Congo - Mbilia Bel - Faux Pas - Copyright Claim by IODA


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Author india681 (4 years)
C son secret com ça. J n'ai connais encore d'homme pouvant resister a
mbilia c un don de Dieu. Na leli mblilia

Author Job Mokaya (1 year)
What can I say now, who is that one making a big mounth claiming my man? Oh
no, I can’t believe it, this is embarrassing, oh no, not to me M’bilia; The
type of marriage we get ourself into has many faces. You wake up in the
morning and you are being confroted with infidelity; You feel like going
crasy, Not knowing what else to do, Oh no, not me M’bilia; In our time
poligamy is taken lightly; In the time past it was dignified. Where is all
of this leading us to? and to where are we taking this?

Author panafricano1 (4 years)
Que hermoso, esta cancion forma parte de mi infancia, aquella en la que en
cualquier barrio, podíamos durar días bailando al ritmo de esta música y al
final de la fiesta sentir la sensasión de que faltó más. Mbillia eres la
mejor , ninakupenda sana

Author karaepeo (1 year)
can yu get the lyrics from this song? I love her music and would like to
sing (Im not from Africa but I should be).

Author SuperDanicap (4 years)
@mandrakezu 100% agree with you about the jewel

Author Violette Mukandereyimana (1 year)
Bambanda bokeba botungisa basi yaliboso bokuti nalibala nabango

Author bc1176 (3 years)
Can someone put FayaTess on the table. Faya rocked them all...

Author rangerszas (4 years)
Belle femme mais pourquoi s'être détruite avec les maquillages?????
Néanmoins tu demeures une grande voix de la musique africaine mais pas
forcément un modèle...

Author Rose Naliakarach (4 years)
Is Mbilia Bel single? Seriously? It does not matter her age? Her voice and
beauty is ageless.

Author el papo del siete (4 years)
este en cartagena lo llaman los "TRES GOLPES "Que exito me erisa el pellejo
cuando lo escucho nojoda aca en mi barrio un domingo mamando fria en la
esquina con tronco e sol y la mujersita al lado ahy cartagena como tu no
hay otra viva cartagena y su champeta tanto africana como criolla ah y viva

Author Michael Odindo (3 years)
Back then, young, beautiful heavily talented and able to dance, the song,
very sweet to listen to, i may never know whatever she's singing about but,
i tell you it's a beautiful song, thumbs up.

Author Naomii Joo (2 years)
33 j'aime :)

Author chandramuki chandra (4 years)
suis ok avec vous les gars elle était trop top cette femme, mais
actuellement elle ne ressemble a rien, une vraie caricature .

Author Job Mokaya (1 year)
LYRICS: “Faux pas” means “Wrong move” or “Wrong act” A song of Tabu Ley
Rochereau, sang by the queen Mbilia Bel: [Verse] Stay there where you are,
I’ve heard that you are requesting my address So you are being send by my
rival I want you to forget my man now. I can’t fight you because I’m
peaceful I’ve been hearing about you quite for some time. You’re being send
to take my man away from me. Go back to where you are coming from. Ask to
those who know about me when I go crazy.

Author Arbai Ramazani (3 years)
I love this lady so much...She is quietly herself...His video is
indescribably...she is just too Beautiful...Her song is good 2 listen to
when dealing with is like a medicine 2 d any sickness...

Author ngetech (5 years)
So charming she was in those days . when i was about 10 yrs and my dad will
play this all eveings

Author dolagrace (5 years)
tres belle chanson, elle me pousse a pensé sur mon avenir

Author Grandberry Gloria (2 years)
belle chanson:-)

Author Twanna Swinton (1 year)

Author assogbakoffi (3 years)
Les jeunes d'aujourd'hui ont tout gate' en voulant immiter les yovos.

Author vanesa823 (3 years)
mbanda aza se mbanda camarade ya nini

Author kakooza Berna (1 year)
i don,t understand the meaning of the words but the liylics are GOOD ,they
put you in arelaxing mood ,she is natural the make up is recomendable
,ilkie the dressing (cultural )

Author irene27able (3 years)
hummmmmmmmmm mbilia tjrs kano!i like this song so much.

Author hombredeciencia (4 years)
Esta canción se escuchó mucho en la costa norte de Colombia en los años
80s. Tiene un ritmo Bárbaro. todo un exitazo. This song on a lot on the
north coast of Colombia in the 80s. Barbaro has a rhythm. everything a hit.
where can I get the letter.

Author nyajowi (6 years)
Thanks idamawatu for posting a clearer version of this wonderful
song.Mbilia and Tabuley made a great musical combination which only Franco
Luambo could put on check.I'm proud of mother African and all the talents
we have ever produced.Bravo Mbilia!! You have made my day!

Author tingo44 (5 years)
the best

Author Chriis771 (4 years)
vraiment j'ai des larmes pour cette femme de tout ce qu'elle a apporté à Mr
Tabu, mais elle n'a pas savouré ses richesses, à l'époque j'amenai toute ma
classe pour chez moi pour regarder Hit parade le mercredi après midi.

Author Job Mokaya (1 year)
I’ve been hearing about you quite for some time. Where ever I would go you
would inquire about my whereabout. You’re being sent by my rival. But the
one sending you is fooling herself. Now she’s sending you to get my man for
her, but at the same time, you yourself start to fall in love with him.
“You can not leave a goat along with kassava leaves”. You should know that
the man is mine; You and your friend are temporary. I’m not strong enough
to fight, but with my words I can piece you off

Author 1empereur1 (3 years)
Le talent n'est donc pas une vue de l'esprit! Quand je vois la nmondainité
de certains "artistes" de notre génération dont le seul et unique but est
matériel, je me dis: Quel gachis! Heureusement, des mélodies comme
celles-ci me consolent. De plus, il n'ya pas de vulgarité.

Author MsKivu (5 years) se dice negra..di le que maron. pendejo..baboso weee.
estupido...yo prefero maron. eres tanto

Author Malaika Bee (3 years)
I love how she is quietly graceful, it has such a powerful effect. It not
loud and overly vulgar like today's music. Love this music.

Author oscar mourbare (4 years)
J'ai cherche longtemps dans l'encyclopedie francaise des mots pour decrire
la grandeur de ce morceau mais en vain. Juste CLASSE, SUPER

Author blindnye (3 years)
s'il vous plait quelqu'un pourrait il me la traduire elle est trop belle
j'aimerai la comprendre merci

Author lisette ma (3 years)
esta bonita

Author SuperMyrabelle (3 years)
Quelle classe et quel talent! que d'émotions et c'est naturel, pas besoin
de cours d'interprétation à la star académy, bravo!!

Author fredddy07 (3 years)
@hafidy do they have lyrics in original language? would be nice to sing

Author umusore (4 years)
ma mere et ses amies etaient trop pro mbilia bel... a l'epoque elles se
deplacaient de Kigali a Goma... Kinshasa juste pour la voir en concert...

Author meliweliable (4 years)
can someone please translate this song......I love it!!

Author joseline K (2 years)

Author nwaliwanam (4 years)
love it

Author junior840316 (3 years)
esa musica es escucha en barranquilla colombia y gracias a dios tuve la
oportunidad de verla cantar en quilla con lokasa yan bongo.....buen

Author Job Mokaya (1 year)
Rivalry is very painful, heartbreaking. You’re coming from “I don’t know
where” and you want to kate my man away from me; I would lose my mind and I
will do anything to prove you otherwise. A rival is only a “rival”. What
friendship should we have? What you don’t want done to you, don’t do it to
another. It hurt, it’s heart breaking. Now what else can I tell you? The
man is mine. Who are you to claim my man? This is crasy. This is
embarrassing! oh no; not me Mbilia

Author MyArama (5 years)
elle chante vraiment bien!

Author neprdc (4 years)
grace, graceful, gracefully done. thank God for the beauty

Author jo09ghi (5 years)
belle chanson,elle me rapel mon enfance.merci youtube

Author india681 (4 years)
Ya she was young and very humble look magestic beautifull Bell was a big
phnomenal she is now figthin to remain like that despite of the age weigth

Author LusaMonene1 (1 year)
So the song is about love rivalry, good work Mokaya.

Author sangoyasika (3 years)
Quelle belle chanson, pas vulgaire comme celles d´aujoudhui Quelle beauté
mbilia Merci SEIGNEUR LEY

Author mcbools77 (5 years)
bel époque, beaux souvenirs!

Author tingo44 (5 years)
Linda vos y eres una negra linda!

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