GOOGLE EARTH Mystery Secret UFO & Hidden Places PART 1

Amazing places at Google Earth.


31 59'20.53"S 152 34'18.47"E

19 56'56.76"S 69 38'2.07"W

41 51'26.99"N 121 29'25.75"W

50 39'26.33"N 2 24'14.92"W

14 32'45.28"S 75 9'35.85"W

33 55'37.16"N 117 34'8.58"W

14 33'9.40"S 75 10'36.74"W

78 38'29.61"N 15 7'5.50"E

19 37'40.75"S 69 58'46.35"W

54 13'29.68"N 1 12'44.46"W

19 12'13.45"S 70 0'30.41"W

10 54'12.65"N 19 55'56.05"E

44 14'39.77"N 7°46'10.71"E

37 37'38.69"N 116 50'48.38"W

51 19'16.29"N 1 45'22.76"W

42 4'34.14"N 2 21'21.93"W

45 42'11.97"N 21 18'7.81"E

17 58'20.55"S 70 14'12.89"W

43 25'44.84"N 80 19'51.12"W

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Author Haley Curtis ( ago)
Omg..... It's a shape were gonna die!!...

Author Patrick Valentin ( ago)
At 0:31 was a land moed with a shark At site 

Author armand rafid ( ago)

Author Esme K ( ago)
there is a giant hole in the southpole and the northpole Which is removed
from the maps of earth, and so shitty photoshoped,and to make it more
interesting it is grounded there. WHY?
"they" don't want us to know the TRUTH!
n btw all the satelites are avoiding that area completeley.
want to know more?


Author Hsrnec ( ago)
why is the map unzoomable at the UFO 1 location :(

Author Golden Miner21 ( ago)
Guys the other place arent made by OFU they were made by old peoples that i
watch it on TV but the others are made by OFU so good show...

Author Color Master ( ago)
8:30 Looks like horse head.

Author The Lynx ( ago)
5:54 was elephants -_-

Author ABLE RAPTOR ( ago)
2:25 Vader's super star destroyer much?

Author aaron enriquez ( ago)
Sergey Brin and Larry Page are extraterrestrials. 

Author Tomasz Bonarek ( ago)
Tu Ziemia do komety Alfa 1 do Delty 2 podaje współrzędne 

Author Zaman Ishtiaq ( ago)

Author Chase Vallance ( ago)

Author Bryan Phouthavong ( ago)
dat rabbit is in the world book so its not really a secret

Author Exploitzzz Roblox ( ago)
at 00:08 thats a building

Author Raven Galloway ( ago)
Whi does UFO come to earth

Author Elsa Innamorato ( ago)
I think your video is awsom , want to see more! The animal images is so
the aliens wont get lost? Or for our antigravidy flying pilots know were
there at.? Even the illuminate have there one eye pyramid on exebision. Oh
well I loved the tour great job!

Author FishGamingHD ( ago)
omg im scared...

Author CARLO BEN ( ago)

Author TehAntiser'sWorld ( ago)
i malakia peftei sinefo

Author KidoDDJCF 木戸 ( ago)
Why am i so scared? Weird 

Author ana maria ( ago)
42 4'34.14"N 2 21'21.93"W this is in Spain, a natural park.I looged en
google maps, and yes is there. This is not look like a ordinary animal to

Author ™ AVGames ( ago)
Theese are not fake

Author Captain Capri ( ago)
Pause at 5:11 and it looks like an Indian girl

Author Tristan Silures ( ago)
wow did you see that UFO disguised as an elephant? O.O they are getting

Author Aarni Törmä ( ago)
All these, are real

Author DannaDipa “TrashmanKM36” 999 ( ago)
Bologna Sausage! You could have at least included better graphics.

Author Joao F c. Placido ( ago)
Moçambique de Linha Feria de Nacala Catur esta foto foi tirada em Nova
Freixo Catur caleiro Placido Batalhão 1870

Author Vincenzo Vieri ( ago)
As soon as I saw the playboy mansion blurred, I knew our government was
hiding something!

Author ᅚᅚᅚᅚ ( ago)
The last song is enemies at the gate theme

Author Mohammed Hassan ( ago)
the shark is the best

Author SOHINI SAMAI ( ago)

Author Shapsher Sandi ( ago)
xD yea...fake

Author TobizarUBKK ( ago)
5:06 Stop OMG look...

Author fkaga ( ago)
primitive photoshop...

Author Elias Jr Martinez ( ago)
Super Fake :D

Author MultiZMEN ( ago)
Republic Kiribati (what hide Kiribati?)
1°38'11.2"S 174°57'16.8"W

Republic Palau, Helen reef (there patrol base Palau)
1°38'11.2"S 174°57'16.8"W

Indonesia,sea banda
a) 1°38'11.2"S 174°57'16.8"W
b) 5°29'39.2"S 127°32'06.5"E

Philippines, Sulu sea
a)Tubbataha reefs Natural park
8°53'22.5"N 119°58'01.0"E
b)9°14'34.6"N 120°45'39.9"E
c)Maru Island
4°43'54.9"N 125°28'57.0"E
d)4°28'09.6"N 125°25'13.9"E

pacific ocean
11°54'36.6"S 170°11'25.1"E

Marotiri or Bass Rocks, French Polynesia
27°52'59.3"S 143°29'34.5"W

Author Aidan Mahoney ( ago)
Horse 3 is a Pegasus

Author Поля Павлюченко ( ago)
Ну просто чудеса

Author Windy Jean jacques ( ago)

Author mikka ( ago)
un' occhiata alla terra

Author syaminjazmi86 ( ago)
Every time they invented new war machine, its UFO!, its ALIENS!, soon
zombies n other idea bloating with stupidity will walk the earth.

Author Mike Tummon ( ago)
4.02 disc s over the ocean one with a shadow like its close to the water

Author Victor Carpio ( ago)
haha all is fake. Is not even donne using google earth.

Author Fanfan C. ( ago)
Les éléphants,ouai et?De plus,le lapin géant pour ceux qui veulent plus
d'infos,c'est aux gens qui habite juste à côté qu'il appartient (ils sont
passer dans le guinnes world reccords^^,il y a plsu d'info encore...)

Author Mirage Abeysekara ( ago)

Author Ted Arndt ( ago)
Could this be done without Omen music?

Author y0Vexas ( ago)
Pause at 5:05 its Jesus!

Author Donte McFarlane ( ago)
I could do without the overly epic music

Author Jordy Koudijs ( ago)
this is very very very lame

Author Chris Kobe ( ago)
you have way to much time on your hands

Author Louis Pecci ( ago)
5:06 I see a woman smiling.. 

Author ganthonyvr ( ago)
omg 5:38 is a herd of chupacabras

Author Alaide Rambo ( ago)

Author Graham Barnes ( ago)
In Britain, the representation of figures and horses date back up to
thousands of years ago, carved out of chalk hills by bronze age man. A lot
had to with territory, hunting prowess and fertility. One in particular is
of huge man sporting a massive erection. It is still trespassed on today by
couples wishing to start a family by doing to do on a particularly
strategic area of the figure's anatomy. See Cerne Abbas Giant

Author Byomokesh Pujari ( ago)

Author Roberto Jose ( ago)
Aqui no Brasil vc não captou nem um ET ou objeto estranho,pois eu acho que
tem muitos por ai//

Author zweetloel ( ago)
3.35 *FAP 88*. xD

Author ThexBorg ( ago)

Author DeathSpikeSteve ( ago)
Has anyone thought that maybe some of the crazy stuff on Google Earth is
actually made by the people who made google earth, to freak us out?

Author anartismal ( ago)
Isnt the music from Godzilla? The one where Godzilla attacks New York

Author reddragon122100 ( ago)
Giant sharks= ufo

Author Bio Hazard ( ago)

Author RobloxMinecraft ( ago)
cool music

Author Mad Vibes ( ago)
When you ask yourself how was these objects made like the shark/horse etc
it's really fascinating like did they take years to make them? Or are they
work of the aliens?

Author Otto Weber ( ago)
The elephants in the bush are the bests! :D

Author sue oleary ( ago)
In Britain there are horses carved out of clay, but the one you show
definitely isn't there, I know cos I live there

Author xander slob ( ago)
smiley on the end :D

Author wan baw ( ago)
GRAND THEFT AUTO WORLD will released and get a secret place like this

Author Gregorius Neven ( ago)
how did u get all of these cordinates??

Author Gregorius Neven ( ago)
why don;t u zoom till street view??? so we can see the proof

Author Bibi Baba ( ago)
8:12 WTF :OO

Author Wtrxprs007able ( ago)
the music from godzilla (the american remake) at the start. i thought it
sounded familliar....

Author Nam Nguyen ( ago)
44 14'39.77"N 7°46'10.71"E - got me here

Author senyourdrunk ( ago)
Half of these are just man made, it is pretty easy to tell.

Author Wanna_Be_Gamester ( ago)
Them Damn Jews...... HAHAHA I'm just kiddin guys

Author Misty Moon ( ago)
The music is not important. I don't think that's what we should we should
be concentrating on. some of these formations are on mountain sides and
some are in the middle of nowhere. But they are so huge that you can only
see them from the air. as big as they are it would take a human person a
lifetime to make one. You can tell which ones are not man made. I know that
spear formation looks like the spear of destiny.

Author Next Door Gamer ( ago)
Half of these like the horses would of been done by whoever owned the land
dunno if it was worth making a video I mean it's cool that's all

Author Banaanitorttu ( ago)
Hey isn't this song from Godzilla - movie?

Author SkullBlood SkullRealms ( ago)
lol its wowforreeel

Author wowforreeel ( ago)
Damn this one is niiiiice.

Author Michael Frost ( ago)
Weirdly creepy and more than a little disturbing,what other secrets are
being hidden from Joe Public,well done Google !

Author Rockkin Rita ( ago)
I watch ancient aliens, unexplained earth, and anything along the lines.
Most of these are on the shows

Author Garik Minasyan ( ago)

Author pantyhose900 ( ago)
Pause between 5:05 and 5:07 and you will see Jesus

Author Gloria Lei ( ago)
i feel anxious when i see the deep sea

Author kruztytheKlown ( ago)
crazy shit

Author Villaflores Jeff ( ago)
the BGM of this vid. pls thanks

Author Cristhoper Gatchalian ( ago)
That's not a UFO in spitsburgen

Author Amir Sha ( ago)
6:56 is that the illuminati?

what the freak is up with this music!!!

Author Andy Gaspar ( ago)
How's the first soundtrack called

Author roberto ortiz ( ago)
Fake . Why he didnt zoom out more so we can see exactly were these
locationd are

Author Poney Epicnss ( ago)

Author Poney Epicnss ( ago)
2:02 UNICORN!!!

Author TheDookiebomber ( ago)
yeah sure, its fake... so is the music, and the person who made it. and
google earth is fake too. let's not forget about that too.

Author Lost Player ( ago)

Author VodkaloveXxX ( ago)
5:14 f*cking creepy

Author Moayed - TheBlackEgg ( ago)
you mean fitted.:)

Author Aakash Katoch ( ago)
fake video

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