$7 Buffet Vs. $95 Buffet

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  • "Champagne wishes and caviar dreams."


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  • Crystal Natanielliem

    Do a caviar worth it episode.

  • BeeFlee ˏ•ɞ•
    BeeFlee ˏ•ɞ• 5 hours ago

    cinnamonrolllism >:000

  • lavliina
    lavliina 13 hours ago

    andrew is 26-year-old

  • Charli Kerr
    Charli Kerr 14 hours ago

    "We have 150 different food"
    Me: *picks up 4 things and leaves*

  • Berserk MMA
    Berserk MMA 18 hours ago

    95$ is quite honestly worth it. its actually cheap. if im ever in vegas then im havin it

  • Anne Nguyen
    Anne Nguyen 20 hours ago

    "ITS SO FLUFFY!" -Steven

  • Bella Tanner
    Bella Tanner 20 hours ago

    You need to do a Worth It Brunch: Dubai Edition. Famous for our brunches out here!

  • Brenda Rojas
    Brenda Rojas 1 day ago

    I wanna go to all the placed they went! I'm hungry now. My lunch was just soup :(

  • Sharice B
    Sharice B 1 day ago

    "..all kids should eat whiskey carrots."😂

  • Smol Bean
    Smol Bean 1 day ago

    Breakfast pastries and ice cream~ *drools*

  • Miss Lovely
    Miss Lovely 2 days ago

    adam is sooo cute :D

  • Sonicblew
    Sonicblew 2 days ago

    No way in hell they have girlfriends. I think they mean boyfriends.

  • sowhat9006
    sowhat9006 2 days ago

    They're both the same age as me!

  • Gello. 14
    Gello. 14 2 days ago

    I went to red rock for my brothers birthday we also flew over the Grand Canyon. It was fun.

  • Alex Arias
    Alex Arias 3 days ago

    LMAO! Iv had a carrot cake every birthday also!

  • Christopher Tom
    Christopher Tom 3 days ago

    If I went here, I be all about the caviar and lobster tails. I likely stay away from the cheese popover.

  • Gi Gi
    Gi Gi 3 days ago

    12:47 ..😂

    FRIGHT NIGHT I 3 days ago

    Wicked spoon is on point👌🏻I be been there!

  • Madalyne
    Madalyne 3 days ago

    Adam is my fave ❤

  • Caro Gamboa
    Caro Gamboa 4 days ago

    Why am I starving when I see this videos???

  • Yousra Ramadan
    Yousra Ramadan 4 days ago

    do $1 makeup vs $1000 :-)

  • Shanel Knight
    Shanel Knight 4 days ago

    I'd gladly pay $95 for all you can drink champagne alone

  • Janet
    Janet 4 days ago

    Damn, this video made me hungry. Who else wishes they were at a buffet in Las Vegas right now?

  • Yosami Weeshu
    Yosami Weeshu 4 days ago

    5:34 Props to the sound guy at this moment. Amazing

  • ganzlove
    ganzlove 4 days ago

    That 8.99 buffet looked so good!

  • Astro Vin
    Astro Vin 4 days ago

    Who is Andrew's Girlfriend?

  • VC Ms.Bubbles
    VC Ms.Bubbles 4 days ago

    "White chocolate is for children"

    Excuse me?! I'm 20 years old in still like white chocolate!

  • Vicelya Visakha
    Vicelya Visakha 5 days ago

    Steven: Adam?
    (Adam turns to Steven wearing black glasses and looking all cool like a terminator but he's actually just a driver and the sound guy and the cute guy)
    Adam: What's up?

  • Finley Bell
    Finley Bell 5 days ago

    Memory development borrow usbakiz floor bomb efficiency addition.

  • Zaira Sayed
    Zaira Sayed 5 days ago

    wait, andrew has a girlfriend?

  • Ennaid Targaryen
    Ennaid Targaryen 5 days ago

    Adam is soooo cute ☺️😍

  • Jennifer Lynn
    Jennifer Lynn 6 days ago

    "technically we just knocked a thigh together" so, does that make it a THIGH-five??

  • Coby Ngan
    Coby Ngan 6 days ago

    They seem to be sharing their food, are you not allowed to go up for seconds in American buffets?

  • Anya Sharma
    Anya Sharma 7 days ago

    I have been to the wicked spoon

  • Professor Blum
    Professor Blum 7 days ago

    since its Vegas and theres a one eyed dude I think its safe to say he is number 2 from austin powers

  • Mmina Maclang
    Mmina Maclang 7 days ago

    what really makes this series amazing isnt just the concept of the 3 price points, But I genuinely love Andrew Steven and Adam together. adam is so precious!!!!! huhu and the friendship and witty banter between the two hosts is really what keeps me here. i love this series and I hope they dont run out of things to cover. maybe travel????

  • Calisong
    Calisong 7 days ago

    Buffets...sure Vegas is known for that. Vegas is totally not known for their Mega-resorts and Casinos.

  • Jerry Pven
    Jerry Pven 7 days ago

    adam eats cinnamon roll, cinnamon roll meets precious cinnamon roll

  • Jaqen H'ghar
    Jaqen H'ghar 7 days ago

    Duff was cool but he's no Cash Black

  • Ace Victory
    Ace Victory 8 days ago

    2:10 it says 8.99 but he video title says 7

    gime my likes 😏

  • Kaka San
    Kaka San 8 days ago

    Fact: on the 3:55 min, No, the brightest spot on earth as seen in space is Mecca not Vegas.


  • bao thuan
    bao thuan 8 days ago

    Executive chef vs chef de cuisine? Are there any differences???

  • Olivia Kline
    Olivia Kline 8 days ago

    These 2 are my favorite duo, and my other fav duo is Shane and Ryan from buzzfeed unsolved

  • bella martinez
    bella martinez 8 days ago

    I swear Adam is so adorable

  • Jessica Vega
    Jessica Vega 8 days ago

    Im I the only one who feels bad for Adam, lol poor Adam is always eating by him self :(

  • gabichri
    gabichri 8 days ago

    The only place I would have gone to is the cheapest one, despite the price tag, (maybe Sterling)...

  • FormattedSky s
    FormattedSky s 8 days ago

    most expensive apple pls

  • Really Keely
    Really Keely 8 days ago

    These guys are 7 years older than me, where I wanna be when I'm 27

  • Orlando Marín
    Orlando Marín 8 days ago

    How can they eat all that food in one single day?
    I would probably get sick.

  • Jeyd Noscoriane
    Jeyd Noscoriane 9 days ago

    I knew it. There won't be an expensive buffet without cognac and caviar.

  • Ashley Butts
    Ashley Butts 9 days ago

    Go to the Grove Park Inn in Asheville NC!

  • Itz Kelis
    Itz Kelis 9 days ago

    It would still be a high five because you don't call a normal high five a hand five or high hand

  • knocknockify
    knocknockify 9 days ago

    That $95 buffet is such an amazing deal

  • The Inspiring Rice
    The Inspiring Rice 9 days ago

    The camera dude needs to eat more.

  • casette
    casette 9 days ago

    what's the song during the wicked spoon buffet? it's like the song that kalel uses

  • Joshua Burniston
    Joshua Burniston 9 days ago

    are the two guys a couple or just friends?

  • greeneyes❤
    greeneyes❤ 9 days ago

    dang these buffets are cheap and with such high quality food! Over on the east coast if you want to go to an all you can eat seafood buffet it is always $30-50 per person and the food is nasty...can't even compare to this!

  • Rey187
    Rey187 9 days ago

    Adam is such a badass, cool cat.

  • Rey187
    Rey187 9 days ago

    Why do I watch these things at night and get massive cravings I can't satiate?

  • Jeffrey Johnson
    Jeffrey Johnson 10 days ago

    if I was at the fancy buffet the oysters would be out of stock because of me

  • Friendly Player
    Friendly Player 10 days ago

    Driving to Nevada is super boring

  • Kip Brown
    Kip Brown 10 days ago

    Who thought the puff pastry was a MASSIVE turkey leg

  • Baby Rose
    Baby Rose 10 days ago

    wow u guys are making $$$$$ bigtime! 🤤🤓 genius!

  • Tina Pham
    Tina Pham 10 days ago

    this series is just an excuse to eat food

  • Juan Latino
    Juan Latino 10 days ago

    Fact: White Chocolate doesnt have any actually have chocolate in it.......

  • michelle b
    michelle b 10 days ago

    Adam is so cute and handsome. I like him

  • wot mate
    wot mate 10 days ago

    rewatched every episode to find that puppy part

  • Kavinya Kathiravan
    Kavinya Kathiravan 10 days ago

    i love their friendship

  • Diana Lopez
    Diana Lopez 11 days ago

    I truly hope the camera man gets fed.

  • Aubrey Heck
    Aubrey Heck 11 days ago

    don't make the guy in the back eat alone

  • Leesa William
    Leesa William 11 days ago

    Need more videos please!

  • Davis Benecke
    Davis Benecke 11 days ago


  • tinaloveseddie
    tinaloveseddie 11 days ago

    Buffets are nasty!!!

  • pulenpulen
    pulenpulen 11 days ago

    andrew is definitely me whenever i see a puppy lol

  • Jonalyn Mahinay
    Jonalyn Mahinay 11 days ago

    Andrew 💟

  • ilovestream135
    ilovestream135 11 days ago

    when Andrew looked into the camera as he was eating the lobster I felt a connection for 2 seconds. it was weird.

  • What Have They Done to the Earth?!

    meat is Murder

  • Celine Hassoun
    Celine Hassoun 11 days ago

    Am I the only one that saw Adam wink at like 0:50 - 1:00 that was adorable😍😍

  • Gabriel Lim
    Gabriel Lim 11 days ago

    Dam adam looks swaggg

  • Danny Pozner
    Danny Pozner 11 days ago

    11:54 learn how to say Nevada. I don't know where you get the U sound in Nevada.

  • Taheerah Rochelle
    Taheerah Rochelle 11 days ago

    White chocolate is for children. HAHA it's true.

  • christinac86
    christinac86 11 days ago

    Andrew is totally better than Keith. Only spent 3 seconds on Keith and I was done lol. 😏
    Steven and Andrew just have that chemistry together and Adam adds a flare to it for sure. I hope these guys make a lot more videos 🙂

  • EX3LIT0R
    EX3LIT0R 11 days ago

    11:39 SPLASH

  • emma vanessa
    emma vanessa 11 days ago

    WICKED is good?

  • Thekoltmankiller
    Thekoltmankiller 12 days ago

    Its so fluffy!!!!

  • Tessa Walker
    Tessa Walker 12 days ago

    (@ the part where they toasted with frog legs) so,,,, instead of high-five, would it be thigh-five?

  • Zong Vue
    Zong Vue 12 days ago

    I love how Steven rubs his eye looking at the waiter with the eye patch, OMGOSH lost my shits!!!! it's like when someone has a mole somewhere on their face and you keep rubbing the same area on your face because you're looking at their mole.

  • Ong Wei Jie
    Ong Wei Jie 12 days ago

    $3 Fried Chicken vs $37 Fried Chicken

  • Ben 4510
    Ben 4510 12 days ago

    It was pretty petty of Steve to rub his eye right in front of someone with an eye patch

    • Ailin Ell
      Ailin Ell 11 days ago

      Ben 4510 I know right. wtf was that 😂

  • Sword of Damocles
    Sword of Damocles 12 days ago

    "What is las vegas known for? buffets" No you wankers its GAMBLING and casinos...

  • Emilie Kendrick
    Emilie Kendrick 12 days ago

    They should do an episode with potatoes, like French fries, mashed potatoes, etc

  • Kayla Reingold
    Kayla Reingold 12 days ago

    What is vegas known for not buffets
    It's known for drunk gamblers

  • Kkblue 919
    Kkblue 919 12 days ago


  • Melloni Hosseini
    Melloni Hosseini 12 days ago

    2:54 "It's so fluffy" hahaha cute

  • Lisa Nguyen
    Lisa Nguyen 12 days ago

    thigh five

  • Leonardo Lopez
    Leonardo Lopez 12 days ago

    Adam driving! The bomb!

  • Seokjin Banana
    Seokjin Banana 12 days ago

    Anyone remember ashdrew??

  • chocolatecigar1
    chocolatecigar1 12 days ago

    Is Duff an animatronic?

  • chocolatecigar1
    chocolatecigar1 12 days ago

    The future of food,  watch a guy eat it on a video, click on the dish, you just ordered it.  Bingo Bango.

  • Jane Tris
    Jane Tris 12 days ago

    6:25 when ur asian and you're wondering what the big deal is

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