2 Month Old Burrito (EXPERIMENT)

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  • We left some food out for 2 months and today, we dissect it. GMM #1132!
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  • Runtime: 14:46
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Comments: 4 560

  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie Cheese 21 day ago

    I was eating a burrito while watching this. I almost threw up

    • Vinmuskill 97
      Vinmuskill 97 4 days ago

      Biggie Cheese if seen your comments all over YouTube

    • Saber 101
      Saber 101 9 days ago


    • Randomly Emma
      Randomly Emma 9 days ago

      you were pinned :o

    • Froztarlozt
      Froztarlozt 10 days ago

      Biggie Cheese I was eating out your mom. Almost threw up, not from the video though.

  • Divya Rajasekharan
    Divya Rajasekharan 1 hour ago

    (*_*)/ 🍕 want pizza? I like equals 1slice!
    \( )
    / \

  • Pheonix The Majestic
    Pheonix The Majestic 20 hours ago

    " isn't that what we all are, little maggots with wings?"

    I swear Rhett should be a motivational speaker


    Hhlook at this long black one

  • X Xx
    X Xx 2 days ago

    "Look at that huge, long, black one" - Link 2017

  • Brian Burau
    Brian Burau 2 days ago

    Oh man. That burrito made me gag!! Gross

  • #TheLeaf's Channel
    #TheLeaf's Channel 3 days ago


  • erawyn wynia
    erawyn wynia 3 days ago

    You guys should do will it Panini

  • Its Striker
    Its Striker 4 days ago

    I want a fresh burrito now 🌯

  • TheTtpgames
    TheTtpgames 4 days ago

    the answer to life we are all maggots with wings

  • Misty Conrad
    Misty Conrad 4 days ago

    Can you guys do will it headphone

  • InboundTheEquine
    InboundTheEquine 5 days ago

    That's basically school lunch.

  • parkturd
    parkturd 5 days ago

    Link - "Look at that huge long black one."

    BRENDON OWENS 5 days ago

    You did not die in vain your children are in the burrito-

  • Betty Joe
    Betty Joe 5 days ago

    Ur old hair was better. ☹️

  • funny monkey
    funny monkey 6 days ago

    "Isn't that what we all are, maggots with wings" - Rhett 2017

  • kat
    kat 7 days ago

    OK so I know I can't smell this but I didn't feel right until I covered my nose.

  • Montana Palmer
    Montana Palmer 7 days ago

    the egg kind of makes since when you think about how they used egg to preserve paintings and make paint more vibrant.

  • Ferry Ansony
    Ferry Ansony 7 days ago

    Wait so C Section operation literally the same as Cross Section Operation?

  • shane o'nan
    shane o'nan 7 days ago

    "It's so hard, pry it apart. Oh oh im in, I'm in"

    I can go on for days at this point

  • Aidan Vanhoof
    Aidan Vanhoof 7 days ago


  • Baylee Wright
    Baylee Wright 7 days ago


  • adam millay
    adam millay 7 days ago

    food archeologists :)

  • Wookie Montague
    Wookie Montague 7 days ago

    Link's mug says boiled for safety lmao

  • prince joopie
    prince joopie 7 days ago

    Watching this while eating lunch was a bad idea

  • Altair Cast II
    Altair Cast II 7 days ago

    " huge long black one "

  • Starchild
    Starchild 8 days ago

    "Look at this huge, long, black one" -Link 2017

  • OK OK
    OK OK 8 days ago

    11:01 - until they stopped talking about maggets. did anyone feel like somethibg was crawling up u 😷😷

  • OK OK
    OK OK 8 days ago

    Ewwww 😷

  • Isaac h. Hoskie
    Isaac h. Hoskie 8 days ago


  • Unicorn Donuts
    Unicorn Donuts 8 days ago

    Only a genius like me would have the super duper genius idea of eating dinner while watching this

  • Chris Andrew
    Chris Andrew 8 days ago

    I love their science clothes, they should have a series where they completely make up science stuff like "poop centers" and ask questions like "aren't we all maggots with wings?" while wearing these while looking at interesting/gross stuff.

  • LetFreedomRing25776

    4:24, "Look at that huge long black one". That's what she said. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Libby Mckie
    Libby Mckie 9 days ago

    It's a poop center!
    * starts to touch his face*

  • Gisele-gamer tv
    Gisele-gamer tv 10 days ago

    I haven't seen you guys for 5 years and 17 days! what happened to links hair?? and the song???!! "my hair goes up! my hair goes down!" WHAT HAPPEND!!!?😣😣

  • Yagoo
    Yagoo 10 days ago

    There was 4 maggots and counting

  • Sofia Maria Calabrese Nieves

    Was I the only one that didn't know link had a degree in sports medicine!!!???

  • jeannelle navas
    jeannelle navas 10 days ago

    I almost threw up! I stopped watching it sorry

  • JuWo Gaming
    JuWo Gaming 10 days ago

    tf the background laughing about everything for

  • Grace's Toy Nook
    Grace's Toy Nook 10 days ago

    Ewww! I think I'm going skip lunch today 😷

  • GG Cookie
    GG Cookie 11 days ago

    I'm a big fan of Link's shirt.

  • -ArtieFlowerr -
    -ArtieFlowerr - 11 days ago


  • stecky87
    stecky87 11 days ago

    It's disconcerting how little of that had mold on it . . .

  • Gwen B
    Gwen B 11 days ago

    Bad idea to eat while watching.

  • Colby Petty
    Colby Petty 11 days ago

    10:02 look at links hand as the crunchy tortilla leaps off the table

  • turboguy7
    turboguy7 11 days ago

    "look at that huge long black one"

  • RadenWA
    RadenWA 11 days ago

    Oh, how different your results' gonna be if you do this in the tropics.

  • Elaine S
    Elaine S 12 days ago

    "Isn't that what we all are? Maggots with wings?-Rhett McLaughlin, May 8th, 2017Someone make that a meme!!!! PLEASE!!!!

  • Ricky Cook
    Ricky Cook 12 days ago

    I like Link's shirt. Johnny Cash is one of my favorite artists

  • dipperpines_su
    dipperpines_su 12 days ago


  • Space DooDe
    Space DooDe 12 days ago

    Who else thought the kid at the end was thinking if logic?

  • Tayllor Baylor
    Tayllor Baylor 12 days ago

    This probably isnt the best video to watch while i have the stomach bug huh..

  • Cooliostuff
    Cooliostuff 12 days ago

    "Look at that big black long one"

  • CapsuleBarGraph
    CapsuleBarGraph 12 days ago

    there was 8 maggots in the burrito that they did not see and they might have had more

  • Guppy Guy
    Guppy Guy 12 days ago

    Rhetts inspirational quote of the day 11:28

  • Block Chunker
    Block Chunker 12 days ago

    I thought they were gonna eat it

  • xXHaydentheWarriorXx

    why am i watching this while eating dinner?

  • Patricia Adamczyk
    Patricia Adamczyk 12 days ago

    Link that is the freaking pickle 
    I died laughing

  • kitty cat 9
    kitty cat 9 13 days ago

    The amount of thats what she said jokes is....amazing

  • That Channel
    That Channel 13 days ago

    4:24 that's what she said

  • nrdixie
    nrdixie 13 days ago

    aww you guys are starting to suck.

  • Makisweetsu
    Makisweetsu 13 days ago

    close your eyes and go to 6:50 hahahha

  • The black diamond TBD

    dont u guys ever get sick?

  • Sophia Nguyen
    Sophia Nguyen 13 days ago

    sorry im a total weeb but i cant help but notice at 1:35 link is doing perfectly Yohane's signature hand sign from love live sunshine i cant even do it

  • Pastel Peanut
    Pastel Peanut 13 days ago

    Actually, I spotted a lot of maggots in the burrito, they're fairly hard to see but if you look very closely they're all over it.

  • Alexis Clemmons
    Alexis Clemmons 13 days ago

    "What happens when you leave a burrito out for two months?"
    .....Let's taco bout that.....
    Lol. Get it? Because it's a burrito.. and taco.. No? Never mind.

  • Angelina bary
    Angelina bary 13 days ago

    By gosh I almost barfed just watching

  • EpiiCCaRboNNathan
    EpiiCCaRboNNathan 13 days ago

    I was legit eating frosted mini wheats

  • Philip Manavado
    Philip Manavado 13 days ago

    i cant penetrate the cheese

  • Olov Hammarström
    Olov Hammarström 13 days ago

    wow, Rhett is really rocking that dentist look!

  • Kylie Gaitonde
    Kylie Gaitonde 13 days ago


  • Chelsea Barrios
    Chelsea Barrios 13 days ago

    I cringed

  • Ivn K
    Ivn K 13 days ago

    Why am I hungry?

  • Alex Batagiannis
    Alex Batagiannis 14 days ago

    Link has the best t-shirts out there

  • natalie h
    natalie h 14 days ago


  • theneonshark 8
    theneonshark 8 14 days ago

    bigger and better like me

  • Seraphic Lunacy
    Seraphic Lunacy 14 days ago

    The chances of them looking at a 2 month old hard-boiled egg while I'm in the kitchen making hard-boiled eggs for breakfast.....fam

  • Berenice Choong
    Berenice Choong 14 days ago

    do they change gloves between food items?

  • Joanna Ortega
    Joanna Ortega 14 days ago

    I was eating cereal I feel your pain biggie cheese

  • rheal yanus
    rheal yanus 14 days ago

    Have fun with E. colli

  • The NightMayor
    The NightMayor 14 days ago

    Rhett lifts the sheet to see the old egg...a chicken flies out and takes off out of the studio.

  • funny doge memes
    funny doge memes 14 days ago

    my favorite parts of this video:
    "look at that huge long black one"
    "I can't get it in"
    "it's so hard"
    "I'm in"
    "let me touch it"
    "look how floppy it is"
    "it just got super hard"
    "pull it out"

  • LegendOfTank _
    LegendOfTank _ 14 days ago

    My summer starts June 2nd not May 15th

  • lemonlime H
    lemonlime H 14 days ago


  • Red
    Red 14 days ago

    There's just something about Rhett and Link that makes me have to poop.

  • Anna B
    Anna B 14 days ago

    run for the cube, gmm version

  • _ILike Dogs
    _ILike Dogs 14 days ago

    Just boil it for safety

  • Sofia Houh
    Sofia Houh 14 days ago

    10:33 lol! they did not notice the maggot wiggling out! XD

  • Car Car
    Car Car 14 days ago

    I was eating ice cream while watching this, once I realized how much of a bad idea this is...😂😂

  • Meepington1423
    Meepington1423 15 days ago

    "Look at that huge long black one!" - Link 2017

  • Mallory Mayo
    Mallory Mayo 15 days ago

    I would love a part two of this lol

  • Dennis Hakanen
    Dennis Hakanen 15 days ago

    Make a part 2 and include Twinkies

  • Tegen or 티겐
    Tegen or 티겐 15 days ago

    Now replay this video with your eyes closed (or just the burger part if you can't be bothered to rewatch it all)

  • Petr Shchigel
    Petr Shchigel 15 days ago

    Rhett: I can't get it in there!
    Link: It's so hard!
    Me: XD XD XD

  • Darrel Lance Evangelista

    12:36 funny

  • Nuclear Orange
    Nuclear Orange 15 days ago

    link is using the forest patrol voice

  • Fabian Wellauer
    Fabian Wellauer 15 days ago

    Link: think this has put me off frosted mini wheats forever

    Me: I think this has put me off food forever 😳

  • Hippie Snot
    Hippie Snot 15 days ago

    Eating a two month old burrito would have been better lol!! But VERY DANGEROUS!!

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