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Author Seal Fullname (3 years)
@MrHewhorules haha yeah but this long back in time. i really miss old days
where RC and CR raced. and pastrana of course! :'(

Author Michał Kulpa (6 years)

Author djfaber22 (5 years)

Author Kalen Meriwether (5 years)
haha no thats sweat

Author Foxgirl929 (7 years)
Thats got to hurt!!

Author boydii76 (6 years)
travis is the best dude. 199 forever. what a tough mf!!!! the fact that he
still tried to kick it over after that is insane to not worthy
to hold pastranas dirty laundry .....hes the balls out best rider ever...

Author benaferhc5 (7 years)
does anyone kno were he buys his redbull helmet or a redbull helmet ly ktht
i want to buy one cuz they look cool but i dont kno were to get one

Author 17chevyman454 (6 years)
he leaned too far forward

Author SuperAirsoft101 (5 years)
yamahas do not suck i dont ride them i ride honda but they dont suck

Author boydii76 (6 years)
pastrana sucks? u gotta be f'n kiddin me right?

Author jshua stwart (5 years)
its good to see him cry it proves hes human ahaha

Author KvizY (6 years)

Author spiceerfamily (4 years)
i love 4 strokes

Author jackboi1997 (5 years)
4 strokes are much easier to ride than 2 strokes u use more energy with a 2

Author nutfukkinjob (2 years)
Problem - riding a 4 stroke Solution - Bring back the 250's !! I even have
proof.. watch this - /watch?v=tlAJSHU9IHs

Author Tanner Renz (2 years)
He is most definitely the most famous, like, well rounded, and widely known
motocross racer of all time.

Author buntertunter (5 years)
He's not crying it's just sweat

Author Jacob Matheny (5 years)
pastrana is my idol so for u fags sayin deegan would walk away from that
probably have never rode a dirtbike or wrecked

Author 92225 (5 years)
where do you see that hes crying blood??

Author MaxxDiver (5 years)
he left with a broken ass

Author Andythefunkman (4 years)
@chadreedfan221 a stupid one ?

Author Daniel Veddevik (4 years)
@Chthon128 alot of people in the audience(?) seems to like him so

Author ssrider7 (5 years)
haha funny when he stand up!

Author eli steria (5 years)
ricky carmichael is my fav

Author suzuki902 (7 years)
shut the fuck up. he is like the greatest frestyley of all time and heis th
man, he could probably kick your ass

Author tkey111 (3 years)
@TeoZMuff313 haha i know

Author YamahaDude117 (5 years)
@jakhard96 not 2 strokes its 1 kick after crash ring ding ding ding its
running again

Author DHendi69 (5 years)
ther ya go he's mine to and i've wrecked not as bad as that, and just
couldnt ride anymore this guy is fuckin amazing man

Author skaterg15 (6 years)
he looked like he was drunk wen he was trying to get back to his bike lol...

Author UNORTHODOXX Ryan (5 years)
nice crash --- did u no that travis also is a very gud rally driver

Author gagoutounight (6 years)
putain il a dut avoirre malle le gas putain maime la moto

Author s11warriors (6 years)
he didn't die! he still does nitro circus

Author Bikejumper100 (5 years)

Author Will Getskow (5 years)
i have no comment

Author bsbhimrasmus (5 years)
@colemwilson he's not really the same as deegan since last night he broke
the world record for farthest rally car jump landing at 269ft. breaking the
old record of 171ft. he was awesome in that jump

Author Tyler Fleck (4 years)
well...i guess we know who chuck norris's brother is

Author Lord BamBam (7 years)
travis is the best FMX rider i hav allways looked up 2 him hes just awsome

Author Robitussin Ethanol (4 years)
@Chthon128 your a jealous fag

Author QualityAirsoft (4 years)
@jakhard96 thats why they have electric start

Author Chris Juarez (5 years)
wtf is wrong with you?!?!?!?!?!?

Author BRANakaBAM (5 years)
soo cool

Author BubbleBelly542 (3 years)
I think he's invincible.

Author skaterg15 (6 years)
o dam the bike hit him wen it was flipping

Author Pottzy2006 (6 years)
ncie one dude i liked how you got right back up and got back on the bike ^^
thats pritty cool and it must of hurt you can tell by how you were walking

Author movew jagger (4 years)
same area where stewart crashed

Author dbracr27 (6 years)
his bike kicked his ass lmao

Author MuchHarry (6 years)

Author Mxfilms1 (5 years)
fuck dude is he crying

Author Pottzy2006 (6 years)
well he was messed up befor he even got on the bike, a week befor this race
he fucked his knees up

Author CR85xpert (6 years)
FIRST DIRTBIKE FRONTFLIP if only he stayed on

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