year)
katica THE BEST!!!

Author jose rodriguez absi (1 year)
Que hermoso tocan las hermanitas Katica... Both are gifted and beautiful!"

Author Heloisa Terra de Siqueira (1 year)
Bravíssimo !!!! Magnífica interpretação !!

Author R Gimminez (2 years)
My goodness this great music is forcing me to dance , but it takes two to
tango if i started dancing alone , the neighbours gonna think bad of me ,
but this music invite to dance

Author Hasan S (2 years)
Daha önceden tanımıyordum ama büyük bi sanatcıymış.

Author cwcwful (1 year)
Or maybe the neighbours wikk join you.

Author yezidmaproducciones (1 year)

Author Aeydreeanne (1 year)
check at justsheetmusic, search for Villoldo (el choclo danza criolla
violin). you will get several options to choose. I know that's far from
what you're actually asking for, but it might at least give you a hint - it
sure helped me master it. ..altho a good ear does the job nonetheless. :)

Author Santiago González (1 year)
El tango me enamora.

Author Maria Trayter (2 years)
She is Divine Katica is.. Seen her on DUNA Tv of Hungary.And she is
incredible..Adore her style of musical performances.. I am almost dancing
after midnight....God bless her talent..IMÁDOM a Katicát §§

Author بهرام کوثر (1 year)
fantastica ,,, brava

Author Heloisa Terra de Siqueira (1 year)
Uma interpretação magistral !!! Bravo !!!

Author Ishayau (1 year)

Author Luka Stefanovic (2 years)
Lol the bassist

Author György Plavecz (1 year)

Author Marcos Malvar (1 year)
Bravo 1 Im Argentinian, son a "tanguero de corazon" [tango fan from heart]
I grew up seeing my father listening tangos. Tango was always sounding at
home. I love tango and milonga and your version is Excellent. Im goug to
check all your videos now,

Author renzo baldini (1 year)

Author cAlicia Del Valle (1 year)
Hermosa interpretación !

Author Musettelover (2 years)
5 stars. Great performance!

Author James Árpád Lassú (1 year)
Az Illényi lányok varázsa, a lemásolhatatlan tehetség kirobbanása a
pódiumokon. Bravó, Gratulálok.

Author wingklow (1 year)
The best El Choclo I've ever heard.

Author Khiengiao Nguyen (1 year)
ok... verygood

Author George Theotocatos (2 years)
Excellent performance.........Good on you dear Lady...... George
Theotocatos,91 y.o

Author danemozda93 (1 year)
Прелепа музика! Свака част!!!

Author mildlad (1 year)
Bravo! Just great.

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