VLOG #177 - Weekend chill and a missing cat :(

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Comments: 33

  • Kelly Koelsch
    Kelly Koelsch 3 days ago

    That is absolutely heartbreaking about Poby. I can't imagine how difficult it is for Steph and Maria. Please give them hugs from us. The graphics on your game are outstanding, it looks like it'll be a fun one for sure. Love up on Paule for me :-) Big hugs to you both

  • Terry Gunn
    Terry Gunn 3 days ago

    try world of war ships

  • Uniquelyyours1
    Uniquelyyours1 3 days ago

    Poor Stephi. I'm sure her cat will return somehow. I loved your vid, Pierre. I always melt when you interact with Paule. Take care. Hugs:)

  • Jakob Kuschinsky
    Jakob Kuschinsky 4 days ago

    Ich glaube dass jemand sich dachte dass die Katze ausgesetzt wurde
    und dass er versucht sie zurückzugeben

  • Stephen Hall
    Stephen Hall 4 days ago

    Cant go out, at that age, pipe and slippers, its creeping up on you ha, I bet the girls are going of there nut about phobie my sis has two cats i can imagine her reaction if that happened, i hope it turns out well !!!

  • malkucken
    malkucken 4 days ago

    Check animal shelters for Steffi's cat. Maybe someone thought the cat was abandoned.

    • Pierre's VLOG
      Pierre's VLOG 4 days ago

      In the works.... But we have another clue

  • Luis Ferrel
    Luis Ferrel 4 days ago

    Really Poobie was stolen!! Dam, hope they find him! Have a nice restful night Pierre. Hey that game sounds interesting!

    • Pierre's VLOG
      Pierre's VLOG 4 days ago

      Game seems OK.. Haven't figured it all out yet though..

  • Crimson Thunder
    Crimson Thunder 4 days ago

    Dirty rotten thieves, I hope he makes a break for it and finds his way home after giving the kidnappers a well deserved thrashing!

  • Mindful Amy
    Mindful Amy 4 days ago

    Hey Pierre! I am soo sorry to hear about Stephie's cat. I would be super mad :( I hope she somehow finds her! Either way... It was great talking to you too on your live-stream. Take care!

    • Mindful Amy
      Mindful Amy 3 days ago

      Fell free to count me in 😎🐩

    • Pierre's VLOG
      Pierre's VLOG 4 days ago

      Yes it was... Nice that you we're there. We should meet up and do one or two vlogs together and some stupid challenges.. Hahah

  • ArcAudios
    ArcAudios 4 days ago

    This news about Stephanie's Cat is disturbing. I wish the Cat is found & a sign must be made to sit on the Box in future.
    You have my best wishes Pierre.

  • Paul Rivera
    Paul Rivera 4 days ago

    Hey Pierre , I hated missing the live cast, honestly knew nothing about it, my fault, if you decide to do these weekly or monthly is there a way we / you can like make a email address we can rsvp to. A week / month out, be great to everyone involved.. Auf Wiedersehen , Mi Amigo

  • dan alexander
    dan alexander 4 days ago

    Hey! Congratulations on breaking 800 subscribers. I was sorry to hear about Poby. I'm holding onto the hope that he gets returned.

  • Steven Williams
    Steven Williams 4 days ago

    Awful to hear about Stephi's cat, hope they find him soon. Congrats on the subs, keep up the vlogs.

  • Kanuckbrewer o
    Kanuckbrewer o 4 days ago

    I hope Stef's cat is at least properly fed and looked after.

    • Pierre's VLOG
      Pierre's VLOG 4 days ago

      We've got clues but nothing concrete....

  • Kronix
    Kronix 4 days ago

    Nice video! congrats on 800 subscribers btw!

  • Ashley Caissie
    Ashley Caissie 4 days ago

    Cool video! and congrats on your 800 th subscribers!

  • Van L
    Van L 4 days ago

    I missed your live session test yesterday. "Dag nab it"

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