Everything Wrong With the BATTLE OF NABOO

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  • Sketchy
    Sketchy 1 day ago

    ...................................so where the ****** are R2's legs?

  • Mondayne
    Mondayne 1 day ago

    Anyone else going to comment on the image of Voldemort popping up for like 1 frame at 0:33????

  • chronoss chiron
    chronoss chiron 2 days ago

    and if americans landed with 12 guys?

    no europe would be speaking russian
    they already were at german border when americans landed there army

  • Ozolz
    Ozolz 2 days ago

    1:36 black hooded guy behind Palpatine is Plagueis???

  • Baron song
    Baron song 2 days ago

    nice videp

  • Baron song
    Baron song 2 days ago


  • Stangil1
    Stangil1 2 days ago

    Because... George Lucas.

  • Dragonrage
    Dragonrage 3 days ago


  • Matthew Olson
    Matthew Olson 3 days ago

    The prequels are just as good as the originals

  • Vincent O'Brien
    Vincent O'Brien 3 days ago

    One of the main reasons the fight takes place on a big open grassy plain is just because it was created in 1999, it was mostly created with CGI and this was 1 year before the launch of the PS2 in terms of where we were in graphics power for our PC's and Consoles, simply put, having a battle of CGi Characters inside in heavy foil-aged or detailed geometry simply wouldn't have been possible, the cost of rendering would have skyrocketed or else the end result would have been appallingly bad... it's still not exactly amazing but it's functional, technology is what made this fight so stupid to look back on, but not the tech of the trade federation or the Naboo, but the Technology of what Lucas could get his hands on to render the battle.

  • Stas Constantine
    Stas Constantine 4 days ago

    good story, but shitty film is what i'd say

  • Realsteel609
    Realsteel609 4 days ago

    Isn't Jar-Jar Binks a boy? This would have hurt A LOT! 7:47

  • Marcelo Silveira
    Marcelo Silveira 4 days ago

    what Phantom Menancing teach us is: don't put kids to rule over entire planets! really, in Attack of the Clones they say she was ELLECTED! who the fucking hell vote on a 14 yo to rule a planet?!?! No wonder she was easily manipulated

  • James Fleming
    James Fleming 4 days ago

    Plagueis is pronounced as in 'Plague' not with a soft 'g'.

  • TKinfinity
    TKinfinity 4 days ago

    The Gungans chose to fight at the Windows default background screen

  • John H
    John H 5 days ago

    Yeah, Disney at some point will remake these. Won't be for a long time. But they will definitely be rebooted.

  • Viciado Em Café
    Viciado Em Café 5 days ago

    MMМуууу gf rеаllу lovеs this film. Wе found full mоviе hеееrе => https://twitter.com/0b2f2189bf4312e93/status/863212856405147648

  • High tech knight :epic face games!:

    Why did they not use the naboo security to protect naboo they have GUNS

  • colin8696908
    colin8696908 5 days ago

    lol he's making way to much sense with this video.

  • KillerRedVine
    KillerRedVine 5 days ago

    This does ignore the fact that the trade federation blockade had hundreds of control ships at the beginning and then they all disappeared at the final battle except for one.

  • TheSilent Dragon
    TheSilent Dragon 5 days ago

    Could be worse...oh wait, no it cant.

  • Davis Jensen
    Davis Jensen 5 days ago

    4:00 When was the last time they actually had to fight anyone though? Why bother advancing weapons technology if you live where (you think) no one can get to you?

  • Sir Bikes-a-lot Day

    You're forgetting the fact that military officials lacked battlefield experience due to a 1,000 years of peace.

  • Kenny Petrov
    Kenny Petrov 5 days ago

    Jar Jar Binks

  • Frederick X.
    Frederick X. 5 days ago

    I just realized how bad the CGI looks in this movie. Granted it was a long while back but... still looks pretty bad.

  • 90 Lancaster
    90 Lancaster 5 days ago

    Oh General Kenobi - they made him a general he must know what he's doing.
    Han Solo* they made him a general he must know what he's doing
    Jar Jar Binks they made him a General..... er never mind I think I see a flaw in my logic.

    *(does he outrank Leia now or not ? if not why isn't she in charge as she was on Hoth)

  • daogenify
    daogenify 5 days ago

    Anakin got taking away when he was nine straight into a fucking battle.

  • 90 Lancaster
    90 Lancaster 5 days ago

    The Last Knight's Hound isn't very responsible either he takes an 11 year old Girl into battle and calls it : "A Field trip to the Frontlines"

  • PreciseAce
    PreciseAce 5 days ago


  • Kj16V
    Kj16V 5 days ago

    0:57 lol, that arrow didn't even try to fly in a straight line!

  • Kévin Munch
    Kévin Munch 5 days ago

    France and all of western Europe would be communist if D-day didn't happen. And the USA would be less powerful than the Warsaw Pact which would contained basically all of Europe-Asia + Africa (it was still European colonies just after the war).

  • Julian Schecter
    Julian Schecter 5 days ago

    You mentioned that reading the Star Wars Expanded Universe will make us fans appreciate the PT more, but I'm sure you know by now that the Expanded Universe is officially de-canonized. Also, Boss Nass is not too smart when he made Binks General with zero combat experience! That is a sure recipe for defeat! LOL!

  • Al Costello
    Al Costello 5 days ago

    Lol 10 year old Anakin had PTSD

  • Bloozbee
    Bloozbee 5 days ago

    Anyone else notice that frame of Voldemort when he was talking about Darth Plageous? Kek.

  • Miyamoto Shun Masaki

    George Lucas was on drugs

  • Bhavani Kempegowda
    Bhavani Kempegowda 5 days ago

    You can't even pronounce Plagueis properly!!

  • Joseph Fanning
    Joseph Fanning 6 days ago

    I think the actual reason the gungans fought on a plain was because that was easier to render.

  • Matthew Housham
    Matthew Housham 6 days ago

    I suppose the gungans had to look as appetising as possible so to lure them out. They knew they'd never win, and that their only hope was the battle in space.

  • Kevin Arambula
    Kevin Arambula 6 days ago

    Could you do a video on the battle tactics of the animated series of the clone wars on cartoon network?

  • Clint Carpentier
    Clint Carpentier 6 days ago

    If the gungans were a decoy, then their strategy makes perfect sense; and Jar-Jar is the perfect patsy to lay the historic fail upon.

  • Brandon Rice
    Brandon Rice 6 days ago

    Haven't seen this in the comments yet, so I'll point it out.

    It's over Jar Jar, I have the high ground!

  • Denis Veverica
    Denis Veverica 6 days ago

    I like the prequels

  • owen brady
    owen brady 6 days ago

    honestly I cant blame the gungans for having a retarded military strategy I mean from what I can remember from the legends their military hasn't been used in 100`s of years

  • Johannes Forsberg
    Johannes Forsberg 6 days ago

    The problem with the sequels is that they try to explain everything that happens in the episode 4-6. What was good about the original films that things happened in a galaxy far far away and were films that relied on good dramaturgy; they were perfect executions of Hemingway's iceberg concept where the viewer only got to see the tip of the iceberg and the imagination filled in the gaps.

    No CGI ever will trump the imagination of the viewer. For example in the dark knight trilogy there are lot's of continuation errors that we are willing to overlook because we've suspended our disbelief. Not the opposite where we get bombarded with lots of trivia and lore instead of an good original story. Who fu**in cares about trade federations..?

    What I loved and still do, is that it was a story about the good guys against the bad guys and they have friggin' laser guns, sword and starships. The bad guys wanna kill the good guys who are good guys with that it means.

    Trade federations...

  • Mousazz
    Mousazz 6 days ago

    What's with that shot of Voldemort holding the wand?

  • ChunkyLover ataoldotcom

    the gungan army resembles the polish army in WWII...they also used Cavalry against tanks

  • Scott Mantooth
    Scott Mantooth 6 days ago

    why did the Empire not just obliterate the Gungan army from orbit? the battle droids would not have cared they did not have to fight, they were not being paid to begin with.

  • Mark Sulkowski
    Mark Sulkowski 6 days ago

    The EU will not fix the Prequels because the main problem with the Prequels is that they were short on story and had too much politics. Knowledge of more politics from the EU won't fix too much politics.

  • Pearson Realize
    Pearson Realize 6 days ago

    Jar-neration tech

  • NationalSniper
    NationalSniper 6 days ago

    Totally incomparable to the Vietnam war. Whatever you think of that war.

    In Vietnam the US (and allies) came to the aid of South Vietnam to protect them against North Vietnam (and their Viet Cong) who wanted to invade and occupy South Vietnam. US forces were there with permission of the South Vietnamese government and fought side by side with South Vietnamese troops against the invaders (North Vietnam and their Viet Cong Extension)

    The comparison only makes sense in the end when South Vietnam was taken over by a foreign occupier (North Vietnam).

    It looks more like the Afghan war which was invaded by a foreign force (the Soviet Union) and had indigenous people fighting against them.

  • Pjupe
    Pjupe 6 days ago

    Never had a problem with the Gungan part of the fight. The space battle was the stupid part about it. It didn't make any sense. No way that a few Naboo fighters are able to destroy a droid control ship. And why is the biggest weakness of these ships placed in a hangar where it could be attacked by every random pilot who reaches it?

  • Big Cazza
    Big Cazza 6 days ago

    fucking jar jar, nuff said

  • Ben27
    Ben27 6 days ago

    I love 1,2,3

  • Nick Eichner
    Nick Eichner 6 days ago

    Did Jimmy Dean sponsor this? lol

  • Simon Green
    Simon Green 6 days ago

    0:33 darth what? Stop making star wars videos...


    Except that Eisenhower wasn't the commander that landed on the Beaches of Normandy, it was British Commander General Montgomery. Eisenhower was Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Forces, IE: The entire operation, were as Montgomery was Commander in Chief of the Allied Ground Forces meaning he controlled the troops on the day.

  • Terry Wilson
    Terry Wilson 7 days ago

    How does Padme's hair not break her neck?

  • Nodak81
    Nodak81 7 days ago

    Meeza Jar Jar Binks, Meeza be caricature of blacks.

  • Op Killa
    Op Killa 7 days ago

    I would of been smarter if you directed these battles

  • Ghastly Grinner
    Ghastly Grinner 7 days ago

    Why were the droids taking prisoners just kill them all

  • BewareTheCarpenter
    BewareTheCarpenter 7 days ago

    I've been watching The Clone Wars series and half the time I'm wondering if these people have ever heard of orbital bombardment. If there's a fortress on the ground that you want to annihilate, along with everyone inside; you have a star fleet and they only have land forces, the only strategy anyone has is to land ground forces.

    As for Palpatine's gradual takeover of the senate: what was the public explanation given as to why they had started building the clone army 10 years before The Separatists tried declaring independence, which just happened to be ready exactly when needed?

    • 90 Lancaster
      90 Lancaster 5 days ago

      Yeah they make just as many daft military decisions in Deepspace Nine - so it's not just Star Wars that has weirdly illogical battles.

      Something like a Y-wing or a B-wing would be great for ground support even a modest size corvette (one that can operate in atmosphere and stand up to Starfighter attack) would be really useful.

      Palapatine did a lot of hand waving over how they suddenly had an army all of a sudden.

    • BewareTheCarpenter
      BewareTheCarpenter 7 days ago

      Can someone explain to me Star Wars architecture?

      Start with the rooms where Qui-gon and Obi-wan fought Darth Maul at the end of Ep 1; but I'd also really like to know about main reactors.

      The clone wars series proves that a 10 year old kid (Bolba Fett) can walk into a jedi cruiser's main reactor and destroy the whole cruiser with a regular blaster.

    • SAW Gunner
      SAW Gunner 7 days ago

      Orbital bombardment is usually forgotten because people want to tell a story. I think it's dumb, but I suppose it's a good enough reason, if they'd just remember to include the phlebotinum. That is, contrived science and circumstance. The Empire couldn't bombard Hoth because it had a planetary shield. Yet in Rogue One the same device keeps the Rebels from doing anything and has a comical SpaceBalls-style gate. Similarly, shield generators can apparently be destroyed by direct fire in multiple instances, but the Rebel fleet couldn't just show up and destroy the one on Endor, which for some reason, wasn't mounted on the stations with the super-reactor.

      As for the rest of this, everyone knows the plot of the Phantom Menace didn't make any sense. Palpatine apparently plans a civil war by creating a crisis, and then goes out of his way to make sure his faux plan succeeds- managing  to reveal the Sith in the process. Only by a series of impossible events does he fail at failing himself, which actually helps him. And we're supposed to believe that this guy has any foresight at all?

      They're really both the same thing - plot contrivances.

  • knah13
    knah13 7 days ago

    I think that the purpose of the prequel battles was to show how unprepared the galaxy as a whole was for war. The Galaxy had been basically at peace for most people's lifetimes. even the Separatists' strategy consisted of throw cheap units at the problem and hope for the best.

  • Christopher DiCesare

    Elements of the U.S Coast Guard fought in many battles of WW2. Mainly early in Atlantic, the Pacific theater and Mediterranean. They preformed very well and heroically. Learn before insulting.

  • Edmond Wen
    Edmond Wen 7 days ago

    It's treason then...

  • Sam Mazur
    Sam Mazur 7 days ago


  • Nubyrc
    Nubyrc 7 days ago

    You completely forget that Palpatine was using the dark side of force in a limited and very hidden manner to keep the Jedi from being alerted.

    All of it "was his plan" all along was it not?

  • minecreed lp
    minecreed lp 7 days ago

    the wrongest thing: jar jar isn't sent out by the gungans to fie emidiatly

  • Alberto Muñoz
    Alberto Muñoz 7 days ago

    The French would be speaking Russian, and everyone would be Soviet, Hitler was already dead on D-Day and Berlin was already taken America actually did shit to help topple the Nazis besides giving resources and getting rich at the start of the war.

  • Borjigin
    Borjigin 7 days ago

    I love the prequels as a whole, but this was was an excellent video, with clever points and humour.

  • mandalore the angry

    i like the trade federation

  • Cabritoviskense Sukably

    at least this Ep shows how strong the droid army really is, they won over the Gungans with ease

    UNREAL HAVOK 7 days ago

    Anyone who says the Prequels suck aren't real star wars fans

  • Fluffy Waffles
    Fluffy Waffles 7 days ago

    There is a possible explanation as to why the Gungans had advanced energy grenades, but not blasters. Wookiepedia says the Naboo humans were not natives to that land, but the Gungans (obviously) were. When the Naboo arrived, the Gungans would have had immediate concerns regarding their advanced tech. The Gungans are a warrior race, but even though the Naboo outclassed them in every way tech-wise, the Gungans still would have been a big annoyance to them. They could have had some sort of pact with the Naboo to exchange certain pieces of land for certain weapons/technologies. The Gungans would have wanted primarily defensive tech (shield generators and hand-shields) to defend themselves if the Naboo decided to attack. I could see the Naboo not wanting to give Gungans blasters, so the energy grenades could have been a compromise.

    • Christian Dauz
      Christian Dauz 6 days ago

      Warrior race my ass!

      Shaka and his Zulus can beat them!

  • Grant Erickson
    Grant Erickson 7 days ago

    Smallish thing. You mentioned issues going from the general assembly to committees then subcommittees, and it being a waste to go through the usual channels. In parliamentary procedure it is generally the reverse order. Those with the most relevant expertise examine the issue before wasting the time of people whose input is less important and needed in their respective disciplines. Someone who's an expert in agriculture doesn't need to hear about a transportation bill until it's time to vote and represent his or her constituents. Good video series though, it's entertaining and pretty decent even for people who have preexisting knowledge on tactics and strategy.

  • Deathpool
    Deathpool 7 days ago

    I still stand by my statement that The Phantom Menace is the shittiest star wars film in history. Attack of the Clones was pretty shit as well buts enjoyable in a cheesy, action-packed, so-bad-its-good sort of way. Revenge of the sith is a pretty solid movie and the best of the prequels. meanwhile, let's look at TPP. first of all, what are the main things people bitch about when they talk about the prequels?
    -jar jar
    -bad CGI
    -cringey Anakin
    let's see... yep! every single one of these elements is at its worst/most annoying in the phantom menace. on top of that it's just BORING on every single level. the two single highlights of the film are the podrace and Darth maul v. Obiwan/Qui-Gonn. the rest of the movie was either trade blockade politics or stupid shit on tatooine. and let me just say, child Anakin and jar jar have to be some of the most annoying characters in film history.
    the film also fails on a technical level. as I said before the CGI has aged like complete shit, it's also a terribly directed film. yes the Darth maul fight is impressive but every single other action scene, from jedi v droids, to gungans v droids, to padme v droids, to Anakin in space, were all super clunky and awkward to watch. even the podrace was pretty bad. it was exciting to watch but it's the same shot over and over again. seriously go watch it again. I'm being dead serious, every single shot is 'pan from left to right as podracers zoom past the screen.' they literally re use a couple of the same shots as well.
    even if that's not all bad enough, the entire fucking thing was POINTLESS. ask yourself this, what's the point of the prequels? to show Anakin fall from a jedi to Darth Vader. okay. this film did absolutely nothing to move this plot along. anakin wasn't a character, he was a cute plot device for the main characters (Qui-Gonn and Obi-Wan). the only thing it accomplished was having Anakin meet the jedi council and having them talk about him for two minutes to decide to train him. couldn't they have done that in five minutes as a flashback in attack of the clones, which starts him off as a padawan anyways? my point is proven by the fact that the film is so disjointed and disconnected from the other two that it had to time-skip a decade to get to the actual story of Anakin. he only really became a character in the second movie, he literally has an entire third of his development missing. in fact the entire trilogy has a third of its development missing, because TPP is basically a prologue to the actual story. but instead they made it into a movie in a trilogy. Lucas knew he was screwed when he realized he'd fucked around for an entire a movie and only had two left to tell the story.

    wouldn't the prequels be better if they went something like this?
    -movie one: attack of the clones: introduces Anakin as a padawan under Obi-Wan. he is sent on a mission to protect Senator Amidala (who he'd never met until now), and they fall for each other. a lot better than having Anakin being horny over her because he had a crush on her as a little kid. this would also set up the clone wars and the jedi council, really everything else.
    -movie two: the clone wars. the real meat of the prequel era. the main purpose of this movie for me is development. develop everything that was only implied in revenge of the sith. for example, develop Obi-Wan and anakins relationship. show us that they truly went from a student-mentor relationship to being brothers. develop Anakin as he slowly becomes a better jedi and eventually the hero of the republic. develop Anakin having a relationship with Palpatine. develop his romance with padmr. develop the clone's relationship with their jedi generals so order 66 has more impact in the next film. develop count Dooku and general grievous, so the fact that they die after five minutes of screentime in revenge of the sith isn't as annoying. basically the way I see it, a lot of the shit that is important to anakins story and character happened in between AotC and RotS, but it's just glazed over and left to the TV show to do.
    -movie three: this one stays pretty much the same. everything becomes more emotional and makes more sense when gaining the context of the new second film.

  • Kartissa
    Kartissa 7 days ago

    7:30 To be fair, Anakin wasn't supposed to actually be part of the attack. (Although why he *was* there is beyond me. Like you, I would have left the 9-year old behind.)

  • Broswith Gunss
    Broswith Gunss 7 days ago

    well here I go, let the hate of God rain upon me, I actually liked jar jar. Welp, I'm fucked.

  • Anton Shoham
    Anton Shoham 7 days ago

    plajis? Plae-gy-s. It is spelled Plaguis, but pronounced Plae-gy-s

  • Christian Patton
    Christian Patton 7 days ago

    0:32 "Darth Playjish" i am officially disappointed

  • SunaiTelepathe
    SunaiTelepathe 7 days ago

    I blame limits of tech at the time. 2 armies of CGI. Just imagine rendering a battle in a forest! That would be horrifying!
    The plains was the best place to render such a place due to the lack of details around.

    It's strategy vs real life technology lol

  • christosvoskresye
    christosvoskresye 7 days ago

    "So if you thought the movie sucked, you should read several related novels that were written by people who were at least competent writers and maybe even talented." If that's what it takes to "appreciate" a movie, the movie *does* suck. It has to stand on its own rather than hope to be saved by better writers desperately trying to retcon some sense into it.

  • george lightheart
    george lightheart 7 days ago

    i have borderline too. darth george lightsaber

  • Jacob Rusert-Daniels

    the thing is the Gungans did lose as expected, and where captured, but thankfully an 8 year old boy with no space ship piloting skills managed to infiltrate the heavily defended droid control ship and blow the whole thing up, come on George REALLY? 😳

    • 90 Lancaster
      90 Lancaster 5 days ago

      Artoo did it - Anakin was just joyriding with him.

  • TheNiteWalker
    TheNiteWalker 7 days ago

    Gungan tactic... that's an oxymoron... with emphasis on the moron...

  • Albin Liungman
    Albin Liungman 7 days ago

    For those looking for cool Star Wars battles. Watch Star Wars the clone wars the series. There is so much character, battle tactics and epicnes that you forget that it's a cartoon. Specially in episodes like darkness on umbara where the face two 501 st legion attack a jungle planet.

    • Deathpool
      Deathpool 7 days ago

      Albin Liungman love the Umbara episodes, I like to call them the saving private Ryan of star wars lmao

  • TheEmptyMailbox
    TheEmptyMailbox 7 days ago

    Share this channel on Reddit I want Alan to get 100k subs

  • James Pilkinton
    James Pilkinton 7 days ago

    i like the preclude.
    i think that the originals were ok but the precludes an d the new seris were better

  • Cuphead5998
    Cuphead5998 7 days ago

    The gungans remind me of the qing army, in china.

  • Alex Andrzejek
    Alex Andrzejek 7 days ago

    You don't wait for the enemy to come to you when they are retreating, you pursue them so they cannot regroup. The gungans retreated since they knew they couldn't take on the armored tanks. The shield was a hard counter to the tanks because repulsorlifts cannot pass shields. Also, supposedly they intended to take the hill, but the droids beat them to it.

  • EvenFlow406
    EvenFlow406 7 days ago

    You used 'The Last Samurai' as an example of 'indigenous people riding beasts trope.' That movie takes place in 1870, what the hell else should they have been on? Icky white people still road horses in war at that time.

    • EvenFlow406
      EvenFlow406 7 days ago

      4:06 "Well actually there were the mounted warriors who had pikes but this is such a tired and overused trope (I'm looking at you Avatar), the indigenous people always have to ride beasts into battle. I get it, there's something romantic about that."

      He only refers to the riding of beasts as part of a trope. Earlier in the video there is reference to George Lucas liking the idea of indigenous people taking on a foreign occupier but it is not referred to as a trope. Even then, he uses a clip from Raiders which wouldn't fit either trope if he had said it and The Last Samurai is no where to be seen.

      I didn't misunderstand anything. You are inserting meaning, rationale or personal bias into what is actually presented. Learn to objectively consume media.

    • Deathpool
      Deathpool 7 days ago

      you misunderstood the trope. the trope he was referring to is the "indigenous people fight against colonization or more advanced culture that has invaded them." it's a pretty common thing, and the last samurai does fit into it. think of that movie or avatar, etc.

  • yiggdrasill
    yiggdrasill 7 days ago

    I know its irrelevant, but may I point out that you had a largely aquatic race fighting on land? do these creatures even know what they are doing other then standing upright? I know its a cartoon but one episode of clone wars had the gungans helping the mon calamari and they did much better underwater. have they even developed different weapons to fight on land? but yes, on the over all this is the sort of plan a politician comes up with over a general. the war itself was a distraction to the political goal

  • Taymuraz Tsalikov
    Taymuraz Tsalikov 7 days ago

    Nah, if Eisenhower didnt land on the beaches of Normandy, they'd be speaking French but would don the communist flag on their tri colours

  • squattingheads
    squattingheads 7 days ago

    What I imagine Mr. Plinkett from RLM sounded young
    What accent is this? sounds like having a dick in his mouth or a stroke

  • Darth Utah 66
    Darth Utah 66 7 days ago

    I think the worst tactic was bring a 9 year old to a warzone

  • Seth Allen
    Seth Allen 7 days ago

    Their shield was like an anti- sea bear circle from spongebob

  • animist channel
    animist channel 7 days ago

    I love how the Star Wars community keeps trying to find ways to apologize for the fact that George Lucas is not Laotse or Sun Tzu. He's just not. He got in over his head and never made it back to the surface. The people who really put the meat into Star Wars mythology were Leigh Brackett and Lawrence Kasdan when they wrote that amazing, spiritual script for Empire Strikes Back.

    Since then, a host of other "Expanded Universe" and fanfic writers have tried to carry the zen-taoist deeper-thinking banner forward, only to be betrayed by Lucas and the movie studios at every turn. This will not end. Hollywood wants cheap and obvious, while the fan wants a rich tapestry of concepts. They don't care what you want. They only care if you will keep paying them to be lower life-forms than you, because they hold the copyrights. They have blackmailed you successfully.

    Apparently there is another Dune movie in the works, and I suspect it will do the same things to fans of the Duniverse that Lucas and Disney did to you. All too often, Hollywood gets profits in spite of vastly undervaluing the enlightenment of their audience. Their contempt is an abomination.

  • Theldras Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

    they only won the battle for naboo by pure dumb luck that anakin stupidly decided to hide inside a freakin starship and somehow, yet again by stupid luck managed to get inside the enemy ship that for some unexplainable reason has their shields main system completly unprotected in the open inside that outer ring thingy, design wise that is incomprehensibly stupid, outright retarded for anything vital to be so exposed, it shuld have been close to the center of that ball in the middle. the ring itself shuld not have anything that can cause such a devastating chainreaction.

  • Joesph Joestar
    Joesph Joestar 7 days ago

    Why does Amadela dress like a giesha?

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