Royals - ("Sad Clown With The Golden Voice") - Postmodern Jukebox Lorde Cover ft. Puddles Pity Party

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    Our friend Puddles (from Puddles Pity Party) joined us for this cover of Lorde's "Royals." For the uninitiated: Puddles is a 7 foot tall sad clown with a voice like Tom Jones. You can check out his wanderings on here: and

    Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox:

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    The band:
    Puddles the Clown - lead vocals
    Robyn Adele Anderson & Cristina Gatti - backup vocals
    Adam Kubota - bass
    Allan Mednard - drums
    Scott Bradlee - piano & arranger
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  • lordofentropy
    lordofentropy 6 hours ago

    Mesmerized by the lovely backup singers staring into my soul, I can't look away from their gaze, while Puddles sings.

  • Rick Brasseaux
    Rick Brasseaux 9 hours ago

    I saw this video years ago but came back after AGT. Just realized how absolutely gorgeous the backup singer on the left is. Anyone know if she does any singing on her own?

  • Cecilia G.
    Cecilia G. 10 hours ago

    this version is better than the original song.

  • Cecilia G.
    Cecilia G. 10 hours ago

    puddles I love the way you sing !!! you are just awesome !

  • Monica Pluymers
    Monica Pluymers 22 hours ago

    I can listen every day , this song , i love it <3 ! Geweldig wat een stem heeft die clown !

  • Anthony P
    Anthony P 1 day ago

    fucking perfection

  • Aunty Keli
    Aunty Keli 1 day ago

    *Oh my gosh... the ending!...  THE ENDING!!!!!!!  ... Priceless!*

    Puddles, you're amazing!!  I'm now a fan!!!

  • Timothy Manley
    Timothy Manley 1 day ago

    My best friend killed himself in October of 2015. He shared this song with me one day and then he and I would find any of your songs we could and share them with each other. Every time I hear your voice I think of him.

  • Andrea Miller
    Andrea Miller 1 day ago

    Just incredible! I am just mesmerized! Best song of his entire repertoire!

  • misterf neo
    misterf neo 1 day ago

    I m landing here straight , immediately after watching America got talent in YouTube

  • Jackson The Dog
    Jackson The Dog 1 day ago

    He should join agt...

  • 684 Beast
    684 Beast 2 days ago

    The back up singer look hot

  • FlopFox
    FlopFox 2 days ago

    way better than Lorde

  • Jordina Oweis
    Jordina Oweis 2 days ago

    i remember watching this in 2013 and i was obsessed... he's extremely talented

  • Gareth Magee
    Gareth Magee 2 days ago

    You rule,reep your rewards.

  • Lord Haberdasher
    Lord Haberdasher 2 days ago

    I mean...

    This is great and all...

    But I'd really like to hear him do Weird Als version...

  • Rachel S
    Rachel S 2 days ago

    i love what that band does with this

  • CrLazymInTx
    CrLazymInTx 3 days ago

    i thought my computer froze XD

  • Abu Sadat Md Saleh
    Abu Sadat Md Saleh 3 days ago

    Hilarious !

  • Даниил Московский

    This is perfect! Respect from Russia 👍👍

  • livaro48
    livaro48 3 days ago

    Go put the original in a place that never see light. This version really made me understand the message much more clearly. Thank you for comming on AGT.

  • Seth Carnett
    Seth Carnett 4 days ago

    Today I told All clown! All clowns, I don' do pity parties... when I party I celebrate the REALIST! <3 #mr2ndopinion

  • Nique Larsen
    Nique Larsen 4 days ago

    I fuckin love puddles 😍

  • Nevaeh 777
    Nevaeh 777 4 days ago

    i love puddles

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob 4 days ago

    You've got Americas got Talent you did amazing!

  • tom k
    tom k 5 days ago

    Its not just Puddles Voice thats hauntingly great...its the eyes and the emoting...its so genuine you cant fake it! I would love to have heard Freddie Mercury do this song with a chorus in the background!!! Puddles....AMAZINGLY ORIGINAL!!!WE FEEL YOU!!!THX!!!

  • wurly164
    wurly164 5 days ago

    Puddles... The other white meat

    STU O' NEILL 5 days ago


  • Nathan Scott Shoemaker

    Love the production on this.. Some what new to your work, could you cover Diana Ross's "I Will Survive"

  • Rah1ka1nen
    Rah1ka1nen 5 days ago


  • Ruga Ferenc
    Ruga Ferenc 5 days ago

    Jesus Christ, that voice. :O

  • Kaloyan Bankov
    Kaloyan Bankov 6 days ago

    Why are his friends so short wow ;p

  • NeoChill H
    NeoChill H 6 days ago

    Best Royal Version I have heard :D Now i can actually listen to it :D Thanks a lot, love you Puddles :D

  • Moonzy Cherry
    Moonzy Cherry 6 days ago

    To be honest i have a big problem with clown and i just afraid of them whenever i look at them but you changed the way how i used to think about clown and I'm in love with your look and your voice. 😍😍😍☺️☺️☺️

  • Adam White
    Adam White 6 days ago

    wish the back up singers would switch places. I can't c the fit one properly behind that Mike stand

  • William Zysk
    William Zysk 6 days ago

    THis would have been another Great one for the Auditions on AGT!!!!!! #PUDDLESPITTYPART

  • samtheman cutlass
    samtheman cutlass 6 days ago

    omg!!! I want the white girl!!!

  • Priscilla Brown
    Priscilla Brown 6 days ago

    I've listened on repeat. I love his facial expressions!!

  • Hugh Jass
    Hugh Jass 6 days ago

    For all wondering how tall he is, Puddles Pity Party is 6'10''.

  • S. W.
    S. W. 6 days ago

    Perfect song to sing on Americas Got Talent. Win it boy!

    STU O' NEILL 6 days ago

    Five times I've watched this now, ❤️

  • Nutthaya Boon
    Nutthaya Boon 6 days ago

    I wanna see this show on american got talent

  • Motero 1300
    Motero 1300 6 days ago

    España??? 😪

  • freddyboombatz
    freddyboombatz 6 days ago

    Just got done seeing Lorde do this song on Jools Holland, I had to view PPP to wash it out of my mind, she was terrible.

    STU O' NEILL 6 days ago

    The girl on the right is fit

  • graviron
    graviron 7 days ago

    .. how tall is this guy with golden voice...?

  • anshul kumar
    anshul kumar 7 days ago

    Gem of a song

  • Veeekin9 Casterman
    Veeekin9 Casterman 7 days ago

    Telephone Line,awesome performance art ! utub these >
    6xXEMHBQ08A B6bz5yNoKI4 Pfg7Ra-GOUY

  • Veeekin9 Casterman
    Veeekin9 Casterman 7 days ago

    Cristina and Robyn are gorgeous here,there,three and a half years ago.
    So many miles and countries,all those nights,thank you both.
    The large clown carries the tune with massive presence.

  • Billy Cross
    Billy Cross 7 days ago

    Puddles can't be stopped.

  • Gregory Miller
    Gregory Miller 7 days ago

    rock it puddles

  • rubyred849
    rubyred849 7 days ago

    I love this

  • Olimpia Barrios
    Olimpia Barrios 7 days ago

    mr puddles sing un giorno per noi please

  • DARK RIDE - Nightmare on Wheels

    I can't watch without incredible and beautiful.

  • Xarr Puia
    Xarr Puia 8 days ago

    puddles need to sing this song in Agt

  • Jaemin Kim
    Jaemin Kim 8 days ago

    This is scary.

  • tom tran
    tom tran 8 days ago

    Good job on agt

  • Shloggy
    Shloggy 8 days ago


  • sparky3489
    sparky3489 8 days ago

    Puddles Pity Party for president.

  • Tom Benach
    Tom Benach 9 days ago

    saw Puddles on AGT for the first time the other day... since then I've been all over YouTube watching other Puddles performances. love the originality of his character.. with an amazing voice.

  • Philip Colwell
    Philip Colwell 9 days ago

    Do not ever stop! I want to buy an album. Give me MORE, YOU GORGEOUS SAD CLOWN.

  • tuff ute
    tuff ute 9 days ago

    Now this Clown can sing

  • J T
    J T 9 days ago

    Being I'm 55 years old I'm a little behind the times on music but I saw Puddles for the first time on AGT so like thousands I went searching on you tube to see if he had videos and sure enough there are many. This one is my favorite and I also had never heard of lorde so I went looking for this song by her and IMO Puddles absolutely smokes her version... If she's a super star of today's music you younger people got robbed!

  • TheSunMoon
    TheSunMoon 9 days ago

    It took me awhile to watch this, because I don't like clowns, but when i heard him sing in AGT, dayum son.

  • Joe Coleman
    Joe Coleman 9 days ago

    am i the only one who thinks the drummer looks like david ortiz (big papi) from the red socks?

  • humble rc
    humble rc 9 days ago

    awesome talent, great schtick. i love this guy.

  • Patrick Wagener
    Patrick Wagener 9 days ago

    going to see puddles in July in dc. can't wait!!!

  • CallardAndBowser
    CallardAndBowser 9 days ago

    That woman on the right looks absolutely stunning! She looks like a movie star! Very beautiful eyes, great hair, everything! I could look at her all day long.

  • 1967AJB
    1967AJB 9 days ago

    Any plans to come to the UK?

  • Sania Ferginia
    Sania Ferginia 9 days ago

    Awesome ! He's original cant stop listening this cover💋

  • squirms shed
    squirms shed 9 days ago

    the girl on the left is very pritty

    ISEE YOU 10 days ago

    This is awesome...

  • draakmanz
    draakmanz 10 days ago

    1:03 wonder what distracted the girl on the left.

  • David Handley
    David Handley 10 days ago

    I just don't get it. This guy has a simply amazing voice so why hide behind a clown suit? Just stunning! 😵

  • محمد احمد
    محمد احمد 10 days ago

    woooooooow !!! 😨

  • anshul kumar
    anshul kumar 10 days ago


  • Heidi Pug
    Heidi Pug 10 days ago

    I find this oddly mesmerizing.

  • Sham Neo
    Sham Neo 10 days ago

    the backup singers are hot as hell. why the mic is so high up though?

  • Assass1nTr1xt3r
    Assass1nTr1xt3r 10 days ago

    put it on 2x speed and prepare to have an orgasm

  • Denise Mobers
    Denise Mobers 10 days ago

    He was on AGT, he doesn't need to be on any stupid talent show. Puddles is amazing on his own. Love you Puddles.

  • Jake Welch
    Jake Welch 11 days ago

    But why a clown

  • jeramy Ortega Jerry
    jeramy Ortega Jerry 11 days ago

    saw you on agt and thought where the hell did he come from keep it up every body is voting for you puddles

  • Gina Marisa
    Gina Marisa 11 days ago

    Genius. Just genius

  • Emanuel Ponce
    Emanuel Ponce 11 days ago

    I love it xD

  • Victor Hugo
    Victor Hugo 11 days ago

    muito bom! parabéns!

  • TopSod
    TopSod 11 days ago

    The girl on the left barely blinks but the girl on the right blinks every 2 seconds or something

  • meauxtheaverage
    meauxtheaverage 11 days ago


  • FinalFirebrand
    FinalFirebrand 12 days ago

    That ending is still perfect.

  • Node Pony
    Node Pony 12 days ago

    HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1.25X SPEED. :D

  • Bad Jaeaux
    Bad Jaeaux 12 days ago

    funeral party is fun

  • Jua Zu
    Jua Zu 12 days ago

    Is that Darryl from The Office?

  • Mark Langer
    Mark Langer 12 days ago

    He needs to release this as a single under his real name. It should be a huge hit on pop radio, not just on YouTube.

  • Adrian Fuentes
    Adrian Fuentes 12 days ago

    I just can't unhear weird al's lyrics

  • Katalyzt
    Katalyzt 12 days ago

    Perfectly done. ᵔᴥᵔ ★★★★★


  • Elie Eid
    Elie Eid 13 days ago

    Plz cover for cancer , chemical romance

  • Fábio Alberto
    Fábio Alberto 13 days ago

    I am a pityful party pal and would love to listen to Puddles doing any of Michael Jackson's... but especially "Beat It"!

  • Aileen Olmos
    Aileen Olmos 13 days ago

    I need him to come to all my future parties.

    I could be the coolest kid in town.

  • Jackson Moore
    Jackson Moore 13 days ago

    Who is watching this after AGT?

  • Ronald Monroe
    Ronald Monroe 13 days ago

    when a clown sings better than that one skank.

  • butch bragg
    butch bragg 13 days ago

    love this sad fukker

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