5 Things OKAY in Japan (but illegal/rude in the USA)

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  • Ides of March
    Ides of March 12 minutes ago

    U are the second channel with a foreigner waifu and a japanese guy. I want to see beautiful japanese maids!!! XD

  • AnimeGaming
    AnimeGaming 5 hours ago

    in our place to call a waiter we just raised our hands and make contact with waiters

  • Lawfy
    Lawfy 7 hours ago

    Zoro can drink alcohol all he want in public because he is a pirate

  • Juan Pablo Nuñez
    Juan Pablo Nuñez 11 hours ago

    Why is your husband happier than you ? LOL #Smiley Japanese

  • Madison Stephens
    Madison Stephens 21 hour ago

    Another thing is taking off your shoes when going into someone's house if your not family or not like best friends with a family it's VERY rude but Japan you're supposed to take your shoes off

  • MonsterHunterRoon

    About the habit of the Husband getting wasted with his boss and co-workers? In English speaking countries in the West we have a term called a Mancation. That is a vacation away from the females in your life where you just hang out with the guys. Always be thankful for a not clingy woman that is okay with Mancations, who can amuse herself because that allows you a lot more freedom than with a woman that can't bear to be without you 24/7. While the man is with the guys the woman can breath on her own and do girly things like shopping. It is totally normal and totally acceptable for your mental health.

  • John Muldoon the loon.

    I thought it was illegal to drink alcohol in public in America.

  • Bobby Little
    Bobby Little 2 days ago

    *(In America)*
    *Me:* YO WAITER, GET YO ASS OVER HERE BOYYYYYYY!,..........................
    before I forget to tip yo ass.😑
    I know you hear me talking you
    Yeah I'm strapped too 🔫😠

  • Aristote V.C
    Aristote V.C 3 days ago

    how is it rude to call for the waiter

  • Chris Gascoigne
    Chris Gascoigne 3 days ago

    That bit about snorting and sniffing instead of blowing your nose....when around japanese people I often feel a great urge to just get my hankie out and make them blow like you would a child.

  • DayStorm
    DayStorm 3 days ago

    OMG I just noticed . . . her shirt . . . is that the shirt made for Grace in Ghana??? :D (Just opened up a second tab to go to the video where the shirt was made and YES it's her Ghana shirt!!!) Looks really good!

  • David Wo
    David Wo 3 days ago

    It's illegal in the US to sell child porno in mainstream socity not in Japan.

  • Zara Harrison
    Zara Harrison 3 days ago

    In England most places that I know you go up to the bar order your food and drinks and give them your table number

  • Neon Voice
    Neon Voice 4 days ago

    You and your husband have good physical genetics. Not like most creepy Asian/White couples.

  • Jonny Xu
    Jonny Xu 4 days ago

    lol walk in to any asian noodle restaurant with actual asian customers you just see that one american eating his noodles softly while everyone else just has a constant stream of noodles slurping into their mouth

  • Loki 2606
    Loki 2606 4 days ago

    I actually found out that burping in Japan is okay in Japan because it lets people know you enjoyed the food

  • Mariel Renteria
    Mariel Renteria 4 days ago

    i think i belong in japan lol

  • AnneHardingBondiJct

    3:10 at 3.13  he says "Nai",  which is Greek language, for yes !  ...  Is he paying attention ?

  • pumpkinheadbmx
    pumpkinheadbmx 5 days ago

    wait, here in wisconsin we can pretty much drink anywhere except maybe a k-12 school haha

  • Charles chartrand
    Charles chartrand 5 days ago

    ste relation la a la laire d etre sul bord de mourrire

  • Jesse Bowman
    Jesse Bowman 5 days ago

    She looks incredibly familiar ... that face was on a girl I went out with once in florida. :p Still got those ripped jeans?

  • Angel Reilly
    Angel Reilly 5 days ago

    As soon as the guy spoke, AWW!!!

  • Jennifer Plankenhorn

    not illegal, depends on the state

  • Uwe Neuhaus
    Uwe Neuhaus 5 days ago

    Hehe in Germany it's the same like in Japan, that's why I like Japan so much.

  • 1DarkDesert
    1DarkDesert 6 days ago

    This world is unfair

  • Mike Tate
    Mike Tate 6 days ago

    I bought a Japanese boat...

  • Russell Kenny
    Russell Kenny 6 days ago

    What about farting?

  • Kelsenpai
    Kelsenpai 7 days ago

    Slurping also just makes it easier to eat noodles. =]

  • CaptainAMAZINGGG
    CaptainAMAZINGGG 7 days ago

    im so glad i'm as comfortable being me as i am, and don't look to rules as to how i 'should' act............... it must be so fucking tiring thinking about what other people might be thinking about you omfgggg >_< no thanks.

  • the ghost
    the ghost 7 days ago

    I would love to go to Japan Tokyo now I don't know if I said it wrong there sorry if I did

  • Sean Moonshine
    Sean Moonshine 8 days ago

    Slurping your food would bug the shit out of me

  • Gamer ANIKI
    Gamer ANIKI 8 days ago

    Many countries have different gestures, things you can do or not do, if you visit a country for the first time, study their habits of dos and don'ts

  • williamcaii
    williamcaii 8 days ago

    thanks for this video you guys! Long Life and Happiness to you both!

  • Jason Taylor
    Jason Taylor 8 days ago

    Lol, I remember the slurping when I lived in Japan!!

  • franknsense22
    franknsense22 8 days ago

    ya'll are adorable.

  • Patrick Meredith
    Patrick Meredith 8 days ago

    I would love to live in japan....

  • Seekarr
    Seekarr 8 days ago

    Really? I had no idea that drinking in public was illegal in the US. Is this new under Trump?

  • artj
    artj 8 days ago

    America is a horrible country.

  • Rebecca Baird
    Rebecca Baird 8 days ago

    it's awesome to see just how different we all are in everday experiences lol.

  • GeoRyukaiser
    GeoRyukaiser 9 days ago

    I MUST KNOW... Why do Japanese drunks have their ties around their heads?

    TRUMPNATION 9 days ago

    smoking a joint

  • Ryan Mcelmurry
    Ryan Mcelmurry 10 days ago

    We don't think Asians are being rude in America. We just think they're wierdos with no common sense

  • Наташа XOX
    Наташа XOX 11 days ago

    The fifth one... Really???!
    I work in a library in the US and my boss prepares a box of tissue paper right next to where I sit so that the University students can use it. And I have had countless experiences of people (presumably all Americans) coming to the front desk, grabbing two pieces of tissue and just blow their noses right in front of me. Yes. They don't even go somewhere else before doing so whereas people who are obviously from other countries never does this. My experiences tell me that Americans are the only ones who doesn't consider it rude. But the more elite and civilized groups might have different manners.

  • MrNatahi
    MrNatahi 12 days ago

    who gives a shit about USA

  • Shubham Jolly
    Shubham Jolly 12 days ago

    which cartoon(anime)is most famous in japan nowdays

  • Shubham Jolly
    Shubham Jolly 12 days ago

    you both are very cute and the perfect couple

  • Brian
    Brian 12 days ago

    I still can't used to the waiter thing in US.
    when they regularly come over and ask "is everything ok?" sometimes I want to say....can you leave me alone, I just want to have dinner, i'll call you if I need anything.

    But...that's kinda rude, so I've yet to do that

  • Mikah Zimmer
    Mikah Zimmer 12 days ago

    You can drink in public in Louisiana...

  • mariam abobakr
    mariam abobakr 12 days ago

    here in Egypt , you have to yell to get the waiter's attention ... sometime you have to show some angry attitude because they simply don't care

  • Me near, okay?
    Me near, okay? 13 days ago

    I legitimately can't decide who I love more and idk what do to

  • Trayson Nguyen
    Trayson Nguyen 13 days ago

    It's rude to wave your server over in America?

  • Angie Spence
    Angie Spence 13 days ago

    adorable couple ☺

  • HailAnts
    HailAnts 13 days ago

    You also can't buy used schoolgirl panties from vending machines in America!

  • celtsfan13
    celtsfan13 13 days ago

    that guy seems very feminine. I always assume all Japs are coarse voiced samurais.

  • VeryUnfriendlySpoon
    VeryUnfriendlySpoon 13 days ago

    Uhh, I've always just raised my hand and asked for assistance whenever the wait staff walk by. I guess where I live people just want to get their food and not wait around for stupid social cues.

  • val deathvayne
    val deathvayne 13 days ago

    he seems so sweet .... :D

  • emmapower
    emmapower 13 days ago

    It's weird to see that some of the "taboo" things in America aren't that bad where I'm from when I always thought the culture was very similar. The drinking with your colleagues one surprised me a lot because over here work-do's are a huge thing. Also yelling for a waiter to come (although I myself don't yell at waiters because I'm shy, many people do and it isn't a big deal)

  • Dean Natuno
    Dean Natuno 14 days ago

    When they started sniffing, I laughed my ass off. Not just because they look silly, but because I'm imagining what his wife's reaction was like when she first encountered it.

  • Luis Meza
    Luis Meza 14 days ago

    you guys forgot the finger gun into the butt H 😂

  • King Green
    King Green 14 days ago

    the guy is really immature and seems not very intelligent

  • Edson Gutierrez
    Edson Gutierrez 14 days ago

    i think youll get divorce... lol

  • Jovo Teen
    Jovo Teen 14 days ago

    imagine they make a law with its rude to have babies..... hahaha.

  • Poke n bleach player

    How did u guys meet? Was it when he came to US r u meet him there?

  • Jeanette Rubio
    Jeanette Rubio 15 days ago

    Is that the reason why there was a drunken old man, who was passed out on the road in Tokiwa City near the beginning of the video games, "Pocket Monsters: Red, Green, Blue, and Pikachu! versions", for the Game Boy? But the Americans had to censor it by saying that he was being too cranky because he didn't have his coffee yet.

  • himynamesmarc :p
    himynamesmarc :p 15 days ago

    Suicide is another

  • Rennett Lie
    Rennett Lie 15 days ago

    i think all asian country does this (?) i mean atleast in mine (which ofc is not japan) i usually yell or call the waiter like "hey excuse me, we're ready to order" or "can you please come here? we wanna order" i think its really normal. i've ofcourse tried doing this in other asian countries as well and they find it really normal, my friends from those country said it was normal too so idk man.

  • Jonathan Okuda
    Jonathan Okuda 15 days ago

    I would never be able to yell at a waiter, it just seems so rude.

  • Anthony Lawrence
    Anthony Lawrence 16 days ago

    damn, i thought Japanese were imperialistic, guest its actually Americans

  • Lauria Lailah Mannoe

    I swear he reminds me of my friend!!

  • pandaland1
    pandaland1 16 days ago

    lol I think Japan is heaven

  • Anthony Perlera
    Anthony Perlera 16 days ago


  • dandran100 pokemon
    dandran100 pokemon 16 days ago

    how is japan......... I always

  • Fitness Makeover
    Fitness Makeover 16 days ago

    Lol sniffing. just use antihistamines to keep your nose dry.

  • Fitness Makeover
    Fitness Makeover 16 days ago

    drinking alcohol in public is also ok in Germany. You can pre-drink while walking all around town.

  • Brandon Whitfield
    Brandon Whitfield 16 days ago

    You guys give me hope lol

  • Eric Golant
    Eric Golant 16 days ago

    You can drink alcohol in public in some states in the US, I've walked down the Las Vegas strip (Bourbon street in NOLA as well) with alcohol

  • Andre Valentine
    Andre Valentine 16 days ago

    You're hot af. Your husband is one lucky man lol.

  • Karl Anker Slettum
    Karl Anker Slettum 16 days ago

    i really like that guy butt the girl is just stupid. sry for bad english

  • willslingwood
    willslingwood 17 days ago

    Sniffing snots back is actually way healthier. When we westies blow our noses we blow infectious carrying mucous up into our glands and sinuses instead of sucking and swallowing it down to our stomachs where our system can deal with them swiftly. Just, like, FYI hahah <3 xx

  • Anders Engman
    Anders Engman 17 days ago

    I was like 25 y/o before I learned that calling on the waiters was perceived as rude. I used to snap my fingers and whistle to get their attention. xD

  • AshleyGingerAle
    AshleyGingerAle 17 days ago

    It's called flagging your waiter it's not rude

  • yukiandkanamekuran
    yukiandkanamekuran 17 days ago

    people drink in public, you just don't notice it

  • Senpai
    Senpai 17 days ago

    You can drink where ever the hell you want in Ireland.

  • sheik mohammad mazaahir Rumjan

    best couple ♡ keep it up guys. you both are best.

  • Дмитрий Авдеев

    Why is it illegal to drink in public in America?

  • Nattys Remixes
    Nattys Remixes 17 days ago

    Americans shoot each other thats not rude

  • Elmer Jr Morallos
    Elmer Jr Morallos 17 days ago

    they're so cuteeeeee 😄😄😄

  • roshpotter06
    roshpotter06 18 days ago

    Blowing your nose is considered rude here in India too. I was really surprised, actually, when my dad moved to the UK and apparently blowing your nose was perfectly acceptable...

  • ryan2adam2
    ryan2adam2 18 days ago

    is it just me or are you making a slice of life comic in webtoon because your husband name is same with the mc husband name

  • Michael Ray
    Michael Ray 18 days ago

    Ryosuke is a cutie pie !

  • Slayer119988
    Slayer119988 18 days ago

    Do everything with GUSTO and youll be fine!

  • Imfromfuture
    Imfromfuture 18 days ago

    Loli hentai.

  • LaDawn
    LaDawn 18 days ago

    I would love a Japanese friend maybe then I could put effort into learning a new language for once and have someone to talk to.

  • - Sj
    - Sj 18 days ago

    With number four, I think it depends on where you work here because my dad goes out drinking with his co-workers AND THE OWNER then gets shit faced all the time. My mom is basically everyone's DD. She works for the same company but her store is owned by the brother in law, has a lot more older workers, people who just don't drink really so they go out for dinner and BBQ's but it's not frowned upon for people to get pretty buzzed or even wasted if they wanted.

  • Abbi Greene
    Abbi Greene 18 days ago

    Omg he's so precious

  • Irina Sagurova
    Irina Sagurova 18 days ago

    You are so cute guys!

  • i have too many fursonas

    I think in Australia drinking in public is okay

  • Carloz Marr
    Carloz Marr 19 days ago

    I'm I the only one that sees that girl so beautifull and have such a pretty eyes? 😍😍 omg

  • Mike Capadano
    Mike Capadano 19 days ago

    North America here. I drink with my coworkers and dont see a problem with it, but I do not drink with my bosses. If they asked, id be ok with it, but I dont know if id ask if they wanted to go to the bar with me. They would have to initiate and yes until I got comfortable with them I wouldnt go all out like I usually do.

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