5 Reasons Why Finland Is A Global Education Leader

Highly respected and capable teachers, virtually no standardized tests and a strong social safety next help explain why Finland consistently rates among the best public education systems in the world. Hasan Piker of Pop Crunch breaks it down.

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Author Lea Tauriainen ( ago)
They should've mentioned how we get to choose ammattikoulu or highschool after ninth grade. I think it's pretty cool that way if you know you don't need highschool there's no need to go...

Author GoldenAce989 Not Gonna Tell That Do You Understand ( ago)
Dab if u live at finland

Author mikke poro ( ago)
actually, i started school when i was 6, want to know the reason? well, my 7th birthday was at september 27th

Author Tuke ( ago)
Teachers respected? its just for the grades... outside shcool theyre shit talked so much

Author Antti Majuri ( ago)
3 is not true

Author Nelly Enlund ( ago)
I'm from Finland! 🇫🇮

Author Johannes herlevi ( ago)
Torilla tavataan

Author Benkku Rönnberg ( ago)
yey i'm from Finland

Author stiras1 ( ago)
Wait... what the hell happens at 3.56??? I don't understand. O_o Is that a cop in the class room?

Author Carlos Santana ( ago)
0:03 Lmfao Dumbass Americans

Author Itz Ankka ( ago)
Bonus : most people in finland suck at english language...

Author lwnp35 Drums ( ago)
Japan ranks in 5th?? I don't believe it.

Author [Royal] Blueberrybom1_TO ( ago)
Why u no say clash of clans for Finland

Author Vytautė Lipeikaitė ( ago)
whait what is that video in 3.57? :o
was it at SCHOOL?
And nobody is reacting?
what stupid, cold people!

terrible and cruel
cant believe this

Author M K ( ago)

Author Savage • ( ago)
Check Pisa 2015 results, Finland isnt frist

Author Pakistan is a terrorist country again zero ( ago)
plz add english subtitle bcz i m listening with mute ..

Author SOMESH VALANKE ( ago)
I wish i born in Finland 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Author Neah Nyman ( ago)
I'm finnish but can more English XD(hate finnish klass)

Author cherry blossom ( ago)
muistakaa elisa saunalahti huoleton 4G!

Author mine try ( ago)
btw we in Finland get homework nearly everyday. etsi paremmin tietoja saatana.

Author Pinja • ( ago)
I like that how that teacher in the one picture was teaching Swedish...

Author Pinja • ( ago)

Author megan lucy ( ago)
Okay I'm moving to Finland

Author Joseph Co ( ago)
I think we should take those ideas and build public schools that are just for that type of education

Author Hans Sean Lozada ( ago)
Umm... I always shout America in school even if I am not from America. I was only born there.

Author Severi B ( ago)
In Finland schoolers do get homework in all grades

Author MrBundle ( ago)
kaikkille kymmenen vuotiaille jotka valittavat suomen kouluista tämä kaikki on verrattuna amerikan kouluihin

Author KaasuNaamari ( ago)
School isn't actually that free in Finland. The school wont probably have enough sports equipment or if there is a class trip, then it's optional if you want to go. There is also lots of budget cuts regarding education and most of the schools are built badly and have mold. Also they are discriminating people with low income.

Author PhysicsIsGod ( ago)
Finnish Heavy Metal is not awful. There are numerous highly-talented kick ass Finnish Heavy Metal Bands.

Author Empuzki ツ ( ago)
Yes yes i went to best amis of Finland.

Author Joel Pyy ( ago)
Okay first im from Finland perkele and in my school teachers aren't that liked or anything...

Author JOOPU ( ago)
Suomi Finland Perkele

Author Sophie Kvackova ( ago)
lol my country is third...
Its true that we don't get as much homework as American kids and we aren't graded with letters numbers but we are still forced to learn useless things just so we can pass the test. In the Czech Republic when we leave middle school we don't go to a regular high school. For example: if you want to be an actor you go to a school that specializes in Acting.

Author sammakko ( ago)
suami perekelle😈

Author Trashye ( ago)
Torille perkele

Author Krista Zabina ( ago)
This is bull shit.

Author En keksiny nimeä ( ago)
ei suomes kyl kukaa osaa mitää, muutaku juoda kaljaa

Author Senja S ( ago)
torilla tavataan perkele

Author Estella Edwards ( ago)
Very cool.

Author Iruak Nelohan ( ago)
im from finland

Author JeBu ( ago)
Nyt puhut äijä kyllä pelekkää paskaa.

Author joku tyyppi ( ago)
And we study other languges pretty damn well. I'll tell you what I mean: I have studyed english for only four and half years and... well you can just rate the results in such a small time by this what you are just reading. Och jag kan okså prata svenka, men jag tycker inte det.

Author joku tyyppi ( ago)
So when counting all of the holidays together a year of a student is like only 2/3 in school.

Author joku tyyppi ( ago)
Our summer holiday in Finland is TWO AND HALF MONTHS LONG!!!

Author minä kyllä ( ago)
I'm from Finland

Author Vik-killer ( ago)
sweden has very similar education system to finlands

Author Vik-killer ( ago)
finland is not number one in education, theyre number zero, which is better then number one

Author Hie5ForLifeYT ( ago)
Its ironic when you mention U.S you say ''we'' and the name of your YT channel is
''The Young Turks''

Author Ender Freak ( ago)
kuka tulee torille perkele XD

Author TheTophat ( ago)
75 Minutes!? We get 10 minutes in our school

Author Fires Fury ( ago)
glad Im from Finland :)

Author LageDan 77 ( ago)
Who came here from Erik's video?

Author Zakuuw ( ago)
I'm from Finland, torille

Author Wiz0n Q1T ( ago)
yeeahh teachers aren't respected.

Author LearnEnglishESL ( ago)
Interesting... Thank you. "The tree which does not bring forth fruit is fit only for the fire. Strive night and day to change men into fruitful trees, virgin forests into divine orchards and deserts into rose gardens of significance..." - Baha'i Quote

Author Fraided ( ago)
It´s gonna go down as more migrants come

Author Lilly T_T ( ago)
flnland abd south korea are extrenemely dlfferebt but they are at the top ._.

Author Emily McCoy ( ago)
I was an exchange student in HS in Finland. I was impressed then by their social construct and educational system. The differences were stark even in 1991.

Author murmeli YT ( ago)
suomi on paras

Author Fin-player - ( ago)
suomi prkl 💪😎

Author Undyne The Undying ( ago)
In Finland the most important thing we're taught in school is to learn learning.(or something like that)

Author Bill Nye ( ago)
We don't yell we're number one because of education. We yell that because we have shotguns and AR15s

Author Kanakotka ( ago)
The hilarious part is that TYT is so poor in doing research they don't understand that the political climate in Finland by majority opinion is directly opposed to their social justice and pro-immigration nonsense bias.

Why? Because we're well educated and can look at the cause and effects of the matters without someone spoon-feeding us that information, we're also not jarred by empty accusations of racism or bigotry. We all learn basic information comprehension skills, like statistics around 8th grade (which, amusingly, would've stopped the wage gap claim if it happened in the US).

Just an info tidbit: 1.7% of the populace make 44% of the prison population, and 36.2% of violent crime.
Fancy a guess which group?

Author Saana amanda ( ago)

Author RainIsActuallyHitler ( ago)
//sees this video
//moves to Finland

Author Brendan Berney ( ago)
Not Massachusetts 💪

Author Mr PossuzGamerYT ( ago)
reason no 6: it's all free!

Author Mr PossuzGamerYT ( ago)
Finland is The education heaven but it's still extremely boring

Author Kappa ( ago)
I'm Finnish, and my grades still suck ass

Author Luka Luka ( ago)

Author Luka Luka ( ago)
Suomi jee

Author Luka Virtanen ( ago)
i don't get this i hate america same time i want to move to los angeles.....whaaaaat

Author Veetsu Gaming ( ago)
Suomi sanottu, Torilla tavataan...

Author Lance Walker ( ago)
Here is a possible cause of their ranking, they are selective about students they allow to take tests. In the US we have a little policy known as the No Child Left Behind Bill, which states that ALL students must participate in federally given tests. The reason for our ranking is obvious, perhaps be a little more aware next time TYT. In addition, the schools which produce the smartest kids are not federally funded, they are private. Meaning they don't have to participate in bullshit federal testing. News flash ass hole, public education is a complete and utter failure, and it is due to social and governmental influence.

Author Boyfriend of Gaga ( ago)
..did this guy have an instagram..?! ♡♡ him..

Author Doge Z ( ago)
Reason why Finland is best: We have Saunalahti Huoleton 4G

Author in293yew ( ago)
In other words, Finnish students are taught HOW to learn for themselves.

Author Sukulaku Marsu ( ago)
nonni suomi on paras

Author gazman tr ( ago)
Im sure Germany wins 2018 school prize. Our teachers are very cool and we play soccer together. Plus our femal teachers are very hot

Author Joosep Matis Tõnisson ( ago)
love from Estonia

Author Lugmillord ( ago)
It's hard not to press thumbs down when you hate on metal.

Author im your king ( ago)
hyvä video

Author John Neil ( ago)
i am Turk

why are they called The Young Turks

Author Mia L. ( ago)
Heere in Finland teachers get the job well done. Come to Finland...Its awesome i swear💙🌎❤

Author Raz ( ago)
Here in Finland teaching is also very personal and all subjects are taught in many different ways because everyone has their own way of learning :)

Author Arkku ? ( ago)
In here Finland we got lots of homework and have 1-3 tents in every week

Author D-Fire EU ( ago)
Suomi mainostetaan... TORILLA TAVATAAN!!

Author Kristine Beauford ( ago)
Y'all Americans be complaining about your schools that kill creativity and how they sit you through long hours. Have you been to South Korea? Korean students study 10~14 hours a day they go to academies on Christmas Independence day and every other national holiday except lunar new years and thanksgiving.

Author t:onnikala ( ago)
i am a weird person
i think in english, speak in finnish and am a finnish person

Author S Susana ( ago)
Everything that is great about Finnish basic education (everything pre-school through high school) is what makes our universities awful. The standard of higher education is very low especially in subjects that don't require hands-on (literally) experience, focused entirely on learning things by heart and a bit on doing research and not _at all_ in actual practical work.

Author kane legacy ( ago)
Do your research, UK gave you Heavy Metal, NWBHM.

Author 엑소 애인 추가 추가 ( ago)

Author indranil56 ( ago)
USA is actually number one in stupidity and arrogance

Author jonttu ( ago)
suomi hei hei suomi hei hei

Author Samu ( ago)
noni suomi on paras

Author Bahja Farah ( ago)
College is also free

Author Pau Khan Tuang ( ago)
findland kicks asses of americans

Author Millennium Project ( ago)
Interesting: Finland and South Korea are tops, but their their approaches as very, very different.

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