El Choclo
Violin: Katica Illenyi (Illényi Katica)
Cello: Aniko Illenyi (Illényi Anikó)
Angel G. Villoldo: El Choclo

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 3:19
Comments: 534

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Author Patrick DESBOIS (2 months)
Magnifique interprétation…En attendant le soleil!

Author Erzsébet Kertészné (1 year)

Author Mirjana633 . (4 months)

Author DAVID CHEN (1 year)

Author Robert Wallace (5 months)
Absolutely the most beautiful arrangement of El Choclo I've ever heard. My
heart started to race and I longed to be back on the tango floor. Very
expressive. Best ever!

Author IAMAG00DB0Y (4 months)
Are they sisters? The violinist and cellist

Author Neide Assis (8 months)
nice pussy her!!

Author Erzsébet Kertészné (1 year)

I am in love with you and your style, you are amazing !!! 

Author Yousef Bakr (4 days)
Really a master piece , they made the strings talk.

Author Manuel Valério Gadelha Da Silva (3 months)
Beautiful presentation of this great team in perfect harmony and great
performance.Congratulations by the exquisite show!!! Thanks to Katica

Author Benjamin - Bennie Smith (4 months)
Wow,, I just love this,,your amazing! Beautiful! 

Author nedeljko18 (4 months)
Lovely,lovely, Bravo,absolutely great performance !!!

Author Haitham Saad Eddin (3 months)
Thank you

Author Toh SooPing (6 months)
Super love it. 

Author william Doremus (17 days)
12 July 2014 I very much like this treatment of an old favorite
Latin-American tune. The performers are great as well as
the performance. Bill

Author Alif Partogi (7 months)
Takes two to tango!

Author Steve Edwards (6 months)

Author bishwatosh das (3 months)
I love your expression and the style of playing very much which is mind

Author Patrice Greanville (2 months)
Magnificent! Brings tears to my eyes. 

Author Pondicherry (3 months)
Exquisite. Personal taste is of course one's own affair, but 78 dislikes
for this leaves me a little sad :-(

Author DeeVonWallace (5 months)

Author victor.aguirre Jara (4 months)

Author Vladimir Goglidze (8 months)
Fhantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Maido Merisaar (2 months)
Wou are wonderful artist, When you wisited Tallinn,Estonia?

Author Oya Şanlı (1 year)

I liked that one too...

Author Richard Starkey (5 months)
Most excellent

Author Nathan 't Hart (7 months)
any one know where I can get sheet music for these arrangements?

Author David vögele (5 months)
love it like all from you <3

Author Katherine Stan (4 months)

Author viktor sofer (8 months)
i enjoy the music on this site a lot>.thankyou.

Author Marcos freitas de campos (4 months)

Author Ale thea (1 year)
"the ear of Corn" 

Author Neli Pires de Oliveira (8 months)

Author Fay Yen (1 year)
beautiful, fun, tango music playing~

Author Manuel Valério Gadelha Da Silva (3 months)
Beautiful presentation, great music, thank you very much Katica for the

Author Bárbara Azevedo Santos (10 months)
. Tango preferred by Borges ...

Author Erzsébet Kertészné (1 month)

Author linh my (18 days)
Thank you very much

Author Javiera Suazo (4 months)

Author Ricardo Gaerlan (7 months)
Makes one want to get up and do the TANGO! Exquisite. Salamat.

Author krist maldjian (4 months)

Author Facundo Sosa (5 months)

Author RaintreeLDS (4 months)
These are the wonderful Illenyi sisters of Budapest, Hungary.

Author iugonline2000 (1 month)
so nice, congratulations

Author Facundo Sosa (5 months)

Author Alex Ava (9 days)
Katica Illenyi – El Choclo

♦ #KaticaIllenyi #AngelVilloldo from +Katica Illenyi

Violin: Katica Illenyi (Illényi Katica)
Cello: Aniko Illenyi (Illényi Anikó)
Angel Gregorio Villoldo: El Choclo

Author Sergio Ahuja Michel (6 months)

Author 徐麗淨 (2 months)
What a nice day !thank you Kim SooHyun

Author Jason Lee (5 months)
What a TANGO! Beautiful violin!

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