Anjelah and Manwell's Engagement Photo Shoot

We wanted to do something different for our engagement photos, but we had no idea what it would actually take to get it done. Good thing we brought our flip cam.

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Author Anna Scott ( ago)
perfect example wife tells husband dont do that. lol.

Author Sinora Barron ( ago)

Author Keenan Thomas ( ago)
Why did they just call AAA?

Author Matthew Diaz ( ago)
lecrae at the beginning

Author PrinceTrexus ( ago)
He's not black he's Puerto Rican

Author PrinceTrexus ( ago)
Lol I just saw her standup routine she talking about how she had a bunch of
digestive troubles during this lol

Author Vickie Garcia ( ago)
I love anjelah she is so hilarious beautiful pictures thou

Author Kate Warne ( ago)
You guys got some great shots! Of course it doesn't hurt that you're both
sorta gorgeous!

Author Becky Wszalek ( ago)
Anjela, you are my kind of girl!!

Author testimonytime (1543 years ago)
So funny! Love the credits.

Author aaa77712 ( ago)
ehe..stay out of palmdale..hehe

Author Carmen Amador ( ago)
Beautiful couple!!!! 

Author Joshua Bowser ( ago)
really liking the lecrae dont waste your life in the beginning

Author Vlad Impossible ( ago)
chola all the way huh

Author Bianca Caro ( ago)
Her eyebrows were kinda scary..

Author Flor M ( ago)
what kind of car is this?

Author jachetta77 ( ago)
Just came across this.. Love the video.. Made me laugh And you were so calm
through the car ordeal! I may have lost it! Haha good for you. Photos came
out amazing! 

Author zyklon brad ( ago)
Manwell is one scary looking chimpanzee !

Author Raychel Quiroz ( ago)
Lecrae in the background tho!!!! 

Author mike87si ( ago)
All u had to do was get spare tire out dig hole with hand put spare and
drive iver spare car would come out lol tell ur man work on car he know lol

Author Palmina D'Alessandro ( ago)
LOL well...the Engagement photos turned out gorgeous! it's a funny story
the both of you can share with your children and grandchildren ♥ God Bless
you both 

Author Pandora Esperanza ( ago)
I love this video! I saw one of your clips "The Nail Salon" for the first
time today. You Sister Girl are hysterical!

Author Danielle Taylor ( ago)
I love this! !! Saw you in Buffalo NY recently. You're such a delight.
Blessings and best wishes! 

Author Mario Latino ( ago)
Wait by Group 1 Crew

Author Shaniqua Brown ( ago)
Ayyyee I hear that Lecrae in the beginning! DWYL!

Author Deaavion Thompson ( ago)

Author AM ( ago)
Same not a bed.... Lol! Wow- how did the bed come out lol

Author AM ( ago)
I've never seen that idea out a bed under car lets get car out if sand LMAO

Author AM ( ago)

Author mad marcii ( ago)

Author MsPINK1986 ( ago)
Beautiful couple!!!

Author Priscilla Perez ( ago)
PHOTOS ARE AWESOME! ya'll are too cute! keep it going!

Author Suhail Mughal ( ago)
What song is playing at 00.24

Author Teresa O'Neill ( ago)
The photographer guy is pretty hot ;)

Author tone210texas ( ago)
I wonder if she has a twin, she's too adorable to be one of a kind lol
imaging a mini her, with her dudes hair, their daughter will be so cute =)
curly hair rules! Lol 

Author tone210texas ( ago)
I wonder if she has a twin, she's too adorable to be one of a kind lol
imaging a mini her, with her dudes hair, their daughter will be so cute =)
curly hair rules! Lol 

Author NaturalMzHazelIz ( ago)
Your pictures are GORGEOUS!!!!

Author Elissa Montoya ( ago)
i need to know if the photographer is married! lol he's freaking adorable!

Author Anna Haillie Pennuell ( ago)
Lol, ,this is hilarimous 

Author YOMIRA VALDEZ G ( ago)
Cutest couple ever! He's really cute too && the shots are amazing!

Author Hannah Lee ( ago)
Thoese shots are beautiful!!!!!!

Author ArbonneNavyLady ( ago)
So cute! Really funny! ps... never heard of Manuel being spelled as Manwell
! ;)

Author Seb Castro ( ago)
engagement ? shit gurl she has the mcdonalds M for eyebrows !

Author CaliCurl ( ago)
OK Girl! Your man is FINE! Like REALLY FINE. Just sayin! lol

Author meeee1992 ( ago)
i love how your pictures aren't the stereotypical lovey dovey engagement
pics! i liked the toughness but yet beautiful pictures :)

Author elmeroks ( ago)
Hahahahah!!! Nice "Toyota" I need a mattress for my "Toyota" in case I get
stuck in the sand- that I shouldn't have driven into!!! Maybe I need a wife
to tell me not to, too!???!

Author Electric Water ( ago)
WTB more bra padding...

Author Shayla Jenkins ( ago)
So, so cute!! Love all of your looks thats day Anjelah! 

Author Synconize ( ago)
They make such a good couple man ! she is like the modern pokahontas and he
is like lenny kravits, congrats to the husband and wife !

Author Yinet Montesino (Chichi) ( ago)
love the shots

Author jpmd2011 ( ago)
Love how the pics came out

Author Mzjackson1981 ( ago)

Author Emilie Alexia Eugene Chatelain ( ago)
ANJELAH JOHNSON ........TTHIS GUY IS GAY.....I mean he is just hiding his
homosexuality....this guy is def not straight! he is self absorped and a
bit too himself but That did not seem like a man in love...he is covering

Author Lizette Gonzalez ( ago)
I absolutely love how the pics came out! :) so cute!

Author Jelo Tine ( ago)
the photographer is SO hot 

Author Jael Dae ( ago)
They aren't related they said in a lot of interviews that they just
randomly had the same last name. But they are probably close like brother
and sister,

Author Latonya Harris ( ago)
luv the hair ;")

Author V Brokazchi ( ago)
Blanca is his sister 

Author Nicki DivineTV ( ago)
LOVEY PICS! Awesome idea to have a theme for the photo shoot!!!!

Author Seoul Sistah ( ago)
ayeeee they jammin to Lacrae :)

Author Seoul Sistah ( ago)
i thought the same thing too

Author MsYenckopowa ( ago)
I'm confused I thought he was married to Blanca?

Author beloit22 ( ago)
He could have did better...

Author dreamadarlene ( ago)
Absolutely awesome! Love you both! Many blessings to you both in your
journey together!

Author abby495 ( ago)
Lovely couple : )

Author rossy927 ( ago)
This video was too cute. RICHARD "TOKEN BLACK GUY" LMFAO hahahaha

Author cameilewatever ( ago)
love it! 

Author Makhi090605 ( ago)
Great theme and shoot congratz

Author Deonna Cruz ( ago)

Author Gary Hill (919 years ago)
I saw your stomach. That's for Manwell only. 

Author sk7yshyan ( ago)
at 433 ur eyelashes are crooked 

Author sk7yshyan ( ago)
i thot black guys didnt like u 

Author Renee Rocha ( ago)
i really love these pics ad the song :) 

Author Ameerah Collins ( ago)
lol no

Author Van tRoyal ( ago)
She's gorgeous what a lovely couple.

Author Van tRoyal ( ago)

Author Sabrina Matheny (1736 years ago)
Great shots

Author Megan Marie ( ago)
love your photos! and def turned into a day you'll never forget! :) that
family too...i bet thats the most fun car trouble they've ever had :p

Author jenniphermarie ( ago)
Loving all the shots you guys got! What a great story about your engagement
photos :) ha ha 

Author Molly Claeys ( ago)
Awww. I love them so much'

Author Renee Rocha ( ago)
i love those pics 

Author karenella100 ( ago)
woooooooooooooowwwww. you people are beautiful.

Author 18steps ( ago)
they r so hot for each other

Author La'Tasheana Jones ( ago)
sexy hott beautiful couple

Author marielarelis09 ( ago)
You guys are an awesome couple. I had the chance to meet you both at
separate times but very humble and sincere people. God bless you both! :) 

Author Niecy Baby ( ago)
haha at the beginning She's listening to Lecrae. "dont waste your life" 

Author karisha davis ( ago)
beautiful and funny! :-)

Author Heidi Perez ( ago)
she looks so pretty

Author 64foreverlove ( ago)
I just posted that on another vid! lol I know right!! 

Author Janelle DeLeon ( ago)
awwww cute couple!

Author hazrit ross ( ago)
sorry ment in lancaster but work in palmdale lol 

Author hazrit ross ( ago)
i live in palmdale.... 

Author zITorQuE ( ago)
He's Puerto Rican Good Job!!

Author trintube68 ( ago)
too bad y'all are so terrible to look at. ;) 

Author Melissa G ( ago)
The photographer is hot lol

Author alex saldivar ( ago)
good job with lecrae in the back lol

Author Mark Ryan (382 years ago)
You guys are so cute! Only complaint is your makeup looks a little like
RuPaul's drag race :(

Author Gloria Zarate ( ago)
Lmao she said IDIOTS!!!!! 

howney, why you no liyke. U so prettey. thats why you no have boy freind.

Author EnragedSephiroth ( ago)
Manwell, he's a man who is well?

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