Greatest US Sports Moments (2010-2016)

The best plays in recent United States sports history from 2010 thru June 2016. Enjoy these clutch and memorable moments in full 1080p 60fps HD! These athletes truly make American sports amazing...PLEASE READ BELOW!

*WATCH* Best Sports Moments of 2016 (US & Canada):

College Football Pump Up 2017-18 | "Blood, Sweat, Tears" | Highlights 2016-17:

Oregon Ducks March Madness "Get Ready" Hype 2017:

Oregon Ducks "Swaggart Era" Pump Up 2017-18:

HATE COMMENTS REMOVED! Best if viewed with headphones on. Sorry if i missed a pivotal moment or your favorite team or sport, cuts had to be made to keep video at a reasonable length. (yes, #2 is Toronto not USA, the video originally included Canada and I forgot to edit it out. Yes there should be more soccer and hockey (check my 2016 highlight for that), I apologize, it is what it is I can't change it now) please ENJOY it!**

Song: M83 Starwaves (Extended) from Oblivion soundtrack

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Greatest Moments in College Football History:

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No copyright infringement is intended. All video used under fair use. Clips belong to ESPN, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA, FIFA Soccer and the Olympics. Music from Oblivion soundtrack.


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Author WTD Productions ( ago)
WATCH: Best Sports Moments of 2016:

Author AKr AAm ( ago)
3:23 algerian respact bast match in histoire usa beat the bast 👏👏👏👏

Author Matt Gaming ( ago)

Author Matt Gaming ( ago)

Author Campbell Huber ( ago)
Great Video

Author Matt ( ago)
hahaha the reaction at 0:40 had me dying

Author Tyes Price ( ago)
Don't forget that Seattle decided to pass instead of run the ball.

Author DevsHeey ( ago)
Oh my god, legendary video, one of the best videos i've ever seen and i'm not even american

Author xX he11cat Xx ( ago)
Y wasn't Nebraska football last play Hail Mary to win the game against northwestern on this?????!!!!!!!

Author MarkStarHero Gameplays & Vlogs ( ago)
Plz do 2017 one with Superbowl 51 and the Week 16 Christmas Ravens Steelers ending highlights

Author IHT CTT ( ago)
Really good but you need more hockey.

Author IHasMelon ( ago)
These 3sports were probally you're favorite sports because there were no other sport

Author Ian kearns ( ago)
when the first two are Canadian

Author Boonut ( ago)
Jose Bautista homer wasnt in the us lol

Author Aden Firestorm ( ago)
I remember the MSU vs MICH game, my mom, dad and I were sure the spartans unfortunately lost, then that final play happened. Never been so happy.

Author Leysman1017 ( ago)
This video was beautiful

Author Dying White ( ago)
I needed a blanket from all the chills.

Author Alex Attruia ( ago)
Still live this video, just wish you added the bruins making the crazy comeback and Stepan's OT winner

Author Andrew Blitz ( ago)
How is bautistas walkoff an American moment

Author Andrew Blitz ( ago)
Still wondering how Bautistas walk off is a us momsntv

Author Sol Invictus ( ago)
Was kind of hoping for some Memphis plays. I still remember the last second alley-oop by Jeff Green and the last second off balance shot by Mario Chalmers

Author Cameron Atzbach ( ago)
no Malcom Butler interception to win the Super Bowl?!?!?!?!

Author dtruck52_Joe ( ago)
Notre dame goal line stop at Stanford should have been on here

Author Jonathan Foutz ( ago)
Marshawn's run @ 1:51 is probably my favorite run in the NFL of all time. The dude was an absolute beast.

Author RawGator ( ago)
Great video. Would have been cool if the 2016 Daytona 500 finish was in here though.

Author logan Connell ( ago)
bama hater.......

Author Son Ja ( ago)
i cannot stop watching this.
beautiful soundtrack, editing and moments.

Author Douglas Sizemore ( ago)
Thank god you put the Warriors blowing a 3-1 lead and Irving taking that shot

Author Mr Unicorn982 ( ago)
i remember when indiana beat Kentucky with a 3 point shot, my dad broke a chair he was so happy

Author Dank Sax ( ago)
4:13 Saw this live and it gave me goosebumps. I'm not even a blazers fan

Author Don Personal ( ago)
I really miss the old Paul George what happened to him was tragic

Author Christopher Kerwin ( ago)
i flocking love sports !!!!!!!!!

Author KingDavis44 ( ago)
I was waiting for the miracles at Jordan hare

Author DeathBook Gaming ( ago)
Where's Hosmer's race home?

Author RyanTheBoss ( ago)
BEst football catches I've ever seen

Author RyanTheBoss ( ago)
Amazing video

Author badamski17 ( ago)
1:14 every time I watch that it makes me feel sick.

Author Alex Boryczka ( ago)
Soccer isint an American sport

Author Meg Lausier ( ago)

Author Trevor Carry ( ago)
Loved the vid

Author ann corpuz ( ago)
1:42 was funny 😂

Author Infinity Cubed ( ago)
I clicked on this video for 6:04

Author Angelo Addison ( ago)
The best one in my opinion Was OBJ the best Wr in the NFL History

Author AGiantGiantFan 13 ( ago)
At 6:25 They put the points for the wrong team

Author Jacob Cole ( ago)
The voice cracks at 4:59 are real!

Author Anthony Grubb ( ago)
this shits not cool so im hitting not like button

Author Preston Orr ( ago)
I guess Toronto is in the US, right?

Author Boski Amin ( ago)

Author SD Productions ( ago)
You know the Jays are Canadian right.

Author Manny Fernandes ( ago)
13:07 Mans tripped himself up

Author Manny Fernandes ( ago)
Almost cried this was beautiful

Author Henzlee ( ago)
Loved it at 5:00. Suck it wolverines.

Author HyPeR NoVa ( ago)
that voice crack 5:08 😂

Author Alex Martin-Romero ( ago)
Godamn, the Bruins choked vs Chicago

Author Absol 35 ( ago)
What about Wisconsin's half court buzzer beater against #3 Michigan who would be number one if they had one due to #1 and #2 losing.

Author Anthony Trejo ( ago)
This gave me the biggest chills this video is beast asf

Author Conner Hartman ( ago)

Author SnowKitty ( ago)
I know you can't put everything so I would just like to remind everyone of Clowney's hit in South Carolina vs Michigan

Author RC Drummer ( ago)
aaron rodgers can complete so many hail marys. like those two and the one in the nfc wild card against the giants.

Author DarthNerderGaming ( ago)
Yo why weren't the cubs World Series in here? Hmmm 🤔

Author Foire à Musique ( ago)
3:22what ?

Author World Peace Productions ( ago)
12:09 Shout out to #74 for that amazing effort.

Author WZTwiggs ( ago)
12:25 I NEVER would've expected my jags to be in this video. Holy shit was I wrong.

Author WZTwiggs ( ago)
Gotta show some track and field man

Author GroupOfGamersInc194 ( ago)
UNI March Madness game last year was amazing, I go here! 12:13

Author NumberOneHawksFan x ( ago)
Where's the cubs world series?

Author Wookiemasita 7 ( ago)
0:42 they just started screaming😂

Author Austin Berger ( ago)
let's not forget that block at 10:52

Author Nicholas Cone ( ago)
500 dislikes??? My God people are picky

Author YoureMomGayLol xddd ( ago)
0:27 is so satisfying dude

Author Runaway Batman ( ago)
I think the Tennessee strip from Georgia in 2016 should be in here I know it didn't mean much to other people but it meant a lot to Tennessee fams

Author Gavin McGuffey ( ago)
i dont ike golden state and i dont like the fact you barely used cavs

Author ConnorTheWinner ( ago)
I liked the Michigan state against Michigan one the best

Author Natedog365 ( ago)
GO ARKANSAS!!!! We are on there at least 2 times!!

Author Clorox Bleach ( ago)
1:22 is how my life is going

Author vinthegamer hd ( ago)
When you are watching the curry video remember the warriors blew a 3-1 lead

Author LowKeyMystic Gaming Edits ( ago)
You could tell this guy is a massive GSW bandwagon fan

Author Hugh Mungus ( ago)
No Cubs World Series? That might be pretty noteworthy

Author Zach Daoud ( ago)
like if watching in 2017

Author Zach Daoud ( ago)
I hate curry but LOVE him in 2k

Author LarsonNation42 ( ago)
16:01 warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the finals

Author Neak Brewer ( ago)
i love russel wilson is so calm

Author Thunder 55 ( ago)
5:17 fucking pass interference. Contact between the players that denied the receiver a chance to catch the ball. Patriots won on a stupid no-call.

Biggest blown call of the century.

Author Christian Adjevi ( ago)
Where's Ronaldo penalty kick

Author pkfreeze88 ( ago)
Not bad compilation. Missing Doc's post-season no hitter against the reds. Also for hockey, missing the Flyers and Kings comebacks from being down 3 games to 0. There are probably some other memorable moments that are slipping my mind, but overall good job.

Author Cadyn Grable ( ago)
As a cardinal fan I'm happy to see David Freese in this list

Author Connor Best ( ago)
Some of these just give me the chills just because of how legendary they were.

Author PizzaIzLife ( ago)
I was not expecting NASCAR and I was happy when i saw it!

Author Jason Pacheco ( ago)
always save the last for the best

Author X-treme Bros ( ago)
One whole segment on steph

Author Jake Danza ( ago)
"Gives it to Jenkins. For the championship... OHHH!!!" Being a Nova fan this is one of the best moments of my life. In my opinion, this is the greatest play of all-time. If anyone does not agree, please name a better play. Not a moment, a play.

Author Leezy1399 ( ago)
i fucking love the united states of america

Author C Money ( ago)
this guy def a curry fan

Author Gone Wrong Videos ( ago)
I always loved Ichiros swing

Author MMS ROCKS ( ago)

Author Cem1659 1 ( ago)
Stopped watching after the 3rd steph curry video

Author NZH ( ago)
Amazing to see how big sport is in America and the passion is unreal! As an outsider I find is strange to see how passionate Americans are about sports that mean absolutely nothing outside the U.S but then don't really care about football which means everything to just about everyone around the world. Sad to see the most important game not get the respect it deserves in such a sports mad nation. Get behind your national football team America, they are the one team that represents your nation, why don't you support it? I admire your passion and professionalism in sports but I'd love to see this level of passion in the world game, the game that matters the most and unites the world!

Author AyoSnoow ( ago)
i hate that Nba announcer that be like "banggggggg. bang shot by curry omg"

Author Tristan Smith ( ago)
Has anyone else watched this like 20 times?

Author Ace Scale Modeling ( ago)
you should put the 2016 army navy game on this when army won for the first time in 14 years

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