MIshary b. Rashid al Afasy-Surah Yunus Part 1

Part 1 of 2

Beautiful recitation.

Enjoy and reflect.


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Author Shohag khan allif khan ( ago)
হে আল্লাহ তোমার আযাব থেকে আমাদের মাফ করো।হে আল্লাহ আমাকে সহি বাবে নামাজ
পড়ার তৈফিক দাও আমার গোনা মাফ করো মাফ করো।আমিন

Author wan infolelong ( ago)
Check out this video on YouTube:jnnnn,,,,,,alapapaplLl



Author Paul Wood ( ago)
Child molesting polygamist terrorist muslims

Author Ari Susanti ( ago)

Author อามีร แมะเร๊าะ ( ago)
Masha Allah

Author Gmd Ibrahim ( ago)

Author DaNgEr BoY ( ago)
MASHALLAH MASHALLAH MASHALLAH....its beautiful realy heart touching
voice...and sheikh mishari rashid is reciting from deply heart .....when u
heared this voice 100% u will feel speacial blood surculation in ur body
feet to ur head...

Author Noo Nix ( ago)
May Allah shower his blessings upon him! Ameen!

Author nie bunda ( ago)

Author Shoaib Bagwan ( ago)
As salamualaikum Really Gifted voice. Masha Allah

Author Sha Abd ( ago)
masha allah

Author purple3477 ( ago)

Author Kaiwan Saiwan ( ago)
Salam o Alaikom aus Deutschland

Author saad alii ( ago)
خلو الناس تعرف على الإسلام إنشرو هذا الموقع يعرف بالاسلام بجميع اللغات ww
islamhouse cm

Author saad alii ( ago)
لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله

Author Beso Besir ( ago)
hey you muhamed what you nead too sea i cant understud your dictation ?

Author Celile Akalın ( ago)

Author Umm Ahmad ( ago)

Author Abdoulwahhab Ndiaye ( ago)

Author Dwiki Prayoga ( ago)
the one who dont like this is a devil

Author MrMandaihill ( ago)
no.70 onwards

Author Kaiwan Saiwan ( ago)

Author DarkCosmicKnight ( ago)
@H15604 I don't want to be a douche but you use the word accept instead of
except. It could mean you saying don't include him in the dua.

Author joe bloggs ( ago)
is it me or does he know hes good?

Author Discontinuity100 ( ago)
@shaykha is Taraweeh from the masjid alkabeer in Kuwait being broadcasted
in Alafasy channel this year?I have the channel but there is no taraweeh
when taraweeh is going on in Haram or other mosques in Saudi Arabia

Author Nabeel Uddin ( ago)

Author King Sal ( ago)
i wish this had translation.. but shukran

Author egzonibruslia ( ago)
he is the best reciter in the world of kur'an . Mishary Rashid Al-Afsay :D
from Albanian

Author AbduLVahhab ( ago)

Author roziahangalia ( ago)
Mashaallah may Allah bless the Sheikh n us listeners Inshaallah

Author Shah Lion ( ago)
Mashallah! May Allah (The All Mighty) bless you....

Author uTubekiidder ( ago)

Author Abdul Hakkim ( ago)
Masha allah

Author Abdul Hakkim ( ago)
Masha allah

Author Imipaki ( ago)
I never heard this recitation, Great Voice, Angels pay salam to Alafasy. I
great wish to offer prayer behind Mishray Rashid Alafasy. I hope to Allah
SWT that I will get a chance to offer prayer behind him. Please pray for me
and for all muslim to listen and read Holy Quran.

Author Khuwaja Khurram ( ago)

Author Khuwaja Khurram ( ago)
Subhaan Allah

Author arshadk76 ( ago)
he is blessed with a very sweet voice,,,, may ALLAH reward him for all his

Author zakariasbendris ( ago)
allahuma jma3na m3ah yawma 9iyama amin ya rab jazaka llahu khair ya chikh

Author JasminZP ( ago)

Author omar kamal ( ago)
brother shaykha.... are u able to add the translation? Thank you brother.
may allah bless u.

Author Mohd Muktaruddin ( ago)
There is nothing else that you can say to this khiraat except, Subhanallah,
subhanallah, subhanallah without any limit.................. Just repeat

Author maria gonzalez ( ago)
@pr0gram1r it doesnt make sense that women take their hijabs off when
praying and men have their heads covereed?!

Author aminico ( ago)
i agree with you he is one of my favorites too... i have the whole Quran
recitation by MIshary b. Rashid al Afasy. i would also listen every minute
of the day if i could....May Allah give him Jenah Inshallah!

Author bienchen024 ( ago)
A prayer is not valid if a women do not cover her hear. How told you that
women take of their hijab? If they do so, their prayer is not valid.

Author Mohd Muktaruddin ( ago)
Wow.........what a voice and what an Arabic diction......... I can just sit
in front of him and listen to his quran recitation the rest of my life.

Author sultanabdulhamidhan ( ago)
very meaningfull nick .mashallah

Author khatymay ( ago)
one of my favorites voice. i hear his recitation almost everyday when i'm

Author Isaac Moses ( ago)
mashaa allah

Author gamelover420 ( ago)
this int part 1 because sura yunus starts with alif lam ra. and meshary is
the best may allah give him janet alferdaus i lesten to this almost every
day.i wish i had as much knowleg as hem and same voice.

Author maria gonzalez ( ago)
where are the women?

Author Gunitboy39 ( ago)
mishary ist ebu hanif

Author Saqib Aslam ( ago)
I wish I have this vice and I will recite day and night, Just

Author reeshan87 ( ago)
masha allah

Author akmalazizan ( ago)
gifted voice.. MashaAllah

Author NaseebDON ( ago)
As salamalikum, Allhamdulliah we have people like Shaik Alafasy who can
recite Quran in such a beautiful way Subhan Allah.... Can anyone get me
link or a website to download mp3's of Shahik Mishary Alafasy.

Author kasimsoysal ( ago)

Author proudmuslimahs ( ago)
mashaalllah soo soo soo soo soo soos soo so so so beautiful,,,,,i luv his
voice mashaallah..may allah bless him...ameen

Author karimrakha ( ago)
gazak allah khayran wa adkhalak al gana be ethn ellah

Author youngkeita ( ago)
He is one of my favorite Sheiiks. His recitation is so calm and beautiful.
May Allah Bless Him. I love his recitations.

Author azouzi boujemaa ( ago)
que dieu benisse les musulmans ,et tous les prophetes.gloire a dieu,evry
true christians knows deep inside that islam is the one and only one that
we muslim dont worship (mitha)

Author arief554 ( ago)
i wish i at there...amin. to be with mishary & hear his recitation

Author CadillaCTS2k5 ( ago)

Author kushall1972 ( ago)
Absolutley Beautifull!,This is one of those voices,Where you just wanna
hear it over and over again,Never get bored of it! Thanks for the upload.

Author BaLaKOut ( ago)
masyaAllah!beutiful recitation!i love it!

Author aminziko ( ago)
la ilaha ila lah mohamed rassoulo lah.. la ilaha ila anta sobhanaka ini
konto mina dalimin

Author thenameissomething ( ago)
This is great. Abdel Karim did Yunus too and I LOVED his, and now this.

Author zaktehno ( ago)
salam alaykom wa rahmato allah for ol muslim sunni.allaho ma onser
almojahidin wa al islam wa al muslimin

Author Tuba Ypsilon ( ago)
masha'Allah jazak Allah khair ;)

Author shaykha ( ago)
wa iyyak brother =)

Author amarwaraich ( ago)
:) salaamu 3alikum nice video as allways jazakAllah Kair

Author shaykha ( ago)
Ameen, May Allah reward you jannah as well, ameen!:)

Author sultanabdulhamidhan ( ago)
may ALLAH award you cannah the life after.

Author shaykha ( ago)

Author sultanabdulhamidhan ( ago)
thanks sister.may ALLAH award you cannah the life fater.and may ALLAH make
ummah reunited again

Author lucifervilleq8 ( ago)
brother/sister thanks so much for this jazak allah kayr but plz put more
info on the left panel salam alaykum wa rahmatu allah barakatuhu

Author fragileheart1234 ( ago)
بسم الله ما شاء الله ,,, اللهم انصر الاسلام و اعز المسلمين ,, بارك الله
فيكم و الله , و الله انه للحق المبين ,, رزقنى الله و اياكم الفردوس الاعلى
,, امين.

Author toufiquez ( ago)

Author CTRRULEZ ( ago)
maşallah allahu ekber.. allah razı olsun........

Author Azeem Wasi ( ago)
he has the best voice. mashallah may allah bless him.

Author abu yahya bin ali ( ago)
Mashallah i luv this video and the surah and i the qari h eis my favourite
qari out of evry1 mashallah salaamualaikum warahmatullah brothers and

Author zeezo100 ( ago)
mashallah aliek in allah rewards u so much

Author Ayo Bandoleros ( ago)
ya allahhh, its great atmospher C*

Author mehmetcik38 ( ago)
greats from Ottomon

Author ahmet duran ( ago)
allhu ekber..............bska diyecek bir sey yok

Author kuguLAR ( ago)
masallah selam türkiyeden

Author erisolga ( ago)
can someone translate this to english

Author Hesham Al-Telbany ( ago)
masha2 allh gaza allh al she7' mashary 3an kol moslmeen 7'ayra Allhoma
erfa3 3abdak mashry fe a3aly genan el 7'old ma3a rasolek alkreem ameeen
ameeen ameeen

Author yohanij babai ( ago)
so nicy nice

Author mrwas6534 ( ago)
this almasjid alkabeer ( The Great Mosque) in my Country Kuwait ;)

Author sultanabdulhamidhan ( ago)
salamun alaykum to ummah from turkey .

Author kashan9 ( ago)
i love the way he recite surah yunus,may allah reward him,mashallah may we
alla strive to recite the beautiful speech of allah[swt] with such passion
and grace

Author anzarm ( ago)
Masha Allah, May Allah increase the DARAJAT of Sheikh Al Afasy, Aa'meen.
Allah (SWT) Has Blessed Sheikh with special voice and extremely good
rhythm. Big Boss, If you want to become Muslim...don't get late...accept it
as soon as possible.

Author Basel17 ( ago)
mashallah, i wish i can be like him

Author shaykha ( ago)
Insha'Allah (GOd Willing)! That is great, masha'Allah.

Author BIGBossOuterHeaven ( ago)
i will be a muslim some day

Author shaykha ( ago)
Masjid Al Kabir in Kuwait. :)

Author Emam Ally ( ago)

Author lwellyn ( ago)
Really?? Thank you very much.. May Allah Bless you and your family.. Kindly
inform me sometimes of whats new.. Here's my Email address I really appreciate if you could find me of its
translation.. Im Fahd 18 Political Science student.. And I want to be a
Lawyer and a Hafiz.. May Allah Bless Us All.. And Grant Us All Our Wishes..
In the name of Allah,the Most Merciful,Ever Merciful.. Peace and Blessing
of Allah be upon Muhammad...

Author shaykha ( ago)
Check my group page, I will have a topic for just that..soon iA.

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