Motocross crash - Travis Pastrana at Daytona

Pastrana's whoops crash at Daytona 2006.

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Author ChanceOfOne344 (Matt Beck) ( ago)
That sure is a big action camera on his head!

Author nutfukkinjob ( ago)
Problem - riding a 4 stroke Solution - Bring back the 250's !! I even have
proof.. watch this - /watch?v=tlAJSHU9IHs

Author Tanner Renz ( ago)
He is most definitely the most famous, like, well rounded, and widely known
motocross racer of all time.

Author BubbleBelly542 ( ago)
I think he's invincible.

Author 88yougurt88 ( ago)
he couldnt start it because its a four stroke

Author Ian Brogan ( ago)
its good to see him so determent to continue the race

Author tkey111 (849 years ago)
@TeoZMuff313 haha i know

Author Robitussin Ethanol ( ago)
@tkey111 Biased opinion

Author boydii76 ( ago)
@TPakaWonderboy199 fuck me? !!! i meant that what weeteg24 was funny. why
dont you read my other comment above it how much i fukn hold it down for
travis every chance i get. for fucks sake i got t shirts of the 199 so take
a friggin joke. u dont think sayin that it was the first dirtbike frontflip
ever is kinda funny ? i guarantee travis would laugh too if he read it so
get the fuk over yourself dude

Author Seal Fullname ( ago)
@MrHewhorules haha yeah but this long back in time. i really miss old days
where RC and CR raced. and pastrana of course! :'(

Author Chase Mallonee ( ago)
holy shit at 0:45 did i hear a 2 stroke in sx?!

Author tkey111 ( ago)
@CopiusAwesome Its a Suzuki what do you expect

Author Andythefunkman ( ago)
@chadreedfan221 a stupid one ?

Author Andythefunkman ( ago)
brother you are not okay...stop

Author movew jagger ( ago)
same area where stewart crashed

Author Robitussin Ethanol ( ago)
@Chthon128 ahahahaha good one keep it coming please (:

Author Robitussin Ethanol ( ago)
@Chthon128 haha UR SO fking funy i wis i wass mor lik u in every way i luv
u i dont giv a fuck about anything u said you fuckin fag hole HAHAHAHA keep
reply with ur essayz coz im cracking up with laughter (:

Author Robitussin Ethanol ( ago)
@Chthon128 em i not a culchie fag, im still in school, you just have crap
trash talking, you mocked Pastrana who is a legend, millions are on my side
and your on ur own you absolute FAG dont even bother reply to this you spa

Author Robitussin Ethanol ( ago)
@Chthon128 omg what a gay speech, get a life dude. punctuation dosnt fuckin
matter you retard, just get ur head out of ur arse

Author Robitussin Ethanol ( ago)
@Chthon128 your a jealous fag

Author Itsame Mario ( ago)
@Chthon128 alot of people in the audience(?) seems to like him so

Author Itsame Mario ( ago)
@Chthon128 how the fuck do u know anything of what u just stated

Author Billy Davis ( ago)
@gunnardraijer its sweat not tears motocross can be one hell of a work out
if your pushing hard

Author Tyler Fleck ( ago)
well...i guess we know who chuck norris's brother is

Author QualityAirsoft ( ago)
@jakhard96 thats why they have electric start

Author Nick Sacré ( ago)
no way a suzuki that doesnt start even after a crash :O

Author spiceerfamily ( ago)
i love 4 strokes

Author Blake Ballard ( ago)
that happened to me yesterday. It hurts.

Author Ben Dickson ( ago)
you could tell that he rung his bell just btw he was walking after he got
up. if ur feeling light headed, DNT RIDE!!

Author buddyofplumphy ( ago)
Dam i hate when ur in a race and for some reason ur bike dies then its like
fuck me

Author thepowderdemon ( ago)
Pastrana also wasnt ever a total douchebag like deegan. And the only cool
thing deegan made was the 360. Pastranas done way more. And hes better at

Author btbierman ( ago)
and thats why four strokes suck dick. pastranas good, but he should be
riding a 2t lol

Author Froggy10i ( ago)

Author CALI REDFWB ( ago)
@Cheatman97 i otta give you a hard dicking

Author Karen Albers ( ago)
@bl1ndkillz1 I'm with you on that one! I can usually get mine started on
the second kick but if I have a hard time I can just give it half choke and
it starts right up. Funny how sometimes it will start on half but not full
choke. I'm a novice female rider though so I'm no expert. Love Pastrana!

Author chadreedfan221 ( ago)
that bike landed on his ribs he got up and tried to keep going shows you
what kind of man he is

Author ham4kidz ( ago)
Supermoto dangerous sport it's hard on those jumps if you have to much
speed on it.

Author jagger johnson ( ago)
@jakhard96 not if ur chuck noris :P

Author NSbikesCO16 ( ago)
I think he lost the rythm ... on muld's. Pastrana the best ever!!!

Author YamahaDude117 ( ago)
@jakhard96 not 2 strokes its 1 kick after crash ring ding ding ding its
running again

Author John Deaton ( ago)
was he crying?

Author Austin DeMarr ( ago)
Man, that guy just cant keep 'er on 2 wheels eh?

Author BRANakaBAM ( ago)
soo cool

Author UNORTHODOXX Ryan ( ago)
nice crash --- did u no that travis also is a very gud rally driver

Author UNORTHODOXX Ryan ( ago)
nice crash --- did u no that travis also is a very gud rally driver

Author Jake Eisler ( ago)
Wow look how easy that 4 stroke started! -_- (Please, notice the sarcasm.)

Author Bikejumper100 ( ago)

Author ssrider7 ( ago)
haha funny when he stand up!

Author SuperAirsoft101 ( ago)
yamahas do not suck i dont ride them i ride honda but they dont suck

Author Chris Juarez ( ago)
wtf is wrong with you?!?!?!?!?!?

Author kx250monster1023244 ( ago)
i did basically the same thing today at mototown.... first fuckin lap.. i
was pissed

Author Chris Juarez ( ago)
haha mhm ok...and exacly how old r u???

Author Chris Juarez ( ago)
haha 2 kids fighting on you tube HA classic. and fighting over stupid stuff
to!!!! hahahahaha makes me crack up every time :'D

Author jackboi1997 ( ago)
4 strokes are much easier to ride than 2 strokes u use more energy with a 2

Author djfaber22 ( ago)

Author jshua stwart ( ago)
its good to see him cry it proves hes human ahaha

Author iRide12295 ( ago)
@tchurchill888 like you can do better fag

Author Iudi Guerra ( ago)
does anyone know what place travis was in when he fell?

Author PITBIKER98 ( ago)
yea maybe ur right 4 strokes are harder to ride 2 strokes easy..........

Author PITBIKER98 ( ago)
lol nahh.......

Author PITBIKER98 ( ago)
shut the fuk up

Author jadenweisenberger ( ago)
Yeah thats true lots of people like TP though cause he is an icon, for fmx
rally and doing crazy crap thats why everyone likes him, BUT i really like
both of them and there both awesome, and travis lets more people to his
house and he doesnt care if your famous or a outcast thats why i love him
but great point my friend

Author jadenweisenberger ( ago)
There both awesome but travis kicks total ass

Author flego22 ( ago)
yeah but travis was in the x games when he was 15, yeah pastrana has gone
to everything that deegan has but pastrana is so much better at it all

Author bsbhimrasmus ( ago)
@colemwilson he's not really the same as deegan since last night he broke
the world record for farthest rally car jump landing at 269ft. breaking the
old record of 171ft. he was awesome in that jump

Author bsbhimrasmus ( ago)
@colemwilson if i were u i wouldn't use travis's initials and panties in
the same sentence. since his initials are an abreviation for toilet paper.

Author Cheatman97 ( ago)
ok deegan is good at some shit, travis is good at lots of shit k,
personally i like travis better byt i dont see deegan doing double
backflips so yeaj

Author colemwilson ( ago)
look guys TP and Deegan areboth good! before u get ur panties in a bundle
listen! deegan made FMX he made the 360, he lost his kidney and still took
3rd in the 06 aspen finals after that crash, not only that but TP went to
Fmx after deegan did, did the 360 after deegan and went to rally racing
after deegan went to trophy truck racing. i aint sayin hes a piece of shit
rider all im sayin is he is the same as deegan, i can relate to deegan
cause hes a huge romodelfor outkasts like myself,

Author buntertunter ( ago)
He's not crying it's just sweat

Author jon pearson ( ago)
well that proves that even the best crash!!

Author DHendi69 ( ago)
ther ya go he's mine to and i've wrecked not as bad as that, and just
couldnt ride anymore this guy is fuckin amazing man

Author Brighton Lal ( ago)
Nah hes probably just sweating

Author javomichiels ( ago)
travis pastrana is the shit man!! with a bone sticking out and a flat tire:
'' the bike's fine, i feel fine, im gonna win'' he rocks your cocks out lol

Author colemwilson ( ago)
Yes true Deegan wasnt the Best, but he made up the sport (Freestyle). And
guess who switched to Freestyle?, and yes he is crying look at 1:21 and
fuck you guys who say i dont ride. i do ride and as a fact i just rode
today so ha! fuckin fag

Author kalle kallesson ( ago)
he did get up in like 1 sec !! crying ? :O btw deegan would have been 2
laps behind travis anyway ...

Author Jacob Matheny ( ago)
pastrana is my idol so for u fags sayin deegan would walk away from that
probably have never rode a dirtbike or wrecked

Author colemwilson ( ago)
Thats the only difference between Travis and Brian Deegan. Deegan aint a
pussy, he would have got up and said "fuck it ill win the next one" instead
of Crying!

Author 92225 ( ago)
where do you see that hes crying blood??

Author andrew125cr ( ago)
keep it to yourself

Author TREYinGLAMIS ( ago)
he is a fucking trooper i gotta tell you that!!

Author etmoto75 (1091 year ago)
lol i know huh four strokes are so hard to start!

Author Will Getskow ( ago)
i have no comment

Author Sili040404040404040 ( ago)
i love this crash ^^

Author jakhard96 ( ago)
4 strokes are a bitch to start

Author eli steria ( ago)
ricky carmichael is my fav

Author suzuki902 ( ago)
he doesnt have a brother you fucking dumb asss.

Author MaxxDiver ( ago)
he left with a broken ass

Author Alex Obukhov ( ago)
what a trooper

Author crfC93 ( ago)
thats the same section that stewart crashed in to

Author awolminded ( ago)
id cry....that looked like it hurt like hell havin a rad smash your knee
and then have the bike burn out on your neck lol

Author Kalen Meriwether ( ago)
haha no thats sweat

Author Leroy Jenkins ( ago)
im pretty sure its just sweat

Author Knut-Hendrik Lajord ( ago)
Died hahahhahaha

Author Mxfilms1 ( ago)
fuck dude is he crying

Author Robert Burris ( ago)
lol no shit he didnt die..i was just playin with the fuckin retards

Author CHUBBS78 ( ago)
he doesnt have a brother

Author HotSauceFan9 ( ago)
Are you retarded??? I saw him in person this year at the St.Louis
Supercross dipshit. I fucking talked to him and I have pictures to prove
it. Not to mention he does Rally Car now and he has his own TV show Nitro
Circus. I hope you're joking because if you really thought he died than you
really are naive.

Author Chris Juarez ( ago)
he didnt die he has his own tv show and still does rally racing if he died
it would of been all on the news

Author s11warriors ( ago)
he didn't die! he still does nitro circus

Author Robert Burris ( ago)
i heard he died after that cause he had such terrible internal
bleeding..his brothers hella good on nitro circus though

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