Idaho Gold Country 'Old Channel Wash' Ancient riverbed

Things to look for when locating or discovering an ancient riverbed gravels to harvest for the weekend gold prospector. Might be common sense to some, but to others.. it might be helpful! Just another one of many area's I offer gold from.

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Author umbora ( ago)
the old river bed is rotten be careful digging there cause a mouse will
cause a land slide

Author leigon167 ( ago)

Author biggdaddy2001 ( ago)
Was this recorded with a calculator

Author Dale Gerdemann ( ago)
Nice observations.

Author biggoldnugget ( ago)
wow it looks like a road just out of my place in valley county

Author SittingMoose Shaman ( ago)
...once folks start buildin' homes again... Those stones could 'gold' after
all; A quarry for ornate, building and patio-stone... just a thought...
just sayin.'

Author greeneyedguy ( ago)
Great vid brother! My buddy and I live in Coeur d'Alene and are just
getting into this kind of stuff... thanks!

Author KicknStep ( ago) means you've been in the mountains to damn long.

Author KicknStep ( ago)

Author KicknStep ( ago)
Wow.. was this a year ago you said hello? Hi there! Yup, and I'm still poor
too. Lets go hunting together!

Author KicknStep ( ago)
I would say that's the same kind of logic that got Obama elected.

Author KicknStep ( ago)
I suppose I'm not, but water erosion is pretty obvious - and very easy to
decipher in the surrounding landscape. Glacial deposits aren't so subtle.
But .. heck I'm open to any theories. :)

Author KicknStep ( ago)
Hi Jim! I don't get the opportunity to prospect much anymore unfortunately.
Miss it like crazy, and if I had my way.. I'd have a permanent residence up
there somewhere. I do live near CdA lake... but closer to Fernan lake.

Author KicknStep ( ago)
@2bornot2b1984 It did indeed change its course, I forget the name of the
company - but the whole valley floor was dredged which then pushed the
river to the south sloping side of the valley. The remnants that are up
this far, however, are from years and years of erosion. Also check out
information on 'Glacial Lake Missoula' for an interesting read on quick

Author rfvgh ( ago)
thanks for the video

Author lth68 ( ago)
Interesting Idea about the ancient river bed... but how sure are you that
isn't glacial till?

Author tombstonemark ( ago)
good info video . well done its nice for some one to explane stuff to us .
now can i purchas you jeeps front right hand indicators as i cant seem to
get any . many thanks

Author ProVitaPax Marine Research Association ( ago)
very informative and well done!

Author AuggieDogProduction ( ago)
Great Info. I wish other prospectors would take the time to share info. At
the beginning you said you were in North Idaho and later that it was a
place gold had been found before. Any chance you are in the Murray area? I
prospect up there all the time. I'm still poor though. Make some more gold
prospecting videos!!

Author donald sawyer ( ago)
i have a video of grimes creek. that is where the boise basin gold rush

Author donald sawyer ( ago)
you'd be one rich dude if that big rock was gold.

Author BluegrassRiver ( ago)
What's the bedrock rule? What does coyote along the bedrock mean?

Author thegreenelephantbiz ( ago)
hey man thanks for taking the time to make this video. its very helpful!
especially to the beginner. hoping to find gold around pocatello!

Author slaintefilms (330 years ago)
Here's some information for you Carter... There are gold occurrences in
Macon, Adair, Livingston, Linn, Putnam, Randolph and Schuyler counties.
These occurrences are the results of glacial moraine deposits, originating
in Canada. There is a strong possibility that gold may occur in all
counties north of the Missouri River. Look for shallow or exposed bedrock
in streams and rivers of this region that have the water flow and vertical
drop necessary to concentrate placer gold. "Glacial Drift"

Author KicknStep ( ago)
Thanks for watching and commenting! Unfortunately, I've never been that far
East and wouldn't have any idea. I know there are a few good spots near the
east coast though.. in the Carolina's?

Author CarterZ123 ( ago)
Would you happen to know if there are any gold bearing areas in Missouri?

Author CarterZ123 ( ago)
That was an excellent video, thanks for posting!

Author mountainaire7 ( ago)
definately tertiary...but random buckets of dirt probably won't get you
much...the bedrock rule still applies. they used to bulk out these channels
with monitors (hydraulic)and wash through a huge sluice. when that was
outlawed, they would "coyote" along the bedrock.

Author KicknStep ( ago)
Absolutely. Seems to be the best vehicle for the job. Actually.. Jeeps are
just the damned best 4x4 around. . . And xj's are awesome.

Author KicknStep ( ago)
Thanks for watching Riverbender. I appreciate you support!

Author riverbender ( ago)
Astute observations and good explanation. Thanks, faaus (Riverbender)

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