Learn How to Paint A Water Fall wet-on-wet in oil or acrylic.

How to paint a water fall in oils or acrylic with Len Hend's wet-on-wet loose painting techniques This is one of the 6 lessons that were distributed on VHS video during the early 1980s. Bob Ross started painting in this style not long after 1980. Len is still teaching on his free website

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Author hydraulikz (25 days)
You have a very haphazard way of painting. Not my style but I enjoyed
watching non the less. And the painting turned out beautifully.

Author Jesse Davidson (7 months)
My wife just did this and loved it!! such a calm teacher he is!!

Author Gordon Byrd (8 months)

Author Robert Beckwith (9 months)
Wow this guy is awesome

Author Sue Jordan (9 months)
You are very talented. Love the way you use your hands for the
background. You make it look very easy.

Author Katherine Calacday (10 months)
Beautiful and fast! Thank you for posting this 1985 video. 


Author Suzee Pennypacker (6 months)
I really enjoy your techniques, I hope to paint and old mill and old barns,
and old covered bridge. Any help would be most appreciated. Thank You

Author TIBEBUish (1 year)
wow this is good pain !!!!! and beautiful

Author Wenwen Liu (1 year)
what brush did you use for the trees in the background and the rocks? and
also what colors did you use in the painting? thankyou

Author Brigitte König (3 years)
A big hello from Germany, that is exactly the style i love. It took me a
while to find your video. You are a magican painter. Your painting is so
fast and so real, great. I will learn to paint your way now. Hope i find
some more paintings from you.

Author mangarocks97 (1 year)
Wow, what a beautiful painting!! =)

Author Pam F (2 years)
Len You are AWESOME.I can only PRAY to be able to paint like You. You are

Author Rose Mota (1 year)
Muito bonito,parabéns!!!

Author Людмила Синякова (1 year)
спасибо за видео

Author Donna Cahill (2 years)
He is frigin good.

Author frozenwingsofdeath (2 years)
This. Is. Love.

Author Oceanfront (3 years)

Author Shedz Channel (2 years)
i learnt more here in 13.5 mins than i have about painting in the last
couple of years. youre a national treasure mate! cheers

Author Pianoguy32 (3 years)
thanks for posting this series :)

Author Mike Bullions (2 years)
I love how he uses an entire ounce of white to do the waterfall alone.

Author Cheryl Todd (2 years)
This is great. I like your method of waterfalls better than any other I've
seen so far. I think I'll try making mine like yours. Thanks for the
lesson...and the beautiful art.

Author Brigitte König (3 years)
A big hello from Germany, that is exactly the style i love. It took me a
while to find your video. You are a magican painter. Your painting is so
fast and so real, great. I will learn to paint your way now. Hope i find
some more paintings from you.

Author Len Hend (1 year)
Do I really look dead? LOL

Author Sucharita Reddy (1 year)
Your style is very unique and impressive.

Author Schoko Lulu (2 years)
your paintings are unbelievable...

Author bballbeastxx2 (1 year)
Awesome, love your style!

Author ELPaso1990TX (2 years)
Magnificent. I really like your painting technique and enjoy watching your

Author Matthew Smith (1 year)
Yea you really look like a young Johnny Cash

Author Len Hend (1 year)
I use a size 12 round hog bristle brush for foliage. The colors in this
painting - cobalt blue, ultramarine blue, crimson, chrome green, burnt
umber, burnt sienna, titanium white. this painting was done in the 80s -
chrome green is no longer available. If you need more info, go to my
'paintwithlen' website.

Author Cassandra Porter (2 years)
"If you're not sure where to put the paint, just shut your eyes and put it
on." For artists doing this style, this should be a quote of the century! I
create realistic drawings. Speed painting is something I admire immensely.

Author ixme87 (2 years)
:) nice

Author Joseph100ization (2 years)
Amazing Skills Len! Has anyone ever told you that you look like Johnny Cash!

Author choda shikha (1 year)
The best tutor on You tue

Author Buckeye Darmac (1 year)
I look like Elvis ! hahahahah

Author Larry Nelson (1 year)
really great lesson and so helpful--thanks

Author Cidinha Burch (1 year)
Incrível como alguém consegue pintar e falar tanto, você é demais. A gente
se transporta para suas as paisagens.

Author MRdeucin (2 years)
I learned a lot about Painting here... than I did in class... my professor
only teaches abstract...>_<

Author TruthSeekingElf (3 years)
STUNNING! Love the way you've done that waterfall, I'd never have known how
to create a waterfall before seeing this. Just wonderful, you fill me with
confidence and joy watching your laid backness and nonchalantness like it's
not the end of the world to make a mistake. Excellent stuff, can't wait to
catch up with all the rest of your websites etc. :o)

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