How to make a mini ITX computer case

In this video I'm building a very compact computer for my parents in a DIY case.

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Author Mikko Haavisto ( ago)
Nice job, but it lacks dust protection.

Author Dojo Games ( ago)
Hello,did you maked any mini itx case with : B350M for Ryzen ?

Author Subhadip Ghorui ( ago)
plz...can u build a slim pc case .....i can't found any diy slim pc case on one

Author Sagar Kumbalkar ( ago)

Author 선우임 ( ago)
The 3D images, did you make these yourself?

Author bomber barri ( ago)
:0 wooooww god job ;) :D

Author MainSoul ( ago)
I wish more cases looked like this and had a similar design

Author Rene Singh ( ago)
Really creative and extremely aesthetic. Those who gave this a thumbs down just trolling.

Author Dentix Graphics ( ago)
Can you make a open air pc case?
I love your case design btw :)

Author Rage 9one ( ago)
Cool design, but way too small.

Author Toe Punch ( ago)
Stain the wood and power coat or electroplate it and it would be so much nicer

Author ratish menon ( ago)
Kool Design

Author TcgShopLandshut ( ago)
i know tastes are different, but that looks like shit

Author STARK TONY ( ago)
I think G4560 is more useful.

Author SvMazz ( ago)
Great build! I would also love a tutorial on the 3d modeling

Author Weslly Labrador ( ago)
That was beautiful. I couldn't find the power button on the glam shots of the finished product, but it sure does look beautiful.

Author marky monkey ( ago)
Hi good day!!! may i ask a permission to know what is the measurement of your aluminum cube?

Author Fox person ( ago)
how did you model the mobo, PSU and stuff in sketch up? and get textures for them?

Author Xiao Jiang ( ago)
this is god tier

Author vooduu99 ( ago)
YetAnotherTechChannel Excuse me, would you sell me this project ready? one more subscriber.

Author MrZombieSlayer ( ago)
Don't say SSD drive please. I don't like Solid State Drive drives :o

Author Winner Jain ( ago)
What is the application that you used in make the cabinet?

Author AzNPryd08 ( ago)
Would you be willing to let us use the sketchup file?

Author Tree ( ago)
what about the air flow

Author Hax Hax ( ago)
GREAT...realy its great

Author Renaldo Xhahu ( ago)
I've always liked the open air design.

Author WEXvsVIDEO ( ago)
Can you please tell us the exact parts you have used ?

Author Michael Rinkle ( ago)
those small black box solutions use laptop CPU/GPU or BRoadcom/ARM57 solutions, not good for gaming and pricey when compared to a Ras Pi 3. Nice DIY case though!

Author charlie brownau ( ago)
What is the design cad program ?

Author charlie brownau ( ago)
Mobo in the middle with the PSU on the back , interesting , nice style !

Author cmdaltctr ( ago)
Hi, your video is an inspiration to me. Could you please advice the software you use? It has pictures of the case components too! Do you have a template for the cuto out and holes mesurement?
I am looking for a template which tells the measurement i need to make the whole for motherboard screws

Author SheepWaveMeByeBye ( ago)
Nice. Needs bl00 lights for haxx0r parents, though.

Author Thee Silent ( ago)
The wood needs a smooth sand and a varnish. That'd make it look awesome imo

Author Di Lucaeuse ( ago)
this ist so fucking cool man

Author Lol Kek ( ago)
Another victory of design over common sense.

Author Conner Reid ( ago)
Wow, really nice-looking case! Love the simplicity of the design and the material palette and your approach to keeping it low-cost and efficient. The execution looks really well done for a DIY build, too. The way you varied the lengths and cuts of the wood pieces really helped keep all the inevitable human error stuff invisible and make everything feel intentional and clean. But I feel like you missed an opportunity to detail out the power button and make it a feature without breaking the aesthetic. It looks more like a cool box or cabinet and I think with just a little more detailing of the more "computery" parts, it could have been more easily identified as a case from a distance, but maybe that was your intention. Impressive work, sir!

Author Mikkel H ( ago)
seems like a weird choice of CPU cooler. i know its cheap and small but... its extremely noisy and i think fire would be better at cooling
I would probably have given it taller feet and placed all the I/O so it faced down

Author christoph andrew ( ago)
make more. the designs are great. eventhough you lack the fabrication skill i think that that is realistic to most people even me ( its very interesting how you solve the fabrication problems)

Author AndroidChannel ( ago)
Hi,I liked your diy case scematics. if it was made in autocat, do you mind sending me the file, I would like to add something because the case I got from Amazon was to small for my cooler. Appreciated
p.s my email is (

Author Geforce cz ( ago)
It looks cool bor.. like

Author Yapu ( ago)
i do like this idea

Author Narcis M. ( ago)
Good job! Now, I know what to do in a weekend!!! Thanks for idea!!!

Author Moeoeoeoeoeoe ( ago)
Great project I like the way you do it. Where did you get the parts for your CAD drawings from? Would be very interesting to know!

Author Fåd Def ( ago)
Veeery nice, and cool design! But how did you get the exact textured motherboard and ssd into sketchup? did you make them, or did you download them from somewhere? :)

Author Hans Wurst ( ago)
You should have brazed the Aluminium together

Author y0ur m0th3r ( ago)
Does anyone know the exact parts?

Author Smidget ( ago)
What design software is that?

Author JOSOGRIL ( ago)
Very cool

Author John ko ( ago)
without lines, every computer looks simple and good.

Author Franky Drappier ( ago)
Designwise this is probably the prettiest PC i've ever seen.

Author AlbertoC504 ( ago)
What's the aliminum pipe size? 1inch?

Author Daniel T. ( ago)
Nice work!

Author Nick Pz ( ago)
This is a great video! I was hoping if you could tell me how much you spent for the parts of the case in total. (Aluminum and Wood).

Author Ruben9505 ( ago)
The moment he said "for playing solitaire..", my Solitaire laid out a new deck...

Author Creo Binary ( ago)
For building on the fly and keeping your first try, +10. I to build my own and though your 2nd and 3rd attempt at the same design would be even better, to showcase your first attempt is honorable. Its unique and can easily sit on your desk as a conversation piece. Thank you for sharing, I mean it. Anyone not grading this a top mark is simply lacking vision and would likely never be able to compete with it.

Author Sir Sabat ( ago)
really cool

Author Gilang Luqman ( ago)
nice, finnally found this channel, I wanna make case too. I guess handmade so cheaper than buy case . But need creativity an patience to make like this :D

Author Mohd Ajrul Muminin Norijan ( ago)
You sir just earned a new subscriber, great content, love your videos,

Author Grayson Peddie ( ago)
My dream PC case for a server? Slim Mini ITX case with 4 2.5" drive bays and no PSU. That's right. I have an ASRock AM1H-ITX that has a DC-In connector and I'm going for a very slim server chassis that can allow a 70mm passive heatsink to fit. No 3.5" hard drive bays, just 2.5".

Mine's completely silent with an AMD Athlon 5350 APU. A half-height PCI expansion slot is fine for me.

Author Lu Edwin ( ago)
I think he forgot to make a space for hard drives unless he wanted to use external hard drives.

Author Enmanuel De Abreu Gil ( ago)
Good luck with the dust and dirt

Author Marcel qualm ( ago)

Author Lasse K. Skou ( ago)
its gonna be dusty, noicy and also you have the mobo exposed.
i would have given that wood something to make it look better

Author CrazyBullet Gaming ( ago)
What about the GPU?

Author Fabricio Figueiredo ( ago)
Awesome, all of it! Nice job!

Author Adith Narayanan A ( ago)
Hats Off

Author Veagul Quirino Pepito ( ago)
you should start selling it! :D

Author ViNi MiCoRRizA ( ago)
My goodness, man!! I'm typing with my feet, as I clap with my hands!!! Very good looking and well done!

Author Olivier Heimerdinger ( ago)

Author Max Murphy ( ago)
cool design :), I like how you chamfered the food

Author Yatin Alkatiri ( ago)
Good job mate, good job...

Author Ahmad Hilmi Sharifuddin ( ago)
no one gonna notice this comment

Author Eric B ( ago)
Nice work.

Author Mahtab Alam ( ago)
are you an architecture?

Author Mahammad Sathalya ( ago)
one word. AMAZING...

Author Aero756 ( ago)
Where is the I/O shield?

Author Gautam ( ago)
impressive !

Author Bre DiLaurentes ( ago)

Author Jack Diller ( ago)
The glue is killing me, I love the idea, I love the way you put it together, but I don't love the minor imperfections that detract from the overall meaning of the case

Author Kura kuea ( ago)

Author craszhtube69 ( ago)
Love watching DIY like this, as much as I want to do it too just don't have time and patience. Very nice case, but if I would going to do something like this for sure it will be for gaming or more power chip in it.

Author Efka ( ago)
Why is hes voice so sad?

Author Martin Van Den Hoek ( ago)
looks awesome! don't your parents need usb and audio ports on the case though?

Author Cristian-Gabriel Stan ( ago)
That little thing looks awesome!
I admire your ingenuity.

Author Overrice ( ago)
It looks so unrefined and janky as fuck.

Author Seecker Gaming ( ago)
you got some style dude! love the idea and the new design. I'd like case manufacturers to get some inspiration from this

Author NAGA VIEWPOINT ( ago)
this is awesome. i would buy the v2 case still ITX but with GPU support

Author Benjo ( ago)
Great Idea 👌🔝

Author Shadowwalker0408 ( ago)
what software are you using for the desighn

Author Ask Wintersborg Govertsen ( ago)
What softwtware do you use?

Author shinji gambino ( ago)
use more speed while drilling hole's m8! the lower the drillbit the higher the speed the higher the drillbit the lower the speed

Author eugene vassilev ( ago) say you cut up your wife's wedding skirt for the mesh???

Author matisse klein ( ago)
use an Thermaltake 27 1U it is smaller and better then the stock cooler (oh and it looks nice)

Author George Ash ( ago)
You get my like! GJ

Author White Mash ( ago)
Nice sweater dude 😉 🖖

Author Don Alnajjar ( ago)
this video made me subscribe for your channel, man !! GREAT WORK !!

Author alphaonex86 ( ago)
... choice a smaller power supply....

Author Art Of Chickens ( ago)

Author Edon Serifi ( ago)
Its not a how to make... , more like How I made...

Author Rhoven Christiansen ( ago)
i can only say "Waow.."
this is amazing!

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