GraalOnline Classic Off Map Hack And Glitch Video [Nimda And More]

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Hope you enjoy this, it got me (globally) banned from iClassic lol. :) I'll just get around it. Anyway, enjoy.

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Author rayan elsayed ( ago)
How to unbann hack its almost my bday and it's on New year and I'm missing
it cause of my bann

Author rayan elsayed ( ago)
What it name on graal classic

Author rayan elsayed ( ago)
I found out a great hack on android check it out on my channel

Author matthew hall ( ago)
Hey I use lag and got off map and I saw a Fb island on the right side of
balamb port but I cnt find a away on it I need ur help too explore it for
me on a video

Author FallenPvP ( ago)
how u do it!!

Author FallenPvP ( ago)

Author suhail abdlrahman (388 years ago)
Tell us plz how do u teleport

Author Lucy C ( ago)
Wow pls teach me " magic "

Author Crunkybacon ( ago)
Lol bro me and captainhaxs hack all the time lol

Author MrPibb Graal ( ago)

Author Sander van Heerde ( ago)
Omg i wish i had some of your "magic" so can you teach me some of your
"bugs"? Plz

Author nickisbeaste ( ago)
can you teach us some of these

Author nickisbeaste ( ago)
a bunch of cheat engine shit

Author DarkKnightFeare ( ago)
@RLJosh It used to say Gaia Nation Castle and then a big green swirly G.

Author Nicolas Magnenat ( ago)
U best Hacker ^^ Pro hacker whit eut for a program that u naked that and
hav u a Mac?

Author GraalChannel ( ago)
Yo slim :D Simply glich :P

Author Misty Greenhalgh ( ago)
The best parts are when you say "WEE"

Author MrMan1940 ( ago)
yo slim Roxas here why cant i pm u it ses u only recieve comments from
friends please add meh

Author SantiagoRemixMusic ( ago)
hand up if you think the noob is an idiot the minute 9:17 (Blackangelit)

Author XxcrumpgraalianxX ( ago)
Dude u should shout out to me :( we are buds

Author calebponessa ( ago)
lol its either trainers or a GANI hack no use trying to cover it up lol...

Author noshowmofo ( ago)
Hey can u do a app review for order and chaos

Author NinjaGodFire ( ago)
U kick me feels good to be Kick by u kicked by u now 5 times lol hahaa old
times just checked

Author Rifat Rashid ( ago)

Author Griff4863 ( ago)
Slim-ster is retarted. He said he was you and then he went up to me like
"Hug?" and I knew it wasn't you so he was like "FINE I'LL FAKE BOTH OF YOU
THEN!" It was so stupid so I blocked him

Author MegaGameSpoof ( ago)
what recording software did u use?

Author inaggy ( ago)
Lol i was in sfr :P

Author TheJayStar1 ( ago)
@BrysonCOD its now fixed right?

Author RLJosh ( ago)
The sign at 4:50 used to say Gaia Temple or something like that...

Author thehero737 ( ago)
Oh yeah btw what do u use to record? And is it free O_o?

Author Cody Archer ( ago)

Author iTouchAppReviewers ( ago)
@camcamey thanks

Author iTouchAppReviewers ( ago)
@BrysonCOD Hehe I already know that one :P

Author iTouchAppReviewers ( ago)
@camcamey :D:D:D:D:D:D:D hehehehehehehehehehe

Author BrysonCOD ( ago)
Slim I have a Graal money glitch I will trade you for these glitches I am
LordBryson and I am in an Allie guild

Author Cameron barbeau ( ago)

Author Cameron barbeau ( ago)
audio sounds great

Author iTouchAppReviewers ( ago)
@TheSokyoku I got a message stating I can upload long videos. I thought it
was for everyone :o

Author iTouchAppReviewers ( ago)
@thehero737 Haha so true :)

Author thehero737 ( ago)
This is why I like ur vids. You don't give a fuck about the admins lol =P

Author iTouchAppReviewers ( ago)
@brenna6464 hehehe yup

Author iTouchAppReviewers ( ago)
@NateiPodTouchHelping Very much so :)

Author iTouchAppReviewers ( ago)
@Jackc095 Where I was, nope! No warps at all. :D

Author iTouchAppReviewers ( ago)
@HamsteronA Thanks, it means a lot to me. Glad to have viewers like you! :D

Author iTouchAppReviewers ( ago)
@buneary1000 that was last nigh....well this morning at 3 AM :)

Author legittricks22 ( ago)
DAMN your good I'll brb let me unsubscribe to ipepsi

Author Nate LaBush ( ago)
Cool cool

Author TheBaconFace ( ago)
@howt31 ponnnnnnnnnnnntlesssssssssssssss

Author HamsteronA ( ago)
I agree with you about iPepsi, he's not really that great. You're alot
better, not only because you make decent videos and care about your
audience, but you share everything with the general public

Author Buneary100 ( ago)
Your mic makes you sound deeper.. Thanks for the shoutout <3 Just
wondering.. When did you go?

Author iMagicFeare ( ago)
Nice video :D

Author howt31 ( ago)

Author iTouchAppReviewers ( ago)
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