Anjelah and Manwell's Engagement Photo Shoot

We wanted to do something different for our engagement photos, but we had no idea what it would actually take to get it done. Good thing we brought our flip cam.

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Author Flor M (8 days)
what kind of car is this?

Author 《Eyoo》 (12 days)
Funny your pics by the way♡ they came out awesome

Author jachetta77 (1 month)
Just came across this.. Love the video.. Made me laugh And you were so calm
through the car ordeal! I may have lost it! Haha good for you. Photos came
out amazing! 

Author Raychel Quiroz (2 months)
Lecrae in the background tho!!!! 

Author mike87si (3 months)
All u had to do was get spare tire out dig hole with hand put spare and
drive iver spare car would come out lol tell ur man work on car he know lol

Author NATALIE GAINZA (3 months)
lol to funny

Author Palmina D'Alessandro (3 months)
LOL well...the Engagement photos turned out gorgeous! it's a funny story
the both of you can share with your children and grandchildren ♥ God Bless
you both 

Author Pandora Esperanza (3 months)
I love this video! I saw one of your clips "The Nail Salon" for the first
time today. You Sister Girl are hysterical!

Author Danielle Taylor (4 months)
I love this! !! Saw you in Buffalo NY recently. You're such a delight.
Blessings and best wishes! 

Author Mario Latino (4 months)
Wait by Group 1 Crew

Author zyklon brad (1 month)
Manwell is one scary looking chimpanzee !

Author Shaniqua Brown (6 months)
Ayyyee I hear that Lecrae in the beginning! DWYL!

Author Deaavion Thompson (7 months)

Author TheDallasDoll (8 months)
Same not a bed.... Lol! Wow- how did the bed come out lol

Author mad marcii (8 months)

Author Priscilla Perez (8 months)
PHOTOS ARE AWESOME! ya'll are too cute! keep it going!

Author Suhail Mughal (8 months)
What song is playing at 00.24

Author TheDallasDoll (8 months)
I've never seen that idea out a bed under car lets get car out if sand LMAO

Author Teresa Marie (9 months)
The photographer guy is pretty hot ;)

Author tone210texas (9 months)
I wonder if she has a twin, she's too adorable to be one of a kind lol
imaging a mini her, with her dudes hair, their daughter will be so cute =)
curly hair rules! Lol 

Author TheDallasDoll (8 months)

Author tone210texas (9 months)
I wonder if she has a twin, she's too adorable to be one of a kind lol
imaging a mini her, with her dudes hair, their daughter will be so cute =)
curly hair rules! Lol 

Author MsPINK1986 (8 months)
Beautiful couple!!!

Author Christine Pak (3 years)
Congratulations you two.... I enjoyed watching your videos You both are
very lucky to have found each. Wishing you two the BEST ...

Author sk7yshyan (2 years)
at 433 ur eyelashes are crooked

Author dwaydway1 (3 years)

Author Damelis Diaz (2 years)
his HAIR!!

Author karenella100 (2 years)
woooooooooooooowwwww. you people are beautiful.

Author Horseowner335 (3 years)
y r photographers so sexy?

Author samanthaa12341 (2 years)
there both sexy ! damn <3

Author Niecy Baby (2 years)
haha at the beginning She's listening to Lecrae. "dont waste your life"

Author snoopyloop10 (2 years)
at 3:11 she calls them idiots :D

Author Hillary Teo (2 years)
what songs are used here!

Author Serino407 (3 years)
ughhh shes so just isnt fair.. lol

Author chechnya (2 years)
This video needs more titties.

Author Jelo Tine (1 year)
the photographer is SO hot

Author singer holic (3 years)
Perfect Couple! they are both incredibly HOTTTTT!!!! their kids would be

Author Winza D (3 years)
@evjcc Wait by Group 1 Crew

Author abby495 (1 year)
Lovely couple : )

Author Suzanna Gadberry (3 years)
WOW what an adventure! That's what I love about being married, being able
to have someone to share your adventures with for the rest of your life!!!
CONGRATS and may God bless your marriage!!!

Author Amber Smith (2 years)
love the pics! they're awesome!

Author Gary Hill (2 years)
I saw your stomach. That's for Manwell only.

Author justinbluver1224 (3 years)
haha this was fnny!::))

Author Janelle DeLeon (2 years)
awwww cute couple!

Author Eu gene (3 years)
they would make a beautiful baby

Author Smile4me02 (2 years)
am i the only one getting a gay vibe from him.

Author pinay1206 (3 years)
congrats you two! <3

Author Mark Ryan (2 years)
You guys are so cute! Only complaint is your makeup looks a little like
RuPaul's drag race :(

Author bphi215 (3 years)
@ShadesAndBoots she would get pregnant by me, and i dont like it

Author hazrit ross (2 years)
sorry ment in lancaster but work in palmdale lol

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