The Science of Thinking

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  • Hack Delight
    Hack Delight 16 hours ago

    My gun said The Chat, then my drew get to work and i interpreted it as The Cht, then my drew said that it can't be The Cht and interpreted as The Cat.

  • Terrance Finley
    Terrance Finley 23 hours ago

    the eyes​ are the window to the soul lol

  • Chris Van Alstine

    But that didn't explain how I'm able to hold onto a problem I run into that I can't solve and have it running in the back of my mind until I get the answer. As with automotive diagnostics if I run into something I can't immediately figure out I'm able to hold that problem and come up with an answer later without conscious thought or effort.

  • Drew S.
    Drew S. 1 day ago

    To watch videos for the sensation of learning while actually learning nothing... You right, Derek. I learn nothing from these vids in the long term

  • strundle1
    strundle1 1 day ago

    I'm curious how these two systems interact with something like mindfulness meditation (particularly if there any lasting effects beyond the actual meditation session).

  • gzac95
    gzac95 1 day ago

    The pupil dilating to me is beautiful in a way.It's like the gears turning in her head, while a thousand billion cells process the problem.

  • Eudo
    Eudo 1 day ago

    What type of scientist aren't you?

  • AlexYarag
    AlexYarag 2 days ago

    so unfalse

  • WeAreGRID
    WeAreGRID 3 days ago

    wait what? people drive with the gps always on?

    ive always just memorized roadmaps spatially and looked at the map once to know where im going and if its somewhere near a road ive already been on, i can get there super easily.

  • Saw Morales
    Saw Morales 3 days ago

    for videos like this, there has to be a button where you can like more than once 👍

  • SN1PERyan
    SN1PERyan 4 days ago

    my brain is gun

    ......just gun

  • Rock Anderson
    Rock Anderson 4 days ago

    Why do the Australian's flip the light switch backwards to Canada? Because Aussies are upside down...hahaha.

  • swapnaja choudhari
    swapnaja choudhari 4 days ago

    really best episode

  • Francesco De Caro
    Francesco De Caro 5 days ago

    i posed the same bat/ball problem to my sister, who just woke up, didn't even graduate high school, and after getting the answer wrong and me explaining to her how to solve it she told me her way of solving it which would be: (1.10-1.00)/2, because of there being two objects, and of course the answer is the same but i thought it was a wrong calculation just because she already knew the answer. We tried a few similar problem and the calculation works everytime, same as the equation you would normally use x+(1.00+x)=1.10
    sooo can someone explain it to me?

    • Francesco De Caro
      Francesco De Caro 5 days ago

      wait it think i figured it out, she just jumped right to the conclusion of the actual equation which is the same calculation, just without the x, right?

  • Duhasianguy
    Duhasianguy 5 days ago

    Don't you mean UNsurance?

  • PMPfx
    PMPfx 5 days ago

    This is probably why as a child you learn so much so fast and the older you get the less you actually learn. Because as you get older you develop strategies for automating all the tasks in your life and so you don't have to think very hard to do them. New situations force you to confront new ideas new concepts thus forcing you to learn. That, coupled with the fact that a quick answer is always better than a slow answer leads us into the trap of making a quick decision, whether it's right or wrong. Really interesting video. Thanks!

  • Luc luckystrike
    Luc luckystrike 6 days ago

    Might it in some cases be that because if someone asks your a question you feel like you need to answer right away? You think the other person will think less of you because you have to put thought into something while a 'smart' person can tell you the answer right away without thinking. So essentially it is a psychological reason :D

  • Amogh Kulkarni
    Amogh Kulkarni 6 days ago

    Gist of the book "Thinking, fast and slow" :)

  • ShowALK32
    ShowALK32 7 days ago

    Gosh I love harps.

  • Other Me
    Other Me 8 days ago

    what is a deaf persons inner voice like?

  • Rottie Bull
    Rottie Bull 8 days ago

    You're making me think about not wanting to think and now I'm thinking about myself and personal habits. I'm very angry and don't like you. i will overcome these feelings in several decades and then I'll be able to think about how I'm going to think more. How dare you.

  • Anastasiia Ushakova

    a great adaptation of Daniel Kahneman's "fast thinking, slow thinking". The book is definitely worth a read if you found this video interesting

  • Susanne Feddern
    Susanne Feddern 9 days ago

    Ein super Video, echt toll gemacht und absolut interessant, ich habe sehr gerne zugeschaut. Vielen Dank dafür! Echt gut!

  • pulakit bharti
    pulakit bharti 9 days ago

    So I have great brains because of bad handwriting?? Yes I knew it. :D

  • Sieuxerr1621
    Sieuxerr1621 9 days ago

    So if i want to force drew to work harder, i should made "hard exercises" and he'll get up?

  • MySecretMessages
    MySecretMessages 9 days ago

    Can't help but think that the "detections" they believe to exist might just be very faint vibrations (earthquakes) in the earth that are affecting both detectors at slightly different moments in time due to the rolling waves its vibration produces under the earth. Silicon string suspension or not, they are still hung from something that is connected to something which is connected to something else which ultimately rests on the earth's crust. Thus, it can be affected by earthly vibrations. Heck, we can easily pick up vibrations occurring on the other side of the planet now. But what if some vibrations were deep within the earth and so faint that they are not picked up by crude normal seismic detection devices, yet this elaborate contraption can? If so, it would be easy to mistake those for mysterious "gravitational waves". Occam's Razor would suggest these so-waves they detected are far more likely to come from within the earth itself, than from the edges of the universe...

  • Tjandra Satria Gunawan

    11:34 - 11:50 Most inspiring quote ever :) completely agree 👍

  • Mind & Brain
    Mind & Brain 11 days ago

    Take a look at the Practopoiesis theory that tries to explain how life organizes, including the organization of a mind. This theory proposes the principles by which adaptive systems function. It is a general theory of what it takes to be biologically intelligent.

  • DancingLeaf
    DancingLeaf 11 days ago

    so basically its better to read a book than it is to hear the audiobook of thesame book because reading can be more uncomfortable

  • Greg T
    Greg T 11 days ago

    The bi-cameral mind.

    Good video and explanations.

  • The HopelessGamer
    The HopelessGamer 11 days ago

    thank you. iv got autism and you explained that very well. i understood every single thing you said. :D

  • Keshav Chauhan
    Keshav Chauhan 12 days ago

    11:34 this is what everybody's parents tell them whole life lol XD

  • Chris Artell
    Chris Artell 13 days ago

    this is fascinating stuff

  • Ferenc Ivanics
    Ferenc Ivanics 13 days ago

    What is the guy saying in the background at 1:10 ? Something: "No!...blablabla...". I am betting: He is saying, that the earth doesn't orbit the sun in precisely 1 year.

  • Laurence Reynolds
    Laurence Reynolds 13 days ago

    Is it different if you have autism

  • Yamyatos
    Yamyatos 13 days ago

    Kerbal space program :D

  • Rabah Lounici
    Rabah Lounici 14 days ago

    "watch videos that give you the sensation of understanding without actually learning anything", i see what you did there ;)

  • wasup23tube
    wasup23tube 14 days ago

    Better than ted talks.

  • M Lienau
    M Lienau 14 days ago

    Awesome video dude

  • Freddie Blancas
    Freddie Blancas 15 days ago

    at 11:23 , thats me he's talkin bout

  • Gain Medium
    Gain Medium 15 days ago

    It really is just effort and the will to follow though. However people do put a lot of effort into various things; its just that most peoples efforts don't result in what society would call worthy of praise or reward. Their efforts are used to avoid putting forth effort into something we would classify as meaningful and intelligent as a collective.

  • Richard T
    Richard T 15 days ago

    Excellent video.. extremely interesting

  • Douglas Jackson
    Douglas Jackson 15 days ago

    what dose tae cht meen

  • Jonathan Santana
    Jonathan Santana 15 days ago

    @11:23 ME.

  • ganondorfchampin
    ganondorfchampin 15 days ago

    The problem isn't so much that thinking is unpleasant, it's that people are rushing to get to the answer because they are being put on the spot. Also, are you a teaching PhD or something?

  • TwinBorn
    TwinBorn 15 days ago

    I could not get the number beat one.

  • bilal nasir
    bilal nasir 15 days ago

    great video!

  • Satoshi Gordon
    Satoshi Gordon 15 days ago

    Best video yet

  • Ibrahim Farooqui
    Ibrahim Farooqui 15 days ago

    fixed my life.

  • David Suggitt
    David Suggitt 15 days ago

    "to watch videos that give the sensation of learning without actually learning anything" ... ouch, YouTube, oh land of intellectually bankrupt watchers. I think I'm learning things by watching YouTube... but am I really?

    FRANCISCO GARCIA 15 days ago

    What is so awesome about your video, in my humble opinion is, that ancient people knew (in a different way) all these things, so, they created repetition events (such as in martial arts, music, religious studies/celebrations, etc...), to improve the long term memory and association knowledge or chunks as you describe it.

    The sad thing is that as a society we are more and more forgetting the importance of revisiting past learned information (we already learned that, "there's no need to see it/observe it/learn it again), to improve our cognitive abilities. We need to revisit knowledge, relearn, think again what we learned was a fact, maybe it changed, maybe it expanded.

    I love your videos, I would like to help subtitle them in Spanish!

  • Jacob Penton
    Jacob Penton 15 days ago

    I feel like avid gamers have the capacity to utilize both aspects of the brain, because you are constantly engaging both, as well as storing long term information along with short term

  • NorthernThinker
    NorthernThinker 15 days ago

    Thank you for the great work that you do.

  • Zachary Carroll
    Zachary Carroll 15 days ago

    Thank you for this video! It explains why I do so well in school even though it looks like I'm not paying attention. I believe that my obsession with learning makes me take a new, difficult piece of information and desperately try to connect or relate it to something, anything else in my brain. In essence, I force Drew to communicate more with Gun and actively question his automatic responses!

  • mspolkadotpink
    mspolkadotpink 15 days ago

    Only when I watch Derek interview people do I feel like a genius prodigy.

  • Kasper Holm
    Kasper Holm 16 days ago

    I'm sitting here watching this awesome video meanwhile getting almost stressed out about the apparent awesome videos suggested in the right side. "Uh that sounds cool.. Uh that sounds cool too.. Uh and this one.. And this one.. Aaarhh all the videos sound cool!!"

  • Danicus Rex
    Danicus Rex 17 days ago

    This relates back with the idea that it takes 10,000 hours to become a professional at something. Because of the repeated patterns of thinking and processing that your brain does while thinking.

  • Malou Lewin
    Malou Lewin 18 days ago

    does knowing 1 skill (like the harp) make it easier to learn a simalair skill (like piano or even basketball)

    • Ferenc Ivanics
      Ferenc Ivanics 13 days ago

      Try the cimbalom!

    • Danicus Rex
      Danicus Rex 17 days ago

      From experience, I would say yes. This is because there are similar patterns within these skills which do not require relearning. For example, I played the xylophone for about seven years, and am now teaching myself piano. Because these are very similar, I seem to be picking up on it very quickly. The only real issue I am facing is that instead of using mallets to play, I have to use my fingers which is something that will take time for my brain to learn from trial and practice.

  • Malou Lewin
    Malou Lewin 18 days ago

    when I come to watch these videos im in the mood for thinking but when im hanging out outside im probebly not
    and when I dont think for a while I might even get a desire to do math (not that I ever actually end up doing math)

  • The Sid J
    The Sid J 18 days ago

    Great video Derek! Could you please make a video about how the brain of people suffering from a mental illness like depression or anxiety handles everyday stimulus? I would love to know if their cognitive ease is reduced as an effect of their condition. Thanks in anticipation.

  • Jonathan Vazquez-Perez


  • Frank Peter
    Frank Peter 18 days ago

    As I am watching this from Germany, I just switched on the subtitles. But after a minute or so on, switched it off again ---> helped me remember it

  • Joni
    Joni 19 days ago

    Inspiring as always

  • Alex George Joseph
    Alex George Joseph 19 days ago

    at the end of the day technologies go us lazy!!

  • BiT
    BiT 20 days ago

    I thought I left my Kerbal Space Program game on when this video started.

  • Apoorva Srinivasa
    Apoorva Srinivasa 20 days ago

    One of the best videos I've seen till date. This is like a motivational video minus all the crap. Big thumbs up. I'm going to try to make my Drew work his ass off!

  • JohnnyRebel81
    JohnnyRebel81 20 days ago

    To bad Universities don't let students learn in whatever manner works best for them. I'm 36 and back at University for the 2nd time in my life. I study/learn best by myself, I've always been an autodidact anyway, I am not afraid to teach myself new things or sit quietly and learn. Other students like being lectured and taking notes, and some probably like the method that was mentioned in the video, the group setting with interaction or whatever?

  • 1,000 SUBS WITH 2 VIDEOS

    definitely one of -your- the best videos ever

  • lym animation
    lym animation 21 day ago

    me: tampons

  • Blueshadow2020
    Blueshadow2020 21 day ago

    11:23 ouch...

  • Estroncio
    Estroncio 22 days ago

    I think one could use background sound while reading in order to improve learning, not music but some sort of podcast or conversational stuff, I believe it may require you use 'Drew' more than normal. Someone correct me if I'm wrong

  • Graham Bunce
    Graham Bunce 22 days ago

    great video, but that bit at the end made me laugh when I realized you had for a moment convinced me to become an expert youtube video watcher.

    POTATO 22 days ago

    2:42 I read it the chat

  • WootmansayWOOT
    WootmansayWOOT 22 days ago

    1:40 Drew is totally me, just the entirety of me.

  • TotallyRandomGaming
    TotallyRandomGaming 22 days ago

    This spoke to me on a whole new level.

  • Prateek Varshney
    Prateek Varshney 22 days ago

    Thinking fast and slow

  • Drew Gunn
    Drew Gunn 24 days ago

    Little creepy cause what my name is Drew Gunn lol

  • Muhammad Zaidan
    Muhammad Zaidan 24 days ago


  • Alex Tay
    Alex Tay 25 days ago

    Best video on youtube

  • Keshev Dugar
    Keshev Dugar 25 days ago

    u r great sir

  • Koda
    Koda 25 days ago

    "To watch videos that give you a sense of understanding without actually learning anything"
    now if that isn't ironic of him to say

  • Mr T
    Mr T 26 days ago

    this needed a scene where drew instructs gun. So the new process can be in-coded

  • Nacho Raposo
    Nacho Raposo 26 days ago

    Think fast, Think slow by Daniel Golemann. This tells you everything you need to knowe about the nobel proze winner that modeled this theory !

  • Jaideep Yerramilli
    Jaideep Yerramilli 27 days ago

    This was one of the best... oh wait, everyone feels the same! Love you Veritasium. Mainly because you get my brain working

  • Arsh
    Arsh 27 days ago

    Wow what an episode!

  • Left
    Left 27 days ago

    Did no one else read it as Tae cat?

  • yonggor
    yonggor 28 days ago

    informative and educational as always

  • Chad Adams
    Chad Adams 28 days ago

    Is there a name or label for the modern teaching method mentioned?

  • LokiFox
    LokiFox 28 days ago

    My name is Drew and this was awkward

  • Papa Pepe
    Papa Pepe 29 days ago

    Can anyone explain this? I have strong dyslexia, and struggled with all these task, including the "the cat", and especially the add 1 task. I know there are some correlation between dyslexia and reaction time, but does anyone here know more about this?

  • Terence Cluttey
    Terence Cluttey 29 days ago

    it's videos like this that is the reason i follow this channel. Brilliant episode. Thank you.

  • BugOn
    BugOn 29 days ago

    tat Che

    explains everything

  • Matthew Sparkes
    Matthew Sparkes 1 month ago

    This is definitely one my favourite videos that you've ever done!

  • Arominit
    Arominit 1 month ago

    excellent video, you desreve a lot of success

  • Trensalor8420 0
    Trensalor8420 0 1 month ago

    Aptly named sir as I literally searched 'the science of thinking.' Not terribly surprised Veritasium was first up.

  • Trensalor8420 0
    Trensalor8420 0 1 month ago

    #inspiretolearn #learnhowtolearn

  • Bill Ragsdale
    Bill Ragsdale 1 month ago

    Who the f is gun

  • Abe Teme
    Abe Teme 1 month ago

    Did you guys see the flashing image of a duck around 12:11?

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