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Author Praba Karan (19 days)

Author Chong Yit Jin (1 month)


Author antera wahyu (9 months)
soo good you songs i like <3

Author Lovelyrose Rose (1 year)
Awesome lyrics in tamil words,,this song really made me cry... karuppar
tunnai & I love him so much. ... 

Author piraveena raman (11 months)
MY FB... sridi sai sasi......

Author Asha sha (1 year)
I like this song

Author Sharuvin Moorthy (1 year)
nice pictures i like the shiva with baby krishnan

Author Sathesh Raj (5 years)
Awesome song. - Sri Yantra Urumi Mellam Ipoh

Author mukes eashwar (2 years)
ahahah nice

Author je - dai (6 years)
hi bro..tanx alot...on 25 of april v hav vasippu in kampung us..tank u jai to s.n.t urumi melam n ipoh guys..

Author machai18 (4 years)
Saavadi!!! Jai Jada Muni Saranam

Author hemadevi utrakumaran (4 years)
wow! can't stop listening to this song!! great work!! :)

Author kumari mathi (1 year)
dei tutup mulut babi...u punya allah x pakai u ckp tuhan india pundei betul

Author kesavan sinandy (3 years)
The best song in the world of muniswarar thai I heard. :) :D

Author mukes eashwar (2 years)
god boy

Author Damien Raj (5 years)
superb bro ! see u guyz at Thaipusam VEL VEL

Author je - dai (6 years)
tank u bro....

Author Veera Buz (2 years)
nice song.........

Author dharshini guna (2 years)
: Awesome song . Keep up the good work :)

Author satish kumar (2 years)
semma ayyan thunai....

Author danes trp (2 years)
oi melayu bodoh... ko orng prnh tngok tuhan kamu ker... tak kan so tutup
mulut.. balik kampung FELDA bodoh........

Author Kugan Raymon (5 years)
nice my fav song

Author Anbarasan Periyasami (5 years)
great works friends ,lets keep our folk music alive.

Author je - dai (6 years)
tank u fren...hope u enjoy the song...thavamuniswarar thunai...

Author adl2070 (6 years)
best wishes from S.N.T urime melam (ipoh)...keep it up the good

Author Andi Ginting (2 years)
podrii podrii,sewamie ayapo ayapo

Author je - dai (6 years)
tank u...boy...

Author je - dai (5 years)
tank u bro....

Author durairg (4 years)
Excellent SONG BRO!!!

Author Spade X (2 years)
Col saye..0123276530..Klau lu berani

Author je - dai (5 years)
ayya always hidup fren....keep in touch thank u fren...

Author 08kaigels (2 years)
Islam adalah tahi hindhu

Author Saguni MaMa (6 years)
great song and playing bro!! very nice indeed. all the best from maaya
sudar oli urumi melam...

Author Muni Andy (2 years)

Author je - dai (6 years)
tanx alot fren......tanx alot for the support...

Author je - dai (6 years)
tank u bro...keep on supporting all malaysian urume melam bro... tanx alot

Author je - dai (5 years)
tank u fren...our next album cumin out on tiz cumin APRIL...pliz do support
fren...tank u

Author je - dai (6 years)
tanx alot bro..tcare

Author Vaikeshwary vaikesh (5 years)
best song !!

Author Gopal Krisnan (2 years)
btl tu bro

Author Runiswaran Visuanathan (6 years)
hyenice song n nice to hear ........u all hav very gud talent ..........our
best wishes from sri raja mariamman urumin melam ,pontian johor..........
valgae thavemuniswarar urumi melam......

Author shankyboi (6 years)
Great song guys...couldn't stop listening to it...power bros...continue to
produce more songs like that and may thavamuni bless u guys...Valge Urumee
Melam...from Sri Siva Sakthi Muniandy Urumee Melam Singapore

Author je - dai (6 years)
tanx alot for your support fren...tcare tank u..

Author je - dai (2 years)

Author je - dai (2 years)
thank you friend...

Author MrViknes2 (3 years)
nice sg n i love so much

Author Deeban Chak (3 years)
hi, Unlike other gods like shiva ,vishnu,ramar all those are imposed on
dravidians for thousands of years and made to belive so that aryans can
have control over us these goods karupar ,muniswarar are all guardian god
nothing but our forefathers who guarded our land these where the gods a
dravidian need to follow not for all the riches and worldly benefits as you
aspect from all gods its just the respect you show to your elders tats all

Author Kesavan Kp (2 years)
nice bro..

Author thelabadabada (3 years)
so fantastic

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