spanish guitar

spanish guitar by grisha goryachev

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Author Mitsuyoshi S ( ago)

Author Brendan McBride ( ago)
what's the name of this song? and he should give me the tab

Author Tanha amma Aali hast ( ago)

Author Ben B ( ago)
1:53 he thought "I am bored to play these easy songs for you"

Author greyline keeper ( ago)
woah i'm going to pick the guitar up again. I'll be back once i can play
this song.

Author Дима Сулейкин ( ago)
сидит не по правилам а как играет

Author Pashka 3P ( ago)
SG - so good

Author karam kashkoosh ( ago)
Paco de luchia almost

Author Otis Brown ( ago)
The name of song? Farruca, played with great skill !!

Author Illuminati Emporer Tank Dempsey ( ago)
We meet again, 240p...

Author jahnell broomfield ( ago)
What's the name of this song

Author Chris Hewson ( ago)
Bob Sagets lil brother

Author joseph barroll ( ago)
i love how this old horny lady comes out of nowhere may she rip this was
like 9 years ago

Author Racso Razalas ( ago)
So many dislikes... why????

Author 정혁재 ( ago)
this video have let me staet interested in more about sounds hearing when i
was middle shcool yeah i remember about 2008 .5 may

Author Maky Tondr ( ago)
Pure perfection...

Author BAdrummer1988 (1887 years ago)
someone asked Ross from Friends to play some spanish kick ass flamenco. 

Author Andrew Arias ( ago)

Author Elhani Oussama ( ago)
What's the name of this coposition plz

Grisha is a bad mofo!

Author bakerXderek ( ago)
I bet his right hand makes all the women happy 

Author ossama hansali ( ago)
Amazing Performance Show Guitar's Player 

Author Ryan Glasspool (1673 years ago)
I'm gonna quit now, just started at 29 and after seeing that I think I
missed the boat!
I also agree with warren, what was the old lady all about?

Author GUITARISTs RULE ( ago)
pshhhhh! I can do that! (cries cuz he can't)

Author Don Corleownage ( ago)
woah, fuck you dude. i thought i was good

Author ‫אורי שאול‬‎ ( ago)
טוב מאוד

Author Warren Pisarz ( ago)
3:15 random old lady freaked me out

Author 菊山ロック ( ago)
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Author TopForza ( ago)

Author GreenSun Shine ( ago)
I love it. Can you give me the "Tab"?? Thanks you very much!

Author 222nightwolf ( ago)

Author Nic Gli ( ago)
Its the guy from the big bang theory who owns the comic book store.

Author Kad Saidi ( ago)
how to become sexier than Brad Pitt in less than 4 minutes. 

Author Alexander Montoya ( ago)
The hell you guys this song is con Garbo y salero by sabicas not farruca 

Author Fariz Tyan ( ago)
The next generation of the king flamenco
After Sabicas

Author AirborneRangers75th ( ago)
Unser Deutschen musik ist besser

Author Katerina Sarri ( ago)
He's totally perfect and his technique sensational.Fan of him!

Author Ne0nZombie ( ago)
I need a new pair of underwear...

Author Shane McGrath “Mac Man” ( ago)
The next time Im drunk and youre playing your guitar and I ask you to play
Mexican music.....this is waht I meant

Author BADER OMAR ( ago)

Author roll light ( ago)
How I met your mother....

Author ando s ( ago)
Mantap atee..bahh..

Author Corey Kesler ( ago)
THAT is Tremendously Good!!

Author Jack Reilly ( ago)
his tremolo is ridiculously good 

Author jimmyfernando hasibuan ( ago)
love grisha

Author opiatelateralus ( ago)
Aztec print sweaters before they were cool

Author ooosteve ( ago)
at 1:16 he casually looks up as he recalls he needs to pick up some milk on
the way home.

Author Blacky Jack ( ago)

Author Mateus Mendonça ( ago)
Farruca by Sabicas

Author Mateus Mendonça ( ago)
Farruca by Sabicas

Author Brice Wrenn ( ago)
That riff when his eyes roll back is insane

Author awb350 ( ago)

Author histatimaniples ( ago)
clearly you don't!!!! I like blues music but I feel more out of Spanish
guitar. maybe you don't have much randomly attacking people because you
don't agree with their opinions.

Author Steve Rana Victor ( ago)
Is this a song ?? What is its name ?

Author MrMeidon ( ago)
too all you 229 ppl whom "disliked" this video, may god of music shed some
light in your hearts, i dont understand how you can hate such a piece...

Author Olga l ( ago)
it's in the description: grisha goryachev 

Author MrSignified ( ago)
I don't understand your nasty comment. Blues does touch the soul, and so
does this Spanish music - maybe you just don't have much of a soul to

Author Steve Rana Victor ( ago)
Whats his name ?

Author Nathan Williams ( ago)
This guy is a beast on that guitar

Author Phillip Kim ( ago)
Where do get a music sheet for your version of this piece? Care to share?

Author Alex ( ago)
Seria estranho se vc achasse interessante. Uma música tão complexa e
sofisticada está muito além de tua pífia compreensão. Vá escutar teu funk,
teu Rap e deixe a boa música para quem realmente tem a capacidade de

Author Fable187 ( ago)
Old lady gives nod of approval 

Author stigenlund ( ago)
Ross? Is that you?

Author Truơng Tính ( ago)
sư phọ 

Author histatimaniples ( ago)
and they say blues music touches the soul... I think not! 

Author Stumpfbub ( ago)
Anyone else got a heart attack at @3:13?

Author ANDRÉ LIMA ( ago)
Não acho nada interessante esse cara idiota com um cavaquinho do tamanho de
um violão na mão !

Author James Wolf ( ago)
IM sleeping .

Author James Wolf ( ago)
Yes he is Russian playing Spanish music .Im not much for commies.

Author James Wolf ( ago)
Very smooth .

Author Peter Hiller ( ago)
klasse will ich auch mal....

Author Bruno Martin ( ago)
The sweater for sure

Author bewlzebub ( ago)
I can't decide what is most impressive, his skill level, his playing style,
or his sweater.

Author Rafael Naldes ( ago)
maldito , mal posso ver seus movimentos 

Author jes s ( ago)
Beautiful,but what does he keep lookin up at?

Author killgaz motron ( ago)
this is true lol

Author Anggie Harygustia ( ago)
Your p***y has nothing to deal with her skills, I guess..

Author Stranger Danger ( ago)
'Holy shit! Those fingers! What the fuck is up with this guy's fingers?!?!
They have their own minds! What the fuck?!?!' was the recurring thought
inside my head as I watched this video. Seriously. Creepy... This was very
creepy... Mind-blowing, impressive, AMAZING, but creepy.

Author occasional4 ( ago)
it's Ross from Friends when he was a teenager!!!

Author LexicalAmbiguity ( ago)
im just so impressed

Author SirMark420 ( ago)
This mother fucker has the fingers of destiny lol he does not use a pick :P

Author SirMark420 ( ago)
I never used to appreciate this type of music but as I got older and less
ignorant I see now how skilful and amazing this actually is 

Author mohammed mostafa ( ago)
i have this video from a long time but i came here just to like this video
he is amaaaazing 

Author killgaz motron ( ago)
this motherfucker has the pick of destiny. 

Author Altan Çınar ( ago)
ben daha iyi yaparım ama yinede güzel olmuş

Author Myles Ogilvie ( ago)
That old lady is like "mmmm i want me some of that"

Author Edgar Barron ( ago)
I've been watching this video periodically for about 5 years now..just
can't get enough :) Im happy to say that I will see this wonderful man live
this september one of the best of our time :D

Author Gummy Bear ( ago)
Magical sweater you say?...shuttup and take my money!XP

Author flipspiceland64 ( ago)
Thank you for posting this. It almost makes me believe in miracles.

Author Besni69 ( ago)

Author Thanh Huynh ( ago)
Con Salero y Garbo (in the style of farruca) by the legendary Sabicas

Author mala williams ( ago)
morphius in music

Author Cardiff Giant_23 ( ago)

Author overclockeador ( ago)
Que arrecho.

Author Marek Benda ( ago)
The Beautiful Sweater

Author Edgar Hernandez ( ago)
i would comit horrible crimes to get at your level of playing

Author cottontooth ( ago)
Listen while driving slowly in America. .... This is the jam...

Author NY Guitar Academy NY Guitar Academy ( ago)
123 dislikes? People make no sense. Grisha is a gift to the earth.

Author GML3 ( ago)
You and I are the only ones who have figured out his secret.

Author TuBFMagier (1977 years ago)
this guy plays the guitar the way it should be!!

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