Origin of the word Orgasm

Origin of the word Orgasm
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Author David Duchovny ( ago)
Учить английский только прилично зная его азы с Мариной мне трудновато.

Author treesareonfire33 ( ago)
Finally a word worth learning about!

Author brian kreisberg ( ago)
no wonder your gonna die alone!!!

Author MrHarveyluke ( ago)
So this explains what happens when I watch one of your videos!

Author Redlac31 ( ago)
Is there one video without the tits?

Author Jaimetron1 ( ago)
product placement ;)

Author MuerT0ps ( ago)
every video i see, i see a mw3sucksterribly in top "i like it" :D

Author Gabriel Baker (409 years ago)
i think george needs a spanking

Author charlie phelps ( ago)
i think im in love with you marina

Author Anthony Young ( ago)

Author Pete Silent ( ago)

Author thawthepast ( ago)
..the soda POP cuLture...HoW!

Author Tom Fauntleroy ( ago)
Speaking of orgasms...

Author MrFryderick ( ago)
haha.. lol.. @janyywest i agree with you! Its a totally new level of
ejaculation control that is completely natural, effective and permanent!
Thats why I thank you for recommending me that site: LastLongerNow {dot}
info And its an end of my embarrassment of not being able to satisfy my
partner. This is what ive been looking for so long.

Author john smith ( ago)
long story short, i wanna fuck u

Author TheChannaal ( ago)
is there one video without the pervy comments?

Author trz03 ( ago)
love the thought clip, more though less talk

Author KonBS1 ( ago)
@dompac18 kassem g

Author therumble32 ( ago)
Oh my god my name is Wade. Wait why are we telling our names again

Author AllHex ( ago)
Press 8 for a short porn clip.

Author Dat ( ago)
No way, your name is George, how unlikely theres only a couple million
people with that name but no biggie, your joke

Author MauroSDMF ( ago)
I would like to cum on her face

Author sinclairportes ( ago)
I just remembered how I love this video

Author Paul Murray ( ago)
The link for the long version is dead. Any chance of you putting it on your

Author R Msr ( ago)
Trouble w/ word education if all the words seem to end up being filled w/
sexual innuendo it ends up the filthy conversation of the wicked. Carnal
means to be materialistically-based as sensuality is to be
emotionally-driven as devilish means to be rebellious & then America
wonders why its education system is kapoot?!? "Tis the mind that makes the
body rich!" Yet, though the mind be great, the spirit is greater!

Author Mary Jane ( ago)
Watching you gives me a Eurogasm

Author Kurt Lim ( ago)
she's sexy

Author Google Working ( ago)
I hate the iPhone now...

Author LordAntWarrior ( ago)
I would love to show you the meaning ;)

Author anaginla ( ago)
that was funny--thanks for the good humor!!

Author Mr Höpönassu ( ago)
fapfapfapfapfapfap= orgasm? =P

Author Youssra Wahbi ( ago)
:O Usually I love what you SAY, but this just made me drool!

Author treanyo ( ago)
OMIGOSH! SHE'S DRINKING 'ShroomJuice! P.S: LOL, that word has a really long
history.... so many damn CHANGES! i bet in 10 years it will mean fruit :D

Author Hodovnik ( ago)
oh yeah.) she is getting there.) 100 more episodes and its gonna be good
porn... but will need new star than...

Author NinjaInTheSky1 ( ago)
i wish i was george ;D

Author Kersten Jõgi ( ago)
I want one with her

Author estiewestie2 ( ago)
Watching your videos makes me feel dirty, but I just wanna learn XD I love
you so much lol

Author Bongwater123 ( ago)
@cheeseboy127 i bet you suck so much dick... this chick is fuckn sexy

Author halosky258 ( ago)
It is true you do learn something new everyday. Thank you for telling us
the true meaning and stuff. And to the pricks who are being ass holes. Grow
up and she is just telling us the words meaning grow up.

Author ozzy kimble ( ago)
the actual word come from the french meaning a lil death look it up omg lol
even the seed of chucky has a clue lol or is that i cant spell it but ill
try a monashay tway well u can say it at least and its the french who gave
us the orgasm lol. leave it to the french for greatness hehe

Author TheManoloxcr17 ( ago)
Can you show your nips? I'm tired of hear you talking -_-

Author Wesalicous ( ago)
520 homos clicked dislike

Author Alex Friedland ( ago)
shes a man

Author Robert ( ago)
Ur sexy ;)

Author Lord Inquisitor ( ago)
holy shit I got orgasm when i look on her!

Author TheRedMan2550 ( ago)

Author Astro Cat ( ago)
OMG! she is so hot. i kept watching this video xD

Author Ramandeep Rekhi ( ago)
shit i felt the meaning of an orgasm

Author Puzzles ( ago)
frickin phone calls!

Author requisitelis ( ago)
In Soviet Russia, boobs watch you!

Author 123max22b ( ago)
i give it a 1000000000000000000000000000000

Author Tim West ( ago)

Author MrJJackFLASH ( ago)
Russian bitch.

Author TheProjectIceman ( ago)
She drinks with the pinky out? how trashy....

Author Lauri Saarinen ( ago)

Author WOWJBEOWULF ( ago)
Orgasm; considering I got my sexual education from Monty Python's The
Meaning of Life; it is biological. Just kidding, it is still biological.
Just think, I am hot for blue eyes of words; because I am male and biology
says good things about her. Avril Lavigne (singer): "I am a girl and he is
a boy, can it be any more obvious?"

Author beer cap ( ago)
uhm.. is it just me or is the arrow at the end pointing to an
advertisement.. the description is below... i think she was 2 busy with her
orgasm to notice...

Author Gdfserdy Fgregnm ( ago)
"Climax" is also a Greek word...

Author RhapRhap9 ( ago)
Not being a perv at all but you are Beautiful ma'am.

Author Konvin a.k.a. Vinnie Vanderelst ( ago)
thanks for giving me a boner!

Author I'm Raxuss ( ago)
I just had a... Sudden surge o exitment

Author Aquahal93 ( ago)
I just had a orgasm

Author I Love Baingan ( ago)
I read the origins of the term well hung has quite a history

Author hellenic300 ( ago)
yeah go greeks

Author Nick Arbia ( ago)
I totally agree!!! She is the hottest woman I've ever seen, and the
extended version backs up my statement!

Author Jared543 ( ago)
The extended version in the side bar is so sexy!

Author Ruben Munoz ( ago)
Your sexy and beautiful, and best of all intelligent.

Author mesuhlikemusic ( ago)
you should be in a porno or something.

Author TheSwimmerSmurf ( ago)

Author Lori Sams ( ago)
I actually hate how she always has to have cleavage showing. Nope doesn't
make her look a whore a bit. NOT. It makes you look every bit of a whore.

Author Shazee083 ( ago)
What a whore

Author costasleeds ( ago)
ouch!!! i think this vid was my favourite till now. fleeping hell ur hot.
wish my girl was blonde like u :( but she is still fit.

Author costasleeds ( ago)
@TitanoMegistos exactly. we greeks know how to make women have an orgasm!!!

Author nintoreo ( ago)
its called Neuro Gasm haha. I made a video about it. It actually does that
to you!

Author smkelly2009 ( ago)

Author idontevencare ( ago)
is she in porn?

Author meatdept ( ago)
wtf did you drink!? lol i want some if it does that to you lol

Author ARMOTY ( ago)
smart slut

Author FightDog50 ( ago)
fcking slut

Author Richard Murphy ( ago)

Author throwntomato ( ago)
sweet and sexy!

Author Charlex Alexandre ( ago)
the end of te video was so hot !!!! can i give you an orgasm baby ? ;)

Author sinclairportes ( ago)
thanks for the orgasm!

Author nicks77136 (1444 years ago)

Author Michael McCarron ( ago)
Ohhhhh no homework on this one..... sad panda!

Author HxHenry ( ago)
she was masturbating. who could hate on anything?

Author Brad Eddy ( ago)
oh wait, nevermind... bitch.. I forgot who I left that first comment to..
it was to you.. so anyway.. I was just telling you that incase you thought
that they were fake.. Could you just stop being a bitch now??? please???
stop leaving me fucking hateful comments????

Author Brad Eddy ( ago)
I know what that person meant. I was just saying they weren't fake.. to
just let that person know anyway.. chill the fuck out..

Author Brad Eddy ( ago)
her boobs are not fake..

Author ColdCypher ( ago)
What a fuxxin tease

Author menonthemovemovie ( ago)
You can teach our class

Author R2Ro925 ( ago)
2001 actually... lame!

Author JulianBreslin ( ago)
she makes me so horny

Author Acelyn69 ( ago)
she looks abit like paris in the lingerie

Author lam77108 ( ago)

Author arabgirl66 ( ago)
orgasms with jognny depp or sean faris not with ugly fat men who disgusting

Author MRbballLover ( ago)

Author ericsondraaal ( ago)
comment number 2000!

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