The Alien Timeline in Chronological Order

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  • Dileepa Madushan
    Dileepa Madushan 4 hours ago

    Yоu ссcаn wааatсccсh ААlieееen hеееerе

  • Scorponozhek Rolex
    Scorponozhek Rolex 5 hours ago

    Замутите кто-нибудь перевод пжл...

  • juan galeana
    juan galeana 2 days ago

    I say we kill everyone who tries to take the eggs or tries to capture the queen.
    Cuz who ever is thinking about using them,they're all dead men

  • That Guy
    That Guy 4 days ago

    Okay gonna be That Guy. in alien 3 the xenomorph came out of a cow.. didn't it? not a dog could be wrong but I'm pretty sure I'm not

    • That Guy
      That Guy 4 days ago

      never mind read down the comments and apparently I've seen an after edit version... my bad sorry everybody

  • Davi Rogerio
    Davi Rogerio 4 days ago

    aline isolation where is it

  • Carmine Cavallo
    Carmine Cavallo 5 days ago

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  • dinkybo
    dinkybo 5 days ago

    The reason Ridley made it so complicated is because when you put it in the right sequence it's the stupidest story you can ever imagine

  • Sean Clough
    Sean Clough 5 days ago

    spoiler: that alien baby is a Targaryen

  • Grenge g
    Grenge g 6 days ago

    what about aliens and predator

  • Michael Driscoll
    Michael Driscoll 6 days ago

    The Deacon is basically a Xenomorph because when David tested the black goo it created the first of his own Genetically Superior branch of Xenomorph's. David is creating Xenomorph's because after looking at carving and drawings of Normal Xenomorph's in Prometheus and Alien: Covenant he found they already exist, but he is making his own and he's making them better than how nature crafted them. In this branch the Deacon was the first one, which would be followed by the Neomorph and Protomorph in Alien: Covenant with each member evolving more and more to the appearance of the Original Xenomorph Drone in Alien. So in conclusion the Deacon was David's first Xenomorph and it was not his last.

  • Ms. Eeveevolution
    Ms. Eeveevolution 6 days ago

    Why did it have to be dog? I'm a dog person for christ sake!!! STUPID FACEHUGGER!!😦😂

  • ComicComedyCommittee

    I actually have a leaked scene from the next alien movie on my channel. No joke. :)

  • Rob Marinaccio
    Rob Marinaccio 6 days ago

    you should add both CGI games with the movies simply because they are a great addition.

  • Andres Blanco Ramirez

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  • J English
    J English 7 days ago

    Lance Henriksen got up after getting killed by alien to be killed again by the predator

  • Cameron Bryan
    Cameron Bryan 8 days ago

    After alien 3 it just went down hill

  • Phenita Gomes
    Phenita Gomes 8 days ago

    So what did David do with the crew when they fell to sleep. Where does the time line speak about his experimentation on the crew

  • jose villalobos
    jose villalobos 8 days ago

    You forgot aliens vs predator, an ¿what happen with the cat? Its he ok?

  • Duke of Italy
    Duke of Italy 9 days ago

    The science of 3 shouldn't be retconned but everything else after Aliens should be.

  • Lisa Alvarez
    Lisa Alvarez 10 days ago

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  • Kelsey Foster
    Kelsey Foster 10 days ago

    Why is AVP not on the list? AVP Requiem also...

  • Jelly
    Jelly 10 days ago

    "All life on earth" - but theres a major panorama of a giant forest of trees before the engineer melts himself... trees are life and where there before the engineer...

  • Chris Dasinger
    Chris Dasinger 10 days ago

    Four films take place in the order they came out.

    Then two movies take place before those.

    Wow. So complicated. Mind blown. What would fans do without this video?

  • Tacticalkiwi 001
    Tacticalkiwi 001 11 days ago

    check out "River of pain", then watch aliens, so much better knowing what actually happened to the colony, would make a awesome movie i think

  • ◣ NetterKinz ◢

    Jonesy lives! the end.

  • Rand al'Thor
    Rand al'Thor 11 days ago

    What do boobs taste like?

  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith 12 days ago

    where does master chief come in?

  • wisegamer
    wisegamer 12 days ago

    What is Prometheus

  • Chrono105
    Chrono105 13 days ago

    I personally liked alien 3 the most. Summed up the story quite well, everything after that was kind of overkill.

  • Gunner Hauer
    Gunner Hauer 13 days ago

    Did weyland yutani die in Prometheus?

  • Anthonythegamer1204
    Anthonythegamer1204 13 days ago

    I felt like there somebody name in almost every movie of alien

  • Fred Feuerstein
    Fred Feuerstein 14 days ago

    Alien 1 is the best alien film ever ... the rest is just stupid ...

  • sketchyou
    sketchyou 14 days ago

    You missed out on the 'Hammerpede', only mentioning the goo affecting the people in Prometheus, but the hammerpede (with its goo) affected fified

  • Zacheriah Heinmiller

    he forgot the alien vs predator movies

  • özay şenkalasın
    özay şenkalasın 15 days ago

    also, in first alien vs predator movie, Italian scientist read that aliens already have exist during building of astec' pyramids, min 3000 years ago. very odd.

  • özay şenkalasın
    özay şenkalasın 15 days ago

    also, in first alien vs predator movie, Italian scientist read that aliens already have exist during building of astec' pyramids, min 3000 years ago. very odd.

  • özay şenkalasın
    özay şenkalasın 15 days ago

    thete are two alien movies in that day: alien vs predator 1 and 2. Aliens already have got last/final form. Now can we say, predators had created final form of aliens, 200 years before the synthetic man? this point is not logical for me.

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  • MD 29
    MD 29 16 days ago

    If David created alien in 2104, how they could exist in 2004 in AVP movie?

  • Andraco
    Andraco 16 days ago

    the question is, what is the spore from alien covenant.

  • zibbe11
    zibbe11 16 days ago


  • Ilham Sheikh
    Ilham Sheikh 16 days ago

    Can't wait for predators to kill them

  • Alexandru Totolan
    Alexandru Totolan 16 days ago

    What about the technology differences? From Prometheus to Alien 1, that's quite a huge difference, how do they explain that?

  • LoganSoulsBorne4
    LoganSoulsBorne4 17 days ago

    Here's the extremely difficult timeline- Prometheus-Covenant-A1-A2-A3-A4

  • Forrest Man
    Forrest Man 17 days ago

    U forgot alien vs predator

  • The Senate
    The Senate 17 days ago

    Hang on, if Harry Potter took place after Prometheus and The Lord of the Rings is a sequel to Star Wars, when did Master Chief turn Bella into a Vampire?

  • RyderRocks5
    RyderRocks5 18 days ago

    i seethem all as cannon

  • futre bender
    futre bender 18 days ago

    Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow. Translation " My name is is jones the cat and I am the last survive of some gaunt black thing killing ripleys friend and other people. This is jones the cat signing off" 🙀😺

  • Devedas Gaikwad
    Devedas Gaikwad 18 days ago

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  • Luisk Gomezc
    Luisk Gomezc 18 days ago

    .....and Alien: Isolation (videogame)???

  • Alejandro Mario Soriano Rodríguez

    What about Predator vs Aliens movies, this timeline is not complete...feelsbadmen.

    MEGATRON KNIGHT 18 days ago

    AVP, Colonial Marines and Insolation are canon.

  • Dragan Vatic-Gagi
    Dragan Vatic-Gagi 18 days ago

    What is the name of music in the background?

  • metal clone
    metal clone 19 days ago

    why did the blonde android drop black liquid on the engineer planet

  • Kevin McCarthy
    Kevin McCarthy 19 days ago

    what about AVP or are they not related?

  • hamood701
    hamood701 19 days ago

    Alien: the benchmark of alien movies.

  • JMD Productions
    JMD Productions 19 days ago

    so where do the predators fit in?

  • Night Shift
    Night Shift 20 days ago

    I'm interested on Davids fate. What will happen to him before Alien 1

  • Dinosaur Lovers
    Dinosaur Lovers 20 days ago

    no you are wrong hics was never in the escape pod in alien 3 if you play aliens calonel marens the dlc campaing statis interupted hics wqs saved and the guy who saved him was punched into the sleep pod by a walend untani worker because they elegaly boraded the ship

  • Matthew Schenk
    Matthew Schenk 20 days ago

    noomi rapace and fassbender were dope in prometheus despite the writing, just good acting

  • Darrian Pitts
    Darrian Pitts 20 days ago


  • TheEliteMaster 1780
    TheEliteMaster 1780 20 days ago

    I think i know why he did not add alien isolation beacuse maybe it ruined the timeline

  • Handinabag
    Handinabag 20 days ago

    its not a xenomorph its a protomorph

  • Diamonddeath
    Diamonddeath 20 days ago

    I thought the Engineers created all mankind on Earth, not all life on Earth.

  • Tyler Crebs
    Tyler Crebs 20 days ago

    I consider

    Alien covenant

    The only cannon things

  • Ben Liu
    Ben Liu 20 days ago

    The main complication would be the Alien vs Predator movies *if* they were canon. Considering those movies were much closer to our current time, the Aliens would not have been created and evolved as yet for the Predators to battle them endlessly for millennia previously as part of the "hunt".

  • Arjan Van De haar
    Arjan Van De haar 20 days ago

    where does predator vs alliens fit in this timeline? i always thought that was why before riply

    • Arjan Van De haar
      Arjan Van De haar 20 days ago

      what did i do to you to get an answer like that? you are a sad man you know that

  • Syed Mohaseen
    Syed Mohaseen 21 day ago

    "Alien Awakening" is next movie ... I think so...!??

  • Nicholas Dickens
    Nicholas Dickens 21 day ago

    Alien Isolation is way better than Covenant.

  • Amar Muammar
    Amar Muammar 21 day ago

    Alien 3 and Resurrection was a Ripley's nightmare during the hypersleep on Sulaco at the end of Aliens.. duuh

  • Joseph mut
    Joseph mut 21 day ago

    oh . now I get it

  • Rohan Rohan
    Rohan Rohan 21 day ago

    U r funny... Hah.

  • Yeedo Kim
    Yeedo Kim 21 day ago

    yo you rock!

  • GamerKingNation
    GamerKingNation 21 day ago

    That was a protomorph.

  • Sofang
    Sofang 22 days ago

    Should not AVP been added to the timeline, say right after the engineer created life on earth? Then continue on to Prometheus and so on?

  • Shelley Allan
    Shelley Allan 22 days ago

    I would have liked avp, avp requiem, colonial marines and isolation to be on the list

  • Master Hand
    Master Hand 22 days ago

    Alien covenent did not have a xenomorph but rather a protomorph!

  • Joseph Hoffman
    Joseph Hoffman 22 days ago

    Where was Alien Isolation? That is canon!

  • Daleylife
    Daleylife 22 days ago

    Alien Isolation is considered canon and you should have included it on this list and you guys know it.

  • Karabo ManneZA
    Karabo ManneZA 22 days ago

    Why'd the crash in South Africa??
    I live there

  • Guadalupe Florian
    Guadalupe Florian 22 days ago

    Wait so if Alien vs Predador took place in ancient and present times on earth, it does not make sense if we imply Aliens were created in 2104

    • Guadalupe Florian
      Guadalupe Florian 20 days ago

      This helps:

    • Guadalupe Florian
      Guadalupe Florian 20 days ago

      Jajajajaja my 5 year old cousin also uses "dumbass". It's really cute, although she is starting to grow out of it and use more interesting arguments. Don't worry, I'm sure you will do as well. Anyways what I was thinking is maybe AVP is an alternate Univerese like the DC or MARVEL comics. Or it could also be Fox' money maker since AVP videogames was a success in sales, which would not be anything new.

  • noah prophet
    noah prophet 22 days ago

    i finaly understand

  • Natalie Jackson
    Natalie Jackson 22 days ago

    Awesome. That helped me figure out the time line of the franchise, because I was confused. So; Alien Resurrection takes place 286 years after the events of Prometheus. Thanks!

  • blondie
    blondie 22 days ago

    This is the weakest chronological order because you didn't even add the director cut or avp

  • Satina Dempsey
    Satina Dempsey 22 days ago

    her hair involved into from curly to big amd curly to sexy and wavy

  • chris brown
    chris brown 23 days ago

    Not sure anyone needed a video to explain this.

  • Amber Slahlize
    Amber Slahlize 23 days ago

    So...the whole plot of the series is...bad guys....*bad guys everywhere!* I was right!

  • weyland yutani
    weyland yutani 23 days ago

    "clearly not a morning person"....lmfao.

  • cgraham6
    cgraham6 23 days ago

    Wait, so the facehugger aboard the Sulaco impregnated both Ripley (with the queen) AND the dog on Fiorina 161? I thought they could only implant one embryo and then died.

  • DZenitram23
    DZenitram23 23 days ago

    what about the alien and predator movies?

  • Draconius Selvantius

    Sometime between 2093 and 2104 - David kills off the Engineers at their homeworld.
    2104 - David makes the Xenomorph that we all know from the other Alien movies.
    2122 - crew of the Nostromo find a derelict Engineer ship with a fossilized Engineer with it's chest-bursted and a cargo hold housing thousands of eggs.

    If the timeline is so simple, explain how the Engineer could be fossilized and suit/bones fuzed with the command chair while the cargo hold has Facehugger eggs if they were made by David only 18 years prior?

    • Nimadan
      Nimadan 23 days ago

      There's no answer because neither Ridley Scott nor any of his hired writers bothered to think it through.

  • Solo Bikepacker
    Solo Bikepacker 23 days ago

    what about Alien vs. Predator and Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem that means from your time line they weren't invent yet

  • deh175
    deh175 23 days ago

    Alien was cool before they made it convoluted and stupid. Now it's officially stupid.

  • dieeser
    dieeser 24 days ago

    Funny to see square boxy tvs from the 80s way ahead of LCDs and holograms in time.!

  • Mod_ King_
    Mod_ King_ 24 days ago

    What about AVP?

    • Mod_ King_
      Mod_ King_ 23 days ago

      Don't insult my knowledge.

  • Matt Reed
    Matt Reed 24 days ago

    Why does it say it's a xenomorph in Covenant? ITS NOT! it's the protomorph. The xenomorph NEVER showed up in Covenant.

  • ClassyWeasel413
    ClassyWeasel413 25 days ago

    I think Amanda Ripley's timeline in Alien: Isolation is an important part of the story. It would have taken place in 2137 or 2138, fifteen years after Ellen Ripley disappeared. That was an amazing game that adapted the original movie sets, characters, environment, and Weyland-Yutani fuckery (including terrifying synthetics) perfectly to a video game experience. They used some original sound files from Alien (1979) that 20th Century Fox had saved and lent to the development team. The AI used for the Xenomorph was unlike anything I'd seen from a video game previous, especially on "nightmare" mode. Anyway, Alien: Isolation is definitely canon in my book and should have been included.

  • Sean Henry
    Sean Henry 25 days ago

    There was Alien and the sequel, Aliens. After that, no more movies were made.

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