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Author khenkhen07 (7 years)
san po kinuha ung music?

Author alexis r (6 years)
cno merong copy ng step nito kailangan lng plss. ty!!!!

Author Kyle C (6 years)
you need a real player to download a video from youtube.

Author InczeZoltan (6 years)
I really like it. It is a very beautyfull and simple dance.

Author Regine Escala (6 years)
..snayaw nmin 2 nung grade 5 kmi..^^ isa 2 s mga favorite qng syawin..^^

Author Saiaopinoi (7 years)
Bili ka na lang ng CD. Maganda arrangements ng Maharlika Rondalla under
Aquarius Records.

Author Saiaopinoi (7 years)
Pag repititive yong dance steps madalas ipino-focus sa mukha o kaya
kumukuha ng sort of artistic angles. Pero implied na yong movement is same
and continuous. You're a nice critic :)

Author Saiaopinoi (6 years)
I think ,you need to something more than "wide-eyed-wonderer",do something
about the thing you really love. In this case,folk dancing.

Author Lo "Re" Ta (7 years)
oh...i love this, hope you dont mind if i'll save it in my
favorite...thanks lot. god bless!

Author Tisok HCR (7 years)
thank's sa video mo malaki tulong sa akin, sana binadjong naman madali rin
yun pagaralane

Author brugadag (7 years)
uy sinayaw dn nmn 2...hehe...i2 n b ang bagong in?..ang sarap,ang dali at
ang sayang sumayaw neto..hehe..kahit nahirapan aq konti...

Author John Paul Lintag (7 years)
ah aha aha

Author jaipurthepinkcity (3 years)
Good Dance. Thanks for post it on YouTube.

Author anamel1709 (5 years)
anyone who can post the complete literature of the tiklos dance..i need it
badly...pls...tanx...God bless u...

Author Malachy Yisrael (6 years)
that was beautiful perform and fun to watch, folk dancing is a true art.

Author Saiaopinoi (7 years)
Tiklos din po ang title ng music na yan.

Author Saiaopinoi (7 years)
"Tiklos" din.

Author badturns (6 years)
5 stars

Author Saiaopinoi (7 years)
Gusto ko yong "scissor kick" na part from 00:23 to 00:39 parang
napaka-aerobic na movement, tanggal fats nyan ☺

Author pogi258 (6 years)
loe. Ü san nyo po nkuha ung song ng tiklos? meron buh sa limewire? we need
it!. =(

Author Saiaopinoi (6 years)
Salamat. As Waray people would say: Damo nga salamat, han ak nahitambulig
ha im'.

Author Reuben James Sapuay (6 years)
Philippine culture could be different in Asia. Mix culture yata.

Author shridhanyam (6 years)
Excellent. Post this on 'Dynamycdesi' as well. It is also a good site.

Author Enangz (7 years)
hehe..thanks po buti madali mga steps..! ang dali po gyahin.:) magexam kasi
kami sa p.e. nmn kaya eto ung napili nmn.:) -roosevelt college BSN.

Author mariusgangsta1990 (6 years)
Why is traditional Filipino music not being played on radio or TV in the
Philippines? In other Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and
Thailand, traditional music is very popular and promoted by the media.

Author cambridge (4 years)

Author Saiaopinoi (7 years)
Tiklos din title ng music.

Author Saiaopinoi (6 years)
No idea. Probably, Pinoys nowadays have been bias against folk culture.
BUT... believe many are not ...JUST LIKE ME.

Author Saiaopinoi (7 years)
Hi Mr Jun. There a lot of VCD and DVD of Philippine Folk Dances. It is
regretable that alot of the dance steps of these videotaped dances are
either modified or totally different. I suggest that you refer to published
books for your reference. ALot of these books are available online. If you
have seen some "weird" or rare or never before seen folk dances just ask
the PHil Folk Dance Society for the dance notation if they have. PFDS is at
the CCP.

Author Saiaopinoi (7 years)
OO nga parang "fatigue" dance nga ang tiklos sa kakatalon.

Author Archie Dema-ala (3 years)
Nxt dance lesson.

Author chapstickeater (7 years)
buti nalang may naglagay neto dito... nakatulong to sa ptacticum namen!!!

Author reachiward (7 years)
nice video....buti dalawa lang sila para madaling makuha ung steps!!! we're
gonna perform this.... tnx a lot... mabuhay!!! proud to be Pinoy!!!

Author khenkhen07 (7 years)
elo po.. anu po ung title ng music po nitong video.. nid q po ze eh.. pls
reply po agad kw.. tnx.. ur a big help..

Author giangwapokuno (5 years)
we placed 2nd place during our buwan ng wika culmination... Thanks for this
dance..!! hehehehe

Author junmeskie (7 years)
AWESOME! Are these Folk Dances available in DVD or VCD? I'm forming a Folk
Dance Group here in New York City! Salamat! Jun

Author Saiaopinoi (7 years)
Mabuhay ka din! Sana i post mo din video nyo para maraming makakita. :)

Author Claudine Malis (7 years)
Ei, pede pa send naman ung music ng tiklos, d ko mahanapan sa limewire, may
performance kasi kami and yan ang sasayawin namin as in na yan talaga,,,
kinopya ba ^_^ Thnx po!!

Author GravityCode (7 years)
ellow.... may music ka ba jan na pede ma send sa e-mail?? nid ko kasi may
praktikum kasi kami sa sayaw na yan.... sowe kung ginaya ha ^_^

Author GravityCode (7 years)
ano po title ng song??

Author Saiaopinoi (6 years)
The girl is wearing a "kamisa gapas", a maskota skirt (the one wit a
moderate tail) and a tapis. The boy wears a camisa de chino and black pants.

Author Ryan James Fajardo (7 years)
kua ano po ung music na ginamit sa sayaw po plss help po

Author reachiward (7 years)
Tnx for posting this video....madali lang makuha yung steps....kaya
sasayawin nmin 'to...project rin kc nmin eh.... salamat talaga!!! galing ng

Author Saiaopinoi (7 years)
It would be better to focus on 2 dancers when watching a dance video.
Someone can easily learn the movements in this case.

Author dzagul (5 years)
ano ung step at costume dito? ASAP.

Author Saiaopinoi (7 years)
I have the FR Aquino book with the literature you need. KAso i dont have
the time to type it. Besides its too late that I came across your messsage.
My apologies!

Author Saiaopinoi (7 years)
Whooaaa That's very CUTE. I'll wait if you could post a video of their
performance. The Tiklos is a dance suitable for children just like the
Itik-itik, Inalimango and Rabong. The choice of tiklos is hmmm really cute.

Author heartienite (7 years)
sinayaw din namin yan sa P.E. hirap!!!!

Author sChi911 (6 years)
pano poOo magsave ng video?!?nid anwer asap teinks

Author Saiaopinoi (7 years)
Salamt naman at nakatulong ang video na ito sa inyo.

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