Greedy Torrent

This is a short video showing how to download and configure Greedy Torrent. This allows you to download very fast from uTorrent. Please use this wisely and always use PeerBlock. For beginers, please watch my other videos as they explain other setting that need to be configured prior to GT.

Here's the link for Greedy Torrent


This is just a demo, it's for educational purposes, do not download games or files illegaly.
I take no responsability for what you do with the information or the actions you take after watching
my instructional video. Use this and all my videos for entertainment only, NOT for personal use!
In other words, Do NOT try this unless you know the risks.

DONATIONS are gladly accepted, if this video has helped you... PLEASE DONATE....

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Author kalu pandey (1 month)
not working my greedytorrent why ?

Author Mehmed Sejdinovic (1 month)
help man greedy torrent has no activity just showing at log actio greedy
torrent started running help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Author DoN BLaZe (4 months)

Author Grant Gentry (4 years)
when i open utorrent nothing happens with greedy. like nothing is written
in the log view. why is that?

Author Rohan Bhardwaj (2 years)
hey man my greedy torrent shows activity but the speed of the torrent is
just the same infact a little lesser!plz help.

Author MisterFX2012 (5 years)
Be sure you have the right IP address for your computer. If you are on a
router that has other devices hooked up to it, the ip changes! Type
IPCONFIG in command prompt to make sure it is still the same.

Author bky456 (2 years)
plz help me, i changed gready torrent port NO. and its not working now, i
unistall many time but its showing same posrt no. what i do?

Author Nurul Husni (4 years)
hey mine keep saying unable to connect to host ?? please help me i`m dying
of old age waiting for my download....

Author blackzombie81 (3 years)
U idiot u ruined everything it got more slow

Author Ornicafull (2 years)
fast shit

Author vitalez01 (4 years)
will i use the ip address of my internet? the main ip address i mean?

Author WAUrider09 (5 years)
it really woks thx man

Author M7mod97 (3 years)
i put in the IP slot, is this OK?

Author nik1998ize (3 years)
greedy torrent is realy greedy

Author William Sinaga (5 years)
mine said unable to find the host on the greedy torrent.. help pliss..

Author jamesog101 (5 years)
THnksa it worked

Author threadedweevil (2 years)
what does it mean when its seeding

Author Grant Gentry (4 years)
did you ever get it to work??

Author Slizzer (2 years)
What GreedyTorrent Randomizer for safty?

Author ken blaze (5 years)
does work for bittorrent???

Author zigzag3001 (4 years)
can this also work with BitTorrent?

Author javier flores (4 years)
kool worked for me thank

Author Jendor3000 (4 years)
Guys change your proxy adress to if it still doesn't work :D

Author Assem Abusall (3 years)
Hay man really i was looking for a software like the in the video form 1y
.Really i want to thanks you so thanks .You are rock!!!!!!

Author MisterFX2012 (5 years)
Did you get my email response? Let me know if you still have problems. :)

Author calvinganisetia (4 years)
Why my greedy torrent doesnt work? Can u PM me your settings and your steps
to use greedy torrent please...I'll subscribe your channel.

Author Siddesh Mudaliar (4 years)
it says "unable to find the host(ip address).........plz help me bro hav
tried really hard for this but unable to fix it...... thanks........

Author enrique7147851 (5 years)
very nice 5/5 i tried to use other videos but they sucked...this one is
badass...ur very specific...thnks

Author støren hjørenbjidøren (4 years)
hey great video :) i have a small problem though, i followed all the steps
and my download speed shot up and my upload went way down as normal, but in
the greedytorrent menu no activity shows up, it just says greedy torrent
has started running, is this normal? please respond, thanks.

Author nicu104 (4 years)
@AcrylicMockingbird it is working very nice!

Author gatekeepers21 (4 years)
@MisterFX2012 Me too.. configure uTorrent with my local ip then same port
in GT and GT shows unable to find the host ( and (
then I saw SOLUTION "unable to connect to host" in GT forums and changed
the local ip to but GT shows no action but after a while unable
to connect to host =( fluctuating DL = 20-50 kbps UP = 1kbps or less

Author boatsNhoas (2 years)
downloading a leech infested file, 2400 leeches vs 825 seeds... for two
days ive been getting 10-30 kb/s.... 5 mins after greedy torrent, 1mb/s...
no fluke there this is a true life saver when it comes to leeche

Author John Rey Parayno (2 years)
yeah its okei too bro :)

Author MisterFX2012 (5 years)
Be sure your windows firewall is not blocking GTorrent. Also, if you have
antivirus make certain that it is allowing GTorrent to run aswell. Besides
the firewalls, make sure the ip hasn't changed. Always good to review the
video with all these things in mind. Good luck, I hope you are able to
troubleshoot your problem.

Author avishay srt (5 years)
what i need to do in my report my upload

Author Lemarc8 (5 years)
hey man, i did this and it still doesnt find each other Greedy torrent
still says Greedytorrent started running,

Author Ogerking (3 years)
Why does it say "unable to connect X" and failed to resolve host name X" ?

Author MrLeechers (4 years)
Try Torrent Ratio Keeper. It's better that GT

Author floydfreak63 (4 years)
Fucking cheatware! Beware if you belong to a private file sharing site and
get caught using this you will be banned

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