The Science of Thinking

How the brain works, how we learn, and why we sometimes make stupid mistakes.
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This video was inspired by the book Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Harpist: Lara Somogyi
Animator: Jesse Agar
Filmed by Raquel Nuno

Music by Kevin MacLeod, "Sneaky Adventure" "Harlequin"

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Runtime: 12:10
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Author Kavriel ( ago)
I don't remember where i heard or read that, but it's true, the weak becomes strong by facing/experiencing its weakness.

Author TheScriptan ( ago)
Kerbal Space Program <3

Author gjiil ( ago)
Emm..thank a big way..really big

Author Syd Goat ( ago)
who would win in a rap battle

Author Dustin Schim ( ago)
Does anyone notice that the number for Ve is 42.0 or possibly 4/20. That isn't even a real symbol on the periodic table so he must have chose those numbers.

Author Fábio Barbosa ( ago)
For those who want to go deeper in the subject

Best course ever

Author Derek Jay ( ago)
Degeaba îi zice Desen (Drew) dacă nu e capabil să mă învețe să desenez

Author gregcissell ( ago)
amazing video. definitely subscribed.

Author GOG ( ago)
Why is Axis of Awesome in the video?

Author SirH ( ago)
How did I get a notification for this video but I'm not subscribed??

Author the great one ( ago)
too understand his videos i have to use drew

Author RedeemerNDestroyer ( ago)
So this is what I am going to watching from now on instead of the now paid Vsauce...

Author Gregory Ashton ( ago)
1:10 Yeah JO! Put your trousers on! :P

Author Denis Milić ( ago)
So basicly like me solving a cube at first i need to remeber every muve as a letter or a number now its all in muscle memory i dont even have to think that am solving a cube it my fingers are solving it by them self

Author Augustas Tiknius ( ago)
Ideally you wouldn't even have to check, just use algebra for the ball + bat riddle.
Where you want to find x so: x + (x + 1) = 1.1, 2x + 1 = 1.1, 2x = 1.1 - 1, 2x = 0.1, x = (0.1 / 2), x = 0.05, 5 cents!

Author MVP Noah and Jordie West ( ago)


Author Oke Vese ( ago)
Very illuminating. I especially like the part about making text more difficult to read or more confusing.

Author Thehemmo ( ago)
well I like thinking. Like I have always done.

Author Tom Thorpe ( ago)
I though it said "The Chat" oops. Great vid btw

Author DarkArachnid ( ago)
Took me way too fuckin long to realize Gunn and Drew rhyme with (system) one and two

Author InMaTeofDeath ( ago)
I think I might have killed my Drew....

Author Abhay Rastogi ( ago)
For a university student like me, this is possible the best advice I've ever gotten. Especially for courses like upper year Organic chemistry, thinking your way through is the only way to master the material.

Author Filiberto Zurita ( ago)
what a great video!

Author JimsonVeed ( ago)
at 11:00 UNdoubtedly ha

Author Diwakar Koirala ( ago)
only the second one was correct

Author Fergus Griggs ( ago)
well it took that first guy almost a year to work out what to say

Author Derick Cronje ( ago)
I have always believed that if you are willing to work hard at studying you will become the smart one.

Author b_raff ( ago)
"Theres an appeal to doing things you already know... to watch videos that give you the sensation of understanding, without actually learning anything."


Author Amin Ellahi ( ago)
Normally Veritasium always credits his work. This idea was taken from Daniel Kahneman's "Thinking Fast and Slow." How come you didn't credit the psychologist in the end?

Author VioletGiraffe ( ago)
So it seems everyone is able to perform the "add one" task on time, except me.

Author Le Derp Français ( ago)
I read TAE CAT first, then THE CAT.

Author Daniel Breuer ( ago)
your shirt seems to be so... animated

Author LZ ( ago)
love your channel !

Author DuhPhD ( ago)
"that's at least somewhat UNpleasant" I see what you did there

Author gam ma ( ago)
you forgot to mention WHY is it like that.
the brain consumes ALOT of energy. even when we're sleeping. thats some of the worst things you can have in nature.
next time you look at your own poo, realise that ~25% of it was brain work.

Author John LowProfil ( ago)
What a great video.

Author ramesh redddy ( ago)

Author ambica koul ( ago)
Saying this video is simply AMAZING, would be an understatement. Versatium is a septallion times AWESOME

Author Bilal Naqvi ( ago)
Great Video. Explains everything clearly. It is maybe a wakeup call to all of us to stop the seemingly endless pursuit of staying in our comfort zones. Especially, we are committing remembering new things to google.

Author nicktohzyu ( ago)
what is the harp piece?

Author mossarelli ( ago)
Here's a mindboggler:
Ask yourself in your mind: "What will my next thought be?"
Who answers the questions?

Author AnonnymouZ ( ago)

Author Antony Landry Moreau ( ago)
Very well said !

Author Мартин Иванов ( ago)
Obviously, Да, Yes

Author Lars van der Heijden ( ago)
2:50 i Read "tea cat" XD

Author Lann ( ago)
I read "The cat" as "The Chat". Is something wrong with me guys please help?

Author Dertasium Dt ( ago)
My drew just masturbates all day.

Author Random Cameron ( ago)
Gun made me think it was Tae Cat :| What's goin on, brain?

Author ZombieX13 ( ago)
Thinking is unpleasant. I want to eat these people.

Author ZombieX13 ( ago)
I think my Drew is trying to put Gun out of business and it's exhausting.

Author Lord Gunns ( ago)
My drew is doing and a pacing ted talk. Gun radios everything in his ear piece.

Author Darius Gedraitis ( ago)
drew is like ram

Author Lycerion ( ago)
7:20 Could this indicate a relation between poor social skills/anxiety and overactive executive function?

Author FlyHighPhoenix ( ago)
this was low key deep

Author SirCrest ( ago)
Such a good video. And that's saying a lot from your content. Really made me realize how little I learned in some areas that I've automated or just used tools to handle it for me. Remembering numbers, addresses, etc. I just let my email or my phone autofill it. I've learned the most of the last few years in areas I couldn't shortcut.

Author Lammet ( ago)
Drew=RAM Gun=SSD

Author kish194 ( ago)
captian! whats the music at the end?

Author Seth Taylor ( ago)
Thank you for encouraging me to challenge my brain to be uncomfortable more often. Great example of Gun and Drew.
You may enjoy the book "Peak" because it challenges the limit to short term capacity of the brain.

Author Teun Sprikkelman ( ago)
hey you were in amsterdam !

Author Carlos Ortiz ( ago)
Kerbal Space Program!

Author Wei Huang ( ago)
If only School can have better understanding on how we think as students, than there should be more appropriate methods of teaching. But most of the time, you are conclude to either slow thinker or just lazy. High School and Elementary school systems must need a reform and its goal is to teach everyone, not just the smart one.

Author John Oster ( ago)
This is why films like Moonlight and Manchester by the Sea resonated in me more than many other films that follow a more traditional story arc. When it doesn't align with the previously established expectation for the arc a movie "should" traditionally follow, it is handed off to Drew.

Author greg celtic hunt ( ago)
Yeah. But Gunn got that implant from Wolfram and heart. Making him a genius

Author Walle73 ( ago)
I honestaly thought it said TAE CAT.

Author Alex M ( ago)
awesome video, 11:23, wait what just happened?

Author Grzegorz Nonszalancki ( ago)

Author SUHAN A ( ago)
Thanks for the video

Author Nigeria xD ( ago)
What? I read it as "tAe cAt"? I didn't look different to me, hell I thought I was about to get Mind Games'd and told that was the wrong way to read it. I'm legitimately confused.

Author Carlos Gabriel Hasbun Comandari ( ago)

Author Soulsphere001 ( ago)
The problem with not using a global positioning system (GPS) is that it can increase the risk of car accidents since you're trying to figure out where you are going and are not paying as much attention to your driving. Plus, it is easier to almost miss your turn and take it at the last possible second.

Author El Bee ( ago)
Clickbait explained

Author Divine***PLHR***Raheem ( ago)
Dam that was good, 420 purp smoke

Author aviramster ( ago)
I wonder if maditating shortens the path to reach the thinking mind.

Author Lucas Johnson ( ago)
I didn't want to watch this video because I knew it would make me think.

Author Leonardo Iván Reyes Carranza ( ago)
it would be interesting to monitor brain activity as a musician learns and practice a new piece, can we see the trasition from system 1 to system 2? may be that was already done, I don't know

Author AbyssWalker ( ago)
Practice. Practice makes perfect.

Author Petter Thowsen ( ago)
6:07: WHAT?

Author First Last ( ago)
Great video of importance,perhaps the most important so far. I actually admire lectures as my favorite method of learning, the mind can go into a listening to a storyteller mode, an evolved in instinct thats served humanity since its tribal campfire days, its also why I watch your videos : )my only request is LESS MIC POPPING PLEASE! My poor ears!

Author Chester_missing ( ago)
Is it wrong that I read it as tae cat?

Author Love Törngren ( ago)
So inspiring! Thanks!

Author Desiderio Villalobos ( ago)
I believe the educational psychological reason for Drew's laziness is that we obtain knowledge in two ways: Assimilation, and accommodation. Assimilation of new information is easy because it connects to something we already know in a way that makes sense, but accommodation requires effort (Drew) because it is new information that does not fit any prior knowledge we have in a way that makes sense to us. When this happens it throws is in a state of disequilibrium, which we experience as something uncomfortable, so we try to fix it. The trick is to try and get Drew to work and avoid incorrectly assimilating information, or disregarding it (cognitive dissonance).

Author Desiderio Villalobos ( ago)
Lol this was pretty much the last half of my educational psychology class summarized.

Author Harini MH ( ago)

Author SHART SMITH ( ago)
What's the science of buttfucking?

Author Aathish Sivasubrahmanian ( ago)
Wasn't this called "The Uncomfortable Science Of Thinking"?

Author Neo Cushing ( ago)
Can he get hotter?

Author Hacking Turtle ( ago)
IN my house in a few rooms we have 2 light switches and one switch can be down and the other up. lol

Author MEdLife yep ( ago)
Thank you sir........ Drew speaking !!!

Author Máté Ócsai ( ago)

Author Charles Percy ( ago)
2:46 to my brain it's THE CHT

Author Alex ( ago)
Axis of Awesome!

Author Poornathej B.n ( ago)
ooo!!!!!!!!what an episode..!!!!!!👌👌👌

Author Sangwani Khonje ( ago)
awesome video

Author Jonathan Odude ( ago)
Not true, I heard that question before and figured out it was 5c and $1.05 as soon as I reworked my answer

Author AntohaElvis ( ago)
Thx for you from Russia, familiar knowledge but interesting and refreshing!

Author Shrishail Baligar ( ago)
THINKING FAST AND SLOW.... by Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics laureate Daniel Kahneman.

Author Kwame Enyonam ( ago)
This is by far my favorite video on YouTube

Author alles roger ( ago)
wirklich sehr sehr gut erklärt...... ein klasse video, danke :)

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