=AQW= How to Unlock the gate at Mount Mafic


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Author sweetgokke (1479 years ago)
thanks for the guide dude

Author Kiryu Hadate ( ago)
i like this song, so what the name of the song?

Author Kiryu Hadate ( ago)
- Speak English
What the name song?
- Speak Indonesia
apa nama lagunya?

Author vblazeblackbear ( ago)
tnx dude yu awsome

Author cloud163 aqw and more ( ago)
why do change your chracter into a girl then he look funny

Author Frostmournd Swampy ( ago)
a fuckin great job man!

Author Champion ( ago)
thnx.....your the best

Author Martino0312 ( ago)
It doesn't work for some reason

Author Alvin Cruz ( ago)
tnx i do 35000 damage when you say it i just kill the monster the i do it i
use darkbloodstorming king rank 10 bacause of his ult

Author Ian Jeaves Torres ( ago)
Bro this helps ! Thanks !

Author Youssef Mohamed ( ago)
you are awsome thx man

Author Benjamin 22 ( ago)
thx ^^

Author Genesis Rodriguez ( ago) you..

Author sid smiley ( ago)
awesome it worked!!!

Author Alif Farhan ( ago)
thnx dude

Author John Paul Canete ( ago)
very thanks dude

Author henrry mestanza ( ago)
it was helpful thank you

Author Habib Firmansyah ( ago)

Author Billy Mays ( ago)

Author Tom Hens ( ago)

Author Neo Jun Wei ( ago)
thanks dude

Author Angela Ysabelle ( ago)

Author marlon caverte ( ago)

Author AQ hunter ( ago)

Author earl justine gracia ( ago)
thanks men for helping us :|

Author TALISSON ALVES ( ago)
U.u legal

Author Knuckles Echidna ( ago)
member shop in battleon

Author JohnAqworlds ( ago)
junijii where you get that helm?

Author Lord Xabyer ( ago)
thanks mean :D

Author franz austria ( ago)
ur really awesome dude i subscribes and likes ur all video! :))

Author AQW Gaming ( ago)

Author artix muralla ( ago)
you are mem tnx

Author WhiteWizardAlex ( ago)

Author Nicole Hay ( ago)
thanks, i was about to quit. super helpful!!!

Author VongolaAQW223 ( ago)

Author rezoryo23 ( ago)
thanks dude u helped me so much :D

Author Ajhiad1 ( ago)
awsome song by the way

Author Ajhiad1 ( ago)

Author eliteninjaz2000 ( ago)
What do you use to make the video 1080p HD?????

Author blackknight3322 ( ago)
@junijii i see you at aqw today

Author Turner Bowman ( ago)
do some more hip hop song, rock are stink!

Author arlden gayloa ( ago)
thanks junijii

Author haaaaaron ( ago)

Author SuperStupidy ( ago)
HOW!!!!???? how do you people figure these things out!?

Author MagicDino101 ( ago)

Author aqwbobo501 ( ago)
thnx junijii

Author The Top List ( ago)

Author haydos330 ( ago)
thanks alot dude it realy helped me alot :D :D :D

Author Derrick Gramata ( ago)
Oh my goodness tnx again!! :D

Author knivesman145 ( ago)
lol thanx dude, realy helped

Author The Time Lads ( ago)
tnx sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much dude:)

Author MrDarkpower3000 ( ago)
tnx again dude

Author Junijii ( ago)
@qazplm412 I am no longer with that clan.

Author Paladin Leonard ( ago)
hey dude can i join ur clan us eems really good in milt items im lvl 36
evil rank 10 lycan rank 10 and doomwood rank 10 pm me if i can :)

Author Lee ChengYao ( ago)

Author HafizLopSuNnYz ( ago)
w0w u are popular :)

Author 14344josh ( ago)
yes the red jum suitapparatus

Author lotusfeetish ( ago)
nice song and thats it my favorite !!!

Author phantomboy345 ( ago)

Author coolman2667 ( ago)
thx man alot

Author Chris Palmbos ( ago)
thx u helped out alot

Author bagofspoons12 ( ago)
a lot of help top aqworlds players

Author Bernardo Bremm ( ago)
thanks thanks :D

Author Junijii ( ago)
@TheMysticdragonz Np, and it's from Miltonius and yes it's member.

Author JAYzipable ( ago)
thankx dude your awesome

Author lordofdoom1337 ( ago)
ty m8 again lawl

Author Wright Boo ( ago)
Thanks you good man;)

Author Junijii ( ago)
@timwahlstrom Yes.

Author timwahlstrom ( ago)
are you member junijii

Author papi chulo ( ago)
@dchuckoyz hey may be the best intelligent gate solver
deathgod500 or search him in youtube puppybuddy200..the best soloer in all
history of AQW he even soloed the void boss!

Author Edgar Guerrero ( ago)

Author rhyan colaljo ( ago)
how to get videos and sent to youtube?

Author Timothy Yan ( ago)
Thanks man!!

Author Jakey Giraffe ( ago)
hey thanks i like u i used all ur vids for all of acanagrove love kingtots
aka aq worlds name

Author Jakey Giraffe ( ago)

Author Travis Barlow ( ago)
Thanks dude i was totaly clueless.

Author Junijii ( ago)
@TheSpiritualSoulPsy It's in the des. :3 "False Pretenses" By: Red Jumpsuit

Author ningakiller11 ( ago)
you are the best

Author Junijii ( ago)
@dchuckoyz :OO Thanks, man! :)

Author julio cesar escobar melendez ( ago)
OMGG man tyy all your videos help me !!! yo are THE BEST !!!!!!!!

Author Daerick Damasco ( ago)
your vids really help me at aqw :D THANKS ALOT :D

Author mosesaqw ( ago)
its good now i can kill the boss mwa ha hah!

Author Junijii ( ago)
@FELIPEXNV I'm glad to have helped. :)

Author FELIPEXNV ( ago)
All your videos helped me a lot on the bad,baddest and that thing quest.
Thxs u a lot

Author Junijii ( ago)
@josephfrancsco0908 Thanks, I really appreciate that. :)

Author josephfrancsco0908 ( ago)
your videos are the greatest junijii

Author UAEMagicMaker ( ago)

Author John Zedrick E. Simeon ( ago)
thanks your the best!

Author Junijii ( ago)
@PrinceZaldaAQW4 Np, and thx for sub! :D

Author MegaAntiguo ( ago)
thanks i open the gate

Author Junijii ( ago)
@stoyannnn333 Thx! :D my wep is Dragonfire of Miltonius.

Author Stoyan Klyunkov ( ago)
What is you weapon ??? :? Your videos are great :) !!!

Author Junijii ( ago)
@max42777 /join Mafic

Author max42777 ( ago)
how do u even get to mount mafic>

Author Junijii ( ago)
@alexbivol99 Thanks!! :DD

Author Junijii ( ago)
@sleepytimeownsinaqw Thx! :) I usually go on Minimal Server.

Author sleepytimeownsinaqw ( ago)
Nice vid junijii it helped me. What server do you get on?

Author Junijii ( ago)
@14firelegend Why?

Author 14firelegend ( ago)
hey junijii can you make a video of your equipments? please.

Author MrFantaX ( ago)
@junijii Whyyy ???

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