My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (Ost) - Fox Rain (Piano)

My Girlfriend is Gumiho (OST)

sorry for some mistakes :P

I dont have any music sheets for this as I played by ears

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This is pure piano , I like this song :D Andreas Wijaya


Author My Dreamland Exo (1 month)
I have been watching this since ever! I love this version, its better to
other versions of fox rain, what an eargasm! This is so beautiful, keep
playing and playing! 👍💕👏💕💗

Author Samir Limbu (1 month)
Who ever she is my god she is just mind blowing,, it is to good kept it up

Author sreevani sree (2 months)
Love this song!!! Its even lovlier when played on a piano.. Awesome job! :D

Author Leon John (5 months)
So nice ,bset version I ever heard。 where can I find the sheet?

Author fabuloussapphire (1 month)
WOAH that is so beautiful im going to try to learn this ugh eargasm

Author Stevvy Chou (28 days)
i like ur cover!!

Author j lay (3 months)
Hi… I m a great fan of Yiruma. And I found out your piano cover song. It's
amazing…Thank you for sharing
But one thing i feel doubt for that you played by ears ..,

becoz it's too cool :)

Author Pandora Sky (1 month)
Hi, i am beginner. i just wanna ask. Why did this piano sound really
different? The pitch is a little bit high.

I have yamaha p-105b. but when i try to play the same note like her, its
sound different. Can someone explain to me please?

Author Alyssa Fe Ligutan (4 months)
Hi i made a shortcover using your instrumental... here's the link.. thank
you :)

Author Annis Chairunissa (1 month)
Love ~

Author The Little Velvet Fox (6 months)
That was amazing, someone give this person a cookie!!!! :D

Author WANYEN JA (6 months)
Wow, Review. I like it this song

Author so-bright-i-cant-see (8 months)
this is so beautiful! *.*

Author Eorzea The Necromancer (9 months)
Argggghh eargasm

Author jeni Hwang (10 months)
Wonderful ! I love this song 

Author Wynstelle Sy (7 months)

Author Ondeemi (8 months)
I love it =) very beautiful

Author Hazel .Icamen - Rabor (10 months)
Wow, your version is by far the best I heard. I really wish I could play by
ear like you do. 

Author Huong Bi (11 months)
<3 love it

Author Thep Zii (1 year)

Author 황퀴니 •‿• (1 year)
Played beautifully~ I will learn this soon enough, but I can't play by ear
or read sheet music. ^^''

Author Alexia Neko (1 year)
Wonderful ! I love this song !

Author Asmaa atiseuteu (1 year)

Author Terra Roselle (10 months)
Beautiful. :) Thank you for sharing.

Author Barongsai Soe Hok Ie (1 year)
can you share the chord ? :D 

Author MaVeriCkDraGoN14 (1 year)
I love it. <3

Author Jacob Copley (1 year)
No fair. I wish I was that good at playing by ear. All I can do right now
is improv. Dx

Author rasshell tabuena (10 months)
super love it ^_^
love to play it over and over again.

Author Thu Trang Nguyễn Thị (9 months)

Author huy na (1 year)

Author TheRexkun (10 months)
plz more <3

Author Ander Romero (2 years)
Marry me

Author Angel Montoya (1 year)
I'm practicing piano but I could nevr do that ...

Author Strawberry (2 years)
Did it take a long time to learn this?(๑•_•๑)

Author yourcriptanite1 (1 year)
i love the way your fingers kind of float across the keys like they're part
of the piano :) Beautifully played.

Author Jeric Scheptron (2 years)
Whats the Big Deal of what kind of Paino She using. Ur Here to Watch her
Cover Not her Piano. i love the way your Finger Moves .. its So Cute, :D

Author Hansom Quah (2 years)
Can I know what keyboard is this??

Author 박 시현 (2 years) on this web, plz ctrl+f and search
"첨부파일" and click it then you can get it!

Author Gifra Satia (2 years)
wwoooww so cried

Author jasmin27sC (2 years)
what chords did you use? :)

Author Phát Nguyễn (1 year)
Good Good... ^^

Author jeamie abadies (2 years)

Author Jun Kheong (2 years)
please please can u please upload your music sheet??? TT its really really
fantastic OMG!!!! the way u play is just.... FANTASTIC!!!

Author LeunammiEpaga (2 years)
Author queenqishlotta (2 years)
tutorial please.tutorial please.tutorial please.tutorial please. TUTORIAL
PLS?? TT__TT this really sound like original one. Nomu nomu chuwa.. :'(

Author mavzerothree (2 years)
so nice to hear! can you make a tutorial video for us please? ^_^!

Author EarthVsJazz (1 year)
Nice Fantom! And a lovely arrangement.!!!!

Author 이 승민 (2 years)

Author Eric Chibuya (2 years)
wow i sarang your music..:)

Author van Bongco (2 years)
omg plss make a tutorial on this i so so love it <3

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