Kids Talk Trump - SNL

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  • Rashad Glover
    Rashad Glover 18 days ago

    I knew I recognized that little girl from Barnes and Noble. She always got the oatmeal cookies with Dave.

  • Michael Grammer
    Michael Grammer 23 days ago

    "Pussy's their cat."

  • Michael Grammer
    Michael Grammer 23 days ago

    Vanessa Bayer is adorable in this.

  • Jacob Klein
    Jacob Klein 1 month ago

    "Pussy's their cat"... "We know" ...LMFAO

  • Katerina Petrova
    Katerina Petrova 1 month ago

    "pussy is their cat"

  • hydrate your soul
    hydrate your soul 1 month ago

    well I guess a sketch comedy show that is stage could have promoted Hitler so if that's the best the Liberals can bring to the table boohoo put your big girl panties on and go home

  • Jade Shepherd
    Jade Shepherd 1 month ago

    glad I didn't watch this video two months ago

  • Anchy VEVO
    Anchy VEVO 1 month ago

    That's actually Dave Chapelle's daughter

  • jamiia butler
    jamiia butler 1 month ago

    this feel like star wars because trump is palpatine and he's trying to turn the world into an empire and he's a dictator and he's brainwashing people to believe his lies

  • luvzlara
    luvzlara 1 month ago

    Love it!! Spot on!!

  • playerx2006
    playerx2006 1 month ago


  • Kelly Carper
    Kelly Carper 1 month ago

    I seriously cannot take any more political skits from SNL..I don't give a fuck who or what they are making fun of-I just cannot watch one more lame ass political skit. It's so overplayed and un-funny at this point. Talking about beating a dead horse... So goodbye snl..You will not be missed from my life. Now I have more time for actual comedy

  • Todd Taliaferro
    Todd Taliaferro 1 month ago

    Some Trump limericks. I'll add more as I write them...

    One evening while roaming the White House,
    Trump wondered if he had the right house
    Melania said, "Hey
    If I had my way
    We'd live in an Uglegorsk lighthouse

    Our president promised a wall
    Our neighbors would pay for it all
    But when it came time
    To show us the dime
    Ol' Trumpty boy had a great fall

    A well-to-do nitwit named Trump
    Was a liar, a thief and a chump
    He said, "Sure, I'm rich
    You son of a bitch,
    But no one can say I'm a grump."

    A fat filthy rich guy named Trump
    Saw his pageant beginning to slump
    His beauty queen cried
    He took it in stride
    And canned her when she became plump

    There was an orange clown from New York
    Who had the hairstyle of a dork
    The crowd said, "Hey, Trump,
    You smell like a dump
    So he plugged up his butt with a cork

    Trump met a young girl namd Melania
    They went out to dine on lasagna
    He plied her with liquor
    And told her, "Eat quicker,
    By seven I plan to be on ya!"

    Some fat cat who lives in a tower
    Thinks altitude's equal to power
    Most nights he's alone
    Just tweets on his phone
    Still dreaming of that golden shower

    While giving a speech made of lies
    Our president got a surprise
    No one was believing
    His words so deceiving
    Our nation had opened its eyes

    While thinking up new lies one day
    Trump wondered if he might be gay
    So he stuck his thumb
    Deep into his bum
    And there it remains to this day

  • Val's Mind
    Val's Mind 2 months ago

    who thinks kids should be presidents?? They're a lot nicer lol

  • Sloth Lover
    Sloth Lover 2 months ago

    The girl who said "He always talks about how great he is." looks like a second grader at my school.

  • David Snyder
    David Snyder 2 months ago

    #CashMeOutside on point

  • nick turner
    nick turner 2 months ago

    these kids are about the same level of normal as most people that can vote.

  • KL H
    KL H 2 months ago

    'Look who's driving some truth. ..'. Hysterical. 'My dad says the cops will stop and frisk my cat' (Big smile) 'He's a black cat....'

  • WackyBisexual
    WackyBisexual 2 months ago

    I wonder how many people Donald Trumps policies will have to impact personally for enough people to do something. It seems like no one cares until it impacts them. If we wait too long it may be too late to fix.

  • TheLMMurphy
    TheLMMurphy 2 months ago

    This captures the liberal brainwashing of kids perfectly😂

  • brittney watson
    brittney watson 2 months ago


  • nj13 nj13
    nj13 nj13 2 months ago

    if this stupid donkey show helps you with your political opinions get help really

  • nj13 nj13
    nj13 nj13 2 months ago

    S&L is just a donkey show on steroids

  • Joseph Barrett
    Joseph Barrett 2 months ago

    U guy's need to calm the heck down I read some comments and u voted for who u voted for u can't change that. I mean honestly I don't like, well unnecessary info but still calm down

  • BessonaiaPtitsa
    BessonaiaPtitsa 2 months ago

    Wow in kindergarten I was read the book about the big ass caterpillar 😂 fuckin wild

  • Jaxson Davis72
    Jaxson Davis72 2 months ago

    I don't understand if this video is pro trump or anti trump?

  • ThatFishGuy
    ThatFishGuy 2 months ago

    This could've been way funnier if it was longer

  • Gaslight Egh
    Gaslight Egh 2 months ago

    chelsea peretti should host

  • Anthony Heflin
    Anthony Heflin 2 months ago

    Aw the future of a brainwashed mass. Children are going to be mindless zombies against a noble cause. May I say if they continue to brainwash them then this country will be off as worse as communist countries or even worse the fascist countries in which we so hate.

  • FallnAngel07
    FallnAngel07 3 months ago

    lol the little girl is my daughter 😂😂😂

  • LegoJackson54
    LegoJackson54 3 months ago


    The democrats think I had the smallest crowd size ever at my inauguration. You can't ignore the alternative facts! Sad!

  • Clara Kolterman
    Clara Kolterman 3 months ago

    Me laughing haha pussy's their cat the little kid thought that.... oh... OH!😖

  • Bruce Shepard
    Bruce Shepard 3 months ago

    SNL writers are idiots and leftist Nazis. Fuck em all. .l..

  • Lemon Nuggets
    Lemon Nuggets 3 months ago

    The reason these kids are talking about this is because of the Media and their Parents, Trump did not teach them what "racist" was, or what "dark ages of white president" is, the kids parents did, the media did, not a Trump supporter but the media and all these parents need to chill, teaching kids hate will not make this a better country.

  • TokinCamel
    TokinCamel 3 months ago

    I used to enjoy Dave Chappell

  • treyvin cox
    treyvin cox 3 months ago

    lets talk about Hillary's corruption and the Cliton foundation

  • BassettHoundLover
    BassettHoundLover 3 months ago

    This is terrible, they told these kids what to say, just to make people hat Trump more

  • Jason
    Jason 3 months ago

    The comments on these type of videos are unreadable. Shut the hell up -_-

  • IAmaPersion
    IAmaPersion 3 months ago

    We must now return to the dark ages of white presidents? And somehow I don't think SNL would have gone there if Hillary (white) was elected.

    SNL's anti-trump agenda has just gone overboard. If you think racism is caused by one person, why then did we see a real exposure of it in this country under Obama? People will blame Trump for it but not the other. LOL

  • Jr Aguirre
    Jr Aguirre 3 months ago

    Trump is a racist and whoever likes him are racist immigrants too

  • AMOSC :NikeSponsorsMe
    AMOSC :NikeSponsorsMe 3 months ago

    This is Beck Bennett's job

  • Dondre Murray
    Dondre Murray 3 months ago

    Best cat name ever

  • chio uruakpa
    chio uruakpa 3 months ago

    she looks like she's dave chapelles actual daughter

    • chio uruakpa
      chio uruakpa 3 months ago

      quick google search: she is! her names sonal.

  • Matthew Castillo
    Matthew Castillo 3 months ago

    Are we just gonna ignore how Dave fucking chappelle was the dad?

  • RT Moody
    RT Moody 3 months ago

    DAVE!!! No! Come baaaaack!

  • Bill Pahountis
    Bill Pahountis 3 months ago

    Im speechless.

  • - Zamazawarma
    - Zamazawarma 3 months ago

    Butthurt Trump supporters are like winter. Supposedly they're coming but I haven't seen them yet.

  • Manz Rzl
    Manz Rzl 3 months ago

    Divided Nation

  • emma u
    emma u 3 months ago

    wooo I just love arguing about politics in the comment section of some dumb video

  • heather k
    heather k 3 months ago

    That girl killed me with the comment about cat frisking lmaoo lost it there

  • John H Baumgaertner
    John H Baumgaertner 3 months ago

    There are more comments claiming most comments are from "butthurt" Trump supporters than there are comments by angry Trump supporters.

  • Lonesome Queen
    Lonesome Queen 3 months ago

    "The dark ages of white presidents"?
    Also it cracks me up that this whole comment section is Trump supporters rolling their eyes while liberals go " But we're riiighhhttt why are they so MEAN?? BOO HOO HOOOO"

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama 3 months ago

    This is actually pathetic.

  • David S.
    David S. 3 months ago

    Grab her by the pussy.

  • Bertha Martin
    Bertha Martin 3 months ago

    Hilarious !!!

  • Luke Waggoner
    Luke Waggoner 3 months ago

    fuck these snl liberals

  • Pink Guy
    Pink Guy 3 months ago

    See it pretty funny to see but hurt liberals having to use kids for comedic humor,liberals have just hit an all time low.

  • expostfactum
    expostfactum 3 months ago

    Isn't this pathetic that they are using kids now to spread their hate. There is no dick too dirty that the liberals won't suck to get their crying bullshit ways rammed down everyone's throat.

    • Robert L.
      Robert L. 3 months ago

      Well thankfully this isn't child porn 👍

    • expostfactum
      expostfactum 3 months ago

      Robert L. You can say the same thing about child porn cant you? Fact is, its not good for the kids, and thats the subject at hand isnt it? Isnt this exploiting the kids just like the pornographers do but for a different reason?

    • Robert L.
      Robert L. 3 months ago

      Maybe you don't have to watch it if you don't want to watch it. Just a thought.

  • Richie Cole
    Richie Cole 3 months ago

    It's funny because so many people are talking about butt hurt Trump supporters in the comments but I see none.

  • Raju Manuel
    Raju Manuel 3 months ago

    Thank you Trump for making Pussy grabbing legal !!

  • RivalsAirsoft3
    RivalsAirsoft3 3 months ago

    But who cares if he offends people? I sure don't! Export the illegals, protect our borders, expand defense budget, reduce national spending, defund sanctuary cities, sounds good to me! *But he said, "Grab her by the pussy" 15 years ago, so it doesn't matter, he is a homophobic racist bigot who hates women!* Ay how about go live in Iraq with them brown people for a few days, come back, and tell us all about the great time you had!

  • ThothHeart Maat
    ThothHeart Maat 3 months ago

    get you puppet hand out of kids butts you sick pedophiles...

  • Stephen Fiora
    Stephen Fiora 3 months ago

    So many comments talking about butthurt Trump supporters but not A SINGLE BUTTHURT TRUMP SUPPORTER. Complaining about fabricated comments kinda makes you look like the butthurt fool, hm? This is one of the only SNL skits that makes fun of liberals, saying how they can go extremely overboard especially with their kids. Conservatives who like SNL are probably rejoicing, not commenting over something that doesn't need to be commented about. Like you guys are doing

  • sandiricebeauty
    sandiricebeauty 3 months ago

    Dave's daughter is too cute! Her facial expression is just like her dad's - that smile LOL

  • Fari
    Fari 3 months ago

    girl with a straight hair looks like Maya!!

  • jeffsjuststoked
    jeffsjuststoked 3 months ago

    Grandparents and parents had me convinced Republicans were evil as a kid. Then I grew up and realized that both sides had a ton of flaws and I didn't want to belong to either party. Now I only care about the constitution and capitalism when it comes to politics.

  • Yellow Thunder
    Yellow Thunder 3 months ago

    The stop and frisk joke was too good.

    BLAH BLAH BLAH 3 months ago

    Ultra triggered Trump supporters incoming

  • Rick James
    Rick James 3 months ago

    The best way to taint the minds of the youth is to put unrealistic ideals in their impressionable minds and conform them to their cry baby / we all deserve a trophy / be tolerant of other people's beliefs but bash them if their ideas intertwine with yours elders of 2017. I thought the idea of liberalism was to enforce free thinking, not to raise dependent intolerant mongoloids?

  • Slurburbler
    Slurburbler 3 months ago

    Trump supporters are the biggest snowflakes, someone go find them a safe space 😂😂

  • j pt
    j pt 3 months ago


  • Christopher John
    Christopher John 3 months ago


  • roadhouse699
    roadhouse699 3 months ago

    "We gotta go get pussy from the vet" Jesus christ...

  • Ken Brownfield
    Ken Brownfield 3 months ago

    Good sketch

  • RebornPKMN
    RebornPKMN 3 months ago

    Just a friendly reminder that disliking a comment only makes you feel good, it doesn't actually do anything.

  • A Salsa Wizard
    A Salsa Wizard 3 months ago

    The dark ages of white presidents? Wtf is wrong with that girls parents

  • Gary Luggman
    Gary Luggman 3 months ago

    Wow. This was inappropriate to make a child memorize those lines...

  • mmmbelove
    mmmbelove 3 months ago

    This black man talking about his daughter's pussy is disgusting! But I'm sure lefts just love it because it is sexual education.

    • Liam Humel
      Liam Humel 3 months ago

      mmmbelove Did you watch the video?

    DXSTER 3 months ago

    "we have a black cat...his name is pussy" 😂

  • Drew Berndsen
    Drew Berndsen 3 months ago

    I can't take any of these comments serious. If you want to write about politics and be taken serious, learn how to spell.

  • B Neff
    B Neff 3 months ago

    ahaha fucken SNL

  • DutchEastIndianApplePie

    Sure that little girl totally knows what the word "xenophobia" means right!?....Trump saved what's left of America and instead of being thankfu you liberals are bitching about how bad he is. I know he isn't perfect but he's not a corrupt sellout politician like Hillary Clinton.

  • Ian Patterson
    Ian Patterson 3 months ago

    Please like this comment if you know what a proprietary patent is. It doesn't matter if you are democrat, republican, liberal, etc. I just want to know if you know what it is. All that you have to do is like this comment. You don"t even have to comment yourself.

  • omg its a dog
    omg its a dog 3 months ago

    What did us Liberals PERSONALLY do to you conservatives to get called "libtards"? Oh right, we supported a company that" hates Christians" because they had red for their holiday cup.

    • omg its a dog
      omg its a dog 3 months ago

      This Guy OK. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • This Guy
      This Guy 3 months ago

      omg its a dog
      I know, it's my point

    • omg its a dog
      omg its a dog 3 months ago

      This Guy That wasn't my point.

    • This Guy
      This Guy 3 months ago

      omg its a dog
      Anyone who assigns themselves a political label is retarded. Conservatives and Liberals are equally stupid

  • BurgerInParadice34
    BurgerInParadice34 3 months ago


  • John Mac
    John Mac 3 months ago

    Cant believe i came here and gave them an extra view on this drek. Oh well, at least i can thumbs down on my way out.

    • This Guy
      This Guy 3 months ago

      John Mac
      Too late, you already made them money

  • skylar yeager
    skylar yeager 4 months ago

    this was perfect. It just kept getting better.

  • Zvery Lamb
    Zvery Lamb 4 months ago

    yeah they shouldn't have done that it's not like politics is going to affect the kids or there future. how could the liberals do that!!! I sleep well at night knowing conservatives parents don't push their agenda on their kids

    • Liam Humel
      Liam Humel 3 months ago

      Zvery Lamb Really? They push their agenda more than anyone else

  • Chuck Noris
    Chuck Noris 4 months ago

    Suck it, liberals. Trump is your President. Deal with it!

    • The Master Of Everything
      The Master Of Everything 3 months ago

      Chuck Noris That's not how it works, the point of democracy is for the people to be able to be against the one in charge, otherwise we are no better than Cuba, China, Russia, and Hitler

    • This Guy
      This Guy 3 months ago

      Chuck Noris
      You're Chuck Norris the homophobe

    • Chuck Noris
      Chuck Noris 3 months ago

      How so?

    • This Guy
      This Guy 3 months ago

      Chuck Noris

  • Peter Connaghan
    Peter Connaghan 4 months ago

    In reality, half the kids would have said no, our parents didn't vote, and one kid would have said that trump would maga

  • Xgennn57
    Xgennn57 4 months ago

    There are so many Liberal smartasses in the comment section.

    • William Rozario
      William Rozario 2 months ago

      Not the popular vote tho lol. Your President didn't even have a fair and ideal victory. He just got lucky cause of this shit sysem.

    • This Guy
      This Guy 3 months ago

      They're still butthurt enough to go in and whine about anything that doesn't praise Trump as Jesus' second coming

    • Xgennn57
      Xgennn57 3 months ago

      This Guy Butthurt - why? They won the presidency :)

    • This Guy
      This Guy 3 months ago

      And so many whining butthurt conservatives

  • GinaB
    GinaB 4 months ago

    A joke as president, what could go wrong?

  • EsotericEpiphany
    EsotericEpiphany 4 months ago

    Guys, stop complaining about how they're "liberal-izing" the kids.
    The message this video is trying to deliver is not to enforce what the father is saying, it's to stop talking about your political views in front of small children--because they remember and retain everything you say.
    It goes as much for one end of the political spectrum as it does the other; in this case, they were making fun of the liberal extreme.

      BARBRAH WOULD 16 days ago

      they weren't mocking liberal extremists as much as they were revealing who really should have been teaching the class! the little Black girl hit the ball out the ballpark!!!

    • Call me Your Dai5y
      Call me Your Dai5y 1 month ago

      Really? because of School shootings of 1982-2013 44 of 67 cases had white shooters, Michael Kimmel states “White men... have a somewhat more grandiose purpose: they want to destroy the entire world in some cataclysmic, video-game, and action movie-inspired apocalypse. If I’m going to die, then so is everybody else, they seem to say. Yes, of course, this is mental illness speaking: but it is mental illness speaking with a voice that has a race and a gender.” after Sandy Hook. A study found that religion is only talked about IF a shooter was Muslim and we've had a fuck ton where relgion isn't mentioned because the shooter is christian or people didn't care to find out because a shooter not being muslim doesn't fit their narrative. Now I said this because someone needed to put your misconceptions straight but how fucking dare you decide to use the DEATHS of CHILDREN to fit with your bullshit political narrative that isn't even related to the event. I also don't know what language you think you are speaking at the bottom there but its fucking gibberish.

    • Ritalin Popper
      Ritalin Popper 1 month ago

      omniscipotentato making fun of the liberal extreme? For being against sexual assault? Wow lol

    • MusicLounge
      MusicLounge 1 month ago

      omniscipotentato They're making fun of Trump. You seem to miss that huge point but ok.

    • John Drohan
      John Drohan 3 months ago

      RMG , So , if you agree that grabbing pussy has NOTHING TO DO WITH RUNNING OUR COUNTRY , WTF are you running your mouth for ? They have NOTHING TO DO with each other .  Is that YOU , SHITTING BULL WARREN ?  Sounds like you .

  • Aragorn Stellar
    Aragorn Stellar 4 months ago

    How ironic that Trump dropped the "p***y" bomb in a private conversation but it's the leftists who are making it public.

    • This Guy
      This Guy 3 months ago

      Aragorn Stellar
      Didn't you want to make Clinton's private server emails public? Hmmm...

  • salg
    salg 4 months ago

    Weatherman predicts a blizzard is trumping it's way in.

  • The Football Life
    The Football Life 4 months ago

    Kids should not be allowed into politics. They ruin everything! They twist everything!!!

    • This Guy
      This Guy 3 months ago

      Mark Bortnovsky
      It really applies to parents too. So many of them have opinions but virtually none of them have taken an economics course. So it's not just kids

    • The Football Life
      The Football Life 3 months ago

      What I meant by "restrain but not restrict" was that kids should understand what is happening around them, but not start debates or arguing about it because they might not have the ability to understand why one or another thing is happening.

    • The Football Life
      The Football Life 3 months ago

      Yeah I know. And I agree. But what I meant here is that the older you are, the more experienced and smarter you are. Right? At a certain age, people begin to understand certain things. Same here. Kids don't FULLY understand certain political concepts, and that is why it is a good idea to restrain (but not restrict) them from politics.

    • This Guy
      This Guy 3 months ago

      Mark Bortnovsky
      I'm just taking what you said and throwing it back at you. And I mean, you're still heavily influenced by your parents like those kids are, which is why it's hard to draw a distinction between those kids and teenagers like yourself.

    • The Football Life
      The Football Life 3 months ago

      For your info, I'm not mad @ you.

  • Gwendolyn Scott
    Gwendolyn Scott 4 months ago

    What I fear is people that teach their children to bully others and make fun of them because you don't like their politics. Wow!! Pretty sad SNL.

    • This Guy
      This Guy 3 months ago

      Gwendolyn Scott
      Psst...that's the didn't you catch on?

  • Waryaa Seetahay
    Waryaa Seetahay 4 months ago

    Pussy is their cat kkkkkkk

  • wampus cat
    wampus cat 4 months ago

    how low can they go?

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