My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (Ost) - Fox Rain (Piano)

My Girlfriend is Gumiho (OST)

sorry for some mistakes :P

I dont have any music sheets for this as I played by ears

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Author Imas Indriani ( ago)
I like it so much 😭

Author Thạch ( ago)

Author siti hajara putri putri ( ago)

Author Hang SoNie ( ago)
사랑을 아직 난 몰라서
더는 가까이 못가요
근데 왜 자꾸만
못난 내 심장은 두근거리나요
난 당신이 자꾸만 밟혀서
그냥 갈수도 없네요
이루어질 수도 없는 이 사랑에
내 맘이 너무 아파요
하루가 가고 밤이 오면
난 온통 당신 생각뿐이죠
한심스럽고 바보 같은 날
어떻게 해야 좋을까요
마음이 사랑을 따르니
내가 뭘 할 수 있나요
이루어질 수도 없는 이 사랑에
내 맘이 너무 아파요
두비루비두랍퐈 두비루비두랍퐈
두비루비둡 두비루비둡
두비루비두랍퐈 두비루비두랍퐈
두비루비둡 두비루비둡
하루가 가고 밤이 오면
난 온통 당신 생각뿐이죠
한심스럽고 바보 같은 날
어떻게 해야 하나요
내 아픔이 무뎌져 버릴 날이
언제쯤 내게 오긴 할까요
한심스럽고 바보 같은 날
어떡해 하란 말인가요
달빛이 너무나 좋아서
그냥 갈수가 없네요
당신 곁에 잠시 누워 있을게요
잠시만 아주 잠시만
두비루비두랍퐈 두비루비두랍퐈
두비루비룹 두비루비룹
두비루비두랍퐈 두비루비두랍퐈
두비루비룹 두비루비룹
두비루비두랍퐈 두비루비두랍퐈
두비루비룹 두비루비룹
두비루비두랍퐈 두비루비두랍퐈
두비루비룹 두비루비룹
두비루비두랍퐈 두비루비두랍퐈
두비루비룹 두비루비룹

Author Jessica Chen ( ago)
It's beautiful!

Author FSG miss kalog ( ago)
nice song moks thanks I also dedicate this song acoustic for you. thank you for being good friend for me and for everybody.

Author Le Uyen ( ago)
Doing by ears, so your ears have excelled most of our ordinary peers

Author JKnight ( ago)
Sad song
But beautiful piano version
I cry everytime

Author My Dreamland Exo ( ago)
What an eargasm ! such a beautiful piece! 😍

Author The Maruism ( ago)
I like watching your hands do all these. They're dancing.

Author melt Chan ( ago)
The best version I ever heard

Author kk56 x ( ago)

Author Kin Luiyen ( ago)
Im strucked

Author Alfa Chrisvian ( ago)
ooh shit,hahahahahaha......

Author bijoy pradhan ( ago)
Beautiful... Chords please...

Author Meroo Rasmi ( ago)
Wow just keep going

Author Chaiyadej Sutthida ( ago)
that good

Author Andrea Millan ( ago)
I remember that I was searching a piano cover of this song when the show just started and this was the only vídeo in all youtube of Fox Rain. I've been hearing this cover since then. Excellent!

Author tom uzumakiuchiha tennysion ( ago)
simply the ...

Author whosgotthekitty ( ago)
Ah, tears, tears T.T well played.

Author Stevvy Chou (1687 years ago)
i like ur cover!!

Author Samir Limbu ( ago)
Who ever she is my god she is just mind blowing,, it is to good kept it up

Author fabuloussapphire ( ago)
WOAH that is so beautiful im going to try to learn this ugh eargasm

Author Pandora Sky ( ago)
Hi, i am beginner. i just wanna ask. Why did this piano sound really different? The pitch is a little bit high.

I have yamaha p-105b. but when i try to play the same note like her, its sound different. Can someone explain to me please?

Author sreevani sree ( ago)
Love this song!!! Its even lovlier when played on a piano.. Awesome job! :D

Author j lay ( ago)
Hi… I m a great fan of Yiruma. And I found out your piano cover song. It's amazing…Thank you for sharing
But one thing i feel doubt for that you played by ears ..,

becoz it's too cool :)

Author Alyssa Fe Ligutan ( ago)
Hi i made a shortcover using your instrumental... here's the link.. thank you :)

Author Leon John ( ago)
So nice ,bset version I ever heard。 where can I find the sheet?

Author WANYEN JA ( ago)
Wow, Review. I like it this song

Author Velvet Fox (283 years ago)
That was amazing, someone give this person a cookie!!!! :D

Author Wynstelle Sy ( ago)

Author Ondeemi ( ago)
I love it =) very beautiful

Author so-bright-i-cant-see ( ago)
this is so beautiful! *.*

Author Eorzea The Necromancer ( ago)
Argggghh eargasm

Author Thu Trang Nguyễn Thị ( ago)

Author TheRexkun ( ago)
plz more <3

Author Rasshell Tabuena ( ago)
super love it ^_^
love to play it over and over again.

Author Terra Roselle ( ago)
Beautiful. :) Thank you for sharing.

Author Hazel .Icamen - Rabor ( ago)
Wow, your version is by far the best I heard. I really wish I could play by ear like you do. 

Author Huong Bi ( ago)
<3 love it

Author Asmaa atiseuteu ( ago)

Author •‿• Queenur ( ago)
Played beautifully~ I will learn this soon enough, but I can't play by ear or read sheet music. ^^''

Author Alexia Neko ( ago)
Wonderful ! I love this song !

Author Barongsai Soe Hok Ie ( ago)
can you share the chord ? :D 

Author Thep Zii ( ago)

Author MaVeriCkDraGoN14 ( ago)
I love it. <3

Author Jacob Copley ( ago)
No fair. I wish I was that good at playing by ear. All I can do right now is improv. Dx

Author Angel Montoya ( ago)
I'm practicing piano but I could nevr do that ...

Author Jacko Nobel ( ago)

Author David Rahmat ( ago)
please give me.. your PIN BBM.. :)

Author gabbie jacob ( ago)
hey you bitch give me the shit or ill fuck you, its a matter of choice. no kneel

Author NorthernLady31 ( ago)
They never released the background themes for this series, did they? I've tried searching everywhere, and I could only find the OSTs that were sung, but not the background themes. It's such a shame--the background themes were very beautiful.

Author ctdesing ( ago)
you really make it sound beautiful, your mistakes as little as they are make it better, thank you. Please don't remove this video as in 7 years after taking a lot of piano lessons i will return here to play it the same way you are doing now.

Author soulinah Dejolde ( ago)
i really <3 dis song

Author soulinah Dejolde ( ago)
i really <3 dis song

Author Minh Nguyen ( ago)
Hoa Tuyết gửi mình bài này :)

Author Luqman Hakim ( ago)
hey can you give me the not key cuz iwan to play this song

Author 容慧賢 ( ago)
Amazing!!! Anyway I like your piano, what series is that?

Author Phát Nguyễn ( ago)

Author Phát Nguyễn ( ago)
Good Good... ^^

Author Sweetcel Jaringa ( ago)
Such a wonderful choice of song <3 full of harmony, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST :'))

Author miadorkking ( ago)

Author mimit mimot ( ago)
nice ^.^

Author Heng Her ( ago)
Give a tutorial for this song you played pleased, it's a good song to play. :)

Author Bleachfan OS ( ago)
Am i right to say you transposed what you're playing fron C major to B flat major?

Author Ira Anggita ( ago)
tutorial please :)

Author Wolfshirt ( ago)
just kidding :) i really like this song, im learning how to play it right now xD

Author NaeN Mahalem ( ago)
what mistake? it sounds perfect

Author sobyrt22 ( ago)
That was very beautiful! Your dynamics were great, so I didn't get bored like I do in other covers :) You kept it really clean and clear. I really appreciate you putting this video up!

Author Wolfshirt ( ago)
yea wuteva

Author Kat Almalbis ( ago)
wow :D

Author EarthVsJazz ( ago)
Nice Fantom! And a lovely arrangement.!!!!

Author rizky juliansyah ( ago)
it was amazing ;)

Author ܓܨܓNhậtCườngܓܨ ^ ( ago)

Author 4evercatty ( ago)
ur piano is so pretty!! what kind of piano is it? btw, i i loooove the song!! :)

Author Wolfshirt ( ago)
yea wuteva

Author Canon ( ago)
Hay quá

Author WANYEN JA ( ago)
I like very much ^__^

Author beintetrescoh ( ago)
i love this!!!

Author Siti Mariya Ulfa ( ago)
love this:)

Author Insanelykat ( ago)

Author owlivi ( ago)
I like watching ur hands....

Author Một Bạn Nam Giấu Tên ( ago)
good jod .. i like it .. and like your's blackberry ^^

Author jestner janz ( ago)
Cool hands ! :D

Author Jasper Manahan ( ago)
Heartwarming ♥

Author kevin hernando ( ago)
so love it....can you teach us the chords ^_^ please??? <3

Author Ander Romero ( ago)
Marry me

Author kaitlyn jane goh ( ago)
I love this. thank you for sharing your wonderfully played piano piece with us. :-)

Author jeamie abadies ( ago)

Author shinjuuki ( ago)
beautiful played! <3 I love the song, as well as the serie

Author Laine992 ( ago)

Author Truc Thanh ( ago)
It touch my soul(:...beautiful...

Author Gregoria Diaz ( ago)
That was beautiful:)

Author Hastica Yudha ( ago)
Waaaaooo, I was reminded of the movie that almost made ​​me cry,!!!

Author jhayrghel ( ago)
whoa!i'm your fan!

Author Petrit Zogaj ( ago)
I have to cry :'D

Author Eric Chibuya ( ago)
wow i sarang your music..:)

Author Aaron SN ( ago)
so smooth and nice <3 good cover mate!

Author jake rosa ( ago)

Author dhoma tsiring ( ago)
omg!! so good.. !!!!!!!!! :D

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