Pitbull, Camila Cabello & J. Balvin Perform 'Hey Ma' | MTV Movie & TV Awards

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  • Claudia Alvarez
    Claudia Alvarez 15 hours ago

    Amazing! Although JBalvin still looks ridiculous

  • Indigo Child
    Indigo Child 2 days ago

    Omg she's so cute and sexy at the same time , love her!!

  • Lemon Love
    Lemon Love 2 days ago

    I know english people listen to this but why did they have to make it mostly english, kfembzkdnn. Ima go listen to the original xD

  • Auro Fangirl
    Auro Fangirl 2 days ago

    2.26 look at balvin eye lol

  • Sana Khan
    Sana Khan 3 days ago

    i dont know but i really like the spanish version

  • Samuel Adonay Hernández

    Power latino

  • Andrea Estefania
    Andrea Estefania 4 days ago

    tan bella mi camila.puedo ver como brilla con luz propia

  • Lucas Alonso
    Lucas Alonso 4 days ago

    3:08 se nota que dice colombia j balvin. que genioo

  • Beyza Luna
    Beyza Luna 4 days ago

    She look like Selena

  • michelle0021able
    michelle0021able 4 days ago

    Balvins like Colombia<3

  • Coleen Byun
    Coleen Byun 4 days ago

    0:23 Paul Walker

  • Naise Silva
    Naise Silva 4 days ago

    AGUENTA 💕💕💕💕💕💋

  • Karen Jimenez
    Karen Jimenez 5 days ago


  • Laura Garcia Gonzalez


  • Layza Silvah
    Layza Silvah 6 days ago

    Camila Cabello

  • Shantoria Laprade
    Shantoria Laprade 7 days ago

    Some people say that they should have sung the Spanish version but others are saying that everybody doesn't speak Spanish that's probably why they sung it in English I get that but to me I don't speak Spanish at all and I even think the Spanish version sounds better but then again to satisfy everyone they probably should've ​sung in both Spanish and English

  • Just 4 Me
    Just 4 Me 7 days ago

    I want to see them perform this in SPANISH at some Latin Awards show, would be so Lit! Camz droppin' in on that Hot-Rod engine is super dope!

  • Maryam Alam
    Maryam Alam 8 days ago

    It just doesn't sound right in English

  • Michael Alexander
    Michael Alexander 8 days ago

    Camila is such a natural performer! All her hard work is evident, & singing those Destiny's Child lyrics in her room when she was 7 has blossomed into incredible maturity. I'm so happy and inspired by her. Great Job Camila!

  • viola purple
    viola purple 8 days ago


  • Milos Raonic
    Milos Raonic 8 days ago

    Not to be rude but who just skip to Camillas part like me ??

  • Mr Nice Guy
    Mr Nice Guy 9 days ago

    I was hoping it'd be the spanish version. the english is so cringy.

  • Natalie Goncalves
    Natalie Goncalves 10 days ago

    todos os fãs de Camila Cabello estão sendo convidados a entrar no canal de Felipe Neto para pedir um react de Cryng in the Club ✌❤

  • Mj Hilaga
    Mj Hilaga 10 days ago

    Camila 🔥

  • PPCDSALVC #Pelones
    PPCDSALVC #Pelones 10 days ago

    Como a pitbull se le esta pegando lo mexicano 💪👀👂

  • Yan Vero
    Yan Vero 11 days ago

    guáááuuuuu Camila

  • joanne batilo
    joanne batilo 12 days ago

    i guess 5 harmony is gone...too bad though...they really were a great group

  • Jade Flores
    Jade Flores 12 days ago

    wow camila is very a good singer and wonderful

  • Stephanie Johnson
    Stephanie Johnson 12 days ago

    that was fucking horrible

  • Kiza 1 of 8
    Kiza 1 of 8 13 days ago

    she can't dance even if her life depended on it!!! and her vocals are nothing special!!!!

  • Bianca Nitor
    Bianca Nitor 13 days ago

    es mejor en español pero ksndkfd menkanta ahre

  • tjean07
    tjean07 13 days ago

    WHY DID THEY HAVE HER ON THAT THING SHE COULDVE FELL OFF OML (but it was a good performance)

  • Ana Reyes
    Ana Reyes 14 days ago

    She kill me😍

  • 2508488
    2508488 14 days ago

    The first guy sucks lolololol poor guy

  • Elizabeth Rivera
    Elizabeth Rivera 15 days ago

    i was so confused i didnt understand where was all the spanish

  • Faaiz Arain
    Faaiz Arain 15 days ago

    the Spanish version is better.... I can't understand it but i love this song....

  • Anna Lubian
    Anna Lubian 15 days ago

    Viva Cuba 🇨🇺 y Colombia 🇨🇴 SÍ o SÍ

    JUST JAPE 15 days ago

    she reminds me of the young Christina Aguilera

  • Jennys Soapbox
    Jennys Soapbox 15 days ago

    Pitbull looks like an idiot by wearing gloves.

  • Davonte Dempsey
    Davonte Dempsey 16 days ago

    A mess

  • Berta Gonzalez Ramirez

    j balvin no sabe cantar sin autotune si os dais cuanta cantaba bastante bajo como suele cantar el, bueno si se le puede llamar cantar lo que hace autotune puro y duro

  • brahmi mehdi
    brahmi mehdi 16 days ago

    all shame the little star is not lip syncing and the others does

  • Ivetzy Villanueva
    Ivetzy Villanueva 16 days ago

    no me gysta camila esta despeinada

  • Cris rojas
    Cris rojas 16 days ago

    pa mi gente latina!!!! grande camila 👏👏👏

  • Jordan Borges
    Jordan Borges 17 days ago

    Camilla 😍

  • Sandeep Suresh
    Sandeep Suresh 17 days ago

    Fireball 🔥🔥🔥performance by Camila


  • D S
    D S 18 days ago

    I just can't take Camilla serious with that 12 year old school girl body and those tired runs she use in every song 😑

  • Gerardo Magdaleno
    Gerardo Magdaleno 18 days ago


  • Gerardo Magdaleno
    Gerardo Magdaleno 18 days ago

    colomdi camila 3:5

  • Nala1992
    Nala1992 18 days ago

    Aw that little "colombia" by j balvin after she says "CUBA" he's so cute

  • _xoLoLOox_
    _xoLoLOox_ 18 days ago

    Steve aoki was like "yass thats my girl right there kill it"

  • Claire OcitsuR
    Claire OcitsuR 18 days ago


  • nayelie Contreras
    nayelie Contreras 19 days ago

    espero y camila haga musica asi movida se mira tan hermosa se me hace que le queda muy bien el estilo asi ❤❤❤🙌 te amo camila

  • mary jane
    mary jane 19 days ago

    Camila is right next to Christina Aguilera

  • Keely Mom
    Keely Mom 20 days ago


    • Angel Perez
      Angel Perez 19 days ago

      Keely Mom this iconic little bitch I love her

  • Lily De Martin García

    1:30 omgggg cantale camila

  • max maxy
    max maxy 21 day ago

    Tiene más gracia un perezoso que esos tres

  • 刘雅俐
    刘雅俐 21 day ago

    La voz de camila suena ronca en este video.

  • Joey And Johan ツ
    Joey And Johan ツ 21 day ago

    where is crying in the club

  • Sofia Horan
    Sofia Horan 21 day ago

    Pa' mi gente latina, stand up!
    that's my Cubana-Mexicana, ella es un orgullo latino!!

  • Beatriz suellen Oliveira

    2:25 i think j balvin likes camilas ass😂😂

  • Caroline Vivona
    Caroline Vivona 21 day ago

    Spanish version is much better than that!!!

  • D Jean
    D Jean 22 days ago

    I really liked that one of her reason of leaving 5H is because she felt sexualized. However, the lyrics she sings and the meaning behind this song choice doesn't stray far from that....

  • Leonardo Chen
    Leonardo Chen 22 days ago

    Dang she is hot

  • David Erickson
    David Erickson 23 days ago

    Uncle Fester lost a lot of weight.

  • Teletomas
    Teletomas 23 days ago


  • Kara Camille Delonas

    Why is Pitbull famous?

  • A Casa Caiu
    A Casa Caiu 23 days ago

    gente pfv me ajuda a subir meu canal emploro vcs td que eu mas quero realizem meu sonho se inscrevao pfv

  • Jocelyne Valenzuela
    Jocelyne Valenzuela 23 days ago

    Lo mejor fue la cara de Steve Aoki JAJAJAJA.
    Me encantó el performance <3.

  • STixa CC
    STixa CC 23 days ago

    Camila is meant for this, I'm loving ger solo career so far

  • ZOHIL 소힐
    ZOHIL 소힐 24 days ago


  • Lauren Cabello
    Lauren Cabello 24 days ago

    #Camilizer here ;3

  • FoxZUltra
    FoxZUltra 24 days ago

    Camila Cabello Everybody!!!!😍😍

  • Tiffany Alvarado
    Tiffany Alvarado 24 days ago

    Has anyone notice how jbalvin looks at her just saying 👀👀

  • Pelin Petek Bergin
    Pelin Petek Bergin 24 days ago

    Cami's living the time of her life

  • m loha
    m loha 24 days ago

    I fucking love J. Balvin.

  • djthecrazy gamingcat

    And camila's sign in concerts is always that hair flip😻😻😻😻😍😍😍gosh I love her so much I wish I can see her in concerts but I'm all the way in Indonesia 😿😿😭😭😭😭

  • djthecrazy gamingcat

    And camila's sign in concerts is always that hair flip😻😻😻😻😍😍😍gosh I love her so much I wish I can see her in concerts but I'm all the way in Indonesia 😿😿😭😭😭😭

  • djthecrazy gamingcat

    Is it weird that I sing this the Spanish version only a little bit in the shower and everywhere? Anybody else just me ok

  • djthecrazy gamingcat

    Is it weird that I sing this the Spanish version only a little bit in the shower and everywhere? Anybody else just me ok

  • Rapp  Relevant
    Rapp Relevant 25 days ago

    What is this? So proud of being Latinos but couldn't even perform in Spanish.

  • Zeferina Herrera
    Zeferina Herrera 26 days ago

    english song sounds like they are not trying

  • Ana Garciapuc
    Ana Garciapuc 26 days ago

    es bonota lacansio

  • Nyna Alves
    Nyna Alves 26 days ago

    cubana gostosa

  • The Actual Unicorn
    The Actual Unicorn 26 days ago

    The Spanish version is better in my opinion

  • MsLola Lola
    MsLola Lola 26 days ago

    I thought she would be better as a solo artist. I think she sounds better in the girl group. Just my opinion.

  • Last Mund
    Last Mund 26 days ago

    TRAGIC. 5H can't relate.

  • daud y
    daud y 28 days ago

    her high notes😍

  • rubi fiorella
    rubi fiorella 28 days ago

    j.balvin dijo colombia en bajo :v :v :v xd

  • Josefina Venegas Ayala

    no entiendo el inglés

  • Gabriela Garcia
    Gabriela Garcia 28 days ago


  • Akinde Cassandra
    Akinde Cassandra 28 days ago

    who is camilla? Nice song by Pitbull tho

  • Naye Qc
    Naye Qc 28 days ago

    la esperaba en español😞

  • Alessia Strada
    Alessia Strada 28 days ago


  • Future Star
    Future Star 29 days ago

    wtf the spanish version is way better

  • Kevin Goutama
    Kevin Goutama 29 days ago

    spotted a wild farrah abraham

  • Kevin Goutama
    Kevin Goutama 29 days ago

    j balvin's hand gestures turns me off 😂

  • Jacob Amaral
    Jacob Amaral 29 days ago

    OMG 😲 pitbull camila and J balvin are really good singers. I love ❤️ you camila your the best camila. Love ❤️ you camila.

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