Best in-car audio from Talladega Superspeedway

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  • Jonathan Tanksley
    Jonathan Tanksley 1 month ago

    Love the suspenseful drums at the end. They really set the mood.

  • Alex Reitan
    Alex Reitan 1 month ago

    What kind of editting team is there at Has there been a race this year where their graphic of best 5 audios has been 5? 4 this week yet again. At Talladega, no one else keyed the mic?

  • Zia Pasha
    Zia Pasha 1 month ago

    Aj wrecked chase like sterling did to dale sr

  • Motorsports Fan 63
    Motorsports Fan 63 1 month ago

    Everybody, please *pause at **3:38**!*

    • Jason Ward
      Jason Ward 1 month ago

      Motorsports Fan 63 not surprised lol lajoies garbage

    • Motorsports Fan 63
      Motorsports Fan 63 1 month ago

      Gaughan beat LaJoie to the line for 26th.

    • Jason Ward
      Jason Ward 1 month ago

      Motorsports Fan 63 what about it

  • EWicken
    EWicken 1 month ago

    Dinoco's all mine!

  • wa2436
    wa2436 1 month ago

    Stenhouse's spotter did an amazing job

  • jessica norton
    jessica norton 1 month ago

    What did Chase say?

  • Crystal Brown
    Crystal Brown 1 month ago

    i was there live

  • Seth
    Seth 1 month ago

    Damn, Ricky's spotter did a hell of a job

  • PttyBlue43
    PttyBlue43 1 month ago

    I'll wait for Radioactive.

  • MegaMr46
    MegaMr46 1 month ago

    Someone tell Stenhouse that He's not in the Cake walk. He's going to have to stay on the top 10 runs every weekend.

    • drakionclawers
      drakionclawers 1 month ago

      This was his third top ten finish in a row.

  • Cosins_Derp Gaming
    Cosins_Derp Gaming 1 month ago

    Jesus Christ, in just this little bit the spotters have said at least over 100 words, makes me wonder how much talk we actually miss out on. Good job Ricky for getting that win, well deserved! You shocked us all.

    • Cosins_Derp Gaming
      Cosins_Derp Gaming 1 month ago


    • Colton Harmon
      Colton Harmon 1 month ago

      Cosins_Derp Gaming i was curious once and watched a coke zero 400 from dale Jrs roof cam and heard all of the talking. i was almost stressed out watching and i wasnt even racing lol.

  • Alltrick D
    Alltrick D 1 month ago

    The reaction of Kyle's wife ! She knew when he lost she was getting beat up that night Busch is in meltdown mode most of the racing season! has no business behind the wheel of a race car ! needs meds for his mental issues

  • jesse sanders
    jesse sanders 1 month ago

    love watching Kyle Bush get beat

  • Racing fan for life 18

    MAN the spotter was amazing


    super genial

  • Alex Truax
    Alex Truax 1 month ago

    aj is a amateur

  • Steve
    Steve 1 month ago

    Destruction Derby 2 2017

  • J-Z28
    J-Z28 1 month ago

    It's pretty ridiculous how over dramatic Kyle Busch's wife is she's just as bad as he is when he loses.

    • Soylent Green
      Soylent Green 1 month ago

      Everything is great.

    • Quentin Rendant
      Quentin Rendant 1 month ago

      J-Z28 Well there's no denying they're both part of Club Bitchy. But I'm sure they react stupidly on other races too because they really want to win each race.

    • J-Z28
      J-Z28 1 month ago

      Sure, I get they won't be throwing a party that they haven't won the race.. but let's be serious go watch her reactions in the whole race and not just this quick shot. I get it sucks to lose, but they take it to the extreme.. Do you see all of the other drivers reacting like him or his wife? No.

    • Quentin Rendant
      Quentin Rendant 1 month ago

      J-Z28 what, did you expect her to be throwing a party because her husband lost? Lol... I'm not a Kyle Busch fan but I'd be that way too.

    • Gabe Trujillo
      Gabe Trujillo 1 month ago


  • Zachary Grigg
    Zachary Grigg 1 month ago

    When did Kyle Busch complain?

    • K Edington
      K Edington 1 month ago

      Michael Pavia lol didn't he win there in 2008 when it was single file the how time except the last 10 laps and a wreck om the last lap

    • themasterofmemes420
      themasterofmemes420 1 month ago

      Zachary Grigg wut was 1

    • Gaming withJenet
      Gaming withJenet 1 month ago

      theoriginalshew I bet if he won he wouldn't be saying that 😂😂

    • Michael Pavia
      Michael Pavia 1 month ago

      Zachary Grigg yeah cause apparently Dega isn't a "real track" cause he can't win there. What a bitch. And his wife is just as bad, look at her reaction. Sore losers.

    • theoriginalshew
      theoriginalshew 1 month ago

      Calling Kansas a real track apparently means he's complaining.

  • Mike L
    Mike L 1 month ago

    Ibet there's a bit extra in the spotters pay envelope this week. Masterful job.

  • The Gaming Life
    The Gaming Life 1 month ago

    were can I find the mrn coverage of this race?

  • Billy the kid
    Billy the kid 1 month ago

    the look on crybabies wife Samantha Bushes face was priceless Waaaaaaaaaa Waaaaaaaaaa 😥😥 Waaaaaaaaaa my pussy hubby lost Waaaaaaaaaa 😥 Waaaaaaaaaa

    • Grindcore Racer 67
      Grindcore Racer 67 1 month ago

      Billy the kid Kyle Dusch.

    • Billy the kid
      Billy the kid 1 month ago

      theoriginalshew try a mail order bride

    • theoriginalshew
      theoriginalshew 1 month ago

      you should get some new nicknames for Busch. and i wish i had someone who was that emotionally invested in me

  • Alexander Saavedra
    Alexander Saavedra 1 month ago

    The job of the spotter is one of the best positions to listen to imo

    • optimusprime gordonfan24
      optimusprime gordonfan24 1 month ago

      ya big time team penske crew chief are suspended this year big time . this is going affect logano and brad this year .

    • Chris Hoyle
      Chris Hoyle 1 month ago

      It is but what the heck is up with spotters nowadays telling drivers how to drive? I'd be pissed if my spotter was telling me how to drive like look her motherF^%$er I'm doing 200mph stop backseat driving lol

  • A49 22 3
    A49 22 3 1 month ago


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