$7 Buffet Vs. $95 Buffet

"Champagne wishes and caviar dreams."


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Author Folasade Adedapo ( ago)
Totally the wicked spoon i could afford that and there was pork belly which is my favorite food. I hate seafood which is probably why the Sterling spoon would not appeal to me, i guess...but that popover did look magical

Author Alana OGrady ( ago)
high thigh-ve

Author Nanuka ( ago)
8.99, can i just live there forever

Author saul thepotato ( ago)
cheese vs expensive cheese

Author Hee Sing Sia ( ago)
$10 Vs $1000 dog stew.

Author MoronicArc ( ago)
Just because it's more expensive, doesn't mean its better. It just means it contains truffles or something else expensive.
Also, for those who Wonders - Caviar tastes like sea water.

Author Cyxz Elloso ( ago)
Ice cream?

Author Quangtruong Do ( ago)
White chocolate is for children
Steven is a child 😂😂😂😂😂

Author টক ঝাল ( ago)
I hate talking when I'm eating 😒

Author Garlinus Gervix ( ago)
Why did the music switch to smooth jazz pop up with a black guy at 4:28 Buzzfeed you're racist.

Author Ethan Ng ( ago)

Author Chloe Stoodley ( ago)
Adams glasses at the end thou

Author Smashy Gamer ( ago)
Try the cheapest champagne you can find and compare it with the most expensive you can find

Author Talan Boos ( ago)
9:43 Hello Mad Eye Moody

Author squatting_slav ( ago)
Do a worth it for prostitutes

Author Alex Fynney ( ago)
"Vegas tradition" "It's over 30 years old." ...Americans.

Author mja101 ( ago)
The only good thing BuzzFeed publishes

Author Alexandrite Stone ( ago)
i freakin love this trio 😍😍😍

Author proseinc proseic ( ago)
what did they get a king single room

Author Asterio ( ago)
why are things so cheap in America????

Author Chady ( ago)
$1 visit to gordan ramsay vs $375846875476 visit to gordan ramsay

Author TokenChineseGuy's Rare Music! ( ago)
Not gonna lie that $7 buffet looks better than any buffet I've ever had.

Author LIN CRAZY ( ago)

Author Scumzy ( ago)
Sub and i'll sub back

Author amogh nath ( ago)
take a random strawberry dip it in Hershey's chocolate sprinkle glitter and walnuts there you u go sir it costs 5 dollars

Author LadyRavenEyes ( ago)
this is straight up food porn!

Author LIN CRAZY ( ago)

Author Hafiz Ahmad ( ago)
Adam kinda looks like Mike Shinoda tho.

Author SteelCity1981 ( ago)
if i had millons of dollars i'd still be eating at that 7.99 buffet.

every time they put anything in their mouth they react like they just saw a baby get raped

Author adam ash ( ago)
7 dollars for a buffet man that's fking cheap

Author Matthiau Steelez ( ago)
Steve: Adam!

Adam: 'sup? *Turns head with cool shades*

Author Lorfind949 ( ago)
at 12:13 the sound guy is suddenly a badass...

Author Law Kodi ( ago)
Ive been to the sterling brunch, its amazing. Got to eat there for basically free though, they had a deal for families that was buy one get one free.

Author Bjorn Ter ( ago)
95dollars for lobsters, caviar and free flow alcohol???
That's actually damn cheap

Author Alex Fox ( ago)
Really glad I saw this for the next time I'm in Vegas

Author Swof ( ago)
"Taking my girlfriend here" 7:16 always assumed he was gay lol

Author Eashan Ahuja ( ago)
Yall should do Worth It-Burritos

Author Ranga Vlogs ( ago)
Gday everyone, i make some quality ausssie vlogs, subbing back

Author Slat Conspiracy ( ago)
Welcome, Eggs Benedict

Author Joshua Bergles ( ago)
Its 2:00 in the morning and i have a 5 page essay due at 9:00 am, but i throw everything down to watch these videos

Author Alissa Roland ( ago)
I'm from Nevada, and my biggest pet peeve is when someone says "ne vah dah" when it's pronounced "ne va duh" just me though

Author Mel ( ago)

Author Shaltiel Melech ( ago)

Author Elixei ( ago)

Author Yaquelin Hernandez ( ago)
Adam is so damn hot 😍😍😍😍 Aaahhh!!! Sweet baby Jesus! He is my favorite out of all three of them.

Author Maverick44 ( ago)
I wouldn't feel right pigging out at a $95 buffet. It's too classy there. Kind of ruins that part of the all you can eat experience for me.

Author david maher ( ago)
They said they got bone marrow, but never commented on it. Why?

Author Angelica Minoza ( ago)
so what happened to Kieth tho??

Author Alexya B ( ago)
i supposed to be on a diet yet i am looking for this videos hahaha no regrets

Author SpeedyGamey ( ago)
God damn it now I'm hungry!!

Author StylishFifa Phone ( ago)
do sandwiches next

Author Useless Name ( ago)
I prefer Sooubway

Author Total Shots ( ago)
Worth it videos are the only thing I watch on buzzfeed

Author G M C ( ago)
Imagine if this becomes a Youtube Red original series :(

Author ella rogers ( ago)
is a pop over like a Yorkshire pudding?

Author alimorf1 ( ago)
The puppy!!! 😂😂😂😂 "PULL THE CAR OVER!"

Author alimorf1 ( ago)
The puppy!!! 😂😂😂😂 "PULL THE CAR OVER!"

Author J Y ( ago)
Are these 2 gay? NTTAWWT.

Author Daren Darya ( ago)
Sub me and I will sub you back and my friends will as subscribe well

Author Anditrx27 ( ago)
Adam please Adopted me as u little brother ...

Author Sybil Vega ( ago)
Please don't put this on YouTube red! I actually enjoy this show!!

Author Nic Nolan ( ago)
lobster is so overrated !

Author Christian E. ( ago)
Wicked Spoon has great food! The bone marrow is super tasty!

Author Nic Nolan ( ago)
whats a BuzzFeed

Author Gavin Thrift ( ago)
what happend to the other guy

Author Nic Nolan ( ago)
thats crazy for $8.99

Author Ft_gale_1 _miraxus ( ago)
I should not have watched it while I was hungry

Author Canadian Kickz ( ago)
do a macaroon one

Author 000joi ( ago)
andrew 1990? rly...?

Author THE WORLD IS EPIC ( ago)
the way I see it, if it tastes alright, cheap, and filling, then its good enough

Author Kotarian ( ago)
that camera man is like good god were going to hell for this content

Author Dirty Plumbus ( ago)
eww..i enjoyed *BuzzFeed*

Author Zeferoth ( ago)
this guy drinks and drives shame on you flag this video!!!!!

Author Avery Ross ( ago)
Man I wish I was these guys every day. 26, making money off eating blessed food alongside two of your best friends ! 😭

Author Wu-Kage ( ago)
All these vs videos make me salty Australia hasn't got so much variety in food joints

Author Hana Lu ( ago)

Author Mariah Callahan ( ago)
Thanks for stopping for the dog i am subscribing just for that ❤

Author Reverse:DD ( ago)
this Asian dude is really annoying. Can't stand him. Replace him for the next episode plz.

Author Alana Hodzic ( ago)
I ship them #Standrew

Author Ben ( ago)
Still wasn't cool in slow mo

Author EggsUndBacon ( ago)
I like how Steven whispers that he just pooped gold and then posts it on the internet

Author Candy Santillo ( ago)
It would be interesting to know how the cheaper buffets dinner is. Can you please go back?

Author Faulty_Playz ( ago)
this is halarious, my name is Sterling

Author littleasianjenny ( ago)
Andrew is in his late twenties?!? Bless

Author mhc121 ( ago)
$95 buffet Ad... "The quality of our food is THAT expensive that we can't even afford to hire waiters with TWO good eyes!"

Author Mitchell 51603 ( ago)
I love adam❤❤❤

Author Hanafiqa Azizan ( ago)
Vegas girl by Conor Maynard just starts playing in my head

Author gimmejr ( ago)
These guys have girlfriends?

Author Nour Abid ( ago)
you have such good camerawork in your vids.

Author Andy Mesa ( ago)
If you're as curious as I was, the Wicked Spoon buffet is $42-49 for dinner.

Author xX1210Xxkid ( ago)
I always feel bad for Adam

Author Nobody WhatSoEver ( ago)
I bet my popovers are better

Yeah no

Author ManHoodUnite ( ago)
fake news

Author Simply Magic ( ago)
I would probably go to the cheapest buffet everyday.

Author Ivan S ( ago)
I'm not that big a fan of buzzfeed, but damn it i'm not going to miss a single episode of this series

Author Coyotexer ( ago)
Definitely the 10 dollar one, I'm there to eat ALOOOT of food.

Author nick montesdeoca ( ago)
where'd this dudes tattoos go???

Author Airωιρє ( ago)

Author Fernbreeze ( ago)
Who eats eggs with a spoon..?

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