Origin of the word Orgasm

Origin of the word Orgasm
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Author Michele Venturi (6 months)
Origin of the word Orgasm:

Author LordAntWarrior (4 years)
I would love to show you the meaning ;)

Author TheChannaal (3 years)
is there one video without the pervy comments?

Author wonderman234 (5 years)
me, hateful comments likewise! now leave it at that

Author Astro Cat (4 years)
OMG! she is so hot. i kept watching this video xD

Author Pete Silent (2 years)

Author estiewestie2 (4 years)
Watching your videos makes me feel dirty, but I just wanna learn XD I love
you so much lol

Author wonderman234 (5 years)
you retard, when some1 says push-up bra it doesnt mean there fake u idiot

Author nicks77136 (5 years)

Author TheManoloxcr17 (4 years)
Can you show your nips? I'm tired of hear you talking -_-

Author throwntomato (5 years)
sweet and sexy!

Author TheProjectIceman (4 years)
She drinks with the pinky out? how trashy....

Author JulianBreslin (5 years)
she makes me so horny

Author Gdfserdy Fgregnm (4 years)
"Climax" is also a Greek word...

Author HxHenry (5 years)
she was masturbating. who could hate on anything?

Author Michael McCarron (5 years)
Ohhhhh no homework on this one..... sad panda!

Author joeblowunlimited (5 years)
Guys like intelligent girls...and slutty girls. That's why this chick is
the most popular girl on the whole internet!

Author john smith (2 years)
long story short, i wanna fuck u

Author MRbballLover (5 years)

Author Konvin a.k.a. Vinnie Vanderelst (5 years)
thanks for giving me a boner!

Author charlie phelps (2 years)
i think im in love with you marina

Author Ramandeep Rekhi (4 years)
shit i felt the meaning of an orgasm

Author I Love Baingan (5 years)
I read the origins of the term well hung has quite a history

Author chazkm (5 years)
Teacher, will you give us a demonstration?

Author MACASO681 (5 years)
thats really nice video very nice ending

Author Redlac31 (2 years)
Is there one video without the tits?

Author papstbenni (5 years)
sexiest episode ever! :D

Author Tim West (4 years)

Author cresent900 (5 years)
i like orgasm! 5 stars fpr beautifullness and smartality!

Author wowwhiner (5 years)
and your born 92?

Author ozzy kimble (4 years)
the actual word come from the french meaning a lil death look it up omg lol
even the seed of chucky has a clue lol or is that i cant spell it but ill
try a monashay tway well u can say it at least and its the french who gave
us the orgasm lol. leave it to the french for greatness hehe

Author Andre Louis-Ferdinand (5 years)
Its funny, no one would watch her talk about words if she didn't have huge
beautiful tits....

Author Big5XL (5 years)
I'll bet you could cause me a male orgasm. Lovely lovely lovely Marina!

Author I'm Raxuss (5 years)
I just had a... Sudden surge o exitment

Author 711y (5 years)

Author Dat (3 years)
No way, your name is George, how unlikely theres only a couple million
people with that name but no biggie, your joke

Author migueldizona (2 years)
538 people dont like orgasms...

Author lam77108 (5 years)

Author Ruben Munoz (5 years)
Your sexy and beautiful, and best of all intelligent.

Author Youssra Wahbi (4 years)
:O Usually I love what you SAY, but this just made me drool!

Author treesareonfire33 (2 years)
Finally a word worth learning about!

Author BRIANBELL0 (4 years)

Author Tom Gavin (2 years)
Speaking of orgasms...

Author the3vil1 (5 years)
She should really do porn...

Author MrHarveyluke (2 years)
So this explains what happens when I watch one of your videos!

Author anaginla (4 years)
that was funny--thanks for the good humor!!

Author GIVAN (5 years)

Author Brad Eddy (5 years)
her boobs are not fake..

Author Jasper Ghost (2 years)

Author Nick Arbia (5 years)
I totally agree!!! She is the hottest woman I've ever seen, and the
extended version backs up my statement!

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