$7 Buffet Vs. $95 Buffet

"Champagne wishes and caviar dreams."


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Elizabeth Braden-Watkins
Rhori Kow
Timothy Radigan

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Author abigail xx ( ago)
what??? 9 dollar for buffet (plus it looks a nice place)? that's insanely cheap even the buffet restaurant in my country isn't less than 20 dollar. that's unfair........

Author Tai Eileen ( ago)
It's so FLUFFY!!!!

Author ayyylmao ( ago)
what song did they use for introducing wicked spoon 4:22

Author Mike Batbold ( ago)
If you guys notice that they are taking turns to wore Apple Watch ⌚️

Author Hey It's Mia ( ago)
Please do food trucks

Author Roco Kay ( ago)
When you watch a expensive cooking video when you're super hungry.

Author Doggi ツ ( ago)
I came here from basic

Author willynilly91 ( ago)
You guys really outdid yourselves on this episode. Everything looked excellent, I'd be glad to go to any one of these restaurants.

Author Jamie Jaconetta ( ago)
Red rock dinner buffet is excellent

Author DrawmaQueen Studios ( ago)
this made me so hungry omg.

Author Austin Studer ( ago)
is the guy sitting in the back only job to look like a wannabe hipster dj?

Author Kelly Nhan ( ago)

Author MatsuyoRific ( ago)
This entire show is pure food porn

Author Duffy Cheng ( ago)
Because the waiter was also named Duff, I want to go try the $95 buffet

Author Dave ItsOneProdigy ( ago)
1:53 she had some cheeks on her

Author Hotchocolate 321 ( ago)
Any1 else notice all those champange bottles behind them while they eat the buffet? XD

Author Michelle Nyatero ( ago)
these guys must really work out after...

Author hayden x lang ( ago)
background music at 5:36 ??

Author amazeing11 ( ago)
I would eat like 10 plates if I was there..

Author Living Vegeta ( ago)
$1 Hooker Vs $100 Hooker

Author Margaretha Claresta ( ago)
5:21 - 5:36
i have never *fell in love* harder with a youtube video than i did during this brief moment

Author AngelOfDaydreams ( ago)
I want their job T_T love taste testing so much

Author Kenzie ( ago)
So cool

Author 33fizzlemclegend 21 ( ago)
i feel like in every video Adam is always being ignored :''D

Author lovemyslowee ( ago)
Steven did the breakfast buffet right 😂

Author Meep Robinson ( ago)
Adams looks so sad in the beginning of the video.

Author Erika Smith ( ago)
its Nevada not nevahda

Author Erika Smith ( ago)
I live in vegas 😂

Author gheymee perreira ( ago)
I just realized that 90's babies are going into their 30's

Author Brooke Renner ( ago)
Watching this made me so hungry!!

Author Manga Mistress ( ago)
My favorite part of this whole video was the waiter at the last buffet... I could not stop looking at his eyepatch *^*

Author princess chelsea ( ago)
is Andrew single im tryna slide in his DM ?😏😂

Author BOOPER DOOPER! ( ago)
the 95 dollar buffet is actually not a bad deal for what they get

Author MLNova TV ( ago)
7 dollar buffet? in my place buffet is at least $120. go to NYC

Author Chris Won ( ago)
My favorite utensil is the fork.

Author Chris Won ( ago)
I'm seeing these episodes as modern family.

Author TheRisingPhoenix StrikesAgain ( ago)
The spoon is my favorite utensil

Author Aditya Salunke ( ago)
any one could put them out of. business with 15 servings of caviar

Author Jezza Bruh ( ago)
its callled a hi foot

Author Anonymous Gamer ( ago)
I really hate how they treat Adam as like the pet and they are the owners just because he is the sound guy doesn't mean he can't indulge aswell I know he gets a taste but he gets the leftovers which makes him look like cleanup

Author Jay Potter ( ago)
U guys should deffo bring your gfs on a Worth It Special Episode

Author MC_Girl_15 ( ago)
I hate when the fortune inside your fortune cookie isn't actually a fortune and says something like "You have many friends." or "Eat your vegetables."

Author Bintang Chokie Chokey ( ago)
the reason i watch this because i like andrew and adam... but i hat this chinese guy

Author Gabby Alas ( ago)
Adam is my favorite person ever, he's reminds me of a puppy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Author Daniel Kennison ( ago)
Do not watch when you are hungry :( lol

Author dev and kristian Domingo ( ago)
i havent had frog legs in like 8 years im 12

Author RyAnIsM ( ago)
Hi roaring cow!

Author pawddle ( ago)
ohhh..... I would definitely wanna go if I don't have to leave tips......

Author Bear Gawd ( ago)
The waiter with the eye patch provides life

Author iiOmqItzElla • ( ago)
I was hoping I was in the buffet at Vegas during this ep. But this was when I already moved to Reno. 3: I WANNA GO BACK TO VEGASSSSS

Author Pizzacheesa click ( ago)
i try to never watch this channel because will probably get mouth-wateria disease but I just have to.

Author Mohammad ( ago)
I've been to the wicked spoon. It's pretty good

Author Abdullah Mohieddin ( ago)
This series should have its own channel

Author Fiez Andromeda ( ago)
i love adam. very quiet and cool and cute at the same time-

Author shawn arthur ( ago)
Intense music and slow mo for the expensivest food....…

Author Jose GalVan ( ago)
Strippers guys, there's cheap and expensive

Author zackpeacekiller243 ( ago)

Author KVB * ( ago)
Surely I'm not the only one who finds Adam extremely hot at the end of the video

Author Stanislav Nazarov ( ago)
never eat in buffets

Author Rebecca Adams #3 ( ago)
Good jobs bro BuzzFeedVideo

Author Aliciainwonderland96 ( ago)
"I've had a carrot cake every birthday of my life" LOL

Author MadeByFun ( ago)
5:24 - 5:27 wtf was that "HRRHRSZZ"

Author stijn324 ( ago)
white chocolate is technicly not really chocolate.
they only use the the cacao butter and not the actual cacao.
tought i throw that out there

Author GrayCaboose ( ago)
Adam senpai is best senpai

Author Brandon Rusk ( ago)
What was the price of the medium-priced buffet??

Author Jowldy Woldy ( ago)
This is the most cheap worth it

Author Mayplayzgamez ( ago)
3 reasons why buzz feed is still alive : Steven, the series worth it and the try guys

Author Kapil Patel ( ago)
Nice. Wicked Spoon in vegas is amazing. Like if you agree (;

Author Mikie pie ( ago)
The best thing buzzfeed uploads, that's sad

Author Nour Ali ( ago)
has anyone else noticed how Adam always chooses the same thing as Andrew?

Author Meme Police ( ago)
Fortune cookies nowadays are Advice cookies

Author Ronald Ma ( ago)
Bro vegas is known for sex and gambling

Author Haaditato ( ago)
$0.50 water Vs. $91382347657423589437 water
$91382347657423589437 water is dyed gold
*Adam is drinking the leftover water*

Author Genesis Lopez ( ago)
I love how Adam just eats and laughs!! So freaking cute!! Is this man single! Lol

Author Artemis 3301 ( ago)

Author Suhardi Khong ( ago)
I like how they can spent 275$for a drink in palms casino resort but u can spent 95$ to get unlimited foods

Author WinterJulyRach ROBLOX Gaming ( ago)
Can we- can we just have a ringtone with Steven saying "It's so fluffy!"


Author Lilean alcain ( ago)
Though I am not a fan of seafood, these videos actually makes me want to try some

Author Katherine Tran ( ago)
2:53 "ITS SO FLUFFY!!"-Steven 2k17

Author Mohamed Yaman ( ago)
What do you mean $95. I got a $400 buffet

Author ReneetheFiErCe ( ago)
Andrew is freakin' hot

Author Quardlillon Left ( ago)
Why don't you do a worth it video on chicken wings or wine?

Author The Backyard Airsofter ( ago)

Author asian stallion ( ago)
You lot are cheap!
giving the poor cameraman a pastry,while you pig out

Author Sebastian Guo ( ago)
what do they do about the leftovers?

Author Evan Wayne ( ago)
I bet all the vegans got mad at the end

Author Julia J ( ago)
i love how steven and andrew are on an even level of weirdness by now while steven was the weird one at the beginning. they're so fun together

Author Amy Bullock ( ago)
Adam is always a good time

Author Crazy Gaming ( ago)
2-3 $ Sandwich vs 100$ Sandwich

Author JMKPLAYS ( ago)
poor camera guy he never got alot of food😳

Author Chris Dryer ( ago)
all those buffets are so good. I go to Las Vegas mostly for the buffets.

Author Rose A. ( ago)
This isn't new

Author Spudda Stewart ( ago)

Author R Head ( ago)
do an episode where u get all 3 of yours familys to cook

Author R Head ( ago)
should of gone to causers palace

Author BenjI Timu ( ago)
I'd rip them off at that $95 buffet!!! I'll eat so much

Author Alpha ( ago)
Adam looks like a badass with them glasses

Author Felicia Rui-Yi Lim ( ago)
why is adam always starved lol

Author Kat Kat ( ago)

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