The Science of Thinking

How the brain works, how we learn, and why we sometimes make stupid mistakes.
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This video was inspired by the book Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Harpist: Lara Somogyi
Animator: Jesse Agar
Filmed by Raquel Nuno

Music by Kevin MacLeod, "Sneaky Adventure" "Harlequin"

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Runtime: 12:10
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Author ArnoldsK ( ago)
This was so superbly explained!

Author Anthony Almgren ( ago)
When I get put in pair e.g science class I'm always drew

Author Nickolay Pelov ( ago)
How do you explain the amount of effort I'm willing to put into something I want to learn. I really don't feel lazy when I think on a complex task I like solving. And I am quite lazy in a task I don't want to solve. So there are other ways to trigger Drew.

Author Peter George ( ago)
Ryan Anderson in NBA and Versaitium Host. There I just did it

Author Aldefax Kuhn ( ago)
Excellent video, thanks!!

Author DONGYI WANG ( ago)
Omg i read that book before. Its interesting but too much scientific facts n too dry for me

Author jimihenrik11 ( ago)
Wow, this was amazing. Though non of the information was new to me, I think you explained it very good, especcially for people, who are not from "this" (why is there no word in english to describe this kind of science, in german i would say "Geisteswissenschaften" which would poorly translate to "arts" in english). I'm working as a tutor at my university and I always use methods, that force "drew" to do all the hard work, which makes the students hate me during the semester but love me when it comes to the exams.

Author Mohammed Alamri ( ago)

Author Lucas Williams ( ago)
2:38 OH MY GOD you actually got my ass hahaha that was good

Author Fire Of Beauty ( ago)
One of the best videos on the webs.

Author Azer Ltifi ( ago)
well , thank you .

Author dfjshjkd ( ago)
the number exercise was fun

Author dfjshjkd ( ago)
great video!

Author Abdou CH ( ago)
I actually read a book called thinking fast and slow by daniel Kahneman the book is the same as the video just more precise I totally recommend this book

Author 4 E ( ago)
could we say drew is our intelligence and gun is memory

Author madn93 ( ago)
Thinking Fast and Slow by Malcolm Gladwell is a book that relates to the subject. You're welcome

Author La Flaneurette ( ago)
4:44 That is quite a generalization. Spinal circuits and spinal motor neurons are involved as well.

Author kakanhejsan ( ago)
Really good video vertaisum!!!

Author Jozzarozzer ( ago)
"To watch videos that give you the sensation of understanding without actually learning anything" Calling out a lot of people here.

Author Celso Souza ( ago)
I was reading this on "Thinking, fast and slow" and it reminded me of this video o/

Author Lucas Bicho Solto ( ago)
This was one of your best videos in my opinion! Thank you for the good content!

Author Louis Bu ( ago)
great Kerbal Space Program background music

Author Abel Corina Casanova ( ago)
Wait! what? JK beautiful episode....Mate.

Author Sree Hari Gaduputi ( ago)
Wow! This is one to watch for everyone..

Author Nikola Marko ( ago)
Brilliant episode!

Author Steve Crosby ( ago)
Where do I get Gunner shirt?

Author Jack Müller ( ago)
i lack gun

Author KebapRocker ( ago)
It's pretty funny, I left this tab open for several days because I was too lazy to think

Author snehit k ( ago)
thinking fast and slow.everything he says comes from thinking fast and slow.

Author Seameus ( ago)
what song is the harp lady playing?

Author isaac pizarro ( ago)

Author David Fitzpatrick ( ago)

Author Ty Williams ( ago)
KSP theme song!!!!!

Author Shorty ( ago)
This guy will probably end up being the Bill Nye of Australia.

Author MindSmash ( ago)
man that was more beautiful than I expected it to be

Author Joel Carli ( ago)
I must admit I did get fooled by the bat/ball question.

Author xilefx ( ago)
5:12 - 10 dollars he is banging her ;)

Author boiled egg bro ( ago)
bro why are ur eyes purple

Author Brian King ( ago)
This was worth the watch.

Author sklanman ( ago)
I actually enjoy thinking

Author Michael Aldridge ( ago)
the guys who where asked how long it takes for the earth to go round the sun where still off by 1/4 of a day

Author Mystic Wuz ( ago)
this episode connects with me so well

Author Lot2rocks ( ago)
I thought a lot about this video.

Author Andika Hetris ( ago)
this video feels like a brain porn

Author The0Burger0King ( ago)
Kerbal Space Program music!

Author JEAD ( ago)
why do you have to call me out like that? (great video btw)

Author D S ( ago)
11:23-11:28 wait a minute.....

Author DuckyDude ( ago)
Wasn't the title "The Uncomfortable Effort of Thinking"?

Author Jackson Fitzhenry ( ago)
My drew is really good at getting right answers tho like in math sometimes I just know the answer

Author Alaric Balthi ( ago)
i have tried my very best to learn during last decade or more to not use my all energy to thinking. before, the compulsive constant thinking and planning became unimaginably tiresome and frustrating, with no way to relief those thoughts and ideas. smoking cigarettes helped, luckily i have never liked alcohol. but now i have achieved more relaxed and less thinking lifestyle and i like it.

Author Kwekinator117 ( ago)
Are you still taking suggestions?

Author Suharsh Tyagi ( ago)
Hey man can you do a video on meditation ?

Author James D. Harrington ( ago)
This is The kind of video I subscribed to your channel for. great job!

Author Farenhite ( ago)
I saw an ad for a series that your in called "Digits" on curiosity stream

Author Alexander Tome ( ago)
This was a seriously amazing video, very informative.

Author rosenvitae ( ago)
6:55 Voight-Kampf complete. Subject is Replicant.

Author Roman Knaub ( ago)
First time i hear of Veritasium. Am I right that it's just diet Vsauce ?

Author Finley Castello ( ago)
0:07 *Are most Australians this dumb?* or am I being racist? *Can someone please explain?*

Author Pasquale Franze ( ago)
This is why doing IT exams in english, instead of my native dutch, yield better results.

Author Mikko Kylmänen ( ago)
This is truly inspiring... Love this video!

Author Saaurabh Agarwal ( ago)
So how do I make Drew work everyday, atleast for sometime, to keep the blood flowing in his limbs?

Author Czesnek ( ago)
I skipped the number test because I do not understand what he wants me to do...

Author Restia Ashdoll ( ago)
Please be my Senpai

Author Nikita Cebotari ( ago)
Tae Cat.I lagged for 10 seconds.

Author David Semmelink ( ago)
Derek, sometimes I wish I could just be your apprentice. Having a high interest in knowledge I am inspired by your videos. However, as your self-efficacy video illustrated with the dog experiment, I honestly need a push in the right direction. If you are ever in South Africa, I hope to meet you and hope that that passion you have for science is shared with me.

Author cktvede ( ago)
you un-suck

Author Michele Stranges ( ago)
The subtitles in italian?? :*(

Author Zahraa Khalife ( ago)
I'll go now and continue studying..

Author nitin gorikapudi ( ago)
Your back ground music is freaking awesome....that is the one which make me to addict to your videos.......

Author CroissantGuy ( ago)
Love the video!

Author oranjC ( ago)
Thinking about thinking, how insightful

Author Sy Fontenot ( ago)
How to tell your viewers to get off their butts, do their work, and stop bench-watching YouTube... ;)

Author Rainbow Myr ( ago)
so, how would i learn to use drew more than gun? like, make it a gun reaction to use drew.

Author sophia daniels ( ago)
i feel like i worked drew to death at some point and gun has been trying to fill in the gap ever sense....

Author Bek MT ( ago)
It would be awesome to do a follow up on this video on heuristics and biases! E.g. project implicit and IAT and also the criticisms of this test. There's work being done in the legal community at the moment on implicit biases in judicial decision making.

Author [GD] Unearth ( ago)
You sound like Grant Imahara, in a sense.

Author Martin H ( ago)
7.50 Prood that australia is upsidedown.

Author boomstick900 ( ago)
Paid for by Un

Author SpaceFlye ( ago)
Congratulations on 4 million sir.

Author Hasan Choudhary ( ago)
maybe we should UNsubscrib

Author Andrew Dotson ( ago)
I just made a physics based youtube channel and would love your guy's input if you don't mind! Stay classy

Author shawn burnham ( ago)

Author Connor McDermott ( ago)
I bet you fucked the shitout of that Harpist

Author TheMasta Pasta ( ago)

Author Schnaxel ( ago)

Author Atakan Buğra YILMAZ ( ago)

Author Waseem Usman ( ago)
really worth more than a like...great work :)

Author Bahez HD ( ago)
4m sub 😂

Author Schnaxel ( ago)
340 left

Author Ali Ali ( ago)
why the file arbic unavailable in interpretation???

Author Stephane Gaube ( ago)
thx again

Author abhijeetcmali ( ago)
This is all explained in the book "Thinking, Fast and Slow" by Danial Kahneman, a Nobel laureate in Economics.

Author Ninetails Production ( ago)
I hate being confused

Author Lukim ( ago)
I felt lien an idiot when I blurted out 10c fml

Author Cheesy game ( ago)
Drew = 1kb of RAM lol

Author ItsOnlyRawman ( ago)
why change the title it was great!! but i'm no scientist i don't know if this is better. "uncomfortable effort of thinking" had a ring to it. (i referenced this video in my video i'm making and now it's a different title lol)

Author THA CRITIC ( ago)
This guy has a lot of dope info.. that's what's up

Author ArcDuc ( ago)
Avoid thinking? Why? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?

Maybe i tink to much.

Author Shivam L Srivastava ( ago)
This is the best episode Dr. Mueller. It really helps. ;)

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