Behind the scenes of a bowling alley AMF 82-70 pinsetter (And what a pin jam is)

I take a look at what a bowling alley is really doing behind the masking unit. Will the help of my friend Will, i got to check out some Brunswick A2 pinsetters, and some of the best.

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Author daniel minshall ( ago)
I love the old style 82-30 6525 machines by AMF ... They ran like a clock
if you had the right person working on them.... 82-70's are o.k. but they
have weak parts that break alot..... Older is better when it comes to
being tough.... :)

Author Trisha Doherty ( ago)
interesting info, although the video was a bit shakey, like it was shot by
Michael j. fox on a mechanical bull

Author Mallanan37 (1623 years ago)
what this place called

Author Mallanan37 ( ago)
this stink

Author Nathan Clarkson ( ago)
I just saw an pinsetter today that was the same to

Author A Bacchus (KASE-EO) ( ago)
Covert filming? Nice crotch shot! LOL

Author adam hults ( ago)
This guy is bad at handling a camera

Author lovinh22 ( ago)
its for decoration lmao.. rivets 

Author PBAFan12 ( ago)
sounds like league bowling haha great video love 8270s

Author dnon75 ( ago)
Awesome video, but could you just zoom in a little more? Thanks.

Author DarkRiochet ( ago)
i work on these but with guarding, Its really weird to see them naked lol

Author rivierarick ( ago)
Obviously this poor bastard was badly trained and is definitely going to
get hurt.

Author Sarah Goforth ( ago)
there should be signs at the back of the alley saying 'warning bowlers, do
not put your hands in the machines while they're on'

Author Sarah Goforth ( ago)
there's one like that at the alley i bowl at i've seen the pin setters in
action. warning if you put your arm in there while it's running it could
get taken out.

Author ralayragaming ( ago)
that is a AMF 90XL Pinsetter

Author lovinh22 ( ago)
all warning lables should be up-side down, this way you can weed out the

Author Todd Houle ( ago)
I work On brunswick A-2 And there a lot better then amf 82-70 Brunswick is
the best

Author MrJoeE1970 ( ago)
I'll bet these idiots don't have all their fingers. @ 4:24 the dink is
showing a badly worn curtain and why pins get stuck or come through it, and
at 4:31 a ball clearly hits right where his hand was. What a dumbass!!

Author John Carroll ( ago)
Video could be better. Out of focus and stuff in the way. Make it smoother
is better.

Author 219caleb ( ago)
@WolfNSmurfProduction where and why?

Author janchapman1969a ( ago)
how old is this video, i havent seen qubica pins with red stripes in ages,
they now use 'glow orange' for Xtreme bowl. i also agree the Brunswick A2
is a piece of junk but the new GS-X which is a lot like an amf is a lot
easier and better to work on

Author darthvato666 ( ago)
Those are AMF 82-70s i work on them everyday and ive also worked on the
Brunswick A-1and A-2. the place i work at is brunswick but we have AMF

Author SWAPeanutPusher ( ago)
These are 82-70

Author 219caleb ( ago)
@WolfNSmurfProduction don't know man.

Author 219caleb ( ago)
@WolfNSmurfProduction where does it say A-2 on it?

Author sjt66 ( ago)
I am live in Albany, what lanes is this video at?

Author motherofsmurf ( ago) (not my video) This is a
REAL behind the scenes look at a Brunswick A2 Pinsetter.

Author 219caleb ( ago)
that's an AMF 2-30 or an 82-70

Author rustytrombonerz ( ago)
Those are certainly not Brunswick A-2 machines, as has already been stated.
AMF machines have distributors on the top of the table that "distribute"
the pins to their proper locations on the table (as seen in the video) An
A-2 has a pin conveyor, which is an angled ramp with 2 belts in it that
brings the pin up to a rotating "turret" on top of the deck (which is AMF
speak for table.) I know this because I've been a mechanic on AMF 8230's,
8270s and both Brunswick A's and A-2's.

Author Leah Gill ( ago)
clearly that guy that told you that thoes are a2 clearly has not workted on
them they are a pain in the butt and toldly diffrent than these amf 82 70s

Author Leah Gill ( ago)
how the heck do you mistake a amf for a brunswick besides brunswicks are
pices of junck

Author yruwatchingnow ( ago)
A2 is a Brunswick made machine. These appear to be AMF 82-70 machines.

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