Seun Ogunfiditimi - Jegudujera

Traditional Nigerian Ondo Music

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Author oluwayemisi akingbola (10 months)
this is from ondo town. am proud of this. 

Author yormeey (4 years)
I'm so proud and appreciative of the great and diverse culture of Nigeria.
Thanks for posting.

Author HoneyRadiance (4 years)
Very good drumming! Yes, reminds me alot of Madam Comfort Omoge too.

Author jekoyemijohnson1 (3 years)
jigbolage@yahoo Can you please OJURONGBE record from Ondo town, his songs
are similar to this. Olawoye alias GOAHEAD.

Author wumi4jesus (4 years)
You are a pride to Ondo. Keep it up

Author david biodun (3 years)
thank you,omotamodu;could u pls upload francis akintade, ilemobayo, i love
all cultural music.

Author kenny famm (4 years)
Thnk you for posting, ive been disturbing seun herself to send video to me,
now i got it from u.. cheers!

Author Yeshuason inHeaven (4 years) you have any songs from Idanre, please????????

Author Chechecosmos (2 years)
I love Seun's music!! le ooo Seun. More uploads please

Author coolm1012000 (3 years)
What part of Ondo state exactly is this from?

Author jekoyemijohnson1 (3 years)
jigbolage@yahoo love this song pls. can you load A LE O by Abolarinwa
Akinkuotu from the same Ondo town, thanks. Olawoye

Author thoyine (3 years)
ondo town

Author yormeey (4 years)
Have always be fascinated by Ondo songs...They sound fantastic!

Author Outreachat (4 years)
The first thing to note about this very entertaining video is the
predominating influence of Edo-Bini culture on some Yoruba sub-ethnic
groups. Evidently that influence grows stronger, especially in the way even
Yoruba words are pronounced, as one approaches Benin from the Yoruba
heartland. Next, the beauty of the music and the dance: here I remember
Comfort Omoge, that marvellous Ikale singer whom this young woman reminds
me of. Let's hope she goes far; the music has Ikale influence in it, too!

Author BooBooKush (3 years)
Thank you "omotamodu" could you please upload more of her videos please??
she has other songs from this album. Please!!

Author Roland Adebowale (2 years)

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