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Runtime: 4:55
Comments: 7639

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Author Rudy Mancuso ( ago)
Thank you for watching.
♫ > $

Author Ymer Gaming with Mathew ( ago)
If you like Rudy like this comment

Author Reaha Khosla ( ago)
There all very talented

Author Reaha Khosla ( ago)
He has a good singin voice

Author puppylovermidnight puppy101 ( ago)
this was awesome music

Author Majestic Wolf ( ago)
Music to my ears

Author Coco vlogs ( ago)
Do a vloging channel

Author Nomlasagna Garfield ( ago)
This is my favorite video

Author Kevin Sonko ( ago)
pretty good

Author LC Sire ( ago)
she has got the most beautiful voice ever!!!!!!!

Author rommel torres ( ago)
music is fun

Author Maryam Mirzaeian Tafti ( ago)

Author pretty ms ( ago)

Author Kevin Smith ( ago)
that was amazing

Author Bryanna Unicorn7707 ( ago)
Ok this was awesome

Author RAWR MODZ ( ago)
The vocalizing and violin gave me chills

Author Layla Walmsley ( ago)

Author Philipp Oppel ( ago)
Favorite Video! Do More like this

Author MAYG ( ago)
who is the woman at the beginning. she's an amazing Singer

Author Kawaii_Cupcakes ( ago)
he's so cute and handsome like if you think he's handsome 😍

Author XxNightBlitzxX ( ago)
Is this on itunes

Author Ruby Gomez ( ago)
I love you 💕❤️😘 guys 💕😍❤️😍💕❤️😍💕❤️😍💕❤️😍💕❤️😍💕❤️😍💕❤️😍💕❤️

Author Potato Dillon ( ago)
it's so entertaining AND BEAUTIFUL XD

Author TheSharkMC ( ago)
Whats the song at the end

Author Nikhil Nath ( ago)
I should totally jam with you

Author Elbert Davis ( ago)
This is the best music ever and ur best vid and funny one

Author Anime Lover ( ago)
3:21 Dog Abuse 😂

Author Merry Ramos ( ago)
I always love your music Rudy! This one is awesome! 👏👏👏

Author мανιѕ νєямιllισи ( ago)
I call it music...

Author Schleich& Horse Lover EL ( ago)
You should earn huge time money Off of your talent Rudy

Author Luis Torres ( ago)
anwar killed it 😂😂

Author Slawomir Brulinski ( ago)
this is amazing! the ending is so beautiful!!!!!!

Author Sky Frost ( ago)
wait is anwar black? im not racist ok im also black so is anwar black✌

Author Oumar Diallo ( ago)
lol 😂

Author PREDATOR ( ago)

Author Michelle Adkins ( ago)
Rudy Mancuso thanks for being funny

Author Rachel Rachel ( ago)
I love this so much!! I think im tearinggg

Author bboy_g111 ( ago)

Author Cady-Leigh Taylor ( ago)
really good vid I couldt stop watching this

Author Saz Emoji ( ago)
OMG I love that it was amazing 😱😱😱😂😂😂😍😍😍

Author Lynly Motoramo ( ago)
can you please make more of these types of videos! i love the music! you're so talented!! ❤❤

Author Madison Campbell ( ago)
Anwar isn't Latino he's Indian! XD

Author jaydah Turner ( ago)

Author jaydah Turner ( ago)
made me cry

Author bryan galvez ( ago)
Beautiful, i love it.

Author arpita saha ( ago)
lovely ❤❤❤

Author Kelsey Cole ( ago)
Wow she is good

Author The Slime Girl ( ago)
I watched this vid 20 times please make more

Author Wolfsbane Funken ( ago)
omg it's vonzell !!!

Author ilove 102 ( ago)
what the name of the music on which anwar was dancing in the beginning

Author Eliya Orvitz ( ago)
3 words great wonderful beautiful

Author Αγγελική Μυστακίδου ( ago)
Okay this video is the definition of talent in signing and music. congratulations

Author Αγγελική Μυστακίδου ( ago)
Congratulations to you. You are super talented and creative. Thank you for make us smile

Author Mauro Gerlich ( ago)
what is the name from the song at 1:00?

Author fightingman367 Lol ( ago)
Whoever unlinked this vid doesn't have a life.Good job Rudy😊😊😊😊

Author Alanna Watts ( ago)!!!!!

Author Coolkids ( ago)
I love this video

Author Mystic 75 ( ago)
Lol at 1:25 u can see the guy behind the tree

Author Some Kid ( ago)
i love you rudy

Author eleonora masi ( ago)
i'm in love with this video is so deep and beautiful congrats

Author Ben Kallner ( ago)
He has one of the most brilliant music minds on the planet

WOW...Loved loved loved loved it 👏👏👏

Author Jeane Glover ( ago)
You and your musical friends are dope! You guys got some real talent

Author Helpful DIYs ( ago)
I love music

Author Rayee Ybanez ( ago)

Author konstantinos antoniou ( ago)
I love your 📹

Author konstantinos antoniou ( ago)
I love your 📹

Author kazaki aztec ( ago)
This is sooo good!!!

Author BoukBox ( ago)
it killed it at the end

Author Dora Chavez ( ago)
rudy marcuso i saw you on a tv show

Author Tanki_ Gaming123 ( ago)
ohhhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhhh

Author Tanki_ Gaming123 ( ago)
what was the song its cool

Author Chloe Games and more ( ago)
This was the best one😀

Author LaZzerLuKe - Gaming and More! ( ago)
omfg this video is just so, I just cant even, omg its incredible

Author Asiyah Griggs ( ago)
omg that is so amazing

Author Edita Spahic ( ago)
Pause at 1:31 what is the guy doing behind the tree

Author Bri Bree ( ago)
dis ish y i luv u!

Author Shahd's Corner ( ago)
Lol Anwar at the last part tho😂

Author Tanki_ Gaming123 ( ago)
That was beautiful at the end. If this doesn't get likes Rudy no one liked it apart from me

Author Potato Head ( ago)

Author Devon Poloa ( ago)

Author Aidsa Ruiz ( ago)
I love how you play songs

Author Buzz Prank ( ago)
Nice music Rudy i want to make one funng clip with you and anwar

Author TheLol6545 ( ago)
i play piano and im your biggest fan of when you played shape of you do the salsa music with lele pons

Author colby wilson ( ago)
This is the best music video ever and can't be beat

Author Riley Moes ( ago)
f*ck everbody who disliked this video

Author Chlah Ahlam ( ago)
hahahaaha Anwar fai ridere proprio, e questo video é meraveglioso

Author Carolyn Sama ( ago)
The last one waa good music

Author lPHl XinXio164 ( ago)
MORE MUSIC PLES I PAY YOU $0.100000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Author Dario Polticelli ( ago)
Best video ever!

Author Supergirl 07 ( ago)
i love it

Author ABBAS RONALDO ( ago)
The music tune is for. Which songs like all of them?

Author Daniela Becerril ( ago)
First video without Tequila....

Author Christina Santiago ( ago)
Rudy man cusp is so hot

The way you are promoting music is awesome.
keep it up

Author Barbara Poma ( ago)
1:28 the robber who steals the tips from Rudy is behind the tree.

Author Jefferson Rivera ( ago)
me encanta desde venezuela

Author Rodolfo Hernandez ( ago)
hermano, esto te cambia el día. im Uber and i just got a shitty week. thanks for the laugh bro. you're the best mafren

Author Amber Muniz ( ago)
That was the most amazing musical act I have ever seen!!

Author ViVid Tube ( ago)
Just epic!

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