MIshary b. Rashid al Afasy-Surah Yunus Part 1

Part 1 of 2

Beautiful recitation.

Enjoy and reflect.


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Author อามีร แมะเร๊าะ (15 days)
Masha Allah

Author Gmd Ibrahim (4 months)

Author DaNgEr BoY (8 months)
MASHALLAH MASHALLAH MASHALLAH....its beautiful realy heart touching
voice...and sheikh mishari rashid is reciting from deply heart .....when u
heared this voice 100% u will feel speacial blood surculation in ur body
feet to ur head...

Author Noo Nix (9 months)
May Allah shower his blessings upon him! Ameen!

Author Nabeel Uddin (3 years)

Author shaykha (7 years)
Masjid Al Kabir in Kuwait. :)

Author dennisben91 (5 years)
mega svedigt =)

Author abu3abed2 (4 years)
04ma04 women are in special place in this mosque but camera do not go to

Author Mohd Muktaruddin (4 years)
Wow.........what a voice and what an Arabic diction......... I can just sit
in front of him and listen to his quran recitation the rest of my life.

Author nie bunda (1 year)

Author Abdul Hakkim (4 years)
Masha allah

Author shaykha (6 years)
wa iyyak brother =)

Author kushall1972 (6 years)
Absolutley Beautifull!,This is one of those voices,Where you just wanna
hear it over and over again,Never get bored of it! Thanks for the upload.

Author Peacebwithyou (6 years)
Alhamdulillah, does anyone know which verses he recites?

Author mohdzetawy (3 years)
ya Allah that's incredible ..Allah .. give sheikh alafasy alajanna

Author Ayo Bandoleros (7 years)
ya allahhh, its great atmospher C*

Author BIGBossOuterHeaven (7 years)
i will be a muslim some day

Author H15604 (2 years)
He has so much HEART in his recitations! May Allah increase & except it
from him. Aameen

Author maria gonzalez (4 years)
@pr0gram1r it doesnt make sense that women take their hijabs off when
praying and men have their heads covereed?!

Author Khuwaja Khurram (4 years)

Author lwellyn (7 years)
Really?? Thank you very much.. May Allah Bless you and your family.. Kindly
inform me sometimes of whats new.. Here's my Email address I really appreciate if you could find me of its
translation.. Im Fahd 18 Political Science student.. And I want to be a
Lawyer and a Hafiz.. May Allah Bless Us All.. And Grant Us All Our Wishes..
In the name of Allah,the Most Merciful,Ever Merciful.. Peace and Blessing
of Allah be upon Muhammad...

Author JasminZP (4 years)

Author kuguLAR (7 years)
masallah selam türkiyeden

Author roziahangalia (3 years)
Mashaallah may Allah bless the Sheikh n us listeners Inshaallah

Author nabeel k (2 years)
is it me or does he know hes good?

Author youngkeita (5 years)
He is one of my favorite Sheiiks. His recitation is so calm and beautiful.
May Allah Bless Him. I love his recitations.

Author zatakawfj (6 years)

Author omar kamal (4 years)
brother shaykha.... are u able to add the translation? Thank you brother.
may allah bless u.

Author annpass1984 (5 years)
massalallah. 1000 time

Author mohdzetawy (3 years)
ya Allah that's incredible ..Allah .. give sheikh alafasy alajanna

Author nisy111 (7 years)
Quran is for the Hidayat (Guideness) of All of Human being, so it need to
be spread (preach). so my dear brothers try to preach as much as one can
do, as it is out responsibility. Jaza Kul LLAH

Author erisolga (7 years)
can someone translate this to english

Author toufiquez (6 years)

Author Abdul Hakkim (4 years)
Masha allah

Author karimrakha (5 years)
gazak allah khayran wa adkhalak al gana be ethn ellah

Author BaLaKOut (6 years)
masyaAllah!beutiful recitation!i love it!

Author ahmet duran (7 years)
allhu ekber..............bska diyecek bir sey yok

Author DarkCosmicKnight (2 years)
@H15604 I don't want to be a douche but you use the word accept instead of
except. It could mean you saying don't include him in the dua.

Author thenameissomething (6 years)
This is great. Abdel Karim did Yunus too and I LOVED his, and now this.

Author kasimsoysal (5 years)

Author CTRRULEZ (6 years)
maşallah allahu ekber.. allah razı olsun........

Author gamelover420 (4 years)
this int part 1 because sura yunus starts with alif lam ra. and meshary is
the best may allah give him janet alferdaus i lesten to this almost every
day.i wish i had as much knowleg as hem and same voice.

Author zakariasbendris (4 years)
allahuma jma3na m3ah yawma 9iyama amin ya rab jazaka llahu khair ya chikh

Author khatymay (4 years)
one of my favorites voice. i hear his recitation almost everyday when i'm

Author respecta (8 years)
Where do you get these videos? I am after them! Plz someone send the link.

Author lucifervilleq8 (6 years)
brother/sister thanks so much for this jazak allah kayr but plz put more
info on the left panel salam alaykum wa rahmatu allah barakatuhu

Author maria gonzalez (4 years)
where are the women?

Author sultanabdulhamidhan (6 years)
thanks sister.may ALLAH award you cannah the life fater.and may ALLAH make
ummah reunited again

Author shaykha (7 years)
Insha'Allah (GOd Willing)! That is great, masha'Allah.

Author Umm Ahmad (1 year)

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