NBA 2K18 - Shaq Legend Edition Announcement

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  • Kon x Artist
    Kon x Artist 13 hours ago

    spam 2k and tell them to put Charles Barkley in the game with shaq and Co!!! with some new damn haircuts!!

  • Astrounaut Javirs
    Astrounaut Javirs 23 hours ago

    omg far cry 5 gonna come 2018 and nba 2k18 named itself of 18 and already is in pre-order of ps4 and xbox of legend edition !!OMG!!

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 1 day ago

    You should make it so that people can buy the shoes that they make in the game in real life. You could make a lot of money

  • kelten olson
    kelten olson 1 day ago

    I just preordered NBA 2k18 legend gold edition.. hmu if you wanna gameshare- 9105818410

  • SpeedGamer 9000
    SpeedGamer 9000 2 days ago

    I want them to add better hair styles like I want to make my hair look like Odell Beckham JR😎😎

  • Chris Paul
    Chris Paul 2 days ago

    Why can't they put me on the front cover
    it's ya boy, cp3

    LEMONAS 3 days ago

    shaq is shaq every failling

  • Tre Napier
    Tre Napier 3 days ago

    should be Penny...

  • Ronnie 2K
    Ronnie 2K 3 days ago

    Hello 2k fans im gonna give you all a 50% up on 2k18 so instead of 150dollars it will be 300dollars thank me later code is IMADICKSUCKER

  • Jayden Beal
    Jayden Beal 3 days ago

    keep justice tho

  • Jayden Beal
    Jayden Beal 3 days ago

    look at ballervc's wishlist I like it he is right 🏀

  • Mainīgais TV
    Mainīgais TV 3 days ago

    hope you will put WNBA In NBA 2K18 that would be awesome

  • darrell horne
    darrell horne 4 days ago

    Y'all gotta bring back the width adjustment to players again. I gotta make someone as wide as shaq!

  • #KentuckyFan Forlife


  • John Levi Jordan
    John Levi Jordan 4 days ago

    If only 2k can give us an open world game in mycareer so that we know how it feel's to be a nba rising star it would be so so so lllllliiiiiitttttt!!!!!!

  • Tsumugi Kotobuki
    Tsumugi Kotobuki 5 days ago

    Shaq just talking, No gameplay.

  • Noco Tognini
    Noco Tognini 5 days ago

    Anything in mycareer like in game accessories, offcourt clothes, tattoos and customizing mycourts should be offline

  • Javyiontaye Coleman

    @nba2k put the all around taper haircut and the odell mohawk in the game for created players and my player

  • MaRin II
    MaRin II 6 days ago

    2k must add the 2010-2011 chicago bulls in 2k18

  • Rance Ranola
    Rance Ranola 6 days ago

    Hash Tag Awsome!!! 😄

  • Darren Yap Joon Fai

    Hahaha this is awesome

  • Fly Pelican
    Fly Pelican 6 days ago

    are you going fix the bullshit you made this game into. every fucking drive is a foul. you fucking retards allow the same teams online to play each other. the fucking players move like they have roller skates. fix all that shit and stop fucking charging people for everything.

  • Frank Sosa
    Frank Sosa 6 days ago

    Why shaq...Smh

    • SpeedGamer 9000
      SpeedGamer 9000 2 days ago

      I don't know i was hopeing for Allen Iverson or steve Nash on my opinion but shaq is a good player overall to

  • Henry LIU
    Henry LIU 7 days ago

    Just hoping 2K can make my tmac better this time

  • Eric Hulsey
    Eric Hulsey 7 days ago

    when the video has 666k views

  • Bob Zilla
    Bob Zilla 7 days ago

    Where's the 2013 okc thunder

  • John Doe
    John Doe 8 days ago

    Jesus is coming back soon to judge the world. Let's prepare for His return. You decide your end destination it's Heaven or Hell. God will not force His will on anyone, God is love. I've seen the Lord and He's real.

  • random gaming videos

    this is a joke, games broken every year and they suck even more money out of they're fans, all the game is online , is having to exploit the same things all game long, fucking pathetic game developers, iv seen the game. there will always be VC glitches to , so you know 2k will work hard on that and not the gameplay mechanics and core engine.

  • VinceTheSavageHaitian #7

    Don't let 2k18 finnese y'all look at look my video

  • brazin610 2kgamer
    brazin610 2kgamer 9 days ago

    so funny

  • kappedaichan
    kappedaichan 9 days ago

    What is Shaq saying after Kobe's teeth shine? Can anyone help me out?

    V-NAZI AOTP4LIFE 9 days ago

    >stil buying the same basketball game
    >barely change the feature
    >get updates every week
    >destroy the game with patches

  • Swish God
    Swish God 9 days ago

    I hope ayo and teo do the squad introductions

  • Anthony Toki
    Anthony Toki 10 days ago

    There should be a Barbecue Chicken edition in honor of Shaq

  • Isaac Manuel
    Isaac Manuel 10 days ago

    yea it's gone be kobe on the legend pack in the my team card with shaq

  • Mike Wang
    Mike Wang 11 days ago

    All Legend Edition Players will receive the first shooting patch a week early.

  • Vinoo
    Vinoo 11 days ago

    Come on 2K, YOU NEED TO ADD THE 08-09 LA Lakers as a historic team. Kobe, Pau, Bynum, Odom, Ariza, Fisher, Shannon Brown, Luke Walton, Phil Jackson etc.

    MUCH NEEDED Notables: 05-06 Spurs (Prime Duncan, Ginobli & Parker), 02-03 Nets (Back to Back Eastern Conference Champions), 06-07 Warriors (Baron Davis and 8th seed crew knock off the 1 seeded Mavs).


    • Tauseef Kazi
      Tauseef Kazi 5 days ago

      08-09 Blazers( Roy,Aldridge and Oden) as well

  • King2kRazi
    King2kRazi 11 days ago


  • ogfridgeman
    ogfridgeman 11 days ago

    fix your fucking servers

  • crackdunker
    crackdunker 11 days ago

    what was that beat at the end?

  • Flamethrowerz Bros
    Flamethrowerz Bros 11 days ago

    What is the difference of nba 2k17 legend edition and the normal one?

  • LeGoat James
    LeGoat James 11 days ago

    this made me lol. great to see kobe and shaq on good terms

  • God of Overtime
    God of Overtime 12 days ago

    The cover of 2k shoulda been Shaq at the line because he's never made it before

  • Craytonex
    Craytonex 12 days ago

    shaq uses his Gold Bond Body cream to Cause Kobe to slip on the court resulting in a life threatening injury

  • erichong
    erichong 12 days ago

    "Like" if you saw this ad in a different video and came to this one. 😂

  • Adam Raja
    Adam Raja 12 days ago

    NBA 2k17 does not work on even months only on off months can you let me get a free copy of NBA 2k17?

  • sepehr ebneali
    sepehr ebneali 12 days ago

    im begging u guys make a real lebron

  • NBA819
    NBA819 13 days ago

    can't wait to get the game quick question 2K is it coming out for last gen and if it is let me know by commenting me back thank you.


    2k18 for 150$. nigga I can buy a pair for Jordan's for 150$ they can keep that lagging game

  • Harry Ho
    Harry Ho 13 days ago

    are kobe and shaq like friends? or is there still that "who was better/alphadog" mentality between them. i hope not, its been more than a decade

  • Joseph Singh
    Joseph Singh 13 days ago

    Where are Shaq's eyebrows

  • Edward Osei
    Edward Osei 13 days ago

    how funny would it of been if Shaw did this to Kobe last year and then this year for 2K18 Kobe got his revenge

  • Just as You were
    Just as You were 13 days ago

    Can you get pick and pop badge with off ball screens?

  • michael johnson
    michael johnson 13 days ago

    I have an idea that they should have a kinect nba2k game. Where part of the game is where the game follows your physical movements.

  • Mooshzi T.V.
    Mooshzi T.V. 13 days ago

    Who's ready to get rigged by 2K again?

  • Humanity Recourse
    Humanity Recourse 13 days ago

    whyyyy shaq wtf

  • TheGamerPandA
    TheGamerPandA 13 days ago

    Will 2k18 have national teams in it like Lithuania,Spain,Turkey & Greece etc. ? I really like to play with national teams that have a few nba profiles as they often stand out in games as their star players

  • NeonKid N.H.C.K
    NeonKid N.H.C.K 13 days ago

    Not Buying The Game Because it Don't Have MyPark they sad asf

  • Cy The Grate
    Cy The Grate 13 days ago

    how long yall think it'll take Lonzo Ball to get a 2k cover?

  • Erick Washington
    Erick Washington 13 days ago

    NBA 2K15 🔥🔥🔥 #FuckPatch4

  • Erick Washington
    Erick Washington 13 days ago

    I hope this game is like 2K15. That game was the best before demigods! 😭😭😭 #RIP2K15 #GoneButNeverForgotten

  • Super swagin Daddy
    Super swagin Daddy 14 days ago

    Shit we might as well go back to NBA live at least it's affordable if we buy that non sense they're just gonna keep upping the cost 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • WoodenPC User
    WoodenPC User 14 days ago

    nba 2k20 legend edition 200$ ? ronnie 2k money sucker !

  • WoodenPC User
    WoodenPC User 14 days ago

    150$ for the Legend Edition!? and still no real gaimeplay trailer or skreen shots.... ronnie2k trolling level 120%

  • Desean Smith
    Desean Smith 14 days ago

    My nickname better don't be fucking Pres and fucking apple juice

  • Georgios Daskayiannis

    Song name?

  • misterbondage007
    misterbondage007 14 days ago

    Kobe's little snort got me. LMAO

  • JeSuis PLSMan
    JeSuis PLSMan 14 days ago

    What about Tim Duncan?

  • TwArDxL
    TwArDxL 14 days ago

    You know the price high when nobody mentions kobe

  • Ayo Abiodun
    Ayo Abiodun 14 days ago

    Please make MyCareer better 2K. That shit is so fucking trash, and I really want to enjoy the mode but I just can't ffs

  • Blueberry Anima
    Blueberry Anima 15 days ago

    whats the song name pleeeease

  • Eastside Hendrix
    Eastside Hendrix 15 days ago

    pre ordering the limited and gold is a no go.I can just buy a cover from somebody who has the shaq edition cover if that's the case its a waste of money but hey if you want to spend 100-150 dollars be my guest but its this 2k edition is not that important.(no offense on Shaq)

  • Abdi
    Abdi 15 days ago

    What if they actually put Lonzo Ball on the normal edition cover😂 it would be so lit and sell better

  • Aaron mejja _
    Aaron mejja _ 15 days ago

    They should have lavar ball as the cover for 2k18

  • Frazy Miindless
    Frazy Miindless 15 days ago

    150$$!? I would rather beat my meat in front of the class

  • TheBrawler280
    TheBrawler280 15 days ago

    i cant wait for my sis to waste her money on this, then losing rep cuz of "dribble gods", who actually just rape the shit out of the right analog stick. every 2k since 15 has been destroyed because of the type of people to post vc glitches and tutorials on dribbling. i hope my sis doesnt get scammed this time. its the same shit every year, just not the roster.

  • Allen Ballin
    Allen Ballin 15 days ago

    Fuck 2k Fuck 2k Fuck 2k

  • Allen Ballin
    Allen Ballin 15 days ago

    Fuck ronnie 2k

  • Iman Shumpert
    Iman Shumpert 15 days ago

    Fuck 2k

  • King Juli en
    King Juli en 15 days ago

    Kobe killed me on that one with that eyebrows raising lol

  • Hosea Pigram
    Hosea Pigram 15 days ago

    wait Shaq is on the cover of 2k18

  • Dominic Epps
    Dominic Epps 15 days ago

    I mean blacktop

  • Dominic Epps
    Dominic Epps 15 days ago

    2k in 2k18 you should make a my team pink diamond ernie johnson or at least put him in my park

  • The Warrior TWTW
    The Warrior TWTW 15 days ago

    Would be great if can play with the classic 09-10 Lakers and bring back the blacktop mode playing a game of 21....every man for themselves

  • MagaMan X
    MagaMan X 15 days ago

    Aww shieetttt

  • jaron paisley
    jaron paisley 15 days ago

    lmao kobe was on hella 2k covers

  • Aidens Vlogs
    Aidens Vlogs 15 days ago

    Paul Pierce for nba 2k19?????? that would be cool

  • TrashLord 74
    TrashLord 74 15 days ago

    No doubt I'm buying this, but can you make it so you can edit the muscle size on your myplayer? Im tired of playing with wimpy ass pres. Also, my last name is Blumerich, so I have to hear some terrible nickname every time I play. Can you find it in your heart to do gods work and make it so you can write in how you pronounce your name? And also, bring back custom players in blacktop. Really pissed at the fact that I spent 5 days making 5 unstoppable people to put up against MJs and realize I can't use them. Also, for fucks sake, let us upgrade all the badges!


    I rant about this game already enjoy

  • Aaron Pearson
    Aaron Pearson 15 days ago

    what's the name of the song at the end??

  • MuggleBorn
    MuggleBorn 15 days ago

    I'll Buy A Shoes Instead Of Costing $150 For A NBA 2K

    like If You Agree

  • Devinisballer 05
    Devinisballer 05 15 days ago

    y no gameplay???

  • Jack Sparrow
    Jack Sparrow 15 days ago

    Shaq looking puffy these days lol

  • michael edwards
    michael edwards 15 days ago

    typical kobe taking the spotlight lol

  • Angel  Soto
    Angel Soto 16 days ago

    this is gold

  • Lucy Pallesen
    Lucy Pallesen 16 days ago

    Cant wait to rain dem 3s yo!

  • John Lavin
    John Lavin 16 days ago

    no more generic coach pls I want a real coach talking to me and my team during practice and game

    I want spopovich or Kerr talking and motivating me in the game for example

    so you can feel you're in the NBA even it's just a game when the real head coach talking to myplayer instead of that fake ass coach brubaker or some shit

  • xJenkins218x
    xJenkins218x 16 days ago

    what's the song at the end?

  • bannedmarc
    bannedmarc 16 days ago

    Why not lavar ball

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