Unbelievable Stupid Drivers Caught on Dash Cam, Extreme Driving Fails and Crash Sounds

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  • Mark Mapk Spencer
    Mark Mapk Spencer 3 days ago

    No Video in your piece just sound....

  • mrfester42
    mrfester42 24 days ago

    In all these videos almost everybody loves to turn into oncoming traffic.

  • Crystal Sanderson
    Crystal Sanderson 1 month ago

    what about that poor baby around 806? hoping im wrong and its a doll 😔

  • Arcamean
    Arcamean 1 month ago

    Most commonly shared attributes for these? Too fast for conditions and no situational awareness.

  • Marc G
    Marc G 1 month ago

    why the fk are they steering so fast on the sides for no reasons?!

    • Alex Smith
      Alex Smith 14 days ago

      They probably fall asleep; most of them were truck drivers.

  • DeathMetal Glitter
    DeathMetal Glitter 1 month ago

    8:15 I was really hoping the crash would happen right at, "WAKE ME UP INSIDE!!!"

  • Tankurface
    Tankurface 1 month ago

    You Russians are fucking retarded!

    • Strannik191
      Strannik191 1 month ago

      Retarded drivers are everywhere including your United States. But once again, that doesn't mean ALL Russians/Americans are retarded. So stfu U little dickhead.

    • Tankurface
      Tankurface 1 month ago

      Not really , most other countries arent retarded enough to drive 50 MPH or more in snow/ice conditions , or u turn on a dual carriage way or the best yet ...build a fucking zebra crossing in the middle of 8 lanes and expect people to cross it. Haha stfu u small child

    • Strannik191
      Strannik191 1 month ago

      I can collect the same kind of videos from all over the world, so does it mean the whole world is "fucking retarded"? Go fuck yourself dumbshit asshole!

    • Tankurface
      Tankurface 1 month ago

      Did I say I was talking specifically about all videos in this collection? Fucking idiot. Learn English! Was talking ONLY about Russians , fucking scrub.

    • Strannik191
      Strannik191 1 month ago

      You are retarded! These videos aren't only from Russia.

  • Prasad Madhale
    Prasad Madhale 1 month ago

    most of the accidents could have been avoided if drivers reacted quicker. Here in India the streets are filled with idiots.So, we assume that the guy in front is an idiot and we stay cautious.

    • Alex Smith
      Alex Smith 14 days ago

      Still, they're quick to sound the horn ))

  • SlevinCCX
    SlevinCCX 1 month ago

    Can someone explain the Green light Stop Sign at 10:07?

  • SlevinCCX
    SlevinCCX 1 month ago

    I love the honk at 1:15. Its like they thought they could rewind time by 30 secs or something.

  • Bartek Jankowski
    Bartek Jankowski 1 month ago

    0:54 idiot

  • Lejeus
    Lejeus 1 month ago

    Man, what do you figure happened to make the truck driver yank the wheel at 1:11?

  • john black
    john black 1 month ago

    that poor lady at 9:36

  • Coletta Hughes
    Coletta Hughes 1 month ago

    What's worse than Rap and Hip-Hop? Russian Rap and Hip-Hop LMAO.

  • Steven Booth
    Steven Booth 1 month ago

    Some of them were epic bits of driving. Certainly not all fails.

  • Aver Road TV
    Aver Road TV 1 month ago

    sffWow!! This is Great!)) love your Video!)) Please come to my channel i have new funny videos every day too!))💜💜💜❤💙💙💙

  • dan hemmerling
    dan hemmerling 1 month ago

    ahhh let me go into the middle of the intersection and stop.

    • TheDochoffman1
      TheDochoffman1 1 month ago

      dan hemmerling Yup, But That's After They Blow A Red Light.

  • Schon239
    Schon239 1 month ago

    1:16 Let's honk the horn, maybe he'll notice he's fucked up.

  • S Richardson
    S Richardson 1 month ago

    why does not happen in America

    • Max T
      Max T 1 month ago

      lol in germany 80% of those accidents wouldnt happen, since ppl know how to behave in traffic... if you want to go fast, drive autobahn/highway
       and not on suburbian roads lke wtf

    • Lejeus
      Lejeus 1 month ago

      I think the reason we see more Russian videos has to do with insurance and liability in a country suffering from corrupt traffic police and corrupt insurance providers, rather than any actual indication that their driving is any better or worse than ours. They simply have more dash cams than we do, so on average you'll see more Russian videos.

  • Lou G.
    Lou G. 1 month ago

    Hard to pity these ppl.

  • Wikiwaki95 Wikiwaki95

    Crash & Burn

  • TheDochoffman1
    TheDochoffman1 1 month ago

    I Finally Got It Figured Out. All These Drivers Graduated From The Drivers Ed School Run By "IVAN THE TERRIBLE"!! 👹

    • TheDochoffman1
      TheDochoffman1 1 month ago

      FYI >> If I'm not mistaken, They've Also Got Rasputin In Charge Of The P/R And Customer Satisfaction Departments, The Complaint Dept Has Got A Direct Link To Somewhere In Siberia That Produces Salt.😨

    • Alan Peterson
      Alan Peterson 1 month ago

      They have another one run by Boris Badanoff. He teaches,"You can step on the brake, or the gas pedal, it doesn't matter, either one is O.K."

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