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Author Sammy J (6 years)
The unit is doing great. I have it next to my desk in my office and have
been loading up on great records, has posted several on youtube just for

Author oviwolf (6 years)
AWESOME record player! Nice music and excellent sound!

Author puupydoger (5 years)
This record player brings back a balst from the past!

Author frangiul13 (4 years)
@TVsplinter01 I beleive I had a spare one

Author frangiul13 (5 years)
Maybe next time...

Author ETBRAIN (6 years)
I just love those old record player machines! Congrats, man. I'll say a
little prayer for you, just for posting it !!! Thanks!

Author joe f (4 years)
fyi i lost the ebay auction! i bid up to $72 and figured that was enough
for a record player that didnt work,lol.of course the winner bid a dollar
more and won

Author grassulo (4 years)
one of my friends moms has one of these she wanted me to repair for her,
after a good cleaning, lubrication, adjustment and a new stylus the thing
sounds AMAZING, I cant believe how LOUD and clear such a small battery
operated unit can play, says something for the quality of real built in
holland philips products!

Author ppoobah (2 years)
Check that....... This song was first released by Aretha Franklin in 1968.
It was later released by Dionne Warwick circa 1974....

Author vinylman86 (6 years)
wow, i never saw anything like it before. i have a 1982 pioneer
front-loading direct-drive turntable i got recently from ebay, but it needs
a needle and a belt for the loading tray mechanism. it can play odd-sized
records because the tonearm has a sensor that detects the record size.

Author ppoobah (4 years)
So cool !! I've shown this clip to several people!!

Author Robert Lopresti (4 years)
@MrDrunknbass "I Say a Little Prayer for You" by Dionne Warwick. Early

Author Steve Rose (6 years)
Amazing and very good sound too. Has it ever damaged a record when ejecting?

Author frangiul13 (4 years)
@chompo7 OMG, that is too funny!!! I definitely will be rooting for you.
These Philips units when working, sound great, and yes, people don' t have
a clue. How can someone leave corroded batteries in something like this and
expect it to work???

Author clydesight (6 years)
That is so Cool! They just don't make stuff like this anymore! Than ks for
the video!

Author joe f (4 years)
@frangiul13 lol im already watching it! i thought the same thing about the
corrosion being the problem. i just a commodore tiny transister phono from
the 60's and the seller said it didnt worked fine for me.amazing
how some people have no clue,hahah.thanks for the heads up and wish me luck!

Author frangiul13 (6 years)
Thanks for the comment!!

Author joe f (4 years)
@frangiul13 thanks frank i have been looking on ebay but my italian is
rusty,lol.regular ebay i cant find any!

Author frangiul13 (4 years)
@chompo7 There currently is a Philips on eBay, but it's a bit older than
mine. The seller could not get it to work, but he took a pic of the inside
and it looks like there are two D size batteries that have been left in
there. Probably some cleaning of the terminals may get the motor to work. I
couldn't post the link here, but do a search: VINTAGE PHILIPS SLOT 45
RECORD PLAYER and you can see it :) :)

Author 1foryahweh (2 years)
The arm looks like its made from an erector set! lol Cute and clever though!

Author frangiul13 (6 years)
Thanks for the comment! Yes, this is quite a unique little player :)

Author frangiul13 (6 years)
No damage to the records. The tonearm lifts up and out of the way, and the
turntable lowers when the record is ejected.

Author Madness832 (5 years)
That's pretty sweet! But you should have left the cover off so we could see
the rejection process.

Author frangiul13 (5 years)
@ComedianHarmonistNL Thanks for the nice words!!!

Author Skuff (6 years)
Good Deal. Wish I could've found it!

Author gtimandan (6 years)
What an awesome little guy! Thanks for revealing what's going on under the
hood - very expertly crafted just like most everything Philips creates.
Fantastic post! ^.^

Author joe f (4 years)
hey frank you know anywhere i can find a "mangiadischi"? i had a red one as
a kid that i begged my grandma to buy me,at the italian store.i cant seem
to find one anywhere?

Author lgayer (2 years)
I love the sound! Thank you for the video!

Author puupydoger (5 years)
I meant to say a blast (in a good way) :)

Author CoolDudeClem (6 years)
Who needs CD's when you have this? It's an amazing record player, I've
never seen one like that before, so cool.

Author frangiul13 (4 years)
@chompo7 Ciao, Giuseppe! Come Stai? I rarely see those, and when I do, they
are usually on eBay. But they fetch a pretty penny. That's usually the
place where you would have luck finding one. Try going eBay International,
and maybe you can buy one from overseas. Good luck!! :)

Author JTfromZurich (6 years)
Wow! This is GREAT!

Author frangiul13 (4 years)
@ppoobah Wow, that's great! Glad you like the video!! :)

Author vieuxson (6 years)
superbe mange disque et tres belle chanson

Author frangiul13 (6 years)
Thanks for the comment. No records have been damaged. When the unit ejects,
the tonearm automatically lifts up and away from the record.

Author Falcons66 (6 years) are good at tracking down gems. I seem to always get burned on
the Ebay ones, and then cant seem to get money back because I relist them
with honest descriptions. Anyway, Mega cool. I need to broaden my search
terms! Havent found an Arvin yet either.

Author ppoobah (2 years)
@riotpir1972 it's actually Aretha Franklin and its from 1968

Author frangiul13 (6 years)
Hi, This is a 45 player only, and the record slides over the adapter, which
secures the record in place in order to play.

Author mrrk (6 years)
A great treat.

Author frangiul13 (6 years)
Thanks for the comment!

Author carl kimberly (6 years)
dionne warwick song-i say a little prayer for you ,is one of my favourite
songs by her

Author frangiul13 (6 years)
Hey Rickenbacker, I got this about 4 years ago, and I think I paid about
$35-$40 at the time. Probably worth more now. Haven't seen one like it
since. Thanks for watching my videos!! :)

Author frangiul13 (6 years)
Thanks for the comment! Good luck with your EY-2 restoration!!

Author Skuff (6 years)
That is cool! Is the 45 adapter removable?

Author Skuff (6 years)
I wish i could find such sweet looking machines as You! How much did you
pay for this?

Author frangiul13 (4 years)
@grassulo Thanks for the comment! Yes, for a small battery player, this
this sounds great!

Author TVsplinter01 (4 years)
where did you buy the needle?

Author frangiul13 (6 years)
Thanks for the comment!

Author jasonlava (6 years)
I would love to find one of those.

Author TEMPmichaelhansen (6 years)
during the 60's, there were a lot of things like this. Didnt they make
portable record players battery powered? (What the name of song???) I even
have a record player that works but no sound. Also I was born in 1973 but
still... I discovered things like HIP POCKET RECORDS and other GREAT stuff
like this! AWESOME!!! at least the needle doesnt damage records. what is
the name of the song?!?!?

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