What will humans look like in the year 5,000?

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  • To celebrate the premiere of Extant: Season 2 on Syfy, paleoanthropologist Dr Matthew Skinner predicts how the human body will evolve in future habitat scenarios.
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  • abdijabar takar
    abdijabar takar 8 hours ago

    university of CUNT

  • Fuck ur feelings
    Fuck ur feelings 12 hours ago

    Total bullshit.

  • Cory Romani
    Cory Romani 23 hours ago


  • crybaby's page
    crybaby's page 1 day ago

    I really DONT want to be a fish.

  • Sayandeep Ghosh
    Sayandeep Ghosh 1 day ago

    we will not live that long ?

  • Muhammad Fairouz
    Muhammad Fairouz 1 day ago

    HAHA stupid darwin evolutionist apes..

  • Tainted Lilly
    Tainted Lilly 2 days ago

    Genetic manipulation is right around the corner, Natural evolution or de-evolution for Homo Sapiens is over.

  • josh zurek
    josh zurek 2 days ago

    Santas from the future

  • François Morin
    François Morin 5 days ago

    Evolution does not work like that according to Darwinism. Beneficial mutations won't just happen like this. It needs an accidental mutation that is beneficial for survival that is then passed on to other generation by sexual selection. Also thinking of all the technology we possess those mutations may appear futile so will not be passed on through sexual selection as mates will not find any advantages in those very small mutation. For example we will not wake up with web between our fingers, it would be a very small membrane that would be beneficial in the competition to acquire food. But technology will compromise this type of competition so that individual with a very small membrane will not be more seductive to other mates, so they will not reproduce more than anyone resulting their mutated gene may just disappear in the gene pool. Voilà! A course in Darwin's evolution theory for free!

    GODOFHELLFIRE3 5 days ago

    How is it that so many people don't seem to get how evolution works? Like how everyone thinks that humans will magically evolve long, thin fingers to make us better at typing just because we all use computers. But for that to work, people with short, stubby fingers would have to die out, which they're not because the ability to type at forty words a minute isn't essential to survival.
    If it was, then all the people with short, stubby fingers would be so slow at typing that no office would hire them, so they most likely wouldn't have a job, so they'd have no money to live, and they'd all die.
    Meanwhile, all the people with long, thin fingers would be amazing at typing, so they'd be fast-tracked into all the cushiest positions, so they'd have plenty of money to live long and happy lives, and they'd settle down and start families and their genes would be passed on to the next generation. Eventually, the short-stubby-fingers genes are eroded from the gene-pool, leaving only the long-thin-fingers genes, and evolution works its course to make all future humans have long thin fingers.
    This is obviously not true.
    What actually happens is that, while it may be an advantage to have long, thin fingers for typing, it's not enough of an advantage to make any meaningful difference; and either way, people with short stubby fingers are having children every day in every country the world over, so the evolutionary process is null and void.
    Don't believe the hype that we're all going to become super-intelligent aliens, because it isn't true. It's a myth propagated to credulous morons pop-culture pseudo-science. End of story.

  • Lando Kleexformer
    Lando Kleexformer 5 days ago

    we are a fish now

  • Liv Cousin
    Liv Cousin 5 days ago

    This video is total bollocks

  • Momo Animations
    Momo Animations 6 days ago

    The world might not even exist because humanz fucked it up.

  • Momo Animations
    Momo Animations 6 days ago

    Kpop is gone forever

  • Ruiheng Jin
    Ruiheng Jin 6 days ago

    The earth will not be habitable in 5000. Humans will not be able to adapt.

  • Jay Lim
    Jay Lim 6 days ago

    The last one = when you see caucasians.Albino version.

  • Kind Guy
    Kind Guy 6 days ago

    is this guy serious!!!!!?? wtf

  • P.E.I. Man -Canada-

    Absorb Vitamin D from the sun's light? If I open a jar and leave it outside, will it collect Vit D ? A vitamin is a group of organic compounds.

  • AMaliciousMoose
    AMaliciousMoose 6 days ago

    Man, it's almost as though this video is a brief thought experiment and not a scientific thesis. I'm shocked, personally. I thought that everything on the internet was serious.

  • Roger Welsh
    Roger Welsh 7 days ago

    This guy has absolutely no idea how evolution works. Because we may need to have webbed feet and hands to survive, we can't just decide to grow them. He acts like once we want something, we can force our bodies to evolve. Please people with children, do NOT send your kid to any school he is working at.

  • Mrwesmrwes
    Mrwesmrwes 7 days ago

    Water world option is nonsense! If all ice and snow on earth melted ocean levels would only rise about 70m or 230ft.

  • Thisplacesux
    Thisplacesux 7 days ago

    2:00 just like a disease

  • Sance dastan
    Sance dastan 7 days ago

    If seas take away most of the land, humanity will start wiping out each other for the limited resources.

  • Sarah Zarin
    Sarah Zarin 8 days ago

    I dont believe in this f***ing stupid human evolution theory.

  • Texasrangers Gaming

    Can I just say that the sun will swallow the first four planets (that includes earth) in 3000 years?

  • Cyreno Bonaby
    Cyreno Bonaby 9 days ago


  • spaveevo
    spaveevo 9 days ago

    The paleoanthropologist doesnt say 5000 years but the title does. 5000 years is about 200 generations give or take. That is not enough time to have any major differences at all. Only very slight variations unless we had a directed breeding program.

  • Abishek F Leo
    Abishek F Leo 9 days ago

    would *vogue* be still a thing ??

  • 김일성 คิมอิลซุง

    why dont have sharp teeth and strong jaws for counter attack lion or tiger(not the PZ VI)

  • Emma Holdcroft
    Emma Holdcroft 10 days ago

    Pause at 1:10 and it looks like Pewdiepies photoshopping 😂

  • Bharbir Singh Heyer
    Bharbir Singh Heyer 10 days ago

    Stupid, none of this will happen, technology has co opted evolution, no evolutionary pressure to adapt, because we use technology instead

    • spaveevo
      spaveevo 9 days ago

      We also dont die before we have offspring because of technology and medicine. It use to be common. Now its rare. That alone will have a huge affect on humans. Whether we will even be around for another 10,000 years is another question.

  • SillySlime DIYs
    SillySlime DIYs 10 days ago

    Good thing I won't be alive in 5,000 years 😊

  • Bewitched
    Bewitched 10 days ago

    ive noticed that people are not as hairy as they used to be when i was a kid. well the reason is because i have had many bfs and most of them have very little hair on their bodys and i dont think its a coincidence. was born in the 80s btw. Also kids are much taller and a little over weight. when i was a kid if you were chubby you got made fun of and ppl didnt want to play w you (kids are cruel) and now there are lots of chubby kids.

  • The Computer
    The Computer 11 days ago

    the only changes I can see are a higher immune system, possible radioactive resistance, and a height increase and toe loss, but more likely bigger brains and a way to get rid of fat other than natural exercise

  • Arda Yurdakul
    Arda Yurdakul 11 days ago

    why so many dislikes ???

  • Chris Beckham
    Chris Beckham 12 days ago

    In a waterworld...maybe we'll become a sea worm again?

  • jovan vasic
    jovan vasic 12 days ago

    we will be smart cave mans

  • Fahad Mehar
    Fahad Mehar 13 days ago

    Who told you all this shit?

  • Bruce Johnson
    Bruce Johnson 13 days ago

    Random evolutionary changes such as webbed feet would only progress if those with webbed feet survived to breed much more than people without webbed feet. It's the same thing with every example he mentioned. People with smaller jaws and fewer teeth would hold no advantage over those who had larger jaws, therefore I don't see how any of his examples could be accurate. Evolutionary advantage is actually largely dismissed among humans, due to their use of technology to negate changes which would threaten survival.

  • San's .
    San's . 13 days ago

    fake because we cann9t see the future only our god can dobthat such a nonsense

  • Alex Macaroni
    Alex Macaroni 13 days ago

    we've looked the same for like 100 000 years and 5000 years are not enough to see big changes

  • Terje Tuttle
    Terje Tuttle 13 days ago

    Global warming doesn't exist

  • That BOI
    That BOI 13 days ago


  • Calamity556
    Calamity556 14 days ago

    Implying that we even make it to 5,000 without causing a nuclear apocalypse.

  • Terrell Drayton
    Terrell Drayton 14 days ago

    Very relative

  • illuminavx
    illuminavx 14 days ago

    lol compete bs

  • Gonzalo Huete
    Gonzalo Huete 14 days ago

    Oh yes, so why is it that from 1000 BC we haven't developed such changes? It has passed the same amount of years, but no significant changes. Not convincing.

  • Shawn Weaver
    Shawn Weaver 15 days ago

    Lol this bastard wrote my WHAP textbook

  • Nolan Curtis
    Nolan Curtis 15 days ago

    As long as there is no natural selection, gene manipulation, or selective breeding, humans will look the same

  • Mike Heck
    Mike Heck 15 days ago

    Guys lets face it we will not survive for 5,000 years

  • Rich
    Rich 16 days ago

    Humans will be extinct in 5,000 years.

  • Garrett Krehbiel
    Garrett Krehbiel 16 days ago

    What will humans look like in the year 5,000? Like they always have!

  • john Rodriguez17KInG

    That's stuff won't happen humans will stay humans god won't change anything from now

  • Damoreah Mitchell
    Damoreah Mitchell 16 days ago

    water world lol what human is going to survive if the earth is pure water, and no land..

  • Midnight Acnologia
    Midnight Acnologia 16 days ago

    Community is ignorant to the fullest. This is a "what if" video. Instead of learning, the community dislikes the video and goes against it.

  • Jon Coda
    Jon Coda 17 days ago

    That make no sense. We are humans, we're not going to make these extreme adaptation to the environments. We're going to change those environments to suit us. Besides the AI, none of that other crap seems plausible.

  • Kugla Amygdala
    Kugla Amygdala 18 days ago

    hahah this guys thinks he discovered cold water! what a useless doctor degree he has! which you dont need one to know what will happen in either situations it is common sense!wished he said anything new :( but cheers

  • Ironjagg
    Ironjagg 18 days ago

    we will all evolve into fidget spinners in the year 5000

  • Dragon
    Dragon 18 days ago

    lmao so stupid

  • Melissa Hooper
    Melissa Hooper 18 days ago

    what about black ppl and other races

  • Prince XVII
    Prince XVII 18 days ago

    Evolution does not initiate neither from a change in environment nor does it speed up. It happens from millions of years of tiny genetic mistakes, that coincidentally better the organism in its environment, building up for a very long time to eventually improve the organism. Furthermore, considering we do not kill cancer patients and deformed babies, these changes will not be part of the human population as a whole. But this is just my two cents.

  • Brandon Kriescher
    Brandon Kriescher 19 days ago

    humans will be mostly machine long before this happens.

  • ArrowGamingYT
    ArrowGamingYT 19 days ago

    you cant predict future.

  • TheDemonInMe
    TheDemonInMe 19 days ago

    Why the actual fuck are we watching this video? Unless you plan on living forever or time travel (Which both are close to impossible to do) then why would you care about how we would look like in 5000 years. So strop munching on that biscuit billy and go lose that weight!

  • Jan Wochnik
    Jan Wochnik 19 days ago

    This is the biggest shit I have ever heard of. If you want to know how we will look like in Year 5000, look back how we looked like in the Year 1000 BC. At this time, humans didnt looked much different than we now. Maybe a bit more hairy. The only thing that changed is our intelligence. And that is what will happen in the next 3000 years. We will get smarter, and not more.

  • Vedran Pačić
    Vedran Pačić 20 days ago

    i bet a movie will be made out of this... i can't wait to watch it

  • Amena Bernadette
    Amena Bernadette 20 days ago

    well this guys an idiot

  • Alanay Serter
    Alanay Serter 20 days ago

    This guy is an idiot, people would live in floating cities not underwater, that is way too risky. Realistically we will probably evolve to be able to look at screens more easily without getting eye strain. So maybe our eyes will look different and probably hand will be more dexterous.

  • Kerri Shaw
    Kerri Shaw 21 day ago

    This made me sad.

  • Luqmanul Hakim
    Luqmanul Hakim 21 day ago

    well i dont care wat we look like....but the level of assholesness will multiply for shure

  • Daniel Augusto Gomes Diogenes

    the humans won't change you crazy suckers! The natural selection is not happening because of the technology and the unatural forms that we use to survive, so we will look the almost the same in 5000

  • Иван Василевыц

    I'm pretty sure they found this guy at an art museum or something.

  • Suraya-Lei Hayden-Sudi

    year 5,000 comes along


  • Ahmad Dakhlallah
    Ahmad Dakhlallah 23 days ago

    nope. bullshit. I know basic biology so I know this.

  • Richard Vargas
    Richard Vargas 23 days ago

    Humans won't exist by then, the Earth would be extinct nuff said...

  • TheEloquentEye
    TheEloquentEye 23 days ago

    Why the fuck would we grow webbed feet unless we forgot how to swim or make boats?

  • Kookie Min
    Kookie Min 23 days ago

    We might become 3D pixels :D

  • Murray Horn
    Murray Horn 24 days ago

    Just watch the movie Idiocracy ! it sums it up pretty well. Also on average the western IQ has dropped by 14 points since the victorian era, thought to be due to women of a lesser intelligence being more likely to have more offspring. My theory is we will have smaller eyes from staring at bright screens, smaller brains due to computers replacing our working memory, fair to translucent skin from lack of sunlight & vit D deficiencies, taller from selective breeding, elongated didgets from increasing use of hands and fingers and hairless body's due to living in air conditioned environments. That to me is a more plausible outcome.

  • Nin10ja
    Nin10ja 24 days ago

    stuff like this is why so many people don't believe evolution.

  • Lesa Vera
    Lesa Vera 24 days ago

    I want to live underwater

  • Snorlium Z
    Snorlium Z 24 days ago


  • lightskin thunder
    lightskin thunder 24 days ago

    1:42 #vitamnd

  • Photoshopuzr
    Photoshopuzr 24 days ago

    5,000 years, not so fast buddy, with so many global problems we are lucky if we make it to 100 much less 5,000 our oceans are dying from Japan's rath, like steven hawkins said for us to survir we will have to find our way off this planet in 100 years or else, I don't know about all of that but i do know if we can live here we are all dead.

  • zachariah Kane
    zachariah Kane 24 days ago

    This guy is taking the piss right? He actually thinks we evolve from our environment. How archaic.

  • Deepak Rawal
    Deepak Rawal 25 days ago

    humans will look green due to chlorophyll in their cells which give them rid of eating food and made them self sufficient by introducing photosynthetic genes in them.

  • James
    James 26 days ago

    this isn't how evolution or natural selection works :/ we don't simply evolve webbed feet because it would be useful, adaptations don't know that they are useful to an organism. Mutation is the only raw material for evolutionary factors to act upon so you are basically asking the evolutionary dice to give us the perfect adaptation because we don't want to die. Genetic engineering would be the only way.

  • Jaimentalli
    Jaimentalli 26 days ago

    I believe in evolution, but this is just retarded. There are so many problems with this video. First of all, yes, the ice caps are melting. But no, earth won't just become a giant Atlantis where we all have to fucking live underwater and create new civilizations down there and bullshit. There will still be plenty of land, only many minor changes to coastal areas like florida will be gone and lakes and rivers will be bigger. Even if the earth was mostly water, we're not just gonna be like "oh shit. Most land on earth is gone. I guess we'll have to build cities and live underwater." That's fucking stupid. We'd either find and inhabit the remaining land areas, or die off because WE CAN'T LIVE UNDERWATER. Second of all, evolution takes hundreds of thousands of years. And that's for minor changes like bigger noses or stronger jaws. If your talking whole body changes, that's millions of years. 3000 years is FUCKING NOTHING. Unless we used technology to adapt, we are not going to magically turn into mermaids just because we attempt to go underwater. We'd die off, quickly, like i said. That's not how evolution FUCKING WORKS. I guess it's the fault of the retard that named this video, because this guy never mentions this happening in 5,000 years. Anyway, as for the volcanic ash thing: There is not nearly enough volcanos on earth to do that. And for the asteroid impact thing, certainly if it's an impact that changes the climate of the earth, then it would have to be big enough to wipe us out. We'd be dead. We'd probably be able to detect one LONG before it happens. Honestly, it's dipshits like these that are the reason many people don't believe in evolution. smfh

  • PISSON Polaris
    PISSON Polaris 26 days ago

    :))) fish

  • Apex Vlogs
    Apex Vlogs 27 days ago


  • deewillofficial
    deewillofficial 27 days ago

    They will have built-in Wi-Fi 👽

  • Bustin Justin
    Bustin Justin 27 days ago

    There are no more selective pressures for humans anymore.

  • Plasma Skull
    Plasma Skull 27 days ago

    Northern Canadians are pale it seems they adapted quite well

  • DoYouWantAFireCookie

    How the fuck would natural selection allow this.

  • spikedpsycho
    spikedpsycho 27 days ago

    All of wish is bullshit cause it doesn't take into consideration that humanity will genetically engineer themselves centuries from now. Hopefully not to look like ugly fish babies

  • Artur Zathas
    Artur Zathas 28 days ago

    bullshit! no one would fuck a webbed toe person

  • Caleigh Antwine
    Caleigh Antwine 28 days ago

    well, when the dinosaurs lived, it was a period of warmth, kind of like it is now. Millions of years later, a ice age appeared. Maybe it might be some sort of cycle?

  • The Legend Gamer
    The Legend Gamer 28 days ago

    fuck doctor matthew skinner if even that is a name

  • ToffeeTown
    ToffeeTown 29 days ago

    Humanity will probably be dead by then😂

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