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Author Ryan Glasspool (29 days)
I'm gonna quit now, just started at 29 and after seeing that I think I
missed the boat!
I also agree with warren, what was the old lady all about?

Author ossama hansali (13 days)
Amazing Performance Show Guitar's Player 

Author S Ahmed (9 days)
My Vlog: spanish guitar

Author GUITARISTs RULE (1 month)
pshhhhh! I can do that! (cries cuz he can't)

Author Don Corleownage (1 month)
woah, fuck you dude. i thought i was good

Author אורי שאול (2 months)
טוב מאוד

Author prasiddha karki (5 months)
Flawless guitar playing man must've Taken a while to learn that

Author Warren Pisarz (3 months)
3:15 random old lady freaked me out

Author 菊山ロック (3 months)
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Author TopForza (4 months)

Author MrWills0n (2 years)
looks like shia labeouf, but on a more serious note, just work on your
fingerpicking. hehe.

Author RaFiNhaa NaLDeS (1 year)
maldito , mal posso ver seus movimentos

Author Sanantonio1274 (2 years)
He's good lol

Author Dan Mount (1 year)
It's a Farruca by Sabicas

Author Luke Miller (2 years)
Much better than what most people that call themselves "guitar players"
when all they know how to do is strum a max of 7 chords on their steel
string (which requires little to actual no talent at all) and then girls
flock to them. We need more nylon string classical guitarist.

Author ANDRÉ LIMA (1 year)
Não acho nada interessante esse cara idiota com um cavaquinho do tamanho de
um violão na mão !

Author awb350 (1 year)

Author Mathijs Ignoul (2 years)
Are you telling Grisha Goryachev to work on his fingerpicking? Haha.

Author Stelle Wind (1 year)
he looks like Ross in Friends...

Author Alfredo Cantu (2 years)
Muy bueno very good indeed i remember i saw this a long time ago

Author TheMike1411 (2 years)
this dude is fuking awesome!

Author Fable187 (1 year)
Old lady gives nod of approval

Author ScottRichardStoller (2 years)
I believe it's called Ferruca.

Author killgaz motron (1 year)
this motherfucker has the pick of destiny.

Author Alexander Herbst (2 years)
Can someone please make a shred video out of this?

Author Boris B (1 year)
hell yea breh, i can play a litle and it alreay got me laid multiple times,
i can only imagine how much he gets it in. everytime he hits a note a girl
gets an orgasm

Author A. Schulz (1 year)
I gonna LEARN IT! :D

Author Scout Red (2 years)
do lan au al's

Author mala williams (1 year)
morphius in music

Author triangulartimmy (2 years)
so what I don't understand is the dichotomy between the raw sexiness of
what he's playing and the aloof expression on his face. FEEL THE SEXINESS,

Author occasional4 (1 year)
it's Ross from Friends when he was a teenager!!!

Author Corey Kesler (1 year)
THAT is Tremendously Good!!

Author Altan Çınar (1 year)
ben daha iyi yaparım ama yinede güzel olmuş

Author histatimaniples (1 year)
and they say blues music touches the soul... I think not!

Author Taye Russ (2 years)
gosh and i thought i was pretty damn good..........

Author gerarldmx (2 years)
Only Faggots Use Picks, this is Legend wait for it Dary Legendary!!!

Author umut sarıkaya (1 year)
con salero y garbo

Author A. Schulz (2 years)
Where can I get tabs for this? I got no problem to pay for them.

Author to beget (2 years)
nerd ass motherfucker? how intellectual of you

Author flipspiceland64 (1 year)
Thank you for posting this. It almost makes me believe in miracles.

Author Thanh Huynh (1 year)
Con Salero y Garbo (in the style of farruca) by the legendary Sabicas

Author Katie Morel-Orchard (2 years)
This is beyond amazing...I would xD

Author DjD3vlyn (2 years)
this guy must get loads on poon. hes so elegant and classy

Author GiveMeLiberty3 (1 year)
You and I are the only ones who have figured out his secret.

Author trifilosgr (1 year)
hahahahahahahahaha yeah

Author luluzuzu (2 years)
Amazing !

Author James Wolf (1 year)
Yes he is Russian playing Spanish music .Im not much for commies.

Author Etheris Cro (1 year)
holy shit ballz!

Author LexicalAmbiguity (1 year)
im just so impressed

Author Treue0 (1 year)
Any tabs? :S I want to learn this

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